20 Best Sites for Free Stock Photos and Copyright Free images

Sites for Royalty Free Images

What are Royalty Free stock photos?

A royalty-free stock Photo is an illustration that allows unlimited use without any additional fees or payments. These illustrations are perfect for anyone selling products online because they’re easy to find and cost-effective. You won’t have to pay extra money every time someone purchases something with one of your pictures.

With a royalty Free license, you aren’t required to give credit to the artist. However, it does require that you provide attribution to the original creator. Attribution includes providing a link to the source where the image originated.

Royalty-free Stock Photos or Copyright Free images are great for personal projects, blogs, articles, presentations, eBooks, and many other types of work.

They are also useful for commercial purposes like product photography, infographics, social media posts, and much more.

Best Websites for Free Stock Photos and Videos

These sites are great resources for royalty-free stock photography, vector graphics, illustration, icons, clip art, fonts, textures, and much more. 

You can find everything here including high-resolution images, vectors, photographs, and even videos.

1. Pixabay

2. Pexels

3. GraphicRiver

4. Shutterstock

5. StockSnap

6. Unsplash

7. ImageFinder

8. Getty Images

9. Death to Stock

10. Kaboom Pics

11. Picography

12. Life of Pix

13. FreeImages

14. Adobe Stock

15. Skitterphoto

16. Wikimedia Commons

17. Pixel Perfect Digital

18. Photo Everywhere

19. FreeImages.Pictures

20. Free Range Stock

1. Pixabay

This is one of our favorite places to look for free stock photos. There are over 2 million images available for download, many of which are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This means that you can use the image however you want, commercial or otherwise, as long as you credit the photographer.

2. Pexels

Pexels is a great resource for free stock photos. You can find anything you want here, including animals, plants, food, people, landscapes, nature, architecture, vehicles, fashion, sports, technology, toys, and much more. 

There are over 2 million high-resolution photos and videos, and it’s growing every day.

Searching for images with PEXELS is easy. 

Simply type what you’re looking for into the search bar, like “cats,” “dogs,” “cars,” etc., and you’ll see a list of relevant results.

Video Content is available for free too! 

Just enter “video” into the search bar, and you’ll see a list of thousands of videos related to your keyword. 

All videos are sorted by popularity, so you can easily find the best ones.

3. GraphicRiver

Graphic River from Evanto Elements , offers a huge selection of stock images, vectors, and illustrations.

Its collection includes over 200,000 items, making it one of the largest online sources for creative assets.

All of their designs are fully customizable, allowing you to easily change colors, add text, and adjust the size of images.

 4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock offers high-quality images for every budget, whether you want to use them for commercial purposes or simply for personal projects.

Shutterstock makes it easy to find hundreds of thousands of photos and video clips for any type of project, including web design, graphic design, print media, marketing materials, social media posts, product packaging, and more.

You can even browse by categories, such as animals, nature, people, food, travel, sports, technology, fashion, cars, weddings, holidays, and many others.

The site features over 20 million royalty-free images and 2.5 million premium images, making it one of the largest collections of stock photography available anywhere.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can upload your own image files directly to Shutterstock via our free Image Uploader tool.

5. StockSnap.IO

StockSnap is an online photo hosting and sharing site where anyone can use their own photos or download public domain images for free. Users can browse through thousands of free stock photos and high-resolution images. They can add captions to their images and tag friends and family members in the comments section.

The site uses cookies to track what you do while browsing the site.

This helps us understand how people interact with our site and improve it. You don’t have to log in to use the site. If you want to keep your information secure, we recommend logging into Facebook to connect with your friends.

6. Unsplash

Unsplash is a free image hosting site that lets people share images online without worrying about copyright infringement. 

Anyone can use the site to upload photos, and the site makes it easy to find similar photos. With over 2.5 million unique photos uploaded every month, there is plenty of material for everyone.

7. ImageFinder

Search Images from millions of Free Stock Photos and from the best photographers

8. Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the most popular stock photo sites around. 

With over 30 million images available for licensing, it’s no wonder why. In fact, there are several different ways to upload your photos and start selling them.

 You can sign up for free, upload your pictures, and start making money immediately. Or you can pay $49 per month for access to additional features like unlimited downloads and image editing tools. 

Either way, Getty Images makes it easy for anyone to make money off their photography.

9. Death to Stock

Death to Stock gives away free stocks every month on email. They are one of the most popular stock photo sites around, and it’s easy to see why. Their monthly contest is called “Death to Stock,” and it offers up to $1 million worth of prizes.

 If you’re looking for free stock photos, you’ll find what you need here.

10. Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics is an incredible resource for photographers looking to make money selling their photos online. 

With over 10 million monthly visitors, it offers a huge collection of high-quality stock photography. 

You don’t even need to register to use the site; just browse around and download whatever you like. 

If you want to take things one step further, you can upload your own pictures and start earning money immediately.

11. Picography

Picography is a photo-sharing tool that allows people to create accounts and upload photos for free without having to pay anything. 

There are no limits to how many photos you can add to your library. Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, you can browse them by categories like “Nature,” “People,” “Food,” etc., or search for specific keywords. 

If you want to buy one of the images you see, you can do so directly from the app. You’ll receive a link back where you can share the picture, and it will automatically show up on your profile. 

This way, you can easily promote your work.

12. Life of Pix

Life Of Pix is a great resource for finding high-quality stock images. Their collection includes over 5 million free stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and clipart. 

You can use their photos for commercial purposes without having to pay extra licensing fees. All you need to do is add a credit link to their site.

13. FreeImages

FreeImages provides over 380,000 royalty-free stock photos, vectors, illustrations and backgrounds for designers, artists, bloggers, photographers and anyone else looking to add some creativity to their projects. 

With over 2 million downloads per month, it’s one of the most popular websites on the Web to find Free Stock Photos

14. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock offers a large library of free images. 

Freebies include vector art, illustrations, icons, textures, fonts, and backgrounds.

15. Skitterphoto

Skitterphoto is an amazing online photo-sharing site where anyone anywhere can upload their own photos and share them with others across the globe. 

You can create a free account to start uploading photos today.

16. Wikimedia Commons

Wikipedia Commons is a free online encyclopedia that contains many images. These images are licensed under different licenses. 

You must check the license tags carefully. Some images cannot be used unless you obtain permission.

17. Pixel Perfect Digital

Pixel-perfect digital is one of the best ways to produce high-quality photos.

18. PhotoEverywhere

Photo Everywhere is an online photo repository where users can find free high-quality stock photos. You can use the pictures for commercial purposes, such as blogs, social media, eCommerce sites, etc.

There are many benefits to buying images from Photo Everywhere.

  1. You do not need to worry about copyrights because they are licensed under Creative Commons Zero.
  2. You do not need additional fees to purchase licenses.
  3. You can download images in different sizes, resolutions, formats, and file types.
  4. Photo Everywhere provides royalty-free music tracks.
  5. It allows you to easily change colors, fonts, and backgrounds.
  6. It gives you access to over 2 million unique images. Finally, it makes it easy to add text to images.

The site is very simple to navigate.

On the homepage, you can browse categories like “People”, “Nature”, “Food & Drink”, “Travel”, “Animals”, and “Abstract”. Each category contains subcategories, such as “Men”, “Women”, “Children”, “Families”, “Couples”, “Business”, “Events”, and “Landscapes”.

In addition, each image includes information about the photographer, the image source, the license type, and the size.

19. FreeImages.Pictures

FreeImages.Pictures is one of the most popular free stock photo sites out there. Millions of people use it each month to find high-quality images for personal projects, commercial work, and more.

The site offers a ton of different categories including animals, arts & crafts, architecture, beauty, food, fashion, sports, travel, and many others. You can browse by category, keyword, popularity, price, date added, size, rating, and much more.

You can easily filter the photos based on whether you want to see black and white, color, landscape, portrait, etc. And if you don’t like what you see, you can always add your own custom filters.

There are over 50 million unique images uploaded every month, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found a picture you’d like to use, you can either download it for offline viewing or embed it directly onto your webpage. If you choose to do the former, you’ll receive a link to download the image file. Otherwise, you’ll just be given the HTML code needed to include the image into your webpage.

If you decide to embed the image, you’ll simply copy the HTML code generated by the site. Then, paste it wherever you’d like the image to appear on your website.

You can even search through Google Custom Search to find the exact image you’re looking for. Just enter whatever keywords you think to describe the image you’re trying to find.

20. Free Range Stock

Free stock images are available for download here. 

They offer an easy way for photographers to find high-quality photos without having to spend hours searching the web. 

You can even filter the images based on the type of photo you’re looking for. A lot of them are royalty-free which means you don’t have to pay anything if want to use them. Some of the best sites include Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, Depositphotos, iStockphoto, Getty Images, Fotolia, Shutterstock, Bigstock, 123RF, Photodune, Snapwire, Canva, PicMonkey, Adobe Stock, and many others.

Bonus – More Websites to Find Royalty Free Stock Photos and Customise them

  1. VistaCreate ( Formerly Crello) : This Free Image editor has millions of stock Photos and videos. Additionally, you get thousands of templates to use these stock photos and make the required edits
  1. Canva: One of the most popular Free Image Editing Sites, you get millions of Free Stock Photos. In case you subscribe to their monthly plans, you get access to all premium images. 
  1. Flexclip – This is a Free Screen recorder and Video editing tool that has millions of Stock Images and Videos that one can use. You also can buy cheap plans and start using it. 

What’s the difference between Royalty-Free and Rights Managed licenses?

Royalty-Free licenses allow you to use the image(s) without having to pay additional fees. There are no restrictions on how the images can be used.

Rights-managed licenses require you to purchase permission to use the image. You must agree to terms and conditions before being allowed to use the image.

For example, let’s say you want to make a poster featuring one of your company’s logos. 

With a royalty-free license, you could print it yourself and sell it for $5.

With a rights-managed license, you wouldn’t have to worry about running into issues with the copyright owner. You could simply upload the image to your site, add a link to the image, and start selling posters online.

Are all Royalty Free licenses the same?

There are many different kinds of royalties free licenses available. Some agencies offer a limited amount of images per month or even per year. This is usually called an “unlimited license”. 

Other agencies offer unlimited access, meaning you can use every image in their library without limit. This is usually called “a perpetual license”.

If you’re working with an agency that offers an unlimited license, you won’t pay anything extra for each additional image. But if you work with a perpetual license agency, you’ll pay a monthly fee for each image used.

What can I do with a Royalty-Free stock photo?

Stock photos are often used for brand identity, marketing campaigns, and other print materials such as brochures, flyers, and postcards. 

A good stock image can help you save money while improving the look of your project.

There’s an endless amount of ways to use stock images. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create a logo – Use a stock photo to make your logo design stand out.
  • Design a poster – Create a poster for your event or campaign using a stock photo.
  • Make a flyer – Make a flyer for your next event using a stock photo. This could include information about your event, contact info, directions, etc.
  • Make a brochure – Create a brochure for your product or service using a stock photo. Include pictures of your products, testimonials, and/or customer reviews.
  • Use a stock photo to illustrate a blog post – Use a stock photo as part of a blog post illustration. 

For example, you can use it to highlight a specific feature of your product or service.

Which is the best free stock photo site?

  • Pixabay
  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Express
  • Pexels
  • Vista Create ( Formerly Crello)
  • Canva