20 Most Popular Gmail Add Ons to Boost Gmail Productivity in 2023

Best Gmail Add ons

There is no doubt that billions of people use Gmail for their everyday work. It is an absolute powerhouse and most professional conversation tool to interact with customers, clients, or colleagues. Emails are the right hand of businesses, and Gmail is the best inbox out there. 

Today 30% of people spend their workweek just reading, responding, and sending emails. 

That means reading Gmail messages takes more than 10 hours a week. 

Without any second doubt, Gmail has increased productivity and reduced time. It is a digital version of letters. But apart from all these facts, there are certain things that Gmail cannot perform. In that scenario, Gmail add-ons are the ultimate solution. 

These Gmail Add-Ons have made Gmail more robust and added new features by connecting it to other applications

What are Gmail Add Ons?

Gmail add-ons are used to enhance the functionality of Gmail. 

Gmail add-ons are directly installed in your Gmail Account. 

Besides this, you can also get Gmail add-ons on the Google workspace marketplace. 

Top Gmail Add Ons that you should use

Here is a list of some well-known and favorite Google add-ons that will boost your productivity and enhance your experience on Google. So let’s check out what they are.

Gmail Add-Ons for Project Management and Collaboration

1. Gmelius

Gmelius Add on for Gmail

Gmelius is considered the best project management and collaboration tool and comes with a paid subscription. 

The subscription cost of these add-ons is $9 per month. But you get a free trial once you install it. 

Features a Gmelius add-one will offer

  • It comes with various email templates
  • Comes with an email tracking feature. 
  • Automates the email process
  • Share your inbox

Gmelius is useful for

  • Startups and  teams that want to work faster and collaborate easily

This add-on is a fully-fledged useful you can install. 

2. Zoom for Gmail

Zoom for Gmail Add On

Zoom Gmail Add-on allows you to set up zoom meetings using the Gmail account. It also allows you to schedule calls, meetings, conferences, and webinars. 

So no matter where you are located, you can seamlessly contact anyone with this add-on.

Features a zooming user will get

  • High-quality and video conference inside the Gmail 
  • You can schedule and monitor the upcoming zoom calls
  • Instant connection with your co-workers.

This add-on is valuable for

  • Business owners and people would like to collaborate through video calls rather than text messages.
  • The staff member who wants to connect instantly to the meeting and track the zoom webinars

3. Slack for Gmail

Slack for Gmail Add On

Slack is a premium chat messaging software for enterprise teams – both large and small

Slack for Gmail addon helps to connect your Gmail chat with the slack

If you are stuck between two ages of communication, and you have two groups of a co-worker, one who uses only slack and another who uses only Gmail, then slack for Gmail add-one is an optimal solution. 

As the name suggests, you can send emails through slack. 

You can also consider the attachments, which will automatically be uploaded on the right channel. 

Besides, you get access to send messages quickly without even leaving the inbox.

Feature of slack for Gmail

  • You can send post messages to slack from Gmail 

Slack for Gmail is suitable for

  • People who highly rely on emails and slack to communicate at their workplace.

However, if you are confused about learning how to use slack, then search it online.

4. Smart sheet for Gmail

The SmartSheet database software is one of the most popular and widely used databases in businesses around the world.

If your organization uses SmartSheet, then you and your employees will benefit greatly from its Gmail add-on.

As a Gmail user, SmartSheet gives you the ability to create new or modify existing rows on your SmartSheet database without having to leave Gmail in order to store email, attachments, and conversations. 

Main features of the smart sheet for Gmail

  • Organize your emails and rows in a more meaningful way – you can add emails directly from Gmail as comments to rows. 
  • Easier than ever to organize email attachments 

5. Evernote for Gmail

Evernote is one of the best Gmail extensions for businesses that allows you to save an entire conversation or a single email thread to Evernote. 

Features offered by Evernote

  • You can save full or partial emails in your Evernote account
  • You will get updated to-do lists on the dashboard of this add-on

This add-on is appropriate for

  • Evernote users
  • A person who works in sales, marketing, or creative agency has to deal will a lot of information and feedback through the mail.

So if you are a part of these businesses, then using Evernote seamlessly boosts the productivity of your business.

6. Dropbox for Gmail

Dropbox for Gmail Add On

Gmail requires a lot of time to upload files. Dropbox for Gmail lets you attach files directly to emails, saving you time.

This Gmail add-on allows you to browse and attach any file you may have present in your Dropbox account. Adding attachments to your email can also be synced with Dropbox. Therefore, you will save time by downloading the file once and then re-uploading it as often as you need.

7. Trello for Gmail

Trello is a simple Gmail add-on that focuses on letting you create quick cards on your dashboard without leaving the inbox. 

You can add different boards, lists, and due dates. However, to use this add-on, you must be part of Trello. 

This add-on is free for users running small businesses or organizations.

Features offered by Trello

  • You can create new cards from the Gmail inbox
  • You can complete the cards by setting the due dates and lists and adding a description
  • This add-on will add email contents automatically to the card description

So, opting for this add-on is a wise idea if you want you’re better to manage your Trello Board via Gmail

8. Asana for Gmail

Asana for Gmail Add on

Asana is a Project Management Tool. 

With Asana Gmail Add on,  you can effortlessly search your projects, teams, and tasks from your Gmail inbox.

With this tool, you get the following features

  • You can add and assign new asana cards along with due dates.
  • It will automatically add the content to card descriptions.

9. Wrike for Gmail

Wrike for Gmal

You can leverage project management capabilities straight from your inbox by adding the Wrike Gmail add-on to your Gmail account.

Features you will receive from Wrike

  • You can easily create tasks from the inbox
  • It will automatically send your tasks, including the email descriptions
  • View the tasks in the particular email address
  • Track and report the work that is accessed from emails 

This add-on is suitable for already existing Wrike users

Gmail Add-Ons for Sales and Marketing

10. Salesfare for Gmail

Sales fare for Gmail Add-on helps you manage your sales contacts and pipeline staying in your Gmail inbox

This offers complete CRM Automation – 

It collects information from social media, company databases, phones, e-mail, and calendars and sends it to you in automatized customer profiles that show you everything you need to see. Just send the right messages, follow up appropriately, and close the sale.

Salesflare automatically updates your contacts’ information and tracks every interaction between you and your prospects.

Salesflare can send reminders about your leads, gives you a strong sales funnel

This is an alternative to the Hubspot Sales Chrome extension – give it a Try!

11. Boomerang

Boomerang allows you to schedule email sending and reminders within your Gmail account. To manage emails easily, it provides an inbox pause feature that allows snoozing of incoming emails.

The most incredible feature it offers is AI, from which you can write effective emails. With boomerang, you will get ten free emails every month, and the unlimited plan begins from $4.99 per month.

Features offered by boomerang

  • Multiple Templates
  • AI-assisted emails
  • Access to mass emails

Boomerang is best suited for

  • Sales and marketing Folks
  • Account managers who need to write professional emails

12. DocuSign for Gmail

DocuSign for Chrome and Gmail

The world moves fast, so fast that we no longer have time to wait for manual signatures.

To save time, you need to use technology to allow people to sign documents digitally. 

With DocuSign, you won’t have to print out documents, sign them, and then scan them back to send them back to you once they’re signed. 

With the help of this Gmail add-on, this process of sending document signatures can be accomplished within Gmail and can be reduced to two clicks in a matter of seconds. 

Features that you will receive from DocuSign

  • You can send signable documents to your business clients within your Gmail.
  • You can get access to documents within chrome once you get paid subscription.
  • The documents sent and unique and legally binding
  • All your data is safe and secure through encryptions
  • You can also send reminders without leaving the Gmail inbox

These add-ons are useful for

  • Employees that work in legal firms or consulting agencies
  • People who deal with different contracts daily.

Now you do not have to spend weeks preparing a document and get it to sign as you can do it in a couple of minutes through DocuSign. 

13. Mailtrack for Gmail

Mailtrack for Gmail add-on will give you a brief detail, track your mail, and check whether it is opened or not. 

This add-on is beneficial for customers who email marketing their business.

These add-ons will provide you with real-time notifications, and you can eventually see them on the dashboard of mail tracking for Gmail. 

Besides, this extension is completely free and provides you with unlimited access. 

Features offered by Mailtrack for Gmail

  • Track whether the person has opened your email or not.
  • It offers you a notification whenever a person opens your email.
  • You can go through the activities on the emails that you have tracked.

This add-on is quite helpful for

  • A salesperson who continuously works on email 
  • SEOs and b2b email marketers
  • Accounts manager
  • The customer service agents 

These add-ons will make your emails effective and easily traceable through the Mailtrack dashboard.

14. Zapier for Gmail – Automate Moving Emails to Other Apps

Zapier for Gmail Add on

With the Zapier add-on for Gmail, you can move emails to Trello, Slack (and others), all without having to leave your Gmail

 So you can keep your workflow going.

With just one tap, you can send messages, file attachments, and even add emojis to every email you send.

Zapier for Gmail lets you do exactly that. You’ll find yourself sending emails faster, saving storage space, and making sure everyone knows what’s up

15. Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail Add-on allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts and automatically checks your new mails and notifies you through chrome. 

You will have a new dashboard that will integrate with multiple Gmail accounts. 

You can easily read, delete or archive it instantly via this Gmail Add On

Features provided through Checker plus-

  • You can find out about emails even before opening them.
  • You have options from reading, archiving, and deleting the emails while you are on other work.

16. Digify for Gmail

Digify for Gmail is an extension that lets you encrypt Gmail attachments and sent them. 

That means, if you deliver personal information or essential things, then this add-on is perfect for you. 

Besides, you do not need an account to use this extension.

This extension will provide you with features like

  • Track down the attachments and figure out who has accessed them.
  • Unsend the email attachments if you have sent them to the wrong person.
  • Program attachment to ensure self-destruction.

17. Mail Merge for Gmail – Send Free Emails

Mail Merge for Gmail™ is an easy way for anyone to send bulk emails.  You can use the app to create personalized emails and monitor how many recipients open each message.

With MailTrack & Mail Merge, you’ll be able to merge multiple contacts into one email.

This makes it much easier to manage lists and automatically follow up with your customers.

Features include:

  •  Send up to 2000 emails per day ( Free) 
  • Track your Emails with reports
  • Schedule Email Sends
  • List management of Subscribers

Popular Gmail Add-Ons for Daily Gmail Users

18. Grammarly for Chrome works with Gmail

Grammarly for chrome is an add-on that helps you correct your grammatical and spelling errors in real-time in Gmail. You can use it if you are working on projects and want to deliver error-free content, and this add-on is completely free to use.

Features offered by Grammarly 

  • Improves all your grammatical errors and spellings.
  • Provides you suggestions on what to change in your content.

These add-ons can be used by-

  • Anyone who builds emails, and content, and does any writing work.

Whether a home task or a professional email, you can easily use this add-on to deliver effective and error-free emails.

19. Inbox When Ready

Inbox When Ready is a Gmail add-on that helps improve your focus time for using Gmail. It can help you minimize and optimize the time you spent on Gmail

Features of the inbox when ready

  • Lock your new emails if you aren’t interested in hearing out.
  • You can plan and Schedules lockdowns of your inbox
  • The emails will automatically get hidden a second time if received under the scheduled time.

These add-ons allow you to focus on your work and not miss any important emails.

20. Giphy for Gmail

You will find GIFs in every mode of communication. But have you ever heard about it on Gmail? 

Giphy for Gmail allows you to search and find the best Giphy while being in your Gmail

These add-ons are entirely free to use. 

Thus, if you add them to your emails, then it will make them look more personal.

To sum up!!

These best Gmail add-ons will simplify your life and boost your organization’s productivity.

So if you are willing to make effective changes while using Gmail and make your work faster, you can buy these add-ons.

Some are free and can be a game changer for your organization.