Best Website Monitoring Tools

Best website Monitoring Tools

Are you tired of dealing with website downtime and slow load times? 

Website monitoring tools are here to save the day. These software solutions provide a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Proactive monitoring and alerting for website downtime and performance issues
  • Full stack monitoring of internal and external network, server, and application components
  • User experience monitoring to ensure proper function and display on all devices
  • Performance metrics and statistical insights for root cause analysis
  • RCA and diagnosis of website issues.

By choosing a website monitoring tool, you can take control of your website’s health and reliability, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on other important tasks. 

Top 5 Website Monitoring Tools

#1 eG Enterprise Web Application Monitoring

Freemium(30 Days Free Trial)

eG Enterprise Web Application Monitoring- Best Website Monitoring Tools

eG Enterprise’s Web Application Monitoring is a reliable application performance monitoring solution. With its synthetic simulation approach, the software ensures your web applications’ availability, responsiveness, and uptime are never compromised. 

Its single console can proactively monitor your application, third-party dependencies, and underlying infrastructure, allowing for a more streamlined approach to monitoring. The software boasts a correlated diagnostic engine that can automatically pinpoint the root-cause of any performance slowdowns. 

Additionally, users can access the software through cloud platforms (AWS, Azure), view over 200 technologies supported out of the box, and customize their dashboards with ease.

 eG Enterprise ensures your websites and applications are always performing optimally, making it a top choice for businesses that value reliability and efficiency.


Starts at $100/ month


  • Manage AWS and Azure from one interface with multi-cloud support.
  • Discover your network topology on Azure and AWS automatically.
  • Out-of-the-box support for over 200 technologies.
  • Provide customized dashboards and user-access control for all stakeholders.
  • REST API and Bulk API integration available with eG Enterprise Web Application Monitoring.
  • Instant alerts via Email and SMS are provided.

#2 Fluxguard

Life Time Free Basic Plan

Fluxguard- Best Website Monitoring Tools

Fluxguard Monitoring Tool is the ultimate solution for uptime and defacement monitoring. It’s designed for the US military and engineered to alert users about breaking changes to content, code, and design.

 This tool has a full Chrome browser that loads all images, Javascript, CSS, and monitors API changes, network activity, and HTML text changes. It also has multiple screenshot comparisons that detect pixel-level changes and Google Lighthouse audits to locate performance issues. 

Additionally, it detects PII exfiltration with network change detection and sequence multi-step, multi-page synthetic transactions to detect errors in registration. With this impressive tool, users can relax while it does all the monitoring work.

 Fluxguard Monitoring Tool guarantees that your websites and web applications will have no downtime and alerts users in case of any changes. Choose Fluxguard for better website monitoring.


Plans start at $99 a month. 16% Discount on Yearly Payments.


  • Webhooks integration is offered by Fluxguard
  • Instant alerts are provided via Email, SMS, and webhooks
  • Slack, Webhooks, and API can be seamlessly integrated with Fluxguard
  • Precision change detection, automated web change audits, monitoring of entire sites (not just one-off pages), alerting of critical web changes, and multiple change visualizations are provided by Fluxguard
  • Fluxguard provides CI/CD integration, supports Core Web Vitals, offers page speed analysis, log analysis, virus scanning, and monitors Cron jobs.

#3 Linko

Freemium(14 Days Free Trial)

Linko- Best Website Monitoring Tools

Linko is a reliable and advanced website monitoring tool. With its extensive features, this tool can keep your website in top shape by regularly monitoring broken links, domain and SSL certificate health. 

Linko has servers located in different regions all over the world to ensure that your website is available globally. Their efficient crawlers come with different crawling speeds, so you can choose the best one for your website. 

Additionally, Linko offers multi-tasking capabilities and sends notifications two weeks before your domain expiration date. With these features, Linko has established itself as a top choice for website owners who want to keep their websites running smoothly.


Plans start at $5 a month.


  • Performs broken link checks, mixed content audits, and redirects status assessments.
  • Generates reports and benchmarks for various website metrics
  • Monitors SSL health and alerts users of any issues
  • Conducts multi-step flows and transactions for testing user journeys
  • Monitors SEO errors on the website
  • Conducts domain monitoring to track changes and potential issues.

#4 Site24x7

Freemium(30 Days Free Trial)

Site24x7- Best Website Monitoring Tools

Site24x7 is the ultimate website monitoring tool for businesses that require the highest levels of control and visibility. Boasting over a decade of experience, this software is among the most trusted and reputable players on the market, serving big names such as Harley-Davidson and Getty Images.

 With its comprehensive suite of features, Site24x7 allows you to proactively monitor your website’s performance, uptime, and accessibility for users from 110+ locations worldwide. 

With Site24x7, you can ensure that your website is always up and running smoothly, and easily identify and resolve issues that may cause problems for visitors. 


Plans start at $9 a month.


  • Monitor the performance and uptime of websites and other internet services, such as DNS servers, FTP servers, and REST APIs
  • Record and simulate multi-step user interactions in real browsers to optimize your website’s functionality
  • Record the load time for each static resource on your website, such as scripts, images, and stylesheets, and analyze their impact on user experience.

#5 Datadog

Freemium(30 Days Free Trial)

 Datadog- Best Website Monitoring Tools

Datadog is an efficient monitoring tool for your website . With Datadog Synthetics, you get a seamless API monitoring and alert system, that proactively detects issues with your API endpoints, thereby preventing downtimes and reducing the risk of errors. 

This monitoring tool allows for early problem detection, ensures production environment evaluation after each deployment, and eliminates errors before they get to your end-users. Features of Datadog website monitoring tool include:

Datadog guarantees accuracy and reliability, so why not make the switch today and experience seamless website monitoring that saves time and money!


Starting at  $ 5


  • Network timings breakdown to help you identify the root cause of any issues faster.
  • Incorporation of tests straight into your CI pipeline.
  • Monitoring of all critical transactions without writing a single line of code.
  • Show DNS, SSL, TTFB, and other latencies
  • Create tests without coding using a web-based recorder
  • Use AI to automatically maintain and update tests