DreamHost Reviews of its Web Hosting – Pros and Cons in 2023

Dreamhost Review of the web hosting services

Recommended by WordPress, DreamHost Web Hosting was founded in 1997. It has become one of the renowned web hosting companies. 

Today, DreamHost hosts more than 1.5 million websites along with 750,000 WordPress installations. 

PCMag’s business choice award also awarded DreamHost the best web hosting service in 2014-2016

DreamHost Reviews of its Web hosting Benefits

Dreamhost Reviews

Dreamhost’s most popular shared web hosting plans start from 2.95$/Mo for yearly plans and offer a promising 100% Uptime Uptime Guarantee. This Web hosting offers a promising 97-day money-back guarantee on its shared web hosting plans

The Customer Service Definitely exceeds expectations of incident resolution

Let’s Do a detailed Dreamhost Review now!

1. WordPress Optimized Plans

Dreamhost Reviews of WordPress Shared Hosting Plans

Dreamhost is built for WordPress.

All WordPress users get the following benefits if they go with Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Options

  1. Single Click WordPress installation: DreamHost provides 1 click WordPress installation with automatic WordPress documents, unlimited space, and unlimited bandwidth. 
  2. Auto Updates for WordPress
  3. Free Email Hosting 
  4. Easy to use cPanel for WordPress Users
  5. Automated Daily Backups for WordPress Websites
  6. WordPress Optimised Servers with State of the art Solid State Drives

2. Free Domain Name

With the purchase of the DreamHost annual plan, the users will get access to free domain name registration for 1-year and complete Domain Privacy

Domain Name should be renewed after 1 year

3. Unlimited bandwidth and Network Transfer Speeds

Dreamhost Shared hosting plans provide its users, with free unlimited bandwidth with plenty of bandwidth and traffic consumption. 

Moreover, users can easily upgrade their plans if they want unlimited storage. 

The shared plans will limit your storage to 50 GB, and the unlimited plan is unlimited. 

4. Security Features

Dreamhost offers industry-leading security features. 

dreamhost reviews
Dreamhost security Features

a. Free SSL for HTTPS security 

DreamHost offers Free SSL Certificates, providing an additional layer of security for companies selling their products online.

b. Automated Daily Backups of the Website

DreamHost offers free backups to ensure that all the data is safe and secure within the website.

c. Additional Privacy Protection at Zero Cost

Dreamhost provides free Domain privacy protection and masks your personally identifiable information ( PII) from the outside world. Thus your website and domain data stay safe.

In addition, DreamHost also offers you the ability to block those parts of your website that you don’t require.

5. Fast Loading Time for Website

Dreamhost Hosting servers are built on Solid State Drives ( SSD). This means, your website will open up in a fraction of a second. 

6. Performance and Speed Test Results

We got some amazing Test results when we tested the Dreamhost shared hosting.

See the Image below : Duration: Oct 2022 – Feb 2023

Dreamhost Reviews of  Loading Speed

The Loading times of the website are awesome – and this is evident as shown below. 

It’s been 6 months now and we have an amazing uptime of 100% which is tremendous. 

To Summarize, Dreamhost delivers to when it says it Offers 100% Uptime! 

7. Easy-to-Use Advanced Control Panel (cPanel) Dashboard

dreamhost reviews
Dreamhost cPanel Dashbaord

DreamHost provides a custom control panel that makes it relatively easy for users to edit and access files. 

You can even control the people who access the site and set passwords. 

The Custom cPanel dashboard of DreamHost is user-friendly, clean, and modern, and users can quickly perform website operations like creating email accounts, and forwarding domains, using the SSL

8. 100% Uptime Guarantee

Dreamhost reviews of Uptime monitoring
The Dreamhost test Site Monitoring in 2022

The 100% Uptime guarantee of DreamHost plays an essential role in making the web hosting experience extraordinary. 

You never want that your site goes out, but you want to increase the recovery time. If people aren’t able to access your site, then it is a bad sign. 

They are able to provide 100% Uptime because of their heavy investment in the Hosting Infrastructure like multiple Data Centers, emergency generators, and their constant monitoring systems

dreamhost reviews
Uptime Monitoring in 2023

The results of various tests we did have shown that DreamHost is stable, reliable, and suitable, as it rarely went down during the whole test period. 

The DreamHost is highly confident about the uptime and guarantees the users 100% uptime.

The fact is that DreamHost is the only Web hosting service that has claimed the highest guarantee.

9. Free Migration to Dreamhost

In case your website is on a different hosting, then you should know that DreamHost offers a Free migration totally free of cost.

Customer Support of Dreamhost can do this for you

Else – there is a DreamHost automated migration plugin that users can use to transfer the WordPress website to DreamHost quickly and safely. 

See Image below:

Follow these simple Steps for Migration

dreamhost reviews

10. Dreamhost offers 97 Days Money-back guarantees

Dreamhost offers one of the best Money back guarantee plans as compared to other cheap WordPress hosting providers

If you are unhappy with the services and uptime of DreamHost, then you can simply compensate for it.

Dreampress Hosting Plans offers 30 Day money back guarantee

11. Dreamhost Customer Service Review

The customer support team is available for users 24/7, 365 days

So the users are free to contact DreamHost customer support.

We did a quick check and found them to be quite responsive – the chatbot here is helpful

Thus, you can rely on Dreamhost to provide you with fast customer service

dreamhost reviews

DreamHost Web Hosting Plans and Pricing Reviews

Dreamhost Shared Hosting Plans

dreamhost reviews

Dreamhost offers two Shared Hosting plans – 

1. Shared Starter – $2.95 per month

The cost of a Dreamhost shared starter plan is $2.95 per month. 

This plan is a great way to start shared hosting with relatively minimal prices for new websites, including WordPress. 

This plan offers 

  • One website
  • Free Domain for 1 Year
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Free SSL certificates 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A user can add email for $1.67 per month.

2. Shared Unlimited – $3.95/Mo

This plan Starts at $3.95/Mo. Features include a Shared Starter with an unlimited number of websites and Unlimited Traffic. 

Dreamhost Managed WordPress Hosting Plans 

dreamhost reviews

Dreamhost offers the following Managed WordPress Hosting plans

1. DressPress – $16.95 per month

The DreamPress Managed WordPress hosting plan starts at $16.95 per month.

This plan is specifically designed for WordPress. 

Features Includes : 

  • Unlimited Websites with 1 Free domain
  • Offers 100k monthly visitors
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 30 GB SSD storage 
  • Pre-installed WordPress and SSL
  • 24/7 WordPress support
  • Unlimited email access 
  • Free automated migration
  • 1 click restore, and on-demand backups are available 
  • 1 click staging

2. Dreampress Plus – $24.95 per month

Starts at $24.95 per month for 300K Monthly Visits and offers 60 GB SSD Storage

3. DreamPress Pro – $ 71.95/Mo

Starts at $ 71.95/Mo for 1 Million+ Site visits, Unlimited emails, 120 GB SSD Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Priority 24*7 Customer Support

Dreamhost VPS Hosting plan

dreamhost reviews

The Dreamhost VPS plan starts from $10.00 per month.

Dreamhost provides a VPS plan for all the small and new websites through trusted virtual private servers. 

With this plan, the users will get-

  • Unlimited websites
  • A user can easily add a domain
  • Unlimited traffic and bandwidth
  • 30 GB SSD storage
  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • Free SSL certificates 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited email 

Pros and Cons of DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost comes among the top pick for web hosting services. And several reasons justify why it is one of the top picks. 

Pros of DreamhostCons of Dreamhost

The best thing about DreamHost is that it offers you a month-to-month affordable web hosting service. You can easily cancel the monthly plans with no additional charges. 

Moreover, the features on the monthly plan will be the same as that of the annual plans, so you can easily take advantage of the features.

In other words, the affordability of DreamHost provides flexibility to the users.
Starter plans don’t include an email account

Users who enroll in a shared starter plan have to pay separately to access email accounts.

Although it is pretty affordable ($1.67/month), it is still unfortunate that the users have to pay additional fees for something already part of hosting service plans.
Multiple Data Center locations 

DreamHost has multiple data centers. This allows Dreamhost to serve websites very quickly.

How to install WordPress with DreamHost – Step-by-Step Guide

The most exciting part is that WordPress officially recommends DreamHost. 

Thus, if you want to start with DreamHost, here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Purchase a DreamHost plan

The first thing you need to do is purchase a plan. As a first-timer, it is advised to start with a shared starter plan. 

Thus to buy this plan, the user needs to go to DreamHost hosting page.

Once the page gets open, scroll down, and you must choose between monthly and annual hosting. 

Now scroll down and select the hosting plan you want to buy, after which you need to click on the sign up now button to initiate the purchase.  

dreamhost reviews

The users will be directed toward the next page, where they must fill in their email address and password.

Once you have filled in all the information, you need to click on the continue button.

Step 2: Purchase or add a domain

At this stage, you either need to purchase a new domain or type a domain you already own. 

To buy a new domain, you need to input the right domain and click the register now button to purchase a new domain. 

dreamhost reviews

If you already have a domain, type the existing domain and click on the hosting button.

Step 3: Choose Billing Options

You are directed to the page where the provider will ask you to pay the bill. You can pay according to your plan.

dreamhost reviews

Remember, the monthly price of a 1-year plan is lower than the monthly plan itself.

Step 4: Finish the purchase

Now in this stage, you need to fill in all your billing information and add your full name and billing address. 

After that, scroll down to your credit card section and add the card to unlock the input fields. 

After that, click on the credit card button to lock it. Finally, scroll down until you find the place order now button. Click on it and finish your purchase.

Step 5: Logging into the control panel

Once you have purchased the DreamHost plan, you will be directed to the control panel.

On this page, you can easily control your billing, emails, databases, hosting, etc. Besides, you can also buy other services from DreamHost.

Step 6: Install WordPress

In most cases, you might not require installing WordPress, but in some instances, you might.

When you purchase the DreamHost plan, WordPress gets automatically installed. 

Step 7: Point domain to DreamHost

Now, the most common step to point the domain to DreamHost you need to find out your DreamHost nameservers. You can easily find them by sending emails to DreamHost. 

Step 8: Update new servers to the domain register

Lastly, you need to log in to the domain registrar. You can choose the new server you want to pick and log in to your account. After that, just click on the DNS button to add new servers.

DreamHost vs Bluehost 

You should never be stressed about hosting your website, especially when you pick the best host for your needs. And in this list, DreamHost and BlueHost are your high-quality options. 

But if you have to pick just one, then who will you use? 

Which hosting service will meet your website requirements? 

So to clear your confusion, here is a comparison between DreamHost and BlueHost which will help you make the right call. 

Offers excellent WordPress integration24/7 phone and live chat

BlueHost adds additional products to the cart, which the user has to remove at the time of checkout.
Offers automatic backup cheap

VPS hosting plan doesn’t offer direct phone support

Dreamhost vs Bluehost – Offering More Value

Both hosting providers offer great features, including unmetered bandwidth and a free domain for the 1-year plan. 

Still, on average, DreamHost is more reliable as it offers affordable plans that every user can easily access and meets their website requirements.

Dreamhost vs Bluehost – Automatic Backups

Undoubtedly, BlueHost’s uptime is quite impressive, but in terms of backup policy, there is nothing that can beat DreamHost. 

Dreamhost vs Bluehost – User-Friendly Interface

BlueHost has a user-friendly interface, and both providers offer free and paid migration services. 

Still, with DreamHost, the user will get a better experience

DreamHost vs GreenGeeks 

If you cannot decide which web hosting company “DreamHost and GreenGeeks” you should pick from, then here is a different consideration that users can keep in mind. 

DreamHost and GreenGeeks are two renowned web hosting companies that offer a variety of services and exclusive hosting plans.

Offers unlimited bandwidth free Cloudflare CDNUnlimited websites100% Clean energy.Offers 99-day money-back guaranteed mix website builders offers free domain plus privacy 

Dreamhost vs Greengeeks – Pricing

GreenGeeks offers hosting plans from 2.45$  with a 30-day refund and guarantees 99.9% uptime were as but DreamHost offers its users a 97-day money-back guarantee with 100% uptime at 2.95$ starting plans

DreamHost Web Hosting Review – Do we Recommend it?

Yes, we recommend Dreamhost Web Hosting Services. 

DreamHost web hosting service is found to be fast and reliable. Besides, this web hosting offers you flexible hosting plans and friendly technical and customer support. It has a user-friendly dashboard where you can quickly locate your site’s progress. 

By analyzing all the facts, DreamHost is believed to be the best hosting service for all WordPress users. It is a highly-rated hosting platform. Besides, DreamHost has won several rewards and received great reviews from customers. 

Moreover, the DreamHost plans are affordable and offer a higher uptime guarantee and comfortable figuring options. These all points make this platform reliable and the best.

Also, explore the Free Web Hosting in case you want to Start for FREE