9 Free websites so useful, they will save you hundreds of hours of your life

Useful Websites to Follow

In our day-to-day lives, the internet plays a significant role.  Through it, we can do and learn nearly everything from the comfort of our homes.

Today, there are several excellent websites that you can acquaint yourself with and absorb all the information you need. However, knowing every one of them is not always easy.

The following are some useful websites to check out on the web that you might not be aware of. 

You will likely find one of them that is helpful to you, and it is all accompanied by a straightforward website URL that you can memorize by heart so that you will not have to run to Google to find them.

Read on to know more.

We have put together some most useful websites that will be a great help to you. 

Best Free Websites that can save Hours

  1. Adobe Photoshop – Photo Editing and Designing tool
  2. Mailbrew.com – Aggregator of Information
  3. Zamzar.com – File Conversion Software
  4. Mathway.com – Find Solutions to Mathematics problems
  5. CloudConvert – Online File Converter
  6. Spotahome – Find Home Online
  7. Namecheap.com – Buy Cheap Domain Names
  8. Lucidchart – Create Diagrams and Flowcharts
  9. ResumeMaker.Online – Create Resumes for Free

Adobe Photoshop  – Photo Editing and Designing tool

Best Free Websites for Photo Editing and Designing

When it comes to improving image appeal, Adobe Photoshop can be your best pick. The main reason behind it is its high quality, ease to use and well-known name in the digital industry to enhance image quality. 

In addition to their premium software, Adobe now provides a free smartphone image editor called Adobe Photoshop Express for mobile editing, which may be downloaded into a user’s smartphone.

It does not cost anything to download; you only need a Google or Facebook account to use the program. 

The Adobe Photoshop Express software enables you to make rapid improvements to your photographs by applying filters that the program refers to as “looks.” In addition, you can add text, fix visual flaws such as red eye, and apply textures to give your creation that final touch.

Mailbrew.com – Aggregator of Information

best free websites

Mailbrew is an information aggregator that allows users to create a daily digest of emails coming from various channels

Imagine you are subscribed to influences on Twitter, and follow corporate pages on Linkedin, then with mail brew, you can create a daily email that Mailbrew will send 

This email will have updates from the various sources you have subscribed to. 

It allows customers to construct newsletters and send them automatically to their inboxes. 

The information that goes into newsletters comes from various places, including RSS feeds, Twitter, Google News, and Reddit, to mention just a few of them. 

Zamzar.com – File Conversion Software

best free websites

Zamzar is a free software tool that lets users convert files online without downloading any software tool. 

It is compatible with more than 1000 different kinds of conversions. Users receive an email once the conversion is complete with a link through which the converted file can be downloaded or saved as soon as the conversion is complete.

Mathway.com – Find Solutions to Mathematics problems

Finds solutions to mathematical problems of any sort, ranging from the most elementary to the most complex. 

best free websites

You can also enter the Image of the problem or enter the maths logic and check for results

CloudConvert – Online File Converter

best free websites

At CloudConvert.com, converting any file into any other format is quick and simple.

You can select a target format whenever you drag and drop a file into the program’s interface or upload a file to it. 

Because the website is intelligent, it will only provide formats that make sense when considering the initial file. 

Conversions are fast and easy, and you are allowed to perform up to 25 of them for free each day.

Spotahome – Find Home Online

best free websites

This helpful website provides a service for those interested in leasing a house or apartment for a time ranging from the intermediate to the long term. 

Spotahome employs actual individuals to conduct personal inspections of the rental homes, and each unit is accompanied by a high-definition (HD) video tour and still photographs. 

It currently extends to several places throughout Europe, making it a valuable resource for students and travelers passing through that region.

Namecheap.com – Buy Cheap Domain Names

best free websites

NameCheap domain management service provides a far better way for users to discover, register, and manage their domain names, by making discovering, registering, and setting up domain names as effortless as possible. 

A person can easily connect their web address to the best web apps and services around the world with the help of this software platform, which allows them to purchase thousands of foreign domains.

Lucidchart – Create Diagrams and Flowcharts

best free websites

You may manually build detailed diagrams and charts by using the Lucidchart webspace.

This user-friendly website helps you create flowcharts, task flows, and even wireframes of websites.

The free plan allows you to create up to three documents and collaborate with your team or peers using any device.

If you want more capabilities, you have the option to upgrade.

ResumeMaker.Online – Create Resumes for Free

best free websites

resume builder. online is one of the most useful websites for people seeking a way to build a resume for free. 

On this website, the resume is beautifully designed and formatted.

The resume lets you add your photo, contact details, professional experience, biodata, photo, name, and many more things to it, which can be downloaded freely as a PDF file and shared freely with anyone you like.

JustWatch – All your Streaming Services in 1 App

best free websites

JustWatch lets you see where movies and TV shows are available to stream and compare rental prices for that movie or show. 

It is also a good way to ensure that you do not have to pay for something you will already be able to view through an existing subscription.

It does a great job of recommending what you should watch and keeping track of what you have watched in the past


Here’s a list of useful websites that everyone can find useful. If you need help completing a specific task, there may be a powerful website that can assist you. Seeing how many useful services are buried deeper on the web is amazing.

In addition to these collections of websites, if you are looking for something more or less upbeat to brighten your day, there are many to choose from.