5 Easy Steps to create WordPress Website – an Ultimate Beginners Guide

Easy steps to create WordPress Website

Digitization of the world demands the creation of a website for a business, big or small. If you don’t have a website, you are probably losing a number of great opportunities for your business, hence it is important to follow these easy steps to create a WordPress website.

The reach of the website is far wider than any other form of advertising. It takes time to build up enough traffic to your website to make a profitable impact on your company; it costs next to nothing to do so.

The website will be the center of your company`s presence online and it can be a great medium for you to advertise your business around the Web on social networking sites across the world

The visibility of a brand gets increased by the presence of the Website. The most important advantage of a website is that it is accessible and available all the time and from anywhere.

Why you should have a Website?

  • Visibility of Website to huge audience within a single click.
  • It gives an impression to the people that business is well established and adds credibility to it
  • The hours to get information about business are flexible and there are no geographical boundaries.
  • The maps and directions about a company can also be given in Website which makes it easier for the audience to locate the company.
  • The facts and testimonials can be given to building trust among customers about the business.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular and free Content Management System that has shaped into a universal website building solution.

  • The customization level this platform offers gives user full charge of the web design process and hence it easy steps can be followed to create a WordPress website with almost zero coding efforts
  • There are lots of integrated features and tools needed to give your website decent and visually attractive performance.
  • WordPress, the system is absolutely free for each user.
  • All you need is to choose a Domain Name and reliable Web Hosting.

How to Create a WordPress site?

5 Easy Steps to create a WordPress Website - An Ultimate Beginners Guide by My Sharp Story
5 Easy Steps to create a WordPress Website – An Ultimate Beginners Guide by My Sharp Story

Step 1: Get Domain Name and Web-Hosting

Get Domain Name – is a web address like nameofmywebiste.com

5 tips to choose a good domain name

  • Try to pick up a word with “Verb” attributes – remember you ‘Swiggy’ food instead of ordering food online!
  • Check its usage in other languages – try not picking up slangs of another language
  • Avoid starting website name with numerals – one may be confused to search oneninetyseven.com or 197.com
  • Avoid too many words in the website name
  • Capitalize the First letter
  • Use .com / .net or .org as these extensions have global appeal. Avoid weird extensions
Easy Steps to create WordPress websiteEasy Steps to create WordPress website

Step 2 – Choose a Web Hosting Plan

What is Web hosting – It is a service that allows individuals or enterprises to post web content on the internet.

Why web hosting is required –

If you are not hosting your website on the ‘Internet’, it is equivalent to a human who is non-existing on earth! So if you want your website to exist on the Internet, you have to ‘host’ your website.

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How to Host a Website?

bluehost is currently one of the most popular hosting providers on the market, so they are well-established and secure enough to host your website. The bluehost servers are based in the US, but they handle a lot of traffic from across the world and it’s cheaper than the local host

  • bluehost offers Free Domain name for 1st Year along with free SSL certificate.
  • WordPress can be installed in 1-click and they provide 24/7 service.
  • They also have been offering a 30-day money-back guarantee – what more can you want while launching your website? ?

How to host WordPress site on Bluehost

Bluehost Hosting Plan
Bluehost is a widely used hosting platform

1. Choose a Bluehost Hosting Plan by clicking on the image below

Choose your Website Hosting Plan by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button

Easy Steps to create WordPress website

2: Choose a Hosting plan suitable for your website

  • For smaller sites with less traffic, go for ‘basic’
  • If your website will attract more visitors and generate more user footprint, choose ‘Choice Plus’ plan with hosting available for unlimited websites/domains, unmetered bandwidth, and Domain privacy
  • For your more appetite for website analytics, marketing tools, and security, you can use the Pro feature of BlueHost with unlimited website support, Multi-Server Management, and Dedicated IP along with other benefits

3: Enter Domain Name

Once you have chosen your plan, enter the domain (if you already own a domain) or buy a domain at Bluehost. You can even skip this step of buying the domain for later part and complete the account information

4: Dial in your Account Information and Package Information  

Type in Your First Name, Last Name. Choose your country, put in your address and city. Enter Zipcode and Your Phone Number. Punch in your email ID and move to fill in Package Information

Easy Steps to create WordPress website

Scroll to Package Information Choose the duration for which you want your website to be registered with BlueHost and you will be done. There are three plans to choose from –

Select one of them and move to ‘Payment Information’

Easy Steps to create WordPress website

Tip – **Codeguard basic – comes free with Choice Plus and Pro plan. If you choose Basic or Plus plan, then go ahead with CodeGuard and domain privacy protection else your details may pop up in WhoIs database.

Tip – ** Skip the Blue Host SEO tools start. For better SEO experience, check out tools My Sharp Story recommends

5: Complete the payment information.

Punch in your Credit card details. Please be aware that this model works on auto-renewals – i.e once your registration period withBlue Host ends, Blue Host will auto deduct money from your saved card details and your registration will Auto-renew.

If in case you prefer to renew your registration manually, you can do so by logging in your account.

** Do not worry. Your money is safe. BlueHost has a money-back guarantee

6: Check the ‘I accept’ box.

  • ‘Terms and Condition’ – talks about Data request and Copyright claims policy
  • Cancellation Policy – talks about Auto-renewals and 30 day Money back guarantee.

Once you have completed the payment, a window pops up confirming the payment and you can go ahead and create your password.

Easy Steps to create WordPress website

Now, its time to Set up your WordPress site!

Step 3 – Set up Website

After Domain name is set up and then Hosting is done, the next step is to set up the website and get it started. The first thing that needs to be done is to install WordPress to your domain.

For Bluehost users, setting up a WordPress site is quite easy with one-click installation.

The steps to be followed which is similar or same for all the major web hosting companies are:

  • Log in to your hosting account.
  • Go to your control panel.
  • Find the “WordPress” or “Website” icon.
  • Select the right domain
  • Click on “Install Now” button and the new WordPress site will be accessible

Step 4- Add Content and Design Website

Website designing is an important aspect of a website. Always remember that being a website or a blog owner, it is important for you to give the right details to visitors in an elegant manner.

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Choosing the right Theme

The theme is very necessary to give a view of how the website looks like. There are over thousands of free themes to choose from and these themes can be customized as per your needs

Login to the WordPress dashboard. Hover your mouse pointer on ‘Appearance’ and select Themes.

Choosing Right Theme for your WordPress site
Choosing Right Theme for your WordPress site

Click on ‘Add New’ button and select a theme as per your requirement.

Add right Theme for Your WordPress Site
Add right Theme for Your WordPress Site

Always make a point to check out the ‘Details and Preview’ before you install the theme. This will give you a quick look at how your website will look once the chosen Theme is applied.

Our Recommendation is Astra WordPress theme. this is a very light theme that improves the loading speed and SEO ranking of the website

Astra WordPress theme
Astra WordPress theme is lightweight, SEO Friendly and super easy to use

In the details section, you can check details about the theme to find out if the theme you have selected is suitable for you or not.

Check the Live Preview before installing Theme for your WordPress site
Check the Live Preview before installing Theme for your WordPress site

Always choose a ‘responsive theme’. A respoinsive theme is one that opens up on Mobile and Tablet devices too apart from Desktop.      

Responsive themes are mobile-friendly and give a very good look on mobile or tablet view.

After the selection of theme, install the theme and then Activate it.

You have now created the backbone. Time to add flesh and muscles to your website by Adding Content in the form of Post and Pages

Adding Content in the form of Post vs Page in WordPress

Content is added to the website in the form of Page or posts. Within the page and Post, you can add other details like images, GIFs, Infographics, explanatory Videos, etc

Pages are created when static content is required. For example – an About Us page on your website or landing page of your website.

A post is a timely content created to ensure regular updates are added to the WordPress site. For example, if you have a technical blog like ‘GadgetsAbout.com’, you might want to add regular posts listing products and adding details to it. These posts should be updated to ensure that relevant content is delivered to the audience.

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Tip – adding visual content in the form of Images, Infographics and Videos gains more attention than simple text content. All the age groups prefer visual content.

Choosing Right WordPress Plugins

You have created the skeleton, added flesh, and muscles. Now, its time to make your website robust and immune by giving it Vaccinations!

WordPress plugins provide add on features to the existing WordPress structures. Keeping in view the importance of the website in business and the need to keep the pace up, WordPress has been of great help. While WordPress has made the creation of sites easy WordPress plugins have made the work effortless.

Ranging from simple theme feature to access to radio buttons and advanced analysis feature, WordPress plugin brings the best in the content of the user. The nature of your website determines the type of plugin you should have. Designed to eliminate the need for a professional programmer, there are thousands of plugins available for installations in the WordPress Plugin store.

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Step 5 – Launch Your WordPress site

Okay. So now, you are ready to launch your website and create your first Blog Post. Please go through below links and explore and play around with WordPress

Before you create a Page or Post, know What is Page vs Post in WordPress. Understand what are Categories and tags to organize your content

Explore the WordPress mandatory Plugins that every new Website should have

Now, Design Beautiful Landing Pages and convert your leads with Elementor

Finally, Secure your Site with these WordPress Security Plugins

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