Content Marketing with SEMrush [+Review] Updated for 2023

SEMrush Review for Content Marketing Toolkit

There is too much content available today, and thus it gets crucial to distribute and market your content to the right audience so that they can consume it. Content Marketing hence gets vital here. 

Content marketing helps you to create personalized user experiences allowing you to educate your target audience about your product or service. 

For example, if you are a Product based company, Content marketing will help you to educate your target audience about the benefits of your using product.

Content marketing helps you to build brand trust and relationships. Educating your audience using Content marketing helps in increasing brand awareness as you give your audience the information they are looking for. 

Once you can connect with your audience, they convert to loyal customers, and then driving traffic and sales is not difficult.

A good example is the SEMRush blog. SEMrush publishes various forms of content like blog posts, Webinars, Podcasts, Videos, etc that explain the importance of using SEMrush tools for Keyword analysis, Content marketing, and much more. They, then distribute the content on various channels like websites, Emails, Social media, YouTube.

Thus, for a business, Content marketing helps improve Brand awareness, boost sales, build trust with the audience, and allows you to target and re-target the audience for engagement and sales. 

Such ROI  is only possible by implementing an effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Thus, in this Blog Post, we will review the SEMrush Content Marketing Platform and we will see how can you set up an effective Content Marketing Strategy using SEMrush

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Set Up Content Marketing Strategy with SEMrush Content Marketing Platform

For effective content marketing, it is expected from marketers to create an agile Content Framework that produces effective content consistently and allows them to repurpose content that audience and search engines love. 

We recommend reading our Content Marketing Guide so that you are aware of How can you set up your Content Marketing Strategy!

After you have set your SMART Goals and defined your major KPIs, it is essential to set up an effective Content marketing strategy for your Brand.

The SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit is a comprehensive tool and it comes to be very helpful here. It helps you to build an excellent Content marketing Strategy so that you can meet the Content Marketing Goals for your brand. 

Set up Content Marketing Strategy in 20 Mins using SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit

Content Marketing Toolkit for SEMrush contains a collection of tools that if used in sync can help you achieve crazy results. SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit has tools like Topic Research, SEO Content Template, SEO Writing Assistant, brand Monitoring, Post Tracking, Content Audit tools.

Let’s look at the table below and see the various tools present.

Content Marketing StrategySEMRush Content Marketing Toolkit

Content Plan

1. Type of Content you have to Create
2. Content Audit
3. Re purposing existing Content by SEO Optimizing it
Content Audit Tool
SEO Writing Assistant
Content Research

1. Keyword Research
2. Discover Trending Topics 
3. Competitor Analysis to evaluate Content Gap
4. Content Ideas, Semantically Related Keywords
Keyword Magic Tool
Topic Research Tool
Domain Overview
SEO Content Template
Content Distribution

1. Brands Mentions
2. Acquire Backlinks
3. Online Visibility
4. Social Listening
Brand Monitoring
Social Media Poster
Content Performance

1. Track your Post’s performance
2. Collaborate on Marketing Campaigns
3. Measure Performance, Revise and Improve
Post Tracking tool
Marketing Calendar
Features of Semrush Content Marketing Platform

Thus, these tools of SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit, when used collectively can help you to achieve your SMART goals of Content Marketing

Let’s see how!

For this blog post, let’s consider an example of a brand named – ‘Kola Greens’ that creates Kitchen Tools. Let’s make a few assumptions –

1. Kola Greens has a website on WordPress that gets around 1k visits per month. 

2. They have a Blog of 12 – 15 posts around the Kitchen tools that they manufacture.

3. Kola has set up the following as SMART Goals and KPIs –

3.1) SMART Goals – To improve Brand awareness, Boost Revenue, Get Conversions, and Customer Engagement.

3.2) KPIsSite traffic, Social media followers, Subscription sign-ups, Mentions, Returning customers, Backlinks, Like, Shares, Page Follows.

Then Kola Greens wants to start with Blog Content Marketing and Social Media Content marketing

Let’s see how SEMrush can help KOLA Greens achieve its SMART goals for Content marketing

Content Plan, Content Analysis and Content Optimization using SEMrush

Kola Green should start with an essential Content Audit tool to analyze the actual performance of their blog posts, social media channels, and then identify the areas of Improvement. 

Let’s see how Kola Greens can audit their Content using the content Audit tool of SEMrush

Before starting to use SEMrush Content marketing toolkit, it is essential to connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account with SEMrush and select the right subfolders

Content Audit Tool of SEMrush

Semrush Content Audit toolkit estimates the performance of your text, blog post, and articles published to your website. The Content Audit tool gives you an idea of what your audience likes or dislikes, existing backlinks, Average session duration, and Bounce rate

You can start by setting up a project for Kola Green ( or for your Website) and then follow the workflow instructions. Connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console  account, submit the sitemap

Let’s look at the image below, and it is straightforward to see which page or post is getting traffic. It helps gain insights into how our target audience engages with the blog post and what other keywords can be relevant for you to target. 

All these metrics indicate if your audience likes your content or not.

Content Audit using the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
Content Audit using the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit

Content Audit tools lets you check in one place the ‘last updated’ date of each post so that you can evaluate the relevance and update your posts.

If you Click on the Content Sets tab of the Content Audit tool, there are various group – 

  1. Rewrite or remove – Lists posts that are older than 24  months with total views
  2. Need to Update – Lists the posts that were published over 24 months back
  3. Quick Review – Pages where Content Update was done in the last six months
  4. Poor content – shows pages less than 200 words.
Content Aduit Tool
Easy to identify Groups where posts are segregated after Audit

These are some outstanding groups that are created by the SEMrush Content Audit Tool that helps you to focus on underperforming pages of your website. Just click the ‘Start Analysing’ button on any section, and it will open the preview of the page. Hover over an element that needs updating and you have the insights – All at one place in Single Click

Continue analyzing other pages one by one by clicking the next URL. You can add tasks like a rewrite, update, and then send it to Trello

Thus, for Koal Greens, these are the groups with which they need to start amd fpcus upon

Also, the Content Audit Toolkit allows you to group pages in ‘In Progress,’ ‘Analyzed,’ ‘Non-Analyzed,’ and run the audit. 

The benefit of the Content Audit tool is that it offers a single window to perform Page Audit, Measure and Track performance, identify gaps, and improve to fill those gaps. Once you update content, the metrics will keep on changing. 

Now, Go ahead and plan, write, and analyze your content in one place!

SEO Writing Assistant of SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit

SEO Writing Assistant is a template present in the SEMrush SEO tool. With the help of an SEO writing assistant, Semrush helps you to optimize your article for higher ranking in google. It is available as a Google doc add on and as a WordPress Add On.

As Kola Greens, (our hypothetical company for this blog post) want to focus on Blogs in their Content marketing strategy, SEMrush writing assistant will enable them to analyze how well their blog text is written as compared to their competitors. SEMrush will also give content improvement ideas based on Focus keywords.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant enables you to check content in terms of SEO, Readability, and Originality in real-time.

SEO Writing Assistant Overview
SEO Writing Assistant Overview

You can Start by adding missing keywords and making your text more readable. Once you have implemented the recommendations from SEO Writing Assistant, you can see that your content will be aligned with Google search to receive higher rankings. 

There is an overall score that comes up for you. 

Writing Assistant helps you prepare a content template and gives you recommendations on analysis of the top 10 competitors of your target keywords.

SEO Writing Assistant
SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant – Google Doc Add On

Metrics from SEMrush Writing Assistant

  • Improve Readability score – Shows the quality of Content calculated based on readability, text link, and target keyword usage.
  • Check Word count – to check the word count.
  • Add Target keywords – Identifies the keywords that are already present in the text and which one needs to add. The best part is right in your google doc; you can see the KD ad Volume by just hovering over it. Bank! No need to switch your window. 
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing – It points out the keywords used excessively.
  • Shows Overall Score – Writing assistant displays the general quality of the writeup, calculated on readability, text length, and target keyword usage. 
  • SEMrush writing assistant allows you to check for Plagiarism with the plagiarism checker feature. This feature is available only for GURu and Business Subscriptions of SEMrush


So let’s get back to Koal Green analysis – the hypothetical company we have chosen for this blog post. Till now, they have Planned their Content using SEMrush, Completed the Content audit, and now they are Optimizing their posts. 

Let’s see how Koal Green can further use the SEMrush to advance in its Content marketing Journey.

Content Research and Ideation with SEMrush Content Marketing SEO Tool

Once you are done with the Content Audit and Optimization of the existing content, it is vital to start Content Research to generate valuable ideas for your content plan to meet the SMART Goal you have established. 

The content you create should focus on your user’s interest and should be SEO optimized to rank on top of Google rankings and stay visible to your audience. 

Also, to see how you stack up against your competitor with the keywords, you need to carry out Content Research with keywords that are relevant for your chosen niche. 

SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool helps you find the most relevant keywords by building a comprehensive keyword list from one single seed keyword. You can then refine your list and collect the most relevant keywords. 

Let see how Koal Greens can use SEMrush to find relevant keywords and create a Keyword List for their niche – ‘Kitchen Tools’

Keyword Research using Keyword Magic Tool

Let’s look at the Snapshot below, where we searched for the seed keyword – Kitchen Tools in Keyword Magic tool of SEMrush.

The Keyword magic tool helps to build a keyword list by giving keyword suggestions and ideas via various reports like – Broad match, Phrase match, Related, and Question-based keywords that contain our seed keyword. It is always useful to know what our target audience is asking. 

Keyword magic Tools Keyword Overview

Check out the Overview of your Seed Keyword like Global Search Volume, Trend of Goole search over a period of time, and metrics like Keyword Difficulty, CPC, etc

This information helps you decide if you should go with the seed keyword or not.

Keyword magic Tools Keyword Suggestion

Keyword Magic Tool gives you Keyword suggestions along with various useful reports like Broad Match, Phrase match, Exact match, etc

These reports help you easily identify the Long Tail keywords

If your content is optimized for the question-based keywords, then the chances of winning a featured snippet from Google become much higher.

In the image below, we are looking at the Questions report related to seed keywords – Kitchen Tools. 

So, getting back to Koal Greens, these are the questions that Koal Greens should answer in their blog posts to get organic reach. 

Questions report from Keyword magic Tool of SEMrush
Questions Report from Keyword magic Tool of SEMrush

Choose those relevant  keywords that have a  difficulty below 50% with good search volume because there are high chances to rank for such keywords. Once done with selecting the keywords, send it to the Keyword Manager – a repository of Keywords

Topic Research tool of SEMrush Content Marketing Suite

The beauty of Keywords Research is enhanced when the analysis is supplemented by topic research i,e you try to find relevant topic ideas and semantic keywords that align with your niche. 

To achieve your SMART goals and excel at your KPIs you have set above, it is essential to make out your content more appealing by finding relevant topics, subtopics, and headlines that will resonate with your audience. 

The topic research tool provides content ideas for your queried topic and shows how your competitors have created content on the item you have searched on google.

Using Topic research tool, you can easily find out –

  1. Trending topics 
  2. What topics to write about to get traffic
  3. What kind of content you might be missing
  4. What has been already done by your competitors for the topic queried

Trust me, the Topic research toolkit of SEMrush does this job beautifully – it not only helps you in content research, but it also displays trending topics for your seed keyword on click of a button!

Let’s see how Koal Greens can find topics that are relevant to their niche – ‘Kitchen tools’

On doing a search query for Seed Keyword ‘Kitchen Tools’ in the Topic Research tool, we got the following results in the form of cards.

Select the trending topic button below and boom – 

Identify Trending Topics using SEMrush Topic Research Tool
Identify Trending Topics using SEMrush

So now, we have a trending Topic on Screen that is related to our Seed Keyword  – Cutting Boards. Also, we have topic ideas like Ice Cream Kitchen Tools, Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools, Kitchen tool sets, Measuring Cups, and Mixing Bowls.

Thus, at the click of a button, such relevant topics are here for Koal Greens, where they can start Content Creation.

SEO Content Template 

Once you are done with Content Research, you should go ahead and start creating Content.

SEMrush has an SEO Content template tool that helps you to SEO Optimise your content so that you get the right ranking results in google.

SEO Content Template
SEO Content Template

Let’s see how Koal Greens can use the SEO Content Template to create a content framework that contains a blueprint of what information or keywords the content should include.

SEO Content template will analyze the strategy of top 10 competitors and show us the key recommendations around- 

  1. Semantically related keywords that can widen the coverage of Content
  2. List of Domains worth trying to explore to acquire backlinks from
  3. Optimal Length of Content
  4. Readability of Content

Also, it shows how the top 10 competitors are using our target keyword.

SEO COntent Template
SEO Content Template

Scroll down and at the bottom, there are recommendations on how you can improve the title tags, Meta description, H1, H2 tags, and text to create SEO friendly content.

SEO Content Template recommendations
SEO Content Template recommendations

Thus, SEO Content Template provides quick and easy SEO recommendations by analyzing the top competitors who have successfully bagged the top google rank position in SERP. 

Let look at the Image below.

SEO Content Template
Downloadable SEO Content template recommendations

The SEO Content template for our Seed Keyword ‘Kitchen tools’ contains’ information like Semantically related Keywords for better coverage, Readability Score of top 10 URLs along with Recommended text length for the article Koal Green should create to make sure their post on Kitchen tools get ranked.

SEO Content Template also mentions the websites where one should try to acquire backlinks to make sure the article gets ranked on Google. Moreover, this template is easily downloadable in the form of a Word document

Such Gold Information for Koal Greens to implement.

Imagine, if you are using this Content template from SEMrush, you can easily get the best insights to make a winning Content Marketing Campaign!

Now, Koal Greens can easily outrank their competitors by implementing the recommendations of this tool. The same applies to you. Use this SEO COntent template and create SEO Optimized content that contains the relevant keywords

Such is the beauty of this Tool!

Now, go ahead, and try this 7-day free trial to use the SEO Content Template and create content that interests your audience.

Getting back to Koal Greens, they have an impressive SEO Content template. Now, their editors need to start creating content.

Content Distribution using SEMrush

After writing content, the next step in the content marketing strategy is to plan the distribution of content on various channels so that your stuff is noticed and appreciated.

Content Distribution involves following –

  1. Posting on External resources – brands that mention your website
  2. Posting on Social media channels for promotion
  3. Acquiring Backlinks

Let see how SEMrush helps in Content distribution.

Brand Monitoring Tool

SEMrush has a Brand Monitoring tool that not only helps you find the right Backlink resources but also helps you evaluate your content performance.

Brand Monitoring Tool of SEMrush
Brand Monitoring Tool of SEMrush

Once you have entered the info, a screen will pop up as below, highlighting all the times the brand has been mentioned on the web, forums, Twitter ( Live data), Instagram. You can perform Brand Monitoring either for your brand or your competitor. 

Use the Brand Monitoring tool to find resources that mention your Brand but did not provide a backlink. Filter the resources to take out high traffic resources. 

Add those resources under the ‘Resources’ tab and start your email outreach. Find out the email addresses and then email them pitching your website. 

Such gold information for you as they are the best bets for you to place so that you can get a backlink!

SEMrush Brand Monitoring tool

After you have gained backlinks, you can measure the results of your work in the Brand Monitoring tool. 

There is a Sentiment feature filter or report that lets you know if the mention was positive, negative, or neutral. You can reach out to negative mentions and check the pain points—an excellent way for customer outreach to build strong relationships.

Brand Monitoring

Thus, Brand Monitoring is a crucial step in your Content Distribution exercise of Content Marketing Strategy. It is not only essential to create content, but it is also equally important to monitor how your brand performs online using Brand Monitoring campaigns.

You need to know negative mentions so that you can connect with the websites and help them with resolution. 

Like we said, Brand Monitoring tools help you get the relevant and reputable backlink resources from brands that mention your brand but did not put a link back to your website. 

Koal Greens, our Brand, can now use the Brand Monitoring tool to gather backlinks, check the social media mentions and connect with their customers – all using one single SEO tool: SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit.

Social Media Poster for Content Marketing with SEMrush

Now, let’s see how the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit can help you to share your content on social media.

Social Media Posts_Overview

Connect your social media accounts with Social Media Poster and easily schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, and Youtube.

You can also easily check each post-performance by analyzing reach and engagement metrics and update your strategy.

You can easily estimate which post type of format has the most significant engagement rate based on likes, shares, comments, or views.

Use the inbuilt editor to edit the images on the run, make updates, preview and schedule as you want.

Social Media Poster tool of SEMrush

With the Social Media poster tool, you can also see when your audience is online and share the post accordingly! This is an excellent insight; trust me!

Social Media Poster allows you to set up a posting schedule. This content marketing tool of SEMrush helps you to track the performance of your social media posts, check the comments, shares, likes, and enables you to interact with your audience.

Social media Poster also allows you to boost your Facebook posts and create Facebook and Insta ads using the same SEMrush platform.

All this can be done in one browser with no need to open multiple browsers or individual social media accounts!

Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer provide these features, at a monthly cost. SEMrush doesn’t charge extra!

Connect your  Social media profile with SEMrush Social Media Poster and try it today for FREE for seven days!

Track Content Performance with SEMrush SEO Tool

Once you have planned your content, created content, and distributed content, then it gets vital to measure performance for the ongoing campaign that you have created and collected data insights from them. 

It is essential to analyze your content performance because an effective data-driven content marketing strategy helps you find weak spots and allows you to upgrade and innovate. 

This is where you measure your KPIs that you set up earlier for Koal Greens above or for your Brand

Do you remember, we talked about this company in the beginneing of the article ?

So now, Koal Greens should track the performance of content that they have created..

Let us see how to track the Content Performance of Content efforts with different perspectives.

Post Tracking tool of SEMrush

Post-Tracking tool is a part of the SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit that allows you to track the performance of the blog posts you have placed on third-party websites. It tracks performance based on visibility and user engagement metrics.

Let’s see how – 

content marketing platform semrush

Add URL in the link here, and then SEMrush will help you measure post-performance for following metrics –

  1. No of  Keywords the chosen URL is ranking for in Google top 100
  2. No of Shares
  3. No of Backlinks

You also look for detailed information on the users, followers, etc..

Click on any of your  URL, and you can easily see Referral traffic, Trend, Visibility trend and daily changes trends along with backlink trends for the URL

Post Tracking with SEMrush
Track performance of your Posts using Post Tracking SEMrush tool

Marketing Calendar

While implementing an effective Content Marketing Strategy, your team needs to stay connected and collaborate on all the marketing campaigns.

Marketing Calendar
Marketing Calendar

Collaboration is essential, and Marketing Calendar from SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit provides you a platform to collaborate with your team, create campaigns, track all the campaigns from one single platform, and improve the gaps. 

In Summary, Marketing Calendar helps you to 

  • Plan and Monitor multiple marketing Campaigns, create editorial schedules for business goals
  • Give and restrict access, assign tasks and activities within each campaign to team members. Set due dates
  • Share Calendars, track all the comments and changes made by your team in real-time.
  • Analyze campaigns performance in Google Analytics and share with your team
Marketing Calendar from SEMrush content Marketing Toolkit

You can set up a notification setting for task updates, notification, comments, and mentions. 

Marketing Calendar works with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and business calendar with Business level plans. Thus, you can establish a collaborative process within your team and track progress on your campaigns in real-time.

So, go ahead, set up a calendar using this seven-day FREE trial, and invite your colleagues to collaborate. See the difference it makes on your turnaround time!

Keep hustling.

SEMrush Pricing Content Marketing Platform

SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit comes with SEMrush Guru Plan. SEMrush pricing plan is as below –

  • Pro – $99.95/mo billed monthly
  • Guru – $199.95/mo Billed Monthly
  • Business – $399.95/mo billed monthly

If you opt for annual payment and billing, you get a 16% discount on the total pricing.

SEMrush pricing plans for Content Marketing toolkit platform
SEMrush pricing plans

SEMrush Free Trial

SEMrush is offering an exclusive 7 days FREE trial for the readers of this website. Go ahead and check out the FREE trial plan of SEMrush today and start your Content marketing Journey

SEMrush also offers a Forever free plan that comes with some limitations.

The below image will give you an idea of the features that are offered by SEMrush in various plans for Content Marketing toolkits

content marketing platform semrush
Image sourced from

Conclusion – Is SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit worth the money?

SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit is an integrated tool that gives you a 360-degree view to track and measure the performance of your posts and also gives you a platform where you can improve and outperform. 

For those who are into content marketing or those brands that are looking to expand their reach, then SEMrush Content marketing toolkit can be a perfect tool for your content marketing strategy

SEMrush Content marketing toolkit comes with a GURU plan and above and this can be a bit pricey but the benefits it provides are huge. This can be an investment but it is sure to give you the best profits if you invest in this SEO tool


FAQs on SEMrush Content Marketing Platform Review

What is the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

SEMrush Content Planning

SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit is a collection of tools from SEMrush that helps you to design an effective Content Marketing Strategy.
These tools are connected with a workflow and using these tools from SEMrush, you can easily Plan, Write, Analyse, Track and Distribute your Content in one place

How to use Semrush for Content Marketing?

You can use SEMrush for Content Marketing using the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit for FREE for 7 days that comes with Guru Plan.
Check this video and set up a Content Marketing Strategy with SEMrush under 20 mins.

How to access the SEMrush content marketing toolkit course?

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