Email Marketing Guide for Beginners

Email Marketing Guide

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of Digital Marketing that uses electronic mail ( email) to reach out to your target audience. It helps you to make your customers aware of your latest services and products. 

Email Marketing is a simple, direct, and efficient way to communicate, cultivate, and transform your leads into customers which consistently surpass all other marketing channels.

Email marketing helps develop impending relationships with customers. Valuable emails often end up converting prospects into clients/customers and persuade the general traffic of one-time buyers to become loyal and enticing fans.

Using the right email marketing software, one can easily segment your audience and create personalized experiences for them.

Email Marketing Guide for Begineers
Email Marketing Guide – All you need to Know

Benefits of Email Marketing

After answering the biggest question of what email marketing is, it’s about time to ask a more practical question: Why is email marketing so important for your company? 

Now, let’s speak of that.

Out of many possible reasons for choosing email marketing as one of the most effective digital marketing techniques, here are our TOP 3 picks that you will indeed consider:

1. COMMUNICATION NETWORK –Hubspot Academy’s report shows that 99% of emails open regularly, and this marketing technique is said to be a great choice. 

2. YOU OWN YOUR LIST – There is always a constant threat of losing control or restricted actions on your social media platforms which is not the case with your email list. Your leads are your power and always safe in your possession.

3. CRAZY CONVERSIONS with Targeted Promotions– Hubspot academy’s report shows that 4400% ROI (returns on investment) comes from email marketing campaigns, and it is evident that products marketed through newsletters and promotional discounts via email end up generating far more revenue for than any other channels. 

4. REDUCE COST & SAVES TIME – For some marketers, it saves time to outsource their email marketing campaigns, especially if they are always on the move. However, it is possible to save a significant amount of money by adopting such email builder options and using the money judiciously for other factors.

Why Email Marketing should be your focus area in Digital Marketing Strategy?

Email Campaigns are flexible promotion techniques that help you connect with your audience
An Email Campaign allows targeted promotion and segmentation on an individual level
Email marketing is associated with low risk and effective mitigation strategies
Marketing emails are easy to start with and help build long-lasting relationships

Top Email Marketing Strategy in 2020

With a lot of distinct platforms for communication, Email is thought to be a primitive and least effective method of promotion. However, it’s the other way around. Let’s prove it.

There are more than four billion people who use email Ids for business and personal use. Most of them own more than one Email accounts. Professional and dedicated clients know that an Email is enriched with more authentic and persuasive content than any other social media platform.

Sharing promotional content on the social media platform means keeping all customers on the same page. However, sending an email with promotional content and addressing the client individually can create different and positive feedback from the client.

While most of the businesses use social media platforms, the ones using the email marketing strategy will stand out

In 2020, Email marketing services are evolving. Trends show that Artificial Intelligence has a strong role to play in Email advertising and emailing solutions

Thus, Email Marketing including email newsletter service or lead magnets is the top strategy for all the right reasons. Additionally,

  • Exclusive content with relevant Subject Line
    • To exploit customer engagement and conversion and to make them react quickly to your email, exclusive offers should be an integral part of the message. Offers available for a limited time and a limited number of people are more attractive and seem more valuable. 
    • It may also include lead magnets. Offer your customers something to download, a picture or a broacher. It not only attract customers but helps you as well
    • The subject line decides if the email would be opened or marked as read. To make it engaging, add the recipient’s name in the subject line. Moreover, consistency is key. Let your customers know what is there in the email with a glimpse in the subject line
  • Email Segmentation
    • Categorizing subscribers in small segments is based on a specified criterion.
    • Segments help the brands in targeted promotions based on their interest
  • Automating Emails with Autoresponders
    • Autoresponders can be used to send a sequence of emails that are sent to a specific segment of customers in response to any specific event.
  • Avoiding Spam filters
    • Be relevant and consistent. Avoid giving your customer second thoughts regarding opening the email.
    • Use a clear subject line to tell the customer about your offerings
  • Testing the Email
    • A/B test an email operation. It works in a way that out of two options that are most suitable in terms of opens or clicks. 
    • Testing can be conducted with different layouts and check which one comes up with more click-through. 

Ultimately, an Email is a contact between the company and the customers. Emailing engaging content on the success, failure, challenges, and achievements of the brand can attract customers rapidly.

The tone of the email should be responsive and conversational. Don’t forget to thank your customers for being there for you. Gratitude can do wonders

What should a Good Email marketing software offer?

Right from designing emails to tracking customer behavior, an email campaign software needs to be multidimensional. 

A good email marketing service should enable you to create highly engaging email newsletters, Landing pages, and Sign up forms with an easy user interface. 

A drag & drop editor can be a preferred choice to design an email broadcast 

The right Email Platform should allow sending a personalized and targeted bulk email with easy Customizable Workflows. This is also known as marketing automation.

Additionally, the bulk email marketing service for the business you choose must have simple email list management options with easy tags and segment features. 

Tracking and analyzing the performance of the email marketing campaigns you have created should be easy to perform and simple to understand

Also, In today’s time, People get so many emails. Many emails end up in Spam folders and people never check those emails. A good email marketing software thus confirms that your emails do not land in the spam folder

Henceforth, email personalization assumes importance as it creates genuine interactions.

While most of the email marketing platforms listed below have basic autoresponders, email list management and segmentation features along with drag and drop editor, what stacks them up against each other is Ease of usage, Advanced features for SMBs, Pricing, CRM Email Marketing Offerings, and the Customer Support

With these parameters, let’s look at 10 Best Email Marketing Software and Email Marketing Automation tools you can use to grow your online business.