11 Hottest LTD AppSumo Deals for Marketers in 2022

AppSumo Deals for marketers

AppSumo is an eCommerce marketplace for digital products. 

Not all companies can afford to sell at high discounts but companies willing to increase sales immediately can sell at AppSumo.

We have listed some hottest Appsumo Deals for Marketers in the table below 

So go, grab these AppSumo deals!

ProductsAppSumo PriceActual PricingTool Used For
Writecream $59$1440Content Marketing
AMZ Image $49$400Amazon Affiliate Marketing
BrandedLinkShortener $14$2999Link Shortening
RTILA $74$197Growth hacking
Digital Marketing Toolkit $29$291Digital Marketing
Trend Watchers$69$611Exploding Topics and Trends
Feedback Link $49$1176Feedbacks and Reviews
SEO Blazer$49$499SEO Analytics
Forever Uptime $49$500Website Monitoring
Sendfox $49$240Email Marketing
Trueconversion $69$499Funnel Analytics

Sendfox AppSumo Deal on Email Marketing

Sendfox AppSumo Deal

SendFox is an email marketing tool suitable for sending Bulk emails. It is a cheap alternative to Mailchimp or Convertkit

Best suited for Content marketers, Sendfox allows you to create Automated Drip Email Campaigns at a very cheap price

Sendfox has an easy to use clean interface and supports WSYWIG editor ( Does Not support HTML Editor) and allows full flexibility to customize Font Colors, Formatting, and Link Insertion in the email body

The most unique feature that I like is the ability to create auto emails from your Blog posts

For example, once you connect your website with Sendfox, Sendfox will automatically create a weekly update email that will contain a summary of Blogs you published in the week

One simple click and you can send the email to your subscribers

SendFox AppSumo Deal Offer Below Features : 

  1. Template Landing pages and Sign Up Forms
  2. Smart Pages to List your Best Content in one Single Page
  3. Easy List management, Tagging and Segmentation  Options
  4. Automated Welcome Email Series

Grab this AppSumo Deal for Marketers at  $49 Only! 

Writecream AppSumo Deals for Marketers

WriteCream APPSumo Deals for Marketers

Writecream is an AI marketing tool that helps you write different types of content like cold emails, advertisements, blog posts, etc. 

It helps you personalize content according to the recipient by scanning their social media details. 

With such customized content, the recipient feels attracted to read the full blog post, view the advertisement, etc.

AppSumo Deal for Whitecream offer Features like : 

  • 200 Credits per month for 400,000 characters 
  • Helps to write personalised introductions, cold emailing, google Ads, backlink campaigns, etc.
  • Multiple tools, like email personalisation, pitch an angel, etc.
  • Easy import and export of contacts.

Customers believe it to be the best marketing tool to generate high-quality content by avoiding copyright claims.

Grab this AppSumo Deal at $59

AMZ Image – AppSumo Deal for Amazon Associates

AMZ Inage AppSumo Deal for Marketers

Suitable for Amazon Affiliates Marketers, AMZ image is a WordPress plugin that allows you to insert Amazon images in your WordPress site 

AMZ Image plugin helps boots conversions and CTRs

AppSumo Deal for AMZ Image offer Features like :

  • Accessible for only Active Amazon Associate Users
  • Easy to use WordpRess plugin that is Amazon Compliant 
  • 100% Amazon Compliant.
  • Can be used on Unlimited websites.
  • Alternative to Amalinks pro and get AAWP

Grab this AppSumo Deal at $49

Branded Link Shortener – AppSumo Deal for Marketers

Link Shortner AppSumo Deal for the marketers

Brand Link Shortener allows you to create branded short links that can be used in various types of content, like Facebook Ads, Emails, Blog Posts, etc. 

Branded links help increase brand recognition. 

This comes with a reseller License for 10 Additional Accounts where you can sell this product and make additional profits

AppSumo Deal for Link Shortener offer Features like :

  • Detailed statistics on link performance.
  • Tracking pixels to retarget prospective clients.

Users find it easy to use and are impressed with the tracking pixels. 

Grab this AppSumo Deal at $14

RTILA – Appsumo Deal Growth Hacking Software

RTILA AppSumo deal for marketers

RTILA is a cross-platform desktop software that extracts data from the web and systematically organizes and stores them for the purpose of strategic decision-making.

It allows you to scrape any data from any website no matter the type of layout or pagination the website has

AppSumo Deal for RTILA offer Features like :

  • Extracts data from multiple websites.
  • Real time data collection.
  • Point and click user interface.
  • Can be used on multiple operating systems.
  • Can export data in CSV, HTML and JSON format.
  • Bypasses anti-scraping systems.
  • Can work on multiple projects at the same time.

Sumolings find it cost-effective with an intuitive user interface. They believe it to be an all-in-one software as compared to other tools.

Grab this AppSumo Deal for Marketers at $74

Digital Marketing Toolkit – Course for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Toolkit is a course that helps you to organize and implement your Digital Marketing Strategy. 

It provides a step-by-step course on all the tools you have for digital marketing and also performs the tasks in collaboration with your colleagues.

AppSumo Deal for Digital Marketing Toolkit has Features like :

  • Digital Campaign Planning Toolbox. Strategy and  Tools to help create a digital marketing plan.
  • Content Marketing. Strategy and Tools to create different types of content on different platforms.
  • Social Media Marketing: A Strategic View. The tools to create strategic, engaging and personalised social media marketing.

Sumolings recommend it as it provides knowledge on the basics as well as tricks of Digital Marketing. Knowledgeable lecturers with exclusive teaching methods are an asset.

Grab this Appsumo Deal at One time LTD of $29 Only

Trend Watchers AppSumo Deal

TrendWatcher AppSumo Deal for Marketers

Trend Watchers is a Topic research tool that helps marketers with upcoming trends in the category of their interest. 

For example, a marketer can get trends for a Youtube channel to increase subscribers and income.

There is also a Video Course Included that will teach you the formula for applying Trends to your YouTube channel 

AppSumo Deal for Trend Watchers offer Features like :

  • Get Viral Content Ideas 
  • Multiple trend alerts daily.
  • Multiple training videos on trend application.
  • Easy access to Viral Video Maker.
  • Easy access to private communities.

Grab this AppSumo Deal for Marketers at $69

Feedback Link AppSumo Deal

Feedback Link AppSumo Deal for Marketers

FeedbackLink is an AI-powered marketing tool that helps you generate feedback links to generate customer feedback.

It automatically uploads good reviews in various forums like Google Reviews, TrustPilot, etc. and sends bad reviews to you.

What I love the most is that this allows your business to build Online Reputation and collect feedbacks from Customers

Say – you launch a product and want people to review on G2, trust Pilot, Capterra, this Feedback Link SOftware is a great Software that can help you achieve this

AppSumo Deal for Feedback offer Features like :

  • 1000 email and 500 text Invites per month per code
  • Capture Net Promoter Score.
  • Supports multiple channels to get reviews and publish them.
  • Customise according to your brand.
  • Conducts private surveys and polls from customers.
  • Personal followup with customers.

Grab this AppSumo Deal for Marketers at $49

SEO Blazer AppSumo Deal For SEO Pros/30

SEO Blazer AppSumo Deal for Marketer

SEO Blazer is a Boon for Marketers!

One of the most recommended tools, this Cheap SEO software that helps to analyze your and your competitor’s website for strategic decision making. 

This AppSumo Deal Comes with a Commercial License – that means you can offer Branded SEO Audits and Website Analytics to your clients and make money!

Thus, you can easily Set up your Agency Business and Sell your Services

AppSumo Deal for SEO Blazer offers Features like :

  • Supports Complete Website Analytics including Visitor Analytics
  • Has 54 SEO tools tools like – Plagiarism Checker, Rank tracker, Backlink Checker and many more 
  • Custom Branded Website Security Scans and Social Network Analytics
  • Link Analytics, Article Rewriters, etc. 

Grab this AppSumo Deal for Marketers at $49

Forever Uptime

Forever Uptime Service

Forever Uptime is an uptime monitoring service that checks the real-time status of your website uptime. It also provides data related to unwanted incidents on your website.


  • 100 Custom domains Supported with 500 Monitors
  • Multi Location pings
  •  Real time location based notification on any discrepancy or error.
  • Stores historical monitoring data.
  • Detailed weekly and monthly reports on monitor performance.

Grab this AppSumo Deal for Marketers at $49


TrueConversion Funnel tracking Software

TruConversion is a Funnel Tracking and Optimisation Tool that helps analyze the Funnel analytics data where you can track the sales performance of funnels you create

It provides one dashboard view where you can consolidate the data and get actionable insights for your marketing strategy

Alternative to Hotjar and Funnelytics, TrueConversion uses tools like Heatmaps, Form Analytics and Surveys to analyze the data from Customers

AppSumo Deal for TrueConversion offers Features like::

Easily Create Funnels with Single clicks

Single Dashboard to Show Traffic, Sessions, User Starts, and Page Conversions – this shows what is working and what’s not working 

Easy user Management – Capability to add  Users with various access levels

Heatmaps Report: Keeps track of scroll and click activity on the website.

Form Analytics: TruConversion creates forms that are sent to customers for feedback. It also analyses such data.

Customer Survey: They help conduct direct customer surveys to gather further customer information.

Session Recordings: It records a visitor’s website activity for analysis. 

Supports Multiple Integrations

Grab this AppSumo Deal for Marketers at $69

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