Use this SEO Competitive Analysis Tool to beat your Rivals in 2023

Competitive Analysis with SE Ranking

Competitive analysis is all about developing a strategy to outperform your competitors after analyzing your competitor’s product/service, their overall marketing efforts, and their content strategy

If you can implement the insights that you get from Competitive analysis, you can quickly achieve your Business Goals

In this detailed guide, you will learn how you can perform Competitive Analysis with SE Ranking, a  Cheap SEO Tool that can give you an edge over your competitors

This read is for Marketers and Growth Hackers who are looking for ways to stay ahead of their competitors via Competitive Analysis. 

SE Ranking Competitive Analysis – An overview

SE Ranking Competitor Research tool enables you to analyze your competition and help you make strategies to surpass them. 

With the help of the competitive research tool of SE Ranking, you will have the ability to see what keywords any domain or URL is ranking for paid search and organic search.

Let’s see how! 

Head over to Competitive Research as Shown below and enter the URL of your competitor

SEO competitive analysis

You should select the region you want to analyze and then click “analyze.”

SE Ranking also has a ‘Global’ region option: this is helpful for a complete analysis.

After clicking the “Analyze,” you will one dashboard with all the relevant details in one single view

This view of SEO Competitor Analysis is quite interesting. 

Let me tell you why. 

See Below, you have the Metrics like 

  1. Domain trust ( Shows Website Overall Authority)
  2. Page Trust 
  3. Total Organic Traffic along with Keywords in one view. 
SE Ranking Competitive Analysis for Competitors

Then, you can also see the overall performance of the website in terms of Organic Traffic

For example, we can see that the website we are analyzing has grown its organic traffic significantly from May 2020. 

This should be a point of analysis to check what has changed since then! 

Once you further scroll, you get: Organic Competitors View

SEO competitive analysis

Here, you are provided with the list of keywords that the site is ranking for which helps drive traffic from organic and paid searches. 

Here also, you have a Detailed Report View. 

Then, you also can see your Organic Competitors with a detailed Report View

After you Scroll down, you will see the Top Pages Report. 

SEO competitive analysis

Here, You will see what pages are getting the most traffic and which site gets the same or similar keyword.

In case you click on the Detailed Report, you will have all the detailed metrics at page level

Now, let’s do a deep dive into these reports that you get here. 

We will also learn how you should be using these reports to get relevant information

SEO Competition Analysis of Keywords with SE Ranking

Let’s now look at How you can perform SEO Competitive Analysis to know what keywords your main Competitor is ranking for.

You should know that Free SEO tools such as the keyword planner will not provide you with accurate metrics like Search Volume or Keyword difficulty. 

You may be Surprised – SE ranking will tell you what type of keywords your competitors are ranking for. 

This makes the marketer’s job easy! 

This feature of SE ranking will help you to learn about the keywords your competitors are using and monitor Competitor Rankings

Go to ->  Competitive research -> Organic Traffic Research -> Keywords 

Enter the URL of your Competitor and SE Ranking will give you the following details 

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. List of Keywords
  3. Keyword Difficulty for each keyword
  4. SERP feature if any for that Keyword
  5. SERP Position
  6. Keyword Competition
  7. CPC and the URLs of the page that contains the Keyword

For instance, See below 

SEO competitive analysis

You can easily find out the ‘Easy to Rank’ keywords  – Green Ones are the Easy to Rank and you can also target them

See, How easy this gets! 

There are two interesting insights that you can get here which is not present in other SEO tools

1. SERP features – This shows if a particular keyword has a SERP Feature or not

See the Image below – It shows: keyword: ‘editing software for photos ‘ has 4 SERP Feature, one being the Video SERP feature

SEO competitive analysis

2. Competiton – The number of advertisers that are displayed for each keyword in relation to all keywords across Google.

SEO competitive analysis

SEO Competitive Analysis to check Keyword Ranking Changes over Time 

SE ranking gives us a view to see how the ranking has changed for a particular website. 

There is a dedicated Ranking Changes Timeline view for this

See the Graph below:  you can discover Competitors by Keywords

SEO competitive analysis

Interestingly, There are various reports like the one below to give you a better insights

SEO competitive analysis

Improved: Shows Keywords where Traffic has Improved 

Decreased: Shows Keywords where Traffic has Decrease 

New: New Keywords where a website has started to rank

Lost: Keywords where a website has lost traffic 

Pro Tip – Above metrics of Keyword Rank Tracking are also useful to analyze your website also. Read more about SE Ranking Keyword Position Tracker

Explore the Organic Traffic of your Competitors with SE Ranking

To check the organic traffic of your competition, head over to ‘Organic traffic research’

SE Ranking Shows a graphical representation of how the Traffic has Evolved over time

You can select a time frame and check the Traffic performance. 


You get to see what Organic Keywords or Pages bring the max Traffic and Traffic share for each


SEO competitive analysis

In the image above, you can easily see what Keyword or Page URL fetches max traffic for your competitor. 

Now, after you know this info, you can also target this keyword and create better content and start ranking for this search term

Identify your New and Biggest Rivals with SE Ranking

Go to Competitive Research -> Organic traffic research -> Competitors

This section will show you your Direct Competitors, the common keywords, Missing keywords, and Traffic you and your competitor websites are getting

SEO competitive analysis

This view is very relevant

I will tell you why

This is one view to look at all of your Rivals in one place. This view gives all the new and most relevant prospects. 

A Gold Mine for SEO Analysts -in this view, you get all the relevant data you need to Outperform your rivals

For example, you get to know what are MIssing keywords where your rival is ranking in the top 100 google search results but you are not ranking

Now let’s click on Missing keywords and next, I get a pie chart that shows the coverage data and Traffic metrics. 

SEO competitive analysis

Here, you get the view for keywords to overlap between your rival and your website

As a growth hacker, you should start to target those words immediately

SEO Competitive Analysis to Uncover Backlink Profile of your Competitor

With the assistance of the SE Ranking free backlink checker tool, you will have the ability to analyze the backlink profile of any domain.

Backlink Analysis will help you know about your competitors’ channels for building search engine authority. 

Go to ‘Backlink Checker tool’ as shown below 

SEO competitive analysis

Here you get below important Link Profile Metrics:

  • Anchor text
  • Do-Follow vs No Follow links Analysis
  • Referring Domains 
  • Quality Backlinks Count
  • TLD Distribution 
  • External Links
  • Internal Links
SEO competitive analysis

There is also a graph to show how your competitor’s Backlink profile has performed over time

Now, When you click backlinks, you will be provided with the backlink profile structure of the analyzed site. 

It has a list of Backlink URL, Domain Trust of the website that refers, Anchor text, and target URL 

You can also add the link to the Backlink Monitoring tool and monitor these links over time. 

Backlink Competitive Analysis with SE Ranking

Alternatively, you have an option to export backlinks

All of these insights will help you to set up an effective link building strategy

Get Page by Page Analytics and Identify Top Pages of your Competitors

It is another efficient way of keeping an eye on the competitors with the help of the page changes monitoring tool. 

Go to Competitive Research -> Organic traffic research -> Pages

SEO competitive analysis

Here you will get the top-performing pages of your competitors and the SEO traffic they bring to the website. 

On this page, you also get to know the number of keywords every page ranks for

SEO competitive analysis

This information may be important for you as you would always want to know what pages of your competitors are ranking on SERP and what keywords give them top positions

Now, you have the list of relevant keywords that you can now target to rank for

Web Page Monitoring to Track your Competitors – Pro Plan Feature 

This cheap SEO Tool: SE ranking has a Webpage Monitoring Tool. 

This tool helps you detect any changes you will make to the pages you choose for monitoring, and it will notify you when it occurs.

With this tool, you will be aware of changes to the critical pages of the competitors you set for monitoring. 

You will be able to look at the significant changes that have been made to the competitor page. 

Below metrics can be monitored and tracked to review the changes : 

  1. Content Changes  – Get alerts when new content is added or an existing page is modified
  2. Competitor Rankings – to track keyword Position Ranking changes 
  3. Meta Tags – changes in meta tags
  4. Links – both external and external
  5. Robots.txt file
  6. Index Status in Search engines

Keep a regular check and adjust your strategy.

Uncover the Advertising Strategy of your Competitors

SE Ranking can help you to discover the advertising strategy of your competition with PPC Competitor research

You will be able to look at the Ads history of your rival. 

Go to ‘competitor research’ -> paid traffic research

SEO competitive analysis

In this section, you will be able to see their keywords for ads, Competitor ads history, and traffic from the keywords in which the ads are being run.

SEO competitive analysis

Pricing Plans and SE Ranking Free Trial

For In-Depth Competitive insights using SE Ranking efficiently, you will have to purchase one of the three pricing plans.

SEO competitive analysis

The pricing plans of SE Ranking are as follows:

  1. Essential Plan – $18/Mo for 250 Keywords and Weekly Rank Changes 

This pricing of 18$ will provide you with the ability to work on 10 projects with the ability to check 5 competitors per project. Other than that, you will be able to do a website audit for 40K pages along with the ability to monitor 6K backlinks.

2. Pro Pricing Plan – $42/Mo for 1000 Keywords and Weekly Rank Changes 

This pricing plan of 42$ will provide you with an unlimited number of projects along with 10 competitors per project. 

You will also get the opportunity to do a website audit for 250K pages. Also, you will be able to monitor 30K backlinks.

Pro Plan has Web Page Monitor

3. Business Pricing Plan – $90/Mo for 2500 Keywords and Weekly Rank Changes 

This pricing of $90 will allow you to work on an unlimited number of projects along with 20 competitors per project.

This plan will help you to website audit for 700K pages along with 90K backlinks monitoring.

Final Thoughts – SEO Competitive Analysis with SE Ranking

The ability to identify and understand the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses can be a key factor in the success of any business.

This is especially true for businesses that are new or have been around for some time, but which still face competition

SE Ranking Competitor Research tool helps you find those hidden opportunities where you can outperform your rival.

These hidden opportunities can be about your rival’s business structure, operations, product portfolio and services, target audience, and locations and subsidiaries.

Everything SE Ranking offers starts at an amazingly low price of $18/Mo for annual billings and should be definitely explored. 

FAQs – SEO Competitive Analysis with SE Ranking

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a complete SEO Platform that offers tools like Keyword Research, Competitor Research, and other tools to set up an effective SEO Strategy

Read our detailed SE Ranking Review

What are the features and benefits of SE Ranking?

SE Ranking Features include Keyword Rank Tracker, Keyword Research tool, Backlink checker tool, Competitor Research tool, and other SEO tools to set up an SEO strategy
SE ranking Benefits include Cheap Pricing plans, Flexible user management options, plans for freelancers to enterprise SEO pricing

How do you get started with SE Ranking?

SE Ranking Features include Keyword Rank Tracker, Keyword Research tool, Backlink checker tool, Competitor Research tool, and other SEO tools to set up an SEO strategy

SE ranking Benefits include Cheap Pricing plans, Flexible user management options, plans for freelancers to enterprise SEO pricing

How do you do SEO competitive analysis in SE Ranking

SE Ranking gives SEO Competitive Insights by providing the following features:
1) You can compare  websites side-by-side to find out which one ranks better on Google
2) It provides detailed information about each site including the URL, Title, Description, Content, Robots.txt file 

What are competitive keywords?

Competitive Keywords are the Organic Keywords your Competitor is ranking for. These keywords are opportunities for you to target. 

All you have to do is find out long-tail competitive keywords using SE Ranking Cheap SEO Tool and create better content around them.