Latest AppSumo Deals on Video Editors

AppSumo Deals on Video Editors

In this blog post, we will look at the Best Appsumo Deals on Video Editors

Video Editor ToolAlternative ToAppSumo Deal Price
BerryCastLoom, Screencastify$129
Flutin LiveStreamYard$69
WiseCutAdobe Premiere, InShot$69

FlexClip – Video Editor + Screen Recorder

FlexClip is an Online Video editor tool for making Videos, slideshow creation, and screen recording.

With an easy-to-use storyboard and video timeline, Flexclip offers multiple video templates, motion presets, and an extensive stock library that one can use in the videos. 

FlexClip AppSumo deal facilitates you with features like:

  1. Easy-to-use and clean storyboard.
  1. Large collection of stock images, videos, music, video templates, and editing features like trim, split, add text/animations, music, and watermark.
  1. Videos can be exported with high resolutions.
  1. Provides copyright-free music.
  1. Contains royalty-free media resources.
  1. Videos can be created using 8 languages.
  1. Supports video length from 3-30 minutes according to the number of app sumo codes stacked.
  1. Unlimited projects can be saved in your FlexClip account.

Grab the FlexClip AppSumo deal at $49.00 Only!

Screen to Video – Desktop App for Screen Recording and Video Editing

ScreenToVideo is a powerful screen recording and video editing tool which helps you to create videos or presentations 

This comes in form of a desktop app 

ScreenToVideo AppSumo deal offers features like:

  1. Recording your entire window, or entire screen, with an additional feature of recording your own webcam and voice by customizing system sounds.
  1. Google Text-to-speech integration and video effects.
  1. Drag and drop system for faster iteration and less configuration time.
  1. Parallel editing of more than one external video and image.
  1. Easy portability of edited videos by exporting in MP4 or WMV format.
  1. Hardware-accelerated encoders are used to decrease the waiting time and maintain the high quality of videos.
  1. Desktop app is compatible with Windows

Grab this ScreenToVideo AppSumo Deal at $39.00 Only!

Wave Video – Has Stock Images and Hosting is a video editor, GIF generator, thumbnail maker, and reliable video hosting tool consisting of various stock assets, templates, and agile hosting services which attract video marketers. AppSumo deal provides you with features like: 

  1. 1000+ predesigned video templates with handy filters fit for industry and occasions.
  1. You can export your video as GIF and any frame as a static image to make thumbnails and fun memes as required for your content strategy.
  1. Easy transformation of text to video or voiceover in 25+ languages via AI.
  1. AI-based footage matching, soundtrack, and text style auto compilation of video.
  1. Auto-captioning toolkit by advanced speech recognition technology.
  1. A cloud-based tool that helps in easy storage, embedding, and distributing your videos, along with broadcast via tools.

Grab this AppSumo Deal at $59 only!

Spoke – Video Editor for video calls and meetings

Spoke is a video editing tool especially for recording, transcribing, and editing video calls, presentations, and meetings easily.

Spoke AppSumo Deal provides you features like:

  1. Accurate video conversation recording and transcriptions.
  1. Can be synced with Zoom Account to transcribe conversations on the cloud.
  1. Camera Recording helps transcribe with a camera bubble on your screen for screen explainers.
  1. Enhances accessibility and viewing transcripts and subtitles.
  1. Editable and shareable videos with concerned people on any desired platform.
  1. Labels that can be put on your conversations help in searching and organizing videos.
  1. Auto Transcription facility is available in 70+ languages.
  1. Traceable key comments and questions via Spoke user interface by highlighting and tagging important moments live.

Grab the Spoke AppSumo Deal at $79.00 only!

BigVu –  A TV Studio App for Professionals

BigVU is a mobile app for video production consisting of a teleprompter, automatic captions, editing, music, collaboration, and tools for creating professional content.

BigVu provides helps you with:

  1. Teleprompter which keeps your camera focussed for short and compelling narration.
  1. Effective optimization of setup with speed control, control over recorded audio, locking auto-exposure, and light adjustment.
  1. iOS and Android device are compatible.
  1. Auto transcription of your videos into storyboard giving accurate captions.
  1. Cloud workspace helps to upload, edit, share and publish video content with team members.
  1. Shared media library for easy organization of brand photos and videos by creating shareable folders.
  1. Recorded videos would not have BigVu logo.

Grab the BigVu AppSumo Deal at  $69.00 

BerryCast – Screen Recording + Video Editing App

BerryCast is a screen recorder app that records screen, camera, and audio simultaneously to create videos matching in-person explanations.

BerryCast AppSumo Deal provides Features like:

  1. AppSumo provides lifetime access.
  2. AppSumo provides a non-stackable deal with a maximum of 10 users.
  1. Record Videos for Sales Pitches, Marketing Videos, or Explanatory Videos 
  2. Recorded videos are easily shareable on Outlook and Microsoft Teams with the help of a BerryCast URL.
  1. Unlimited Video Storage.

Grab the BerryCast AppSumo Deal at $129.00 only !

Flutin Live – LiveStream tool

FlutivLive is an online live streaming tool used in both mobile and desktop browsers for live streaming across multiple social media channels

FlutivLive AppSumo Deal provides features like:

  1. Simultaneous live streaming on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram with personal tags and overlays added live.
  1. Event links are shareable across social media and via email.
  1. Provides you a detailed analysis of the area or platform your content resonates with the most.
  1. Offers multiple ways of monetizing your event via a single platform.
  1. Organize Ticketed events, virtual gifts and accept paid special audience requests to live.
  1. Easily set stream categories and tags to reach the target audience.
  1. The multi-chat feature organizes chats from all social media platforms on a single window which eases the process of responding to your audience.

Grab the FlutinLive AppSumo deal at $69.00 Only

WiseCut -AI-Powered Video Editor 

WiseCut is an AI-powered video editing software that edits videos for you on voice commands. 

It recognizes your Voice and adds cuts, subtitles, etc 

WiseCut AppSumo Deal comes with :

  1. Automatically deletes awkward pauses without having to revisit videos.
  1. Creates jump cuts with a punch in and out for creating concise and engaging videos.
  1. Automatic tailoring of chosen music to your video.
  1. Auto captions and subtitle translation helps you reach a wide variety of audiences.
  1. Helps you take editing decisions by giving you an option to enable or disable AI features.
  1. Automatically generates a transcribed storyboard.
  1. AI voice booster and background noise canceling.
  1. Maximum 90-minute videos (5GB) can be uploaded at once and has 150 GB storage.

Grab the WiseCut AppSumo Deal at $69.00 Only!

Vidtags – AI Software to import videos and add Transcripts

VidTags is an AI-based video hosting and marketing platform which helps to import video from URLs and add Transcripts in various languages

It is a Browser-based tool

Say you have a video in English and you want to publish the same video in German, Vidtag is the right tool for you

VidTags AppSumo Deal offers you features like:

  1. Easily Import videos from Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox, and Google Drive to your computer.
  1. Translate and transcribe audio and video to 35+ languages.
  1. Generate AI-based searchable audio-to-text, audio-from-text, and blog posts.
  1. Organize and create an interactive actionable table of contents (iAToC).
  1. You can use your own logos by removing VidTags branding.
  1. Get custom domains for Links and Gallery pages.

Grab the VidTags AppSumo Deal at $59.00 Only!


AppSumo Interviewer.AI is an AI video recruiting software that grades different candidates based on their resumes, tests, and pre-recorded video interviews. 

AppSumo Interviewer.AI Features:

  • AppSumo Interviewer.AI offers 10 user licenses having a facility of 2 admins and 8 users.
  • Can analyze 10 jobs at a time.
  • Analyze a maximum of 200 resume/job, 200 WorkMap assessments/job, and 200 video interview assessments/jobs.
  • Calendar Integration.
  • Email and Chat Facility.
  • Has a bulk rejection tool.
  • AppSumo Interviewer.AI deal is non-stackable.

Grab AppSumo Interviewer.AI at a price of $597.

Mobile Video Making

AppSumo Mobile Video Making is an online course that teaches how to make engaging videos through smartphones. It also allows you to create and edit videos.

It teaches theory, planning, structure, gear, filming, techniques, apps, editing, and marketing of videos. 

AppSumo Mobile Video Making Features:

  • AppSumo Mobile Video Making offers more than 200 Travel Media House color correction LUTs for $170.
  • AppSumo Mobile Video Making offers high-quality Travel Media House sound effects for $250.
  • Exclusive discounts for software, services, music licensing, etc.
  • Collaborate and share your work. 
  • Allows editing videos on computers.


AppSumo Vmaker is a video content creation tool. It allows recording and editing videos. It can also record screens and webcam simultaneously.

AppSumo Vmaker Features:

  • Free-draw feature.
  • Unlimited cloud storage and recording.
  • AppSumo Vmaker offers 1 Year of access to Vmaker Teams Plan and updates.
  • Non-Stackable.
  • Allows adding logos and brand names.
  • Allows real-time collaboration and sharing.
  • Set expiry to videos.
  • Provides video insights and details.
  • Built-in editing tools.

Grab AppSumo Vmaker at a price of $69.