40 Best Blogging Tools Resources in 2023 [Free Plans]

Blogging Tools Resources

Starting a Blog and Websites can be fun if you know the right tools and resources to start your blogging journey.

This list of Blogging tools resources will help you to get the right start to start your first successful Blog

Blog Writing and Content Analysis Tools

  1. Grammarly – a perfect free online grammar checker tool that suggests how to write correct English. Grammarly Premium gives real-time suggestions for various elements of writing. Read a comprehensive Grammarly for Chrome review here
  1. Hemmingway Editor – A Free Online Editor that highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors. No need to create an account. Just Type, Check and Fix. Detailed review here
  1. Alsoasked.com – A Free tool to discover questions that people are asking across the world. Alsoasked takes your search term and provides results for more longtail searches from the ‘People Also Ask’ section of Google SERP. This data should inform your SEO strategy. Questions are represented in the form of a Tree and can be downloaded in Excel
  1. Google Trends – A Free product from Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and multiple languages. This is a great tool to get content ideas that align with user search intent and find out topics that trend on Google
Grammarly for Chrome

Free Google Tools for Blogging Resources

Google offers following completely free Blogging tools Resources

  1. Google Search Console – A free tool by Google that allows website owners to check indexing status and increase the visibility of their web pages. It generates many meaningful insights and several useful debugging and monitoring reports. Check this video to understand how you can use Google Search console to improve SEO
Google Docs and G Suite Offerings
  1. Google Analytics – A free Website Analytics Platform from google that gives insights on Audience Interaction on Website, Audience Profile, Search Console Insights, Social Media Referrals, Conversions and much more. Data from Google Analytics produces meaningful insights that can help define the SEO strategy for a website or its marketing methods.
  1. Google Trends – A Free Google Product that shows trending searches and position history of a Search Term. This should be a go-to tool for all Content marketers. Check this Video to Explore how to Use Google Trends to find trending Topics on Google
  1. Google Data Studio – Connect your Search Console with this tool of Google and create Interactive Dashboards and significant reports for better business insights. This video should help. 
Google Data Studio - A Blogging Tool
Google Data Studio – A Blogging Tool that one can use to generate meaningful insights
  1. Google Meet – A must-have tool for hosting meetings with your teams or Customers. Use your browser to share your screen, video, and audio. This will certainly increase your teams’ efficiency without even spending a penny 
  1. Google Chart – A Free Google tool with a rich collection of interactive charts and data tools. Works very with WordPress websites
  1. Google Docs – As google says, bring your document to life with smart editing and easy sharing solutions. Google Docs has a tremendous impact on the file handling process. It improves the team’s productivity and content quality. Grammarly for Google Docs is extensively used to correct grammatical errors in Google Docs
  1. Google Sheets – An Online version of MS Excel, Google Sheets are free to use excel like sheets. 
  1. Google Slides – Create beautiful Presentations using Google Slides for FREE. Share and present and Collaborate with those Presentations
  1. Google Forms – A Free tool to create Surveys, Collect and Structure Information For free. 

Structured Data Testing Tools and Schema Tools

Search Engines use Structured data to generate rich snippets. Rich Snippets do not help directly in SEO but they certainly help to increase Click-through rates and increases the conversions

Following are free tools from Google to test your Website for Structure Data

  1. Google Structured Data Testing Tool – This tool helps you validate the structure data present on your website. Paste the URL into this tool and check the results. Fix the errors and warnings highlighted by this tool and re-test the URL
  1. Google Rich text results – to find out if your web page supports Rich results
Google Structured Data Testing Tool
Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Cheap WordPress Website Hosting

Check out our detailed review of 6 WordPress Hosting providers for their start-up plans.

Our WordPress Hosting 2022 Guide will help you to decide the best WordPress Shared Hosting Plan by evaluating below Hosting providers on various parameters. 

  1. GreenGeeks – Recommended by WordPress.org, GreenGeeks is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress Website Shared hosting service provider. Greengeeks is Optimized for Incredible Website Speed with free CDNs, WooCommerce Hosting Specialisation and user-centric tools for easy management We have proudly hosted two of our blogs on GreenGeeks
  1. A2 Hosting – Another shared WordPress hosting provider with excellent customer support, features and free giveaways with their shared hosting plan. At 140$ for 3 yrs of Hosting for a single website with unlimited SSD disk space, A2 Hosting offers features that many hosting providers do not give at such an affordable price. Our affiliate websites are hosted on A2 Hosting.     
  1. NameCheap – If you are looking for Managed WordPress Website Hosting for Single site, we will strongly suggest Namecheap WordPress hosting. With unmatched customer support and easy to use Cpanel, Namecheap powered by cloud servers steps up the game
  1. Bluehost – has Shared Hosting plans for WordPress. Bluehost, recommended by WordPress, powers more than 2 million websites. A Popular WordPress Shared Hosting provider with cheap pricing and WordPress aligned hosting, BlueHost is a popular choice amongst many. 
  1. InMotion – With a Managed platform for WordPress website hosting, InMotion website hosting plans certainly are booster packs for your websites. Suitable for 50k visitors per month and SSD Storage with Unlimited BandWidth and Staging environment, InMotion certainly offers quality features at a price that beats the rest WordPress Website Hosting providers
  1. Hostgator – Shared WordPress Website Hosting from Hostgator provides lots of tools with benefits that make it easy for you to start a successful blog. With more than 8,00,000 websites that are powered by HostGator, it is certainly an industry expert that offers cool features like unmetered bandwidth, free SSL and 1 Free Domain
blogging tools resources

Best Email Marketing Tools – Freemium

Email marketing helps you to stay connected with your audience via mass email service. An Email Marketing Campaign helps in creating targeted campaigns that allow wide reach and help create long-lasting relationships. 

Trends show that email marketing strategy is definitely going to make a difference in the ROIs of marketers and bloggers.

Following are our top 4 picks for the best Email Marketing Software to expand your business reach

  1. Constant Contact – with a strong platform to design email marketing campaigns and a clean UI that attracts everyone, Constant Contact promises to keep your audience engaged right from clicking the email to positioning them into the sales funnel.
    • Best Suited for Online eCommerce stores, Constant contact helps find new customers, keeps them engaged and invites them to come back to your store.
    • Along with personalized and targeted emails with spam filters, Constant Contact allows you to conduct surveys, collect donations, create events and design stunning signup forms at a very affordable price
blogging tools resources
Constant Contact Email marketing Tool
  1. Aweber – With over 20 years of industry experience, Aweber is a leader in email marketing software services for small and medium businesses. With 30 days free trial and a cheap starting price of $19/month thereafter, Aweber offers drag and drop editor along with enterprise standard autoresponders.
    • With a large collection of landing page templates and forms Aweber powers more than 1 million customers around the world. Read detailed Aweber review here
  1. ConvertKit – If you have a fondness for minimalistic design, then Convertkit should be your go-to email marketing software. With simple, clean and notably friendly UI, ConvertKit offers a natural way to design and run email marketing campaigns that convert.
  1. HubSpot – HubSpot Offers Free email marketing software service as part of its Marketing Hub CRM. HubSpot is designed to meet requirements for businesses that are into the sales-driven model to serve their customers.
    • HubSpot offers a FREE CRM and FREE Email Marketing Software service with easy options to upgrade. Read more about HubSpot here

Looking for detailed reviews for best Email Marketing Software? We have got a list compiled for you

Email Service Software

  1. G Suite – With Cheap Price and Industry Offerings, G Suite is a complete package for Team collaboration that can drastically improve your and your team’s efficiency. It doesn’t matter if you are a Freelancer or a Blogger or business (of any size), G Suite offers a variety of application right from email service to document sharing application that improves the productivity of teams
  1. Zoho Email – Poised to be the next big thing in the world of CRMs, Zoho, an Indian company is rising up the ladder with enriched customer feedbacks and email offerings that are cheap and affordable. Zoho offers a free email plan up to 10 users – i.e you do not have to pay any money if you are a small company or a freelancer! 

G Suite Offerings

blogging tools resources
  1. Google offers various tools and Products as part of its G Suite offerings that can step up your teams efficiency. At very cheap pricings G Suite offers
  • Business Email Through Gmail
  • Shared Calendars
  • Google Drive Storage – From 30GB Could Storage
  • Google Hangouts team Messaging and Chat service
  • Google Docs 
  • Google Sheets
  • Goole Slides
  • Google Forms and much more. 

Additionally, G Suite offers 24/7 Support and Enterprise-grade Admin Security controls

G Suite is best for Freelancers, small to medium business owners who are looking for industry-standard features and solutions that can increase their productivity. All these offerings come with a very affordable plan.

Cheap SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important parameter to optimize your blog posts and pages for search engines. Longtail keywords with high search volume are gold mine today. 

Following are the Best Keyword Research Tools

  1. SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool – SEmrush helps you find the best longtail keywords with less competition. Using the Keywords insights, you can perfectly optimize your content and add the search terms that give you free traffic
  1. SE Ranking – SERanking is a cheaper alternative to Semrush vs Ahrefs. It Offers features like Keyword Research, Competitor Research and SEO Audit. SE Ranking Keyword Position Tracker is is the chepaest Rank Tracker to track list of keywords for SERP performance

  1. Google Keyword Planner – A Free tool by google that helps you find the right keywords for your website. It also gives you insight into how the search query has changed over time so that you can narrow your keyword list and filter out the one you need

Free Online Video Editors

33. FlexClip – is a Free Online Video Editor and Screen Recorder

One can easily create and edit Video, Record screen and publish videos on You Tube using FlexClip. Flexclip has multiple templates that can be easily customised to create slideshows and video of choice

It has tools to create Memes, GIFs, Compress, Trip or Merge Videos and create Slideshows

One can easily add text and animations to the Videos and export videos for Instagram and YouTube

Free Browser Extensions 

34. Grammarly for Chrome – A free Browser extension that helps you write correct English and text

35. Screencastify – is a Screen Video recorder and allows you to record Screen or Desktop Videos for free up to 5 minutes. A very useful tool to create short explainer videos or to give a demo to your teams. 

36. SEO Minion – Extremely useful SEO Chrome extension that helps you do a quick ON Page SEO analysis, Highlight broken links and gives a SERP preview. It has a Google Location Simulator that allows you to compare SERP results for a search query at two Geographical locations eg. You can easily compare which URL Ranks for a Keyword in India and US

eg. You can check how your Keywords rank in India and US

blogging tools resources
Google Location Simulator of SEO Minion Browser extension allows you to compare ranks of search query at two locations

37. SEO Quake – A free browser plugin for SEO with features that can blow your mind. SEO Quake performs SEO Audit, examines keywords and links, Compares domains and exports data all in a flash of time.

It has various reports that give useful info to gain better insights into SEO technicals.

From the review of SERP analytics to on-page diagnosis, SEOquake can present you with the details you need to come up with an efficient strategy for advancing your business

blogging tools resources
SEO Quake Extension

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