Best Adobe Products for Customer Engagement

Best Adobe Experience Cloud Products for Customer Engagement

Digital Expansion of the world has given rise to the need to update your marketing strategy. All businesses require technology which is regularly updated, combines all the necessary steps in a single click, is audience friendly and also user-friendly and this is where Adobe excels in giving us best Adobe Products for Customer Engagement

To keep pace with rising customer expectations and ensure growth for your organization, Adobe has bundled its offerings into Adobe Experience Cloud that contains some mind-blowing products that enhance the customer journey

Best Adobe Experience Cloud Products for Customer Engagement

Adobe Experience Cloud is a Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution which unifies –

Adobe Marketing Cloud – that helps you manage, deliver and automate personalized experiences across all channels bringing happy customers.

Adobe Advertising Cloud – connects all your advertising in one programmatic solution that included everything from videos, display and search to traditional TV advertising

Adobe Analytics Cloud -makes it possible for everyone in your company to unlock deeper insights in your data, understand and segment your most valuable customers and quickly take actions on those insights across all your audiences. Major offerings are – Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager

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Best Adobe Products of Experience Cloud

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics (AA) helps in the application of real-time analytics and comprehensive bifurcation of all the applicable data overall marketing channels. It is a leading enterprise analytics platform that authorizes both beginners and advanced users to identify and examine trends in their business, the strategy they have opted for along with their digital marketing properties

Adobe Analytics has the strongest feature called Robust Analysis Tool that is available to data scientists for the derivation of deep insights on their data. It is used in the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data to optimize and understand web usage.

Google Analytics is Old. Adobe Analytics is the future!

Features of Adobe Analytics

  • Allows you to collect data from a wide range of channels, including voice, OTT, audio, and the Internet of Things and gives you access to all this data all the time, every time
  • Fully interactive dashboard built for power analysts & marketers, giving you the ability to create and apply segments, set algorithm-based alerts, and build powerful visualizations
  • It uses predictive algorithms, built-in statistics, and the machine learning of Adobe Sensei to make data science features accessible to analysts and marketers
  • Integration with best-in-class products like Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign

Adobe Audience Manager

It is a Data Management Platform (DMP) developed to deal with audience data. The raw online and offline data of the audience is used by the audience manager to build a unique data profile, identify valuable segments and use the identified components across digital channels. The data sources are combined in one place for proper understanding. Gradually, new segments are added and organized for proper personalization and later on, the same are targeted

Adobe audience manager provides marketers with an apt strategy for dealing with customers and essentially protects customer data and protects customer privacy

Features of Adobe Audience Manager

  • Agnostic of the platform, AAM gathers customer data, creates audience profile and exports segments to any destination
  • Privacy of Data is ensured with GDPR compliance and includes first-to-market, patented data export controls
  • Cherry on Top-It has seamless connectivity with Adobe’s Machine learning framework – Adobe Sensei which enables data scientists to use their own algorithms or utilize multiple built-in models to bring you even deeper insight

Advertising Cloud Offerings

Keeping the advertisement part as a major concern, Adobe has formed a new feature of Advertisement Cloud where you can plan, manage, buy and measure advertisements and its viability. It unifies and automates all media, screens, data, and creativity.

Adobe Campaign

Adobe campaign is conversational marketing technology with a service of one-to-one customer dialogues. With Adobe Campaign, one can use rich customer data to design, manage and deliver dynamic advertising campaigns that benefit customers. This can be done via email, mobile, and offline channels

Adobe Campaign thus reduces the implementation of mobile, social, email and offline campaigns with first-class email and inbound-outbound channel fusion capabilities.

Visionary technology is what enables marketers to achieve excellent results in minimal time. Adobe campaigns have an integrated customer profile that allows marketers to combine and collaborate data from both offline and online sources. This is how businesses can have a complete view of the customer journey.

Features of Adobe Campaign

  • Cross-channel emails for Email marketing can be created
  • Customer Journey is live for you to understand how did you reach to your customer
  • Omnichannel Marketing capabilities enable you to talk to your customers on various channels with seamless connectivity

Adobe Experience Manager(AEM)

AEM is an inclusive Content Management Solution (CMS) for creating a website along with reciprocal applications.

With AEM, one can create personalized content-led experiences to market faster. The entire primary strategic component needed for effective marketing i.e. Web, Mobile, Email, Print, Social and Community is approachable in a single platform with a user-friendly interface

AEM is a combination of the following modules: Sites, Assets, and Forms. Let’s briefly look at them –

AEM Sites – it ensures that content is consistent and personalized for each customer. It is a Content Management System enclosed in AEM that bestows one place to create, manage and deliver digital experiences across websites, mobile sites, and on-site screens

AEM Assets – it gives you the automation and smart tools to quickly source, adapt and deliver your assets across audiences and channels. You save time by editing, optimizing and delivering on one single platform.

AEM Forms – it is an end-to-end solution that connects your forms and communications processes, so you can give your customers a seamless journey from acquisition through retention

Features of AEM

  • Out-of-the-box components with drag-and-drop content creation functionality
  • The ability for marketing and IT teams to work simultaneously
  • Delivering intelligent content with the help of AI and Assets Management
  • Adaptable experiences with seamless delivery to mature and emerging channels, including web, mobile, in-venue screens, IoT and single-page applications.
  • Managed service capability with Scalable Cloud and security
  • Integration with Analytics and Target Products, Email marketing platform, e-commerce


Magento is an open-source commerce platform that successfully integrates digital and physical shopping experiences, delighting customers. Magento boasts a strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions including in-store, retail associate, and order management technologies

Adobe Experience Cloud contains Magento as a bundled offering. The products offered by Magneto Commerce Cloud are Robust B2B and B2C eCommerce that is helpful to create and managing apt Digital Marketplace

Magneto Order Management is a feature on Magneto Commerce that helps retailers to have a robust platform integrated with the shopping experience of customers and also supports multiple channels.

Magneto Business Intelligence helps in gaining more useful insights and information about customers and even analyzes the products, customers, and sales data already stored in Magneto

The marketing of any product or service is made a lot easier when retailers have the essential knowledge about them and the data they have been properly analyzed and optimized.

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Features of Magento

  • Feasibility of a faster market with the possibility of endless marketing innovations
  • Engagement of shoppers from a global viewpoint
  • Flexible integration with ERP, CRM, and other marketing services
  • Multiple business models are supported in a  single solution