13 Best AI Writing Assistants to Quickly Create Content [2023 Edition]

Best AI Writing Assistants

With hours of research, writing, and proofreading, content writing can become a tedious and expensive job. 

This is where AI writing assistants and Content Generators for content creation can help us. 

In this Blog Post, we will look at the Best AI-Based Copywriting tools that can help you create content 10X faster! 

What are AI Writing Assistants and Content Generators?

They are Artificial intelligence programs (enabled by machine learning) that use the inputs you give them to create content automatically. 

AI-based copywriting tools use Natural Language Processing to generate content that looks like it’s written by a human. 

Think about writing a topic idea into a tool and getting a detailed content outline, or typing in some basic keywords and getting a full blog post written for you. 

Why do we need AI Assistants and Copywriting software?

Using an AI-based tool helps you create content automatically & saves you time. AI tools generate the content outlines for you and do the required research at the click of a button. 

You can create different types of content with a single tool. This will make your content writing process efficient and quick.


Creating content fast in bulk can give you a competitive advantage in your content marketing efforts. 

That is exactly what you get with AI writing tools – a Competitive edge

What type of content can AI Assistants and Copywriting tools create?

AI-based SEO tools can help you to create the following forms of content

  • Website – Landing page, Sales page, Hero section, Meta descriptions)
  • Blogs – Blog post content, Meta descriptions, summaries
  • Social Media – Social Media Posts, Bio, Headlines, CTA
  • Ad copies – AIDA copies, LinkedIn ads, Google ads, Facebook ads
  • Video – Video Scripts, Youtube Title, Youtube Description
  • E-commerce – Product description, feature benefits, Emails

There are other use cases available too which are specific to particular tools. 

We will go into the details of that when we get to the tools review part. 

But before that, 

What are the important features in an AI-based SEO tool that you should look for? 

Features Of An Ideal Copywriting Software 

AI-based copywriting tools should make the process of creating content seamless and efficient. 

For this purpose, it should have the following essential features:

1. User Friendly: The software itself should have a good UI &UX. It should be easy to use and navigate. You should have full control of the platform and should be able to make changes.

2. Support multiple content types: If you are paying for an AI content tool, make sure it helps you create a variety of content types.

3. Affordable & Flexible Pricing Plans: One of the major benefits of the AI tool is that it helps you save money. So while choosing the tool, make sure that they have flexible pricing plans.

4. Plagiarism-free content: The tool should provide you with 100% original and plagiarism-free content. 

5. Natural-looking content: The content that you get should be written in natural language and should not sound robotic in any way.

6. Grammatically correct content: The content should be error-free and grammatically correct.

Let’s now look at the Best AI Writing Assistants available in 2023

Best AI Writers and Writing Assistants

1. Jasper.ai – Best Overall for Copywriters

Jasper.ai AI Writing Assistant

Jasper.ai, previously known as Jarvis.ai is taking the content community by storm. 

The biggest feature of the tool is the diverse form of content it can help you create. 

Once you are inside the tool you get to your Dashboard. 

This dashboard is the overall view of your work. The real power of the tool comes with its templates.

Best AI Writing Assistant Jasper

As you can see the tool has pre-made templates for different forms of content which include

  • Product Description
  • Blog posts
  • Creative story
  • Marketing Copy (AIDAand PAS frameworks)
  • Blog post topic generator
  • Facebook Ad headlines
  • Google ads headline
  • Company bio headline
  • SEO titles and meta descriptions
  • Video description
  • Video script generators

All you have to do is basic customization of tone, voice, and keywords. 

Next is Recipes, the latest feature by Jasper.ai. 

Jasper recipes are a series of commands that you write, with certain customizations. 

All you need to do is make some changes to the recipe and click the button. You don’t even have to enter the editor and your content will be ready in front of your eyes.

There are two pricing plans for Jasper.ai

The starter pack is at $29/month & Boss mode has custom pricing based on the number of words

Best AI Writing Assistant Jasper

The pricing depends on the number of words. 

Check out the Detailed Jasper AI Review to see its full capabilities

2. Farse .io  – Best for Creating Content Outline

Frase.io Writing Assistant

Frase.io is a content creation tool that helps you to create content outlines, optimize the existing content and analyze the content. 

This AI writing assistant will give you resources from all over the web.

Frase.io will help you write a long-form blog post from scratch. It will also find the important questions you can answer in the post.

As you can see in the picture that is the dashboard of the platform, there is a column with the following tabs.

Frase Document Folder
  • Document: This section is used to create long-form blog posts. All you have to do is add a keyword and the editor will open up
  • Templates: This section provides you with a list of ready-to-use templates for different content types.
  • Outline builder: Want to create content outlines? Just enter your keyword and the tool will provide you with a list of keywords you can use. It will also give you a list of questions that can be used in the post.
  • Content Analysis:  This feature will provide you with analytics and ranks of your website with proper statistics. It also helps you analyze your website’s content in one go.

See the image below – I can see how my Content is performing with the Content Analytics features!

This is one USP that Frase Writing Assistant has!

Frase COntent Analytics

Frase API: Frase API allows the developers to create custom applications to extract metadata from the Frase website. This means that you can integrate the tool with other software and create custom flows. 

Farse.io gives you a 7-day trial of the tool for $1.

After the 7 days, you will get charged based on the plan you choose. 

There are 3 subscription plans that you can choose from

Best Ai Writing Assistants Frase

The Solo plan: $ 19.99/month (paid monthly) and $ 16.99/month (paid yearly)

The Basic plan: $ 44.99/month (paid monthly) and $ 39.99/month (paid yearly)

The Team plan: $ 114.99 / month (paid monthly) and $99.99/month (paid yearly)

Additionally, there is also an SEO add-on available for $ 35/month.

Check out Frase.IO Review for detailed insights into features and offerings

3. WriteSonic – Creating Copies at Scale

best ai writing assistant

Writesonic, formerly known as MagicFlow is another AI-based SEO content writing tool

When using the tool you start with a dashboard that has a list of all your projects. 

This tool has a simple interface. So when you click on New Project, you will be asked to name the project.

best ai writing assistant

In this new project, you can choose what type of content you want to create. You have the option to create:

  • Digital Ad copy – This includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, 
  • Writing tools– Article Into, Article Ideas, Outlines, emails, Summary
  • Social media posts– Linkedin posts, Convert blogs to the social media post
  • Website Copy– Landing pages, landing page headline, Features to benefits, SEO Meta tags,
  • E-commerce copy– Product descriptions, Product Titles, Product features
  • Video Copy– Video titles, Video descriptions, Youtube Intros, 
  • Other copy– Startup ideas, Growth Ideas, Pain- Agitate- Solution

WriteSonic has a Free trial with 10 credits for those who want to check out the platform.

After that, you get 4 paid WriteSonic Subscription plans

best ai writing assistant
  • The Basic plan (75 credits )for $15
  • The Professional plan (unlimited credits) for $45
  • Startup plan (unlimited credits) for $95
  • Agency plan (unlimited credits) for $195 

4. Surfer SEO 

best ai writing assistant

Surfer SEO is a Search Engine Optimization tool that is data-driven. 

Major Highlights of this tool includes – 

  • SERP Analyzer: This feature analyzes the SERP for a given keyword and helps you pick out things you need to do for ranking. You can use this data to optimize your content.
  • Content Planner: This feature gives us a list of cluster topics for a given keyword. You can use this to create multiple content ideas with one main topic. 
  • Keyword research: This is a standard keyword research tool that gives you a basic idea of the keywords you need to target
  • Article & Page audit: If you have existing content that you want to analyze for optimization this feature does exactly that and prompts you to make the necessary changes. 
  • Content Editor: This is a basic content editor that gives you the ideal word count and LSI keywords you can aim for. Using Content Editor extension in addition to this is a good idea.

Surfer SEO is a paid tool with 3 subscription plans as shown below

best ai writing assistant

Additionally, Surfer has 3 free tools too. 

The free SEO tools from Surfer includes :

Check Surfer SEO Pricing plans here

5. SEMrush Writing assistant – For Semrush Guru Plan Users

Semrush is an overall Search engine marketing tool with multiple features. 

These include SEO Content Template, which provides you with a basic outline for your content based on the keyword. The Topic Research tool focuses on giving more content ideas based on the keyword. 

However, for today we will focus on the SEO Writing Assistant

best ai writing assistant

The SEO Writing Assistant is part of Semrush Guru plan and comes under the Semrush Content Marketing Offering

It helps the writer to analyze the content they are writing and make it more SEO friendly

See the image below!

best ai writing assistant

Once inside the Semrush Writing assistant, the AI tool analyzes your content for the following things:

  • Readability– This rates your overall content based on how reader-friendly it is.
  • Words– Long-form content does better for SEO, so it sets a target for the length of a particular keyword. 
  • Target keywords– Based on the content, it finds out the keyword your content will rank for.
  • Recommended keywords– Based on the content available it also gives you a list of keywords you should instead aim for.
  • Title– The tools also analyze your title for SEO and give recommendations to make it better.
  • Plagiarism check (in Guru Plan)– This feature performs the plagiarism check for the content and gives you a full report.
  • Extended recommendations (Guru plan)

There are 3 Semrush Subscription plans available for these AI-based  SEO tools. You Can check the pricing after creating a Free Trial Account!

best ai writing assistant
  • Pro plan (SEO writing assistant with most features)
  • Guru plan (Unlock Plagiarism check and Recommendations)
  • Business plan

Check out the Smerush Pricing Plans here

6. Rytr.me – Best for Short Form and Content Outlines

best ai writing assistant

Ryter. me is one of the simplest AI-based SEO writing tools. 

When you log in you get access to a simple writing screen. On the left-hand side, you have the option to select a language and the content tone. 

Then you can choose the Content use case – the type of content you need to create. 

best ai writing assistant

Rytr offers multiple writing capabilities that include

  • Blog idea & outline – Content Outline and Structure
  • Blog section writing – section paragraphs for blogs
  • Brand name – write catchy names for your business
  • Business idea pitch
  • Call to action
  • Copywriting, Emails
  • Ads copies for social media, and many more

Once you have selected the use case it will ask you for basic details relevant to the use case. 

Once you do that and  Click on Ryte for me, it will create the content for you. 

See the Image below – Isn’t it easy! 

best ai writing assistant

There are 3 Subscription pricing plans for Rytr.me – It also offers a Forever Free Plan that allows you to generate 5000 characters per month for FREE

You should definitely explore!

  • Free plan – 5000 Characters per month for Free
  • Saver plan for $ 9/month – 50K Characters per months
  • Unlimited plan for $29/month – Unlimited Plan
best ai writing assistant

7. AI Write – Offer Keyword Research Capability + AI Writing

best ai writing assistant

AI Write is an AI-based writing tool that has 4 basic features. 

These features include :

a. Research & write: This feature allows the writer to type in a keyword. After that, the tool creates a content piece based on the data it can retrieve from the web.

best ai writing assistant

b. Text Rewording: Simply put, this feature helps the writer to paraphrase the content.

c. SEO-focused Editor: This is a simple content editor and it analyzes your content for SEO. Based on that it gives you an overall score.

best ai writing assistant

d. Keyword Research Tool: This tool is under Beta testing right now, but it helps you to do basic keyword research for, main keywords to target, low volume keywords, comparing keywords, and seed keyword ideas.

This is one USP of AI Write – Most AI Copywriting tools does not provide this feature of Keyword Research

best ai writing assistant

AI Write has 3 Pricing plans available and all the plans allow the 4 basic features

It also has an option of a 1-week free trial.

Get a Free trial for AI Write

best ai writing assistant

8. INK for All – Has Free Trial plans

best ai writing assistant

INK is an all-in-one Paraphrasing, AI writer, and SEO tool that is available as an extension form as well. 

The best feature about the tool is its simple interface and the content use cases it provides

Within this tool, you can create content for your websites, blogs, and marketing copy needs, and write descriptions and meta descriptions for your content.

See the Image Below for the various Use cases from INK

best ai writing assistant

There is an option to download the INK Editor for your PC (Windows, Mac, Linux). 

In case you use WordPress as your content management software you can also download the INK WordPress plugin from here

There are 3 subscription plans in INK for All, with a 7 day free trial for each of them.

Get more details about INK for All pricing plans here.

best ai writing assistant

9. Sapling.ai – Best for Customer Support Teams

best ai writing assistant

It is an AI messaging assistant that integrates with your messaging apps or CRM services. The platforms that support Sapling.ai include Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, Whatsapp, Slack, and many more. 

The main feature of this tool is to help its users to communicate better by correcting typing mistakes. 

This messaging assistant helps you while writing content in real-time by finding errors and helping you to correct them. 

The Pro version also has an Autocomplete feature and can save basic message templates to share across teams. 

Inside the tool dashboard, you can also see detailed reporting of how you have used the tool. 

best ai writing assistant

Sapling AI offers 3 pricing plans available as shown below

best ai writing assistant
  • The Free plan, is available for everyone with basic features.
  • The Pro plan costs $25/month and has a 30-day Free trial
  • The Enterprise plan is custom built and will be priced according to particular needs.

10. Word AI – Best for Text Rewriting

Word AI is a content-sniping tool that helps you to rewrite the entire content. So you can recreate the existing content or simply copy-paste content and rewrite it

best ai writing assistant

Rewrite Article

Under this feature, you can copy past content in the editor and when you click on the rewrite, the content will be paraphrased for you.

You can select the number of versions that you need for the same content and the overall tone of the content.

best ai writing assistant

Bulk Rewrite

This feature allows you to rewrite articles in bulk. You need to create a .csv and submit it. Once that is done the tool will simply rewrite all the articles for you. 

best ai writing assistant

Rewrite Settings

Under the rewrite settings, you can configure the basic features and customize how you want the content to be. 

The basic feature in Word AI is

  • AI-powered rewriter
  • Human Quality Writer
  • One-click writing
  • Rewrites pass Copyscape
  • Sentence and phrase-level rewriting
  • Bulk Article Writing
  • API access

Word AI has 3 pricing plans

best ai writing assistant
  • The monthly Plan is for $57/month paid monthly with basic features
  • The yearly plan is for $27/ month paid annually with basic features
  • The enterprise plan is custom-built & pricing with additional features like customized rewrites, Multiple user accounts.

There is also a 3-day free trial for the Monthly and yearly pricing plans. 

Free Content Writing Tools for Copywriters

Lets now look at some easy and must-haves tools that one should use for Content Writing

11. Grammarly – Free Grammar Checker

Grammarly Chrome Extension is a FREE content editing tool

Grammarly analyzes the content written for any errors. Now there are three plans of the tools available. 

best ai writing assistant

The Free Plan covers basic checks like spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 

The Premium plan offers some extra features like best practices, writing suggestions, and plagiarism checks. 

Then there is the Business plan which provides you with the ability to create brand guides, analytics dashboards, and priority email support. 

The tools are available in 5 versions – 

  1. For the Web App tool, simply go to Grammarly Website and you will be taken to a Dashboard 

You have to simply click on NEW and you will be taken to the online editor. 

  1. There is a Grammarly Desktop app that you can download from here. The app allows you to work offline as well.
  1. The easiest way to use Grammarly is by installing the Grammarly Chrome Extention. Simply download the extension and you will be able to use Grammarly with almost every website, Google docs, etc. 

Grammarly Pricing plans

The Premium version of Grammarly gives you 3 options to choose from. 

  • $12.00 a month ( pay annually )
  • $20.00 a month (pay quarterly)
  • $30.00 a month ( pay monthly)

The Business plan currently costs $ 12.5 per user per month. 

12. Hemmingway Editor

Named after the famous writer- Ernest Hemmingway, this tool is a content editing tool that analyzes the content written based on the writing style of the famous writer and makes the content more polished.

Best AI Writing Assistants

There are two modes in the Hemmingway editor- Write & Edit.

Write Mode

This is the basic minimalist mode of the editor. You get the basic formatting features with this model on the top bar. 

This gives you a distraction-free environment to write your content.

Edit Mode

Once you are done with writing your content, simply switch to the edit mode and this is where the true features of the editor come into play. 

The editor analyses content the grades the content based on the overall readability. 

Best AI Writing Assistants Hemingway

It also recognizes the potential problem areas with the content and highlights them.

  • Blue means that an Adverb or Qualifier has been identified
  • Purple means the presence of complex words
  • Green highlights the use of passive voice
  • Yellow shows a complex sentence
  • Red denotes an extremely complex sentence

If you are using the Web App version of the tool it is free. In case you want to use it offline, you can purchase the application for a one-time fee of  $19.99 from here.

13. Hubspot Topic Generator

Hubspot is a marketing and sales CRM platform for businesses, but it also has many free tools that can help small businesses to create content at scale. 

One of them is the Hubspot Blog topic generator

Best AI Writing Assistants- Hubspot

When you type a keyword into the search bar (you can add up to 5 words to make the topics more niche) it will give you 5 blog topic ideas.

There is also an option to get content ideas for 1 year.

All you have to do is enter some basic personal/Business details. Once you do that you will be able to view and download the content ideas.

Final thoughts – Using AI Content Generation Tools

Writing content for a business is very different from normal content writing. You need to implement the knowledge of marketing & customer psychology. 

All this needs expertise, but using an AI-based content writing tool will guide you through the process & help you write content that impacts the reader.

One thing to remember is that, while AI tools are very effective and fast there will be some limitations with the emotional range of the content. 

So if you work on the content that requires some storytelling, in that case, AI tools will not be able to help you much.

Now, as you can there is no shortage of AI-based SEO tools on the Web. 

Selecting the right tool might take you some time. 

Since most of the tools out there have a Free trial available, you can try them for a limited period. Depending on your needs and experience, you will be able to find the right tool for you. 

You can also check out the 40 Best  Blogging tools that you can use today!

FAQs – Top AI Writing Assistants


AI Writer is software powered by machine learning to create content Automatically. It uses basic inputs given by the user to create content and it uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to do so. 
In simple terms, it helps the user to create effective content in less time and expenditure.

What Is AI Copywriting and How Does It Work?

 AI copywriting is the process of creating marketing copies and content with the use of AI-enabled tools
When using such a tool, you need to have a clear idea of the basic keywords and topic. 
Now while using the tool you will enter this basic information and the tool will search across the web and find the information. 
Then using Machine Learning & Natural Langauge Processing the tools construct copies and content.

Is AI writer legit?

AI writing is gradually filling the content writing needs of businesses and it works well while creating fast and intelligent content. However, some human intervention is required for making the content polished and for adding storytelling elements to the same.
So yes, AI writers are legit but still have to be paired with humans to drive optimum results.

Is AI Writing Free?

There are many tools for AI Writing available in the industry. These tools have some basic features that are available for free. However, the more advanced features are paid.
Some tools also give you a Free Limited day trial for the advanced features. So depending on what you need help with you can go through the list of AI Writing tools available and find the right tool for yourself.