7 Reasons Why Astra Theme for Woocommerce is one of the Best Woocommerce Themes

Astra Theme for WooCommerce

Astra Theme for WooCommerce – An Overview

Ecommerce is a certain game-changer in 2020. Data from Statista suggests that by the end of 2020, global eCommerce sales will reach $4.2 billion and will be 16% of the total retail sales.

In this developing eCommerce scenario, building and maintaining an Online Store is surely challenging. Online Ecommerce store owners need to understand that competition is tough. To beat competitors, Store Owners need to work on various aspects of their online store ensuring they offer a personalized shopping experience to the shopper of 2020. 

Speaking about the E-commerce stores that are built online on WordPress plus Woocommerce, online store owners need to be very precise while choosing the best WordPress Woocommerce Themes for their eCommerce online store. 

Make no mistake, your WordPress Woocommerce Store deserves a special WordPress Theme and Woocommerce Hosting, where both are designed to address the needs of a modern-day online store in 2020 that caters to the rapidly evolving Consumer Preferences

Astra Theme for WooCommerce is a lightweight and SEO Friendly WordPress theme and has done a wonderful job in coming up with an elegant design that improves the store view and helps you present your products perfectly to your store visitors. 

While Astra WordPress theme for Woocommerce is free and offers great customizations without writing a single line of code, Astra Pro Theme for Woocommerce extends the list of remarkable feature offerings

Let us look at 7 Reasons why Astra WordPress WooCommerce Theme is one of the best WooCommerce Themes for your Online WooComerce Store

Astra Theme for WooCommerce

Astra Theme for Woocommerce offers Personalized Shopping Experience

Whether it is an Online Woocommerce store or a Blog on WordPress, a WordPress theme ensures that your visitors are greeted with an experience they can not forget. 

Likewise, the Astra WordPress Theme for Woocommerce is responsive, Mobile friendly and adds stunning features to your Woocommerce store.  

Astra WooCommerce WordPress Theme extends the Astra Free theme and Offers

An interactive design along with shopping cart Tools with features that support a great Checkout experience
Easy Product Page Designing options through the WordPress Customiser and Grid Settings that positions your products in a responsive grid layouts
Breadcrumbs for Easy Navigation between the Product Pages
Dedicated Sidebars for Pages, Posts and Single Product Pages to enhance the user engagement
An Off-Canvas Sidebar that allows users to set up extra filters in Off-Canvas sidebars- this certainly adds to the user experience and increases the user engagement
SEO Optimized, Beautiful Typography and Colors that can grab eyeballs, Astra WooCommerce theme adds elegance and style to your online Woocommerce store

Astra Theme for Woocommerce Store enhances the Product Presentation with Stunning Product Pages

Could you think of the two below questions and check if you are taking the right actions in your e-commerce store to offer a more personalized experience to the shopper of 2020?  

  • How easy it is for a shopper to find the product (s)he is looking for? 


Product Images and their are the most important aspect of a WordPress Woocommerce store that engages a shopper online. 

Astra Theme for WordPress Woocommerce Store certainly improves your store view by helping you design Rich product pages, plan easy product Navigation features allowing users to easily find the product they are looking for. 

Whether you are creating a Single Product Page or a Product Catalog with multiple products on a page, Astra Woocommerce Pro Add On adds a definite edge to your online woocommerce store. 

Astra Pro Theme for WordPress Woocommerce Store improves the Product Page layout with following features 

Allowing visitors to view the Stunning Product Photography in a lightbox and enabling users to purchase the product on the fly
Grid and List view Style for Products on the Shop page with flexible Gallery Options and full control to choose Products Per page
Creating Clear and Meaningful Product Catalog where you can easily display products with Shop Pagination Style
Easy Product Navigation with Infinite Scroll enabling users to quickly find the product they are searching for
Quick Sort and Search for Products and Product Categories
Trendy Sales (Discount) Bubbles on Product images in 4 different shapes to grab user attention and improve conversion
Astra Theme for WooCommerce
Product Page Display – Notice that WooCommerce settings is under a single WooCommerce tab

Secure Cart Checkout and Payment Integrations for your WordPress Woocommerce Store

In Ecommerce business, it is important to cater to every single visitor by creating personalized experiences

While an interactive store design engages a visitor and a well-styled Product page increases conversions, a faster and simple checkout process ensures that the visitor is converted into a buyer.

A visitor who is interested in buying at your WooCommerce store wants to finish the checkout process as soon as possible and here, the Astra WordPress WooCommerce theme can ensure an easy handoff for a ‘Great Checkout Experience’ with single checkout pages and one-click purchase

Astra WooCommerce Theme Cart Checkout page allows you to limit the checkout form to a few fields and structures the entire checkout form on a single page.
Single Page Checkout form certainly helps increase sales conversions and reduces the abandoned shopping carts thereby improving the entire shopping experience of the buyer. 
Astra Theme for WooCommerce allows you to add Coupons at Top of the Checkout Page. Coupons are an essential feature of a wooCommerce store checkout process that helps reduce cart abandonment and enhance user-friendliness
Astra WordPress Theme for WooCommerce retains the Checkout form fields even if visitor accidentally reloads the checkout page or disconnect with the internet connection
Astra allows easy payment gateway integrations in form of WordPress plugins with major providers ensuring a smooth payment collection 

Clear ‘Call to Actions’ throughout the entire shopping journey to Improve Conversion rate

To ensure higher sales, it is important to have clear Call to Action for the shopper throughout the shopping journey

Right from finding the right product to comparing the products and then adding Product in the cart to eventually buying, assisting the shopper with a clear Call to Action (CTA) button or message helps to get improved conversions. 

Astra WordPress Theme for Woocommerce helps to set up such buttons, allows shoppers to zoom into products and allows them to make a purchase
Along with vibrant Color Scheme and Product Positioning options, Astra pro has a place for banners and callouts where Store owners can display information about the ongoing sales or Discount offers 
Astra Pro theme for Woocommerce has intelligent code dynamics that allows you to suggest ‘Related products’ so that shoppers find it easy to browse similar products. This often helps in upsell – i.e convincing a customer to buy something additional 
Astra Theme for WooCommerce
Clear CTAs for Easy Checkout

Astra Starter Sites gives Woocommerce Templates to quickly launch your WordPress Store

Astra free and Pro both provide free templates of Astra Starter Sites that one can use to build a rich eCommerce store from scratch in no time. 

Thus, with Astra Pro Starter Sites Templates, you just need to import the required template and Astra will install all the relevant plugins for you. Once done, you can start creating the store. 
These free Astra Starter Sites Woocommerce templates speed up the process of creating WooCommerce store websites
Astra Starter Site
An online Organic Store template of Astra Starter Site for you to use to start creating your eCommerce Store

Astra WooCommerce Theme is Light Weight, Responsive and SEO Optimised for Mobile Purchases

E-commerce is a deeply competitive market. Thus creating a unique shopping experience through optimization and responsive theme is the key. 

With 25% of the online sales coming from Mobile devices, it is of utmost significance that the store build on WordPress WooCommerce theme should be Responsive to Mobile devices so that the customer experience is enhanced

A Light Weight and ECommerce Optimised WordPress theme like Astra WooCommece ensures that the store loads faster on line
Instead of the user pressing the back button or refreshing the page, Astra WordPress Theme for WooCommerce allows the user quickly ‘enters’ the online store to make a sale
Astra Theme for WooCommerce extends Astra Free with features that enable store owners to create an impactful buying experience for their shoppers

Astra Cheap Pricing that comes with excellent Woocommerce Support

All the above features for Astra Theme for Woocommerce come at a cheap price as below. 

Astra is a Free WordPress theme with paid options. To use the Astra Pro theme, one has to install the Astra Free theme and then install the Astra Pro plugin. 

Annual Pricing: ( With Special Discount for Our Readers)

  • Astra Pro — $59 (Special Price – $41)
  • Mini Agency Bundle — $276 (Special Price — $169)
  • Agency Bundle — $523 (Special Price — $249).

One-time Lifetime Pricing:

  • Astra Pro — $249.
  • Startup — $996 (Special Price — $499).
  • Agency — $1893 (Special Price — $699).

Both annual and lifetime customers will get access to dedicated one-on-one support, extensive training documents, and unlimited website usage.

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