Best websites for programmers 

Best Website for Programmers

People in a variety of industries could benefit from learning a programming language, not just those in the specialized tech industries. You can learn coding whether you plan to become a web developer, data scientist, game developer, or simply automate your everyday tasks to become a more efficient person.

Here we are going to take a look at the top sites available to learn various types of coding skills including Java, PHP, C#, Python, C++, and SQL, as well as many others, in this article. When there are so many free resources and affordable courses that you can take to learn how to become a programmer, you don’t need to go to college to do it. 

The best websites to learn coding in 2023

To get started with coding and web development, you can use free tutorials and courses if you are new to these subjects.

In this way, you can get a better idea of what you enjoy and what you do not like before investing in a more in-depth course which will cost you more money.

As soon as you determine what skills you need to acquire to achieve your goals, you have a better chance of learning to code faster and staying committed to making progress.

Although there are several coding tutorials and courses to choose from these days, it can be quite overwhelming.

Best websites for programmers 

Here is a list of websites that offer a great piece of knowledge to all programmers and allow them to get deep down into the world of coding. 

Here is the list of the best websites for programmers.


GreenforGeeks best website for programmers

GeeksforGeeks is dedicated to bringing the best resources and information to geeks at every level. 

As well as tutorials, articles, and problem sets to help you learn more about coding, it also features various tutorials on hacking. 

Besides solving coding challenges, you can also engage in discussions with other geeks to get some advice.


W3 School best website for programmers

W3Schools provides tutorials for web developers as well as resources for reference. As a programming language tutorials site, it provides tutorials with a wide range of coding languages, and it offers solutions to a wide range of programming challenges.

It is also possible to earn a certification from W3Schools if you have already demonstrated a level of coding proficiency.


GitHub best website for programmers

In terms of Git repository hosting, GitHub is one of the largest services in the world. Your projects probably use it as part of their version control system, so you are already familiar with what it’s like.

Many open-source projects are being hosted on GitHub, which is the reason for GitHub’s value as a resource. There is nothing worse than having to reinvent the wheel every time we program.

When you are working on new projects, there is a good chance that someone else has already developed a framework or a component that can significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend on development.


Codecademy best website for programmers

It is free to become a member of Codeacademy. A great way to learn computer programming online is through Code Academy, which is one of the best sites on the internet. 

As a language learning platform, it offers a variety of courses in popular languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, HTML/CSS, and Python. 

A vast library of resources is available at Codeacademy, including articles, tutorials, and sample code that you can use to learn more about programming. There is also an online forum on CodeAcademy where users can interact with each other and ask questions.


HackerRank best website for programmers

With HackerRank, you can learn how to code better by using practice problems and challenges that help you improve your skills. Aside from providing a variety of courses in a variety of languages, you can also earn badges to demonstrate your understanding of the programming language.

To boost your coding skills, HackerRank offers a variety of practice problems and challenges that can be tailored to suit your needs. It is also possible to earn badges to show off the skills you have when it comes to coding.

Online courses and tutorials for programmers

There are countless online tutorials and marketplaces available from where programmers can derive as much information as possible. Here is the list of top-of-the-line online courses and tutorials for programmers.


Udemy best website for programmers

The Udemy platform is one of the best portals to learn online and it is what recommend most to people who want to learn online. In terms of enrollments, Udemy has had more than 24 million students enrolling in its courses, and it also has over 35,000 instructors and more than 80,000 courses available. If you want to narrow down the courses, you can select the courses by their categories, popularity of instructors, user ratings and reviews, or author profiles.


Coursera best website for programmers

Founded by Stanford University and venture capitalists, Coursera offers free online courses. It is a collaboration platform that offers courses provided by various universities and organizations and earns revenue through its certification programs that enable users to earn certifications.

In Coursera, you can choose from a wide range of specializations, including courses that combine to build your skills in a particular area of interest; however, unlike a full program, Coursera is not as comprehensive.

A six-course specialization in Data Structures and Algorithms, for example, provides participants with a basic understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, String Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms, and Genome Assembly.


edX best website for programmers

EDX provides you with access to the best academic institutions in the world that offer college-level courses. It’s a platform that’s designed to help students learn seriously!

When it comes to software development and coding, edX is best suited for those who already know what they want to learn and want to master it as quickly as possible.

A platform called edX was launched by Harvard and MIT in 2012 as a way to create free open education.

At this level, students are required to put a lot of effort into their courses. Without effort, you can end up having a difficult time achieving the success you desire! 

Anyway, the courses have all been designed to be completed at your own pace so that there is no pressure to keep up with a tight schedule to complete them.

You can download the materials for the edX courses for free.

Although the grades on the assignments and course certifications are free, it is not free to participate in the course.

A college-level course such as the one offered by EdX is a great option for those who are serious about learning how to code.

Why choose online courses and tutorials? 

There are a lot of coding courses available from top instructors who teach you how to write programs by building applications that you will use in the real world. 

Online portals and tutorials offer many free courses that can be used to learn basic programming skills. It is not possible to subscribe to one subscription that will give you access to all the courses in the catalog. Each of the required courses needs to be subscribed to separately. In some cases, you will however be able to access 16000+ courses if you have access to Udemy business.

Professional development resources


Pluralsight best website for programmers

Tech learning platforms such as Pluralsight are among the best. Throughout the learning process, each skill is broken down into learning paths. You focus on learning everything in the correct order by following one path at a time.

You can select from several learning paths, including:

  • Python
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • iOS Development
  • Machine learning

It is obvious that programming languages are constantly being updated, as you would expect.

In the absence of regular updates, courses tend to fall out of date fairly quickly unless they are updated regularly. Pluralsight has a really good way of dealing with this. As much as possible, they make sure that their course materials and contents are kept up-to-date.

Linkedin learning 

LinkedIn Learning best website for programmers

Linkedin Learning (previously known as is an online learning platform that offers a wide variety of technical skills and can be accessed at any time.

We offer over 17,000 high-quality courses from a range of different disciplines, and new courses are being added to our catalog every week.

There is a wide variety of course content as well as levels of difficulty, from introductory tutorials, through comprehensive learning paths, such as the following:

  • Become a Front-End Web Developer
  • Develop Your Data Analysis Skills
  • Become a Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Get Ahead in iOS App Development

As far as pricing is concerned, it is subscription-based, with annual subscription plans starting at $26.99/month.

Despite this, LinkedIn Learning offers a generous 30-day free trial which allows you to get acquainted with the platform without taking any risks.

Technical blogs and forums

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow best website for programmers

There is no doubt that Stack Overflow is one of the largest tech Q&A sites on the web today.

In addition to asking questions and sharing their knowledge with others, many people use Stack Overflow to find solutions to technical problems related to information technology.

As one of the world’s most popular websites, it receives over 100 million visitors each month.

You may be surprised to know that the chances of finding an answer to a coding-related question on Stack Overflow are higher if you type the question into Google.

In case you have any questions, there has already been someone who has asked and received a response.

Stack Overflow is not an actual coding school, but it can be used for getting help when you’re stuck, even if you can’t find actual coding courses on this website.


Now more than ever, it is easier than ever to learn how to code. To make your search easier, you can find a wide variety of resources online from which to choose.

To get the best results, you need to find the best resources out of the thousands that match your learning style best. 

When you are looking to get a course for programming at an affordable price. In this case, Udemy could be the right choice.