Latest AppSumo Deals on Video Editors in May 2023

AppSumo Deals on Video Editors

In this blog post, we will look at the Best Appsumo Deals on Video Editors

When it comes to video editing software, AppSumo is a great resource for finding high-quality programs at a fraction of the cost.

App Sumo DealDetailsAppSumo Pricing
BeeCut Video EditorVideo editor software$41.95
ScreenRunWith ScreenRun, create beautiful videos from your screenshots or screen recordings in seconds$9.99
FlexClipPowerful video maker that creates marketing videos and family stories in minutes. Comes with Screen Recording$49
ScreenToVideoRecord, edit, and share your videos with a powerful yet easy-to-use screen recorder and video editor$39
VidtagsVideo hosting and marketing platform leverages AI technology$59

AppSumo Deals on Video Editors in August 2022

AppSumo is a great place to save money on video editing software. The deals they offer are usually substantially lower than what you would find elsewhere.

For example, right now they have a deal for $49 for Flexclip, which is normally $129.99. That’s a savings of over 60%!

When you’re looking for a deal on Appsumo, make sure to read the fine print.

Sometimes the deals are only good for a certain amount of time, or there may be other restrictions.

But if you can find a deal that works for you, it can be a great way to save money on video editing software.

BeeCut Video Editor Appsumo Deal -Video editor software

BeeCut is a simple video editor software that comes with lots of functions including chroma cutout, text and speech converting, dubbing, cropping, cutting, merging, making PIP, adding mosaic to video, zooming and freezing frame, etc.

It offers you hundreds of crafted transitions, overlays, elements, texts, and filters. You can use it to make a quality video within minutes, no computer skills needed.

Main Features:

1. Supports various video aspect ratios
2. Trim, cut, split, and combine functions
3. Multiple timeline layers
4. Supports various media types (videos, images, texts, filters, etc.)
5. Speech-to-text conversion

BeeCut Video Editor- AppSumo Deals on Video Editors

So if you’re in need of a powerful video editing tool, be sure to check out the BeeCut Video Editor Appsumo deal Lifetime deal at $41.95 only

FlexClip – Video Editor + Screen Recorder

AppSumo Deals on Video Editors

FlexClip is an Online Video editor tool for making Videos, slideshow creation, and screen recording.

With an easy-to-use storyboard and video timeline, Flexclip offers multiple video templates, motion presets, and an extensive stock library that one can use in the videos. 

FlexClip AppSumo deal facilitates you with features like:

  1. Easy-to-use and clean storyboard.
  1. Large collection of stock images, videos, music, video templates, and editing features like trim, split, add text/animations, music, and watermark.
  1. Videos can be exported with high resolutions.
  1. Provides copyright-free music.
  1. Contains royalty-free media resources.
  1. Videos can be created using 8 languages.
  1. Supports video length from 3-30 minutes according to the number of app sumo codes stacked.
  1. Unlimited projects can be saved in your FlexClip account.

Grab the FlexClip AppSumo deal at $49.00 Only!

Screen to Video – Desktop App for Screen Recording and Video Editing

AppSumo Deals on Video Editors

ScreenToVideo is a powerful screen recording and video editing tool which helps you to create videos or presentations 

This comes in form of a desktop app 

ScreenToVideo AppSumo deal offers features like:

  1. Recording your entire window, or entire screen, with an additional feature of recording your own webcam and voice by customizing system sounds.
  1. Google Text-to-speech integration and video effects.
  1. Drag and drop system for faster iteration and less configuration time.
  1. Parallel editing of more than one external video and image.
  1. Easy portability of edited videos by exporting in MP4 or WMV format.
  1. Hardware-accelerated encoders are used to decrease the waiting time and maintain the high quality of videos.
  1. Desktop app is compatible with Windows

Grab this ScreenToVideo AppSumo Deal at $39.00 Only!

Vidtags – AI Software to import videos and add Transcripts

VidTags is an AI-based video hosting and marketing platform which helps to import video from URLs and add Transcripts in various languages

It is a Browser-based tool

Say you have a video in English and you want to publish the same video in German, Vidtag is the right tool for you

VidTags AppSumo Deal offers you features like:

  1. Easily Import videos from Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox, and Google Drive to your computer.
  1. Translate and transcribe audio and video to 35+ languages.
  1. Generate AI-based searchable audio-to-text, audio-from-text, and blog posts.
  1. Organize and create an interactive actionable table of contents (iAToC).
  1. You can use your own logos by removing VidTags branding.
  1. Get custom domains for Links and Gallery pages.

Grab the VidTags AppSumo Deal at $59.00 Only!


AppSumo Deals on Video Editors

ScreenRun is an innovative tool that offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features to transform static files or screen recordings into captivating videos within seconds.

With its easy-to-use platform, you can effortlessly create engaging videos that capture your audience’s attention.

Whether you need to showcase a product demo, create instructional videos, or share presentations, ScreenRun simplifies the process and saves you time.

As an AppSumo deal, you can take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts, making ScreenRun an even more enticing option for those seeking efficient and visually appealing video creation.

Grab the ScreenRun AppSumo Deal at $9.99 Only!

AppSumo Deals on Video Editors – Conclusion

Video editing software can be extremely expensive, especially if you’re looking for a professional-grade program.

However, there’s no need to break the bank when there are plenty of great deals to be had on app sumo. AppSumo is a marketplace that offers deeply discounted software and other tools for businesses and entrepreneurs.

AppSumo also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can always return the product if it’s not a good fit.