7 USPs of Newly Branded Adobe Express (Adobe Spark) for marketing Campaigns

Adobe Express is now Adobe Spark

Adobe Express (Previously known as Adobe Spark) is a Free Design tool to create great-looking visual content quickly, simply, and for free

Let’s see how you can use it and what benefits Adobe Express Offers

What is Adobe Express? 

Adobe Express is a web and mobile-based design software that lets you create beautiful, recognizable visual content for your website

Adobe Spark is rebranded as Adobe Express – and includes a wealth of new features and has been upgraded and improved

adobe express

Adobe Express offers the following Capabilities 

  • Create visual assets for social media posts, logos, and brochures
  • Remove backgrounds
  • Reduce video sizes
  • Merge videos
  • Create and Merge PDFs
  • Take advantage of feature-rich Adobe Avid for video editing, resizing video content, and doing various other creative tasks.
  • Integrates on Social media Accounts
  • Schedule your Content on Social Media

Pros of Using Adobe Express

Adobe Express

Adobe Express can help you build up a visual asset from the ground up, if you have a clear idea about what you would like to create, using various assets and fonts at your disposal.

Adobe Express offers some thousand beautiful templates to get started. The good part is all these templates are highly customizable as per your branding needs

For Creative Cloud subscribers, you can even search through millions of on-trend, current and seasonal Adobe Stock photographs to help inspire your design projects by using them in your creations.

With Adobe Express, you can easily share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Let’s look at the various Features, Benefits, and Pros you have with Adobe Express

1. Remove Photos Background with Adobe Express

 Look for the Quick Actions button on the Home page. and Click on Remove Background

adobe express

You can remove the background here. Just Upload the image or drag and drop it.

The results will be amazing

adobe express

2. Creating PDF with Adobe Express

From the Home page, select Quick action > PDF > Combine files.

Drag and drop the files that will make up the PDF or upload them.

adobe express

 In addition to Excel and Word, Adobe Express supports JPG, PNG, and other popular file types.

The uploaded files will be displayed separately once they have been uploaded.

Pages can be rearranged by dragging them. The images can also be rotated or deleted by clicking on them.

If you are satisfied with your PDF, click on Download.

3. Edit images with Adobe Express

adobe express

Depending on the size of our photo, we start a new project. 

On the left, click the Photos tab and upload your photo.

You’ll find the editing panel on the right side of the screen.

adobe express

In the panel on top of the image, you will have the option of cropping or removing the background from your image.

On the left side of the panel, if you scroll down, you’ll find a section called Enhancement – you can click on the little arrow near it to view its menu.

The following is a list of basic editing features that you will find here. If you need to move the sliders, you can do so as you see fit.

adobe express

In addition to that, there is a section for Filters. It is also possible to add a matte tone, for example, by converting it from color to black and white. 

You can download or share your photo by clicking the Download or Share button. 

4. Create Social Media Posts

Select a template from the list of types of posts.

adobe express

You can customize anything in the template once it’s open. You can edit an element by clicking on it.

Click on the photo to customize it, and you’ll see the options on the right. You can change it by clicking on Replace.

After you click the Photos tab, you will see on the left that you can select a stock photo or upload your own. 

adobe express

You can also add Filters, use Enhancements, remove the background, change the transparency, etc., to edit the image.

5. Schedule your Social Media Posts

Select Schedule from the share button. 

adobe express

After connecting your social media channel, writing a caption, and setting a time and date for the post, you can schedule the post.

6. Perform Video Editing

adobe express

You can easily create and edit videos using the simple and intuitive video editor interface. 

It’s also free. 

Video timelines are not needed, nor are complex video editing programs required. 

Adobe Express has pre-formatted story templates that can be used for slideshows, teasers, explainer videos, and much more

With Adobe Express Video Editors, you easily perform operations like

  • Trimming or re-sizing videos
  • Merging Videos
  • Increase or Decrease Video Speed
  • Add Effects in Video

7. Generate a QR Code with Adobe Express

One can easily create a QR Code for a website or URL and download it in PNG or JPEG format

See the image below :

adobe express

Adobe Express App

Download the Adobe express App here: https://www.adobe.com/express/design-app or Scan the QR Code in the Image below

adobe express

Adobe Express Pricing

Adobe Express comes free for users.

The Adobe Express Premium plans start at $9/Mo or $99/Year

There is a 30 Day Free Trial

adobe express

Faqs – Adobe Express

Is Adobe Express for Freelancers? 

Yes – Adobe Express is for Freelancers who can use this software and sell their work

Is Adobe express for Small businesses?

yes, Adobe Express comes with multiple features that make it very cheap for Small Business

Is Adobe Express Free forever?

Yes, Adobe Express has a Free plan that offers Hundreds of thousands of templates, Adobe Stock photos, Adobe Fonts, and design assets.

There is also an Adobe Express premium option that unlocks all professional-looking templates and content