Instantly Grab these 13 AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants[2023]

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

In this blog post, we will look at some of the Best Appsumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants and AI Content writers

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Check this table for the Latest AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

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Lifetime AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

AI Writing AssistantsOriginal Pricing/YearLifetime AppSumo Pricing
AISEO.AI – For Blog Posts$299$49
Content Forge – Copywriter$315$49
WordHero – AI Content Writer$299$89
Postpace – Topic Research$299$79
Blogely – Manage Content$567$79
TextWizard IO – Marketing Copy$990$59
SimilarContent Pro – SEO Copy$320$79
Auto-Textwriter – Auto Content$620$59
Writer Zen – Content Ideas$820$79
Flacked AI – Content Summary$360$59
CrawlQ AI – Research & Write$1400$479
Wrytly – Quality Content$589$112
LeadScripts – Copywriting Tool$678$99

AISEO AI – AI-Powered Writing Assistant

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

AISEO AI is an AI Writing Assistant that helps to write error-free, informative, and SEO-optimized posts. 

It can create new content and optimize the existing content for you. 

AISEO AppSumo Deal Offer Below Features

  • 250 Credits per month for generating 30,000 words in a month
  • Uninterrupted Text Generation with few clicks as per AIDA Framework
  • Uses SERP(Search Engine Results Page) data and make suggestions for an SEO Optimised Content 
  • Creates content in Active Voice. 
  • Improves Readability as per Hemmingway editor style
  • Provides copywriting and custom templates 
  • Multiple Language Support for paraphrase 
  • Used to write both long-form content and short-form content

Grab this AppSumo Deal on AI Writing Assistant AISEO at $39

Content Forge – For Copywriting

Content Forge AppSumo Deal on Writing Assistants

Content Forge AI writing assistant is used for creating content copy for more than 21 types of content, like ads, blog posts, etc. 

Content Forge also has various tools to organize both long and short content.

Content Forge AppSumo Deal Offer Below Features: 

  • 1 Code offers 10,000 words/month (50,000 characters)
  • Works on multiple documents and projects simultaneously.
  • Drag and drop document feature to upload the document 
  • It can change document format.
  • Automatic image insertion based on content.
  • Plugin for WordPress and feature to add browsers as extensions.

Customers believe it to be well designed and easy to use with high-volume tasks and long-form content. 

Upgraded versions are available to support more words. 

Grab this AppSumo Deal at $49

WordHero – AI Content Writer

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

WordHero is the top-notch AI Writing Assistant for all the marketers and budding technical writers.

WordHero provides you with some of the best features, check out below:

  •  It provides access to all 50+ writing tools and templates
  • It gets topic ideas and writes quality blog content
  • You can create Blog Posts, Ads and product descriptions
  • It helps to write sales and marketing emails that sell well
  •  It helps to create catchy captions for social media
  •  Brainstorm marketing ideas, brand names, and business offers.
  •  Get unlimited suggestions for headlines and Facebook ad descriptions, Google ads.
  • Create Poetry and Lyrics using Wordhero

WordHero is an alternative to Jarvis or Rytr

This video will show you a quick insight into how you can generate Content on Scale using WordHero

Grab this AppSumo Lifetime deal for this AI Content Writer at $89.00 Only

Postpace – Perform SEO Analysis and write content

PostSpace AI Writing Assistant

Post space is an AI-Powered Content writing tool that automates research on topics through keywords for content optimization. 

Alternative to SEO Surfer and Frase, this platform is well suited for SEO experts and bloggers/marketers who are looking to automate Topic Research and Content writing 

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

PostSpace doesn’t write content for you – like Jarvis or AI Writers 

Instead, you will have to write

PostSpcae Content optimizer will then compare your data with the top 20 ranking blog posts and generate suggestions for you to address the Topic Gap. 

Postpace AppSumo Deal Offer Below Features:

  • Tier 1 plan has  20 topic research reports per month and 20 Content Optimisation per month 
  • Integrated content brief editor to compare the content with search results to avoid plagiarism.
  • Supports NLP
  • Content planner to plan your content marketing activities and coordinate and collaborate with your colleagues.

Sumolings believe that keyword research is easy. It also has high-quality keyword suggestions for competitive content according to SERP data. 

Grab this AppSumo Deal on PostSpace at $97

Blogely – Content Optimisation Platform

Blogely AppSumo Deal on Writing Assistant

Blogely is a Content Optimisation platform where you can optimize your written Content

Blogely is built on workflow management that allows teams to collaborate on digital content needs

Content Creators can research, plan, write and publish their content using Blogely. 

Blogely allows you to SEO optimize your written content by flagging suggestions. These suggestions are generated by Blogely by doing a google search analysis

This is the core of how Blogely Works. 

The Heatmap feature allows you to see the topic gap and see how your content will perform online. 

Blogely is not a writer who can write content for you on autopilot. Instead, Consider Blogely as a friend that can help you with research and planning your content. 

Blogely is an alternative to Frase and Surfer SEO

Blogely AppSumo Deal Offer Below Features:

  • Lifetime access to Blogely Starter Plan – 20 Research Docs and 16 Published Articles per month
  • Nonstackable Codes
  • Version Control
  • Keyword Analysis
  • AI Rephrasing of Content
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Scanning of a document to check ranking against our custom selected keywords.

Grab this AppSumo Deal on Blogely at $79

TextWizard IO – High-converting marketing copy

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

TextWizard AI writing assistant provides you with the best assistance on marketing and helps in writing creative and engaging blog posts, social media content, etc.

It can also generate high-converting copies in popular tones and various languages. 

Features of TextWizard AppSumo Deal on AI Writing Assistant

  1. Makes rich content for any site
  2. Cutting-edge AI to create engaging blog posts, sales, social media content
  3. Generates engaging social media captions and headlines
  4. Generates tweets for Twitter by entering a keyword for the tweet
  5. Writes SEO optimized long-form article
  6. Boosts ad conversions with natural-looking copies of articles and improves engagement
  7.  Inclusive of 25+ languages from all over the world

Grab this AppSumo Deal on TextWizard IO at $59

SimilarContent Pro – SEO Friendly Content

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

SimilarContent Pro is the ideal SEO content tool and the best Rank predicting tool. 

Integrated with NLP editor, SimilarContent Pro is the best AI writing assistant for optimizing target keywords and live analysis of your content.

Features of SimilarContentPro via AppSumo Deal

  • Optimizes the best suitable keywords for your content
  • High-performing copies to match the preferred essence of the content
  • Available SEO text editor which generates long-form content
  • Provides NLP (Natural Language Processing) powered analysis
  • Content scoring facility to check keywords before publishing it
  • Able to create content in more than 80 international languages

AppSumo Pricing for this AI Writing Assistant is : One-time purchase of $79.00

Autotextwriter – Create Engaging Content

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

The best content writing software for a variety of niches and languages is the Auto-textwriter. 

It gives the perfect solution for all the marketers with more than 200+ blog posts and social media ideas. 

Create automatic content with its AutoContent module.

Auto-Textwriter comes with a bunch of new features that can be grabbed via this AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

  1. Uses Meta tag and Auto Title feature to find the most appropriate title
  2. Provides a comprehensive solution for creating content using various AI tools.
  3. Text Spinner features allow editing content based on existing content and amplify your ranking in SERP
  4. Provides unique blog posts and blog title templates
  5. Allows to auto-post 4 blogs per month on multiple sites
  6. Supports all languages and niches

Grab this AppSumo Deal on AutoTextWriter at $59

Writer Zen – Full Stack of AI Writing Tools + SEO Checker

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

Writer Zen is the AI-powered writing assistant that will help you skyrocket your SEO ranking with its easy-to-use and results-oriented workflow. 

It pulls data from Google keyword and suggestion databases to help generate keywords and topics that improve your SEO rankings.

It’s packed with tools that are organized into a results-oriented workflow, so you can get the most out of your writing. 

Plus, Writer Zen is powered by AI, so it can help you create high-quality content that will impress your readers.

With tools that help you organize your thoughts and optimize your writing, Writer Zen is the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their writing skills.

With WriterZen, you can

  • Uncover New Content ideas
  • Build COntent Hubs
  • Target Competitive Headlines
  • Utilize Search Intent

As a complete SEO Tool package, Writerzen offers the following products –

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

And right now, Appsumo is offering an unbeatable deal on Writer Zen.

For a limited time, you can get lifetime access to the Writerzen tool for only $79

Trust me – This is one of the must-have Appsumo deals on AI Writing Assistants that you should get today!

Flacked AI – Create Engaging Summary and Blogs

AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants

Flacked AI offers an easy way to get engaging and well-written summaries. 

It uses artificial intelligence to help you write quickly and effectively, so you can focus on the important stuff. 

With its natural language processing capabilities, Flacked can help you create succinct and accurate summaries in minutes.

With Flacked, you can create summaries, blog posts, product descriptions, and more in minutes – no prior experience necessary.

Flacked AI is the perfect tool to help you write content that engages your readers. 

Plus, with the Appsumo deal, you can get Flacked AI  to help you write amazing blog posts and other content. 

Flacked AI is a great alternative to Jarvis – it’s faster, easier to use, and more affordable.

So why wait?

Get Flacked AI Appsumo Deal at $59 Only

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Wrapping Up

AppSumo offers a range of AI Writing Assistants deals, some of which we have discussed above. 

AppSumo Deals offers the lowest prices on all AI writing assistants, with its lucrative money-back guarantee and add-on and extension features.

Such low prices reduce the investment cost of customers. 

Now, Buy the latest AppSumo Deals on AI Writing Assistants and scale up your content creation

We would love to see you there.