7 Best Podcast Hosting Sites and Platforms in 2024 [Free Hosts]

Best Podcast Hosting Sites

It’s important to choose the best podcast hosting company that will fit your needs, both now and as your podcast grows.

You don’t want to outgrow your host or find that you don’t have access to the features you need.

In this blog post, we will help you find the Best Podcast Hosting sites and will guide you select the Top Host for Podcasts

What is Best Podcast Hosting?

Podcast hosting is a Hosting service that allows you to upload the podcast’s audio files to podcast directories like Spotify and Itunes and share the podcasts with an audience

Podcast hosting companies usually offer different tiers of service, with different features (and prices) depending on what you need.

For example, some podcast hosting companies will provide website hosting as well, so you can create a website for your podcast that includes show notes, transcripts, and other information about your episodes.

The hosting company will also give you stats on your podcast’s downloads, so you can see how many people are listening.

Other podcast hosting companies might offer more storage space for your audio files, or give you extra features like the ability to create a members-only podcast feed.

How to Select the Best Podcast Hosting?

Below parameters will help you select the Best Podcast Hosting Site

  1. Easy to Use Platform: An essential, Podcast Hosting platform is something that one will use very frequently. The platform should be easy to use with No Code requirement.
  2. Integration with Podcast Directories: Consider whether you want a host that integrates with popular podcast directories like iTunes and Stitcher. This can make it easier for listeners to find your show.
  3. Storage capacity of Podcast Hosting: If you plan to release multiple episodes per week, or if you have long-running series, look for a host that offers plenty of space. Also, check if the Podcast host supports high-quality audio files
  4. Website integration: Many hosts offer plugins or integrations that make it easy to add your podcast to your existing website. This will help you, listeners, to be able to access your episodes directly from your website
  5. WordPress support: If you use WordPress to power your website, several hosts offer seamless integration.
  6. Audience analytics: Some hosts offer detailed statistics about who is listening to your show and when. This can help plan future episodes.
  7. Monetization support: Everyone wants to monetize podcasts. Look for a host that offers features like subscription options and ad insertion.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can narrow down the field and find the best podcast hosting solution for your needs.

Best Podcast Hosting Sites of 2023

Here is our Top list of 7 Best Podcast Hosting Sites and Platforms

  1. Podbean – Truly Free Podcast Hosting
  2. Libsyn – Affordable Podcast Hosting
  3. BuzzSprout – Free plans
  4. Red Circle – Awesome for Youth
  5. RSS.com – Most Reliable
  6. Transistor Podcast
  7. Castos

1. Podbean

Podbean Podcast Hosting

Podbean podcast hosting offers Truly FREE podcast hosting plans that beginners can use.

With an easy-to-use platform, publishing a podcast is easy and done in a few clicks

Podbean offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, so you can upload as many episodes as you want. They take a flat rate – for premium plans

Podbean offers a free podcast website and a free podcast theme that you can choose.

Podbean also provides detailed stats on your listeners, so you can see how your podcasts are performing.

The Stats includes

  • Listener geography Data
  • Top Performing Episodes
  • User retention
  • Downloads trends

What we love about Podbean :

  1. Own Domain Integration
  2. Easy Distribution of Podcasts on all Podcasts Directories including Apple podcasts. Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Podcast Apps
  3. Live streaming and the ability to create custom RSS feeds, schedule episodes, and add sponsorships.
  4. Social Media Auto Sharing for Content Distribution
  5. Email Integration – collect emails and share your podcasts episodes with your email subscribers
  6. Offers Podcasts Monetization Options like Ads, Premium Podcasts and Patron for Podcasters
  7. User Management for Large/Small Teams

The Podbean App is available on IOS and Android Store – as soon as you publish episodes, it gets available on the Podbean app

Pricing of Podbean

Comes with a Forever Free Plan for Starters. The unlimited Audio plan starts at $9/Mo. Explore the Podbean pricing here

No Doubt – why this is one of the Best Podcast Hosting we reviewed.

The Podbean academy will give you all details on podcasting

Podbean is a great option for anyone looking for a comprehensive podcast hosting solution.

2. Libsyn

best podcast hosting sites

Libsyn Podcast Hosting offers affordable plans, plenty of storage space, and advanced features such as statistics and RSS feed management.

Libsyn also makes it easy to distribute your podcast to popular platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

One of the best things about Libsyn is that it gives you the freedom to host your podcast exactly how you want. You can customize your website, set up a payment system, and build a community around your show.

Libsyn Features and Benefits include

  1. Drag and Drop Platform for Fast Podcasting
  2. Quick Podcast Distribution due to integration with all major Podcast Directories
  3. Batch Publish options and Smart Settings like re-using the Snippets/Descriptions etc
  4. Advanced Customer Analytics
  5. In Built Podcast marketing Tools like email integration, Social media Integration
  6. User Management for Large/Small Teams

Podcast Monetization with Libsyn is easy. Creators will have various ways to monetize with Podcast Advertising, Podcast Subscriptions, and Podcast Affiliate programs

Libsyn Pricing

No Free plans.

Paid plans start at $5 for 3 hrs of Uploads per month with unlimited bandwidth

Libsyn makes podcasting easy and fun, giving you everything you need to create a successful show.

3. BuzzSprout

best podcast hosting sites

Buzzsprout is a popular podcast hosting platform that offers plenty of features to help podcasters grow their audience and engage their listeners.

One key feature is Buzzsprout’s easy integration with major podcast directories like iTunes and Stitcher. This makes it simple for new listeners to find your show, and Buzzsprout will even optimize your audio files to ensure they sound great on all devices.

Buzzsprout also offers transcription services, so you can make your episodes accessible to a wider audience. And with Buzzsprout’s powerful podcast analytics, you can track your listener engagement and growth over time.

Plus, Buzzsprout makes it easy to monetize your podcast with dynamic ad insertion, so you can start earning revenue from your show.

Whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned pro, Buzzsprout has the features you need to grow your podcast and reach a wider audience.


Buzzsprout offers a Forever Free plan for 2hrs Upload every month. Their Paid plan starts from $12/Mo

best podcast hosting sites

4. RedCircle – Hosting for Podcasters and Brands

best podcast hosting sites

RedCircle is a popular podcast hosting platform that makes it easy for podcasters and brands to share their message.

Their tag line is: Be heard

This resonates with the youth today

RedCircle offers several features that make it a great choice for podcasting, including easy listing on podcast directories and starting a partnership with fellow podcasters for joint campaigns.

RedCircle also offers Podcast Analytics and Subscriptions, which make it easy to track subscriptions and build a subscription revenue. RedCircle is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly podcast hosting platform.

RedCircle Pricing

RedCircle offers podcast hosting at $9/Mo with unlimited episodes, storage, and downloads. Find more plans and offers here

5. RSS.Com

best podcast hosting sites

RSS.com podcast hosting is a popular option for podcasters looking for an easy way to publish and distribute their content.

RSS.com Podcast Hosting Features and Benefits

RSS.com offers several features that make it an attractive choice for podcasters, including:

  • A simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to upload and manage your podcasts.
  • Quick and Auto distribution of Podcasts to all Podcast Listening Platforms and Podcast Directories like Amazon Music, Spotify Apple podcasts, and Google Podcasts.
  • RSS.com automatically generates an RSS feed for your podcast, making it easy for subscribers to keep up with new episodes.
  • Analytics: RSS.com offers basic statistics about your podcast, so you can track how many people are listening to each episode. You’ll know exactly where your listeners come from, how often they listen, and what topics interest them most. This information lets you fine-tune your show to meet your audience’s needs.
  • Monetization – RSS.com allows you to find Sponsors and run ads on your High Traffic Podcasts

RSS.com podcast hosting offers Free Trial, so you can get started without spending any money.

If you’re looking for a way to share your podcasts with the world, RSS.com podcast hosting is a great option to consider.

RSS.com Pricing

RSS.com starts $4.99/Mo for unlimited uploads.

best podcast hosting sites

6. Transistor FM – Comes with Buil in Website + Podcast Hosting

Transistor FM is a popular podcast hosting platform that provides tools to help podcasters manage their episodes, track their progress, and connect with their listeners.

best podcast hosting sites

Transistor comes with an in-built website and offers a wide range of themes and layouts to customize the look and feel of each podcast.

Transistor FM Features

  • A powerful audio editor to help podcasters edit their episodes
  • Generate RSS Feeds with Episodes and Recorded Audio
  • Add Additional Team Members
  • Dynamic Add Insertion – Pre Roll, Mid Roll, Post Roll
  • Private Podcast Subscribers

Transistor also offers several features to help podcasters monetize their content, such as the ability to sell individual episodes or subscribe to a monthly membership.

Transistor FM is a great Podcast hosting for any podcaster who wants to grow their audience and produce high-quality content.

Transistor FM Pricing

Pricing starts $19/Mo for unlimited Podcasts, Advanced Analytics, and 2 additional Users. To remove the branding, you may have to choose the $99/Mo plan!

7. Castos

best podcast hosting sites

Castos is a widely loved podcast hosting platform that gives its users plenty of great features to work with.

Castos also offers a WordPress plugin that one can use to upload episodes, create feeds and perform analytics

Castos Features include

  • Ability to host their podcasts on the Castos website
  • Easy Distribution on all major podcast directories
  • Advanced analytics tools to help podcasters grow their audience and view podcast statistics
  • Get Data from various Podcasting directories into a single dashboard for better Audience Insights
  • Automated YouTube Republishing and Automatic Podcast Transcriptions.
  • Ability to create custom RSS feeds
  • Unlimited Podcasts in all Plans
  • Offers Private Subscription Options
  • Has CasTos App

Castos provides users with the ability to monetize their podcasts through sponsorships and advertising.

Overall, Castos is an excellent option for podcasters who are looking for a comprehensive hosting solution.

Castos Pricing

Pricing Starts at $19/Mo for unlimited Podcasts and Episodes

FAQs on Best Podcast Hosting and Podcasting

Why Do I need a Podcast Host provider?

Podcasts are typically hosted on specialized podcast hosting platforms. These platforms offer features and options that are not available on traditional website hosting services.

Podcast hosts provide users with tools like RSS Feeds, Audience Analytics, and Audio File Editors

These tools help podcasters manage and monetize their shows, as well as give them access to a larger audience.

In addition, podcast hosts typically offer higher quality audio and video files than what is available on most websites.

For these reasons, it is generally recommended that podcasters use a dedicated podcast host rather than trying to host their show on a traditional website hosting

What Are Podcast Directories?

Podcast Directories are apps or website that lists and organizes podcasts in form of RSS Feeds or lists.

Podcast Directories help to distribute your podcasts to potential listeners. You can upload your episodes directly into the directory and it will automatically add them to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. This makes finding your podcasts easier than ever.

Some Popular Podcast Directories include :

  • Podbean
  • iTunes Podcasts
  • Stitcher
  • iHeartRadio
  • Audioboom

What is the best podcast hosting site?

Podbean is one of the Best Podcast Hosting sites

Not only is it free to use, but it also makes it simple to submit your show to popular directories. In addition, Podbean offers several features that can help you grow your audiences, such as detailed analytics and the ability to create custom RSS feeds.

Overall, if you’re looking for a podcast hosting site that offers a good mix of features and value, Podbean is worth checking out.

How to Submit Your Podcast to Spotify?

First, create an RSS feed for your podcast. You can do this using a service like Podbean or Buzzsprout. Make sure to include all of your episodes and metadata in the RSS feed.

Next, submit your RSS feed to Spotify.

You can do this through the ‘Add a Show’ feature on their website. Once you’ve submitted your RSS feed, Spotify will review it and add your podcast to their platform if it meets their guidelines.

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you can submit your podcast to Spotify and start growing your audience today.

How to Submit Your Podcast to TuneIn?

1. Download the TuneIn App.

2. Open the app and sign in with your account information.

3. Click “Create New Account,” enter your email address, name, and password, and choose a username.

4. Select “Submit” and provide the following information:

a. Name of your show

b. Description of your show

TuneIn is a free app that allows you to listen to over 40 million podcasts.

You can use it to find local news, sports, music, comedy, politics, education, science, technology, health, food, parenting, religion, and much more.

How much do podcast hosts make?

The average annual income of a full-timer is $50,000, according to Podtrac. That may sound high, but it doesn’t include those who make more than that.

Some podcasters earn millions of dollars per year. These people aren’t counted in Podtrac’s stats because they do so much besides recording podcasts. They also write novels, make movies, and run companies.

Many podcaster hosts create their own content including interviews, product reviews, and commentary. For example, NPR recently launched a new show titled Morning Edition which features original reporting, podcasts, live radio broadcasts, and webcasts.

How do I host a podcast?

There are several ways to start hosting a podcast.

You can use a podcast hosting service like Podbean or BuzzSprout for free, or you can spend $5 per month for a premium account at Libsyn.

Podbean has a free plan that lets you record audio directly into the application, upload it to your profile, and share it.

It’s perfect for newbies because there is no learning required. You just press the microphone button and start recording.

You can decide whether to keep the audio files private or public. Once they’re finished recording, you can tag them and describe them so others can easily locate them later. You can even include links to related content.