Best Websites for Affiliate Marketing to Kickstart Earning in 2024

Best Websites for Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing industry has evolved and expanded greatly in recent years. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online.

You receive money from online stores and affiliate networks when you use affiliate links to sell or install apps.

A primary focus for marketing your product these days is to find the niche where your product can be promoted and evaluate the type of customers you want to target or the audience where your product will sell well.

The global eCommerce market will cross $5.55 trillion in the coming years and grow considerably.

Due to eCommerce’s exponential growth, affiliate marketers and brands have ample opportunities. Along with different types of digital marketing, affiliate marketers can help smaller businesses reach a broader audience. 

With so many affiliate marketing websites available, it can be unclear for brands, affiliates, and content creators to choose a network. 

This blog will examine some of the best websites for affiliate marketing that are helpful to marketers and brands

If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, we suggest you read our guide before diving into this list. 

What Exactly Is an Affiliate Website?

Affiliate websites are sites that promote products or services in return for commissions.

Affiliate programs differ in compensation amounts; some use the sale percentage while others use a fixed rate.

The affiliate marketer can also get paid to bring new traffic and convert users into subscribers. Users may register for an account, subscribe to a newsletter, or download an application.

Merchants need to use affiliate links containing information unique to the referral site, as this allows them to track conversions and verify traffic sources.

The most popular affiliate marketing sites are product comparison and review sites. Websites for coupons, online magazines, and independent blogs are other types of websites.

Affiliate marketing websites work similarly no matter what form they take:

  • Affiliate programs are joined directly by a site owner or through affiliate marketing networks.
  • Through affiliate links, the owner promotes the advertiser’s products.
  • Visitors who click on an affiliate link and complete the desired action will earn the site owner a commission.

Best Websites for Affiliate Marketing

1. CJ Affiliate

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing

The CJ Affiliate network (formerly Commission Junction) is the largest in the world, occupying 7.69% of the market.

With CJ Affiliates, you will benefit from their long list of brand partnerships that cover a wide range of verticals, including retail, travel, finance, and network & home services. Several household names are parts of this marketing partnership, such as Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, J. Crew, Blue Apron, and many more. Currently, CJ is partnered with over 3,800 brands.

Commission: Merchants decide


  • A large affiliate network. The size of CJ Affiliate makes it difficult for other programs to compete.
  • Reliable network. They aren’t infallible, but 19 years in business proves their ability to adapt well. This will continue to be the case.


  • It takes a pretty long time to apply. Achieving success for almost two decades requires high standards, so this is expected.

2. Amazon Associates

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing Amazon Associates

Since 1996, Amazon Associates has been considered the best affiliate program for beginners. The program was unique because it was the world’s first affiliate marketing program to be offered online.

It was founded in 1999 and is helping many online marketers make money through advertising on Amazon. 

There are millions of people who shop on Amazon every year. In the case of Amazon affiliates sharing a link to a product that leads to a sale, they also receive referral fees from the sale.

It has been estimated that thousands of businesses discover how to sell on Amazon every year, creating a seemingly inexhaustible potential for affiliate programs to grow.

On the Amazon Associates page, click the Signup button to earn commissions as an Amazon affiliate.

Commission rate: Programs vary from 1% to 20%.

Payment cycle: Usually 60 days after the end of the month. The payment on your Amazon Associates account will also be held until you have earned at least $10.


  • Your link can lead to up to 10% off qualifying products.
  • Affiliate revenue is generated by all sales the referred traffic makes on Amazon, no matter what product they purchase.
  • Product selection is highly diverse. For many, it is a one-stop shop, resulting in larger orders than just clicking on one product link.
  • Amazon provides a variety of tools and resources to help affiliates successfully promote their products, including banner ads, text links, and product links


  • Affiliate cookies only last 24 hours; if they return after 24 hours and purchase, you won’t get any revenue.
  • Low Affiliate Commissions
  • There are no payout options and only three payment options: check, bank transfer, and Amazon gift card. Soon, they will be able to accept digital payments.

3. ShareASale

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing Share a sale

As a company with 17 years in business, ShareASale has been keeping up with the times for quite some time now. As there is an abundance of merchants in this market catering to almost everything you may think of, the product you wish to promote will always be relevant due to the abundance of merchants in this market.


  • Options for flexible payouts. Payment options include digital and standard payouts. In the competitive landscape of affiliate marketing, digital payments are so rare!
  • Various products are available. You have an enormous selection of products when you select merchants to promote.


  • Setting it up will take more time compared to some of its competitors. A little technical knowledge is needed, but it is fine.

4. Ebay partner Network

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing ebay partner

EBay is among the best the highest-paying affiliate programs on the internet. You can join the eBay Partner Network if you want to become an eBay affiliate. Between 50% and 70% of the sale is commission.

With eBay’s affiliate program, affiliates can promote eBay’s products without a lot of hassle. You can use eBay’s affiliate program to market products any way you like.

You’ll have direct access to eBay products as an eBay affiliate, which is different from the other affiliate marketing programs listed here. In addition to assisting sellers, your relationship with eBay is primarily business-to-business.

Product type determines the commission rate, ranging from 50% to 70%. 

Payment cycle: 

Each month, around the 10th day, a withdrawal is made to accounts that make more than 10 units of the country’s currency (e.g., $10 US, £10, etc.).

Payout method: Direct deposit and PayPal (if the affiliate’s country supports it).


  • These are the easiest affiliate sales methods to use. 
  • First 3 months of double commission. Getting more revenue is always a good thing.


  • In case an auction takes longer than 10 days to conclude, you earn nothing, regardless of who sent the winning bidder. 

5. Awin

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing Awin

Awin is a great affiliate program for beginners. The platform lets you join without a website – you can use any social media account, such as Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube. 

To process affiliate applications, Awin conducts a compliance check to verify affiliate information. The program also requires you to make a $5 deposit to be a member, which you will be refunded once the first payment is made.

With over 21,200 brands to choose from, Awin offers brands from both leading brands and household names. To work with a brand, you can search the advertiser directory for programs you are interested in or contact someone from the brand directly. 

Commission rate: Rates vary depending on the seller.

Payment cycle: Every month on the first and fifteenth of the month, for commissions earned during the previous month. Earning at least $20 is required to cash out.

Method of payout: Wire transfers, ACH, and BACS, are available.


  • Easy-to-use network
  • User-friendly dashboard


  • Taking some time to approve the payments

6. Impact

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing Impact

Impact is an affiliate network that connects advertisers with publishers in order to facilitate the promotion of products and services through affiliate marketing. It is a beneficial program for affiliate marketers to join because it provides access to a wide range of offers from various advertisers, and the platform makes it easy to track and manage campaigns.

Often, Impact is regarded as one of the best affiliate networks for beginners in marketing. It features a well-designed user interface that provides a clear insight into your performance and a clear picture of critical metrics for your system. 

You can sign up for an account quickly and easily, and most brands will quickly accept you as a partner.

The support team at Impact is responsive and will answer all of your questions and provide tutorial articles that will guide you from start to finish.

Good for Websites Hosting Products like Bluehost or Greengeeks

Rate of commission: Dependent on the brand, it varies.

Payment cycle: It is up to you which day you wish to withdraw your affiliate earnings each month.


  • Easy to Use affiliate platform
  • Competitive Commissions 
  • Variety of Tools to M


  • High Minimum Payment Threshold
  • The impact is a performance-based network, which means affiliates are only paid for their efforts if they generate results for the advertiser.

7. Click Bank

Undoubtedly, ClickBank has one of the best affiliate programs available to marketers of all kinds. 

The affiliate information on the platform is completely open to anyone, which makes it an excellent affiliate platform.  

When ClickBank was founded in 1998, it was a garage business, and it quickly grew to be one of the world’s largest affiliate and retailing websites. The site currently has thousands of affiliates who promote ClickBank products daily and earn billions of dollars in commissions.

Due to its success and 20-year history, it enables anyone to start, regardless of their expertise. Considering that there are so many products to promote and an array of companies to partner with, it is hard to pass this opportunity up.

As an affiliate of ClickBank, you will need to register, input your payment information, and prepare your account to get started immediately.

Commission rate: 50-70% on average.

Payment cycle: Weekly or bi-weekly.


  • Something will come to mind to promote. It is easy to navigate their product database. You can find a lot of great stuff to promote!


  • Payment methods for digital purchases have yet to be made available. They offer only four payment options: Checks, Direct Deposits, Wire Transfers, or Payoneer. The digital options they have to need to be expanded.
  • The maximum referral sale reward is $150, regardless of the product. That seems pretty restrictive. Having a higher limit or allowing unlimited scaling would be excellent.

8. GiddyUp

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing

With GiddyUp, beginners can get help with different aspects of its program thanks to its affiliate manager. 

We offer you the opportunity to join forces with over 150 DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands across several verticals, such as travel, electronics, health and wellness, and more. A GiddyUp affiliate gets exclusive access to these e-commerce companies.

Additionally, the company offers a creative library of ideas designed to support your digital marketing campaigns, as well as robust tracking, real-time data, and consistent reporting so that you can monitor your performance on a month-to-month basis.


  • Easy to use 
  • Great support 


  • Challenges with getting payments

9. AffiliaXE

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for a top option for marketers who want to access a wide range of verticals, Affiliateaxe is a great choice. The advantage of all this is that you have an extremely wide variety of products and offers to choose from, so you can focus on where you can maximize your efforts. 

Moreover, once you join the program, you will have access to your Affiliate Manager. This tool will help you optimize the traffic you send to your website and help you create a unique bonus program to maximize your earnings. There are several reasons why it’s so popular with global affiliate marketers, starting with its easy-to-use platform.


  • No hidden fees.
  • Explore to a global audience


  • Not responsive customer support

10. Avangates

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing Avangates

The Avangate Affiliate program was created to serve affiliates interested in industries such as B2B, Gaming software, Finance software, Educational software, Audio/Video, and multimedia design software, as well as other industries. In order to be accepted into the network of the software promotion company, you have to have an interest in promoting software products.

Affiliate networks like Avangate Affiliate Network are open to everyone. Upon signing up, their team will review your application. After qualifying, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of software and apps on the platform, select a payment method, and be assigned an affiliate manager.


  • Several payout options
  • Personalized deep links


  • Reports customized to your needs

11. Rakuten Marketing

Beast Website for Affiliate Marketing

Lastly, Rakuten’s affiliate publishing program is worth noting. With 7.25% of the affiliate network market, this program is the third-largest. 

Rakuten has connections with more than 2,500 different retail brands. Upon finding the item and merchant that best suits your needs, click on the box that says Apply to go ahead with the application process.

Rakuten’s affiliate program has some elements that make it unique among affiliate programs, and one of those is that most companies are heavily involved in the screening process of affiliates. Be prepared for the answer to come back “no” if, for some reason, you’re not a good match for the company.


  • Trustworthy service. 
  • It is safe to suggest the products they carry with confidence.


  • If you wish to promote more than one brand, you must apply for each.

Concluding the take on Best Websites for Affiliate Marketing

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of affiliate programs available for affiliates to join in 2024.

The wide range of affiliate networks available for beginners, such as ShareASale, ClickBank, Awin, etc. Their commission rates, cookie durations, payout schedules, as well as payment methods are different.

Therefore, before selecting one, you should carefully review the features the company offers or the commission rate they provide with other essential features that suit your needs

Start monetizing your blog right away, so you can bring a little extra income back into your business. 

Ultimately, the best affiliate program in 2024 will depend on the individual affiliate’s specific goals, preferences, and target audience.