Frase IO Review – Content Planning + Chatbots with Power of AI in 2024

Frase Review

What is Frase io?

Frase Review is an AI-powered content planning, writing, and optimization tool that helps you to plan and create content fast and optimize it for the top positions in SERPs

Additionally comes with an ‘ Answer Bot’. 

This bot helps website owners to create custom website chatbots (more on this below) 

To accomplish this Frase uses machine learning and deep learning.

Who is Frase For?

Frase is widely used by SEOs, Freelance Content Planners, Corporate Teams, and Agencies, who have to manage large quantities of content on regular basis. 

So now let’s see how can you get started with Frase and use it for your content needs.

How does Frase Work?

Frase uses Natural language processing and Deep learning to write text based on the input we give to it. 

As a result, Frase can create different types of content like website content, blog posts, marketing copies, etc in a human-readable format.

Frase.Io Features – Your Content Planning Machine

Frase Io features

Let’s take a deep dive into Frase as an AI Content writing tool and explore its different features.

Frase Dashboard and User Interface

After you create an account with Frase, you will get access to Frase’s dashboard. 

Frase Dashboard

On the Left-hand side of the Dashboard, you will find the different features that the tool provides, which include:

  • Documents 
  • Outline 
  • Templates
  • Analytics

See Below :

Frase Dashabord

Apart from that, you have a tab to manage your account, user settings and another option to Switch to the Frase Answers

Frase Content Outline Builder

A content outline is usually the first draft of any long-form content and gives an idea of how content will be written. 

With Frase, you can build a content outline by clicking on the outline on the left side panel of the dashboard. 

Frase Outline Builder

1. To create the outline, first, enter a keyword on the top panel and hit enter.

This will give you a list of keywords that you can use. 


2. Then click on any one of the autocomplete keywords to get a list of questions that are related to that keyword.

Frase Autocomplete words

3. At last, click on all the relevant questions that you want to include in your content and Frase will build a content outline based on these questions. 


You can then click on Create document and you will be taken to the document editor with the content outline. 


Frase AI Content Writer

The AI content writer in Frase can be accessed within the Frase documents. 

From your Frase dashboard, click on New Document


Then a pop-up window will appear in which you have to enter your target Search query, select a folder and then click on “Create Document”.


This will open a new Frase document. This gives you access to the content editor in Frase and you can use it to create different forms of content. 


Another way to Create a document is through the outline builder

Frase templates

Frase templates

Writing and structuring content from scratch can be a long and cumbersome process. 

To help writes with this Frase provides a feature called AI templates. 

AI templates are created by Frase and can be used from the AI Write tab. 

Once you select the template you want to use, you need to enter some input information and Click on Run Template. 

Alternatively, Frase also gives you the option to create custom templates according to your requirements. 

You also have the option to share your custom templates with other users. 

You can share the template link directly with someone or even share it with Farse’s Community.

Frase AI Copywriter 

To use an AI copywriter, choose any template. 

Go to Templates -> Community and Search Product Description

Choose – Product description.


Enter the Input fields like product name and Keywords.


Then click Run template. You will have the content below

You will need SEO Add On of Frase to use the AI Write features

Frase Content Optimization

After writing the content using AI content or AI copywriting templates, the next stage is optimizing it for SEO.

Frase Content Optimisation

There are multiple parameters on which you can optimize.

Example – You can evaluate the comprehensiveness of your Content on basis of Top Topics, Long tail keywords, Titles, headers, Blacklist topics, and SERP Scores. 

Now – Let’s understand what’s happening here :

Frase compares your article with the top 20 Content that is ranking on SERPS and helps you Optimise so that you have a better chance of performing.

This feature helps the user to identify the gaps in the content based on keywords and SERP results. 

Here – You get a Score.

See Below: I have a score of 42%


So – What does this Score from Frase means?

This score of 42% says that my content has coverage of 42% of the long tail keywords used by the top 20 ranking pages.

Frase Suggests the Long Tail keywords that I should Use – See the Image below :

Frase also show how many time I have used a Long tail keyword vs sources from top 20 ranking pages

Eg: Keyword Surfer SEO: I have used 3 times while Sources have used 6 times. Thus, it is underused ( yellow color) and Frase is prompting me to use it more.


Using this feature the content writers can work on bridging these keywords gaps and optimize the content for SEO.

Frase For Content Briefs


Content Briefs are a set of instructions that help writers to create targetted content. 

So as a content manager, SEO or Content strategist content briefs are indispensable as they help to communicate requirements to your writers and editors. 

Steps to create a Content Briefs in Frase:

1. Create a new Document. 


2. Enter your target search query and click Create document


3. Click on Research – So that the Frase AI engine can start analyzing the top 20 Ranking Pages for this SERP Query


4. You have the option to tell Frase – what top 20 Pages it should analyze – as in you can remove those pages from analysis, that you do not find relevant

Frase will take some 2 minutes to come up with an analysis

You will have a summary – as in what is the average word count and Headers used by top 20 websites for a search query


5. Click on Automate Content brief and boom –



Select the topics you want in the Content Brief


You have a Content brief Created in Seconds

you can now share these instructions with your writer

See below :

The list of Instructions along with Top Topics and Long Tail keywords is ready

Additionally – and this goes without mention: you can always make edits in the Content Brief

Frase Answer Engine Chat Bot

Frase also has a feature that allows the users to create and install an AI Question-answer chatbot on their website. 

Unlike other chatbots that use complex decision trees, Frase chatbots use existing Website content to find answers to questions. 

The Frase chatbot feature can be accessed by Switching to Frase Answers from the button left side of the dashboard. 


Select Assistants as Shown :


To create and install the chatbot on the website

1. Crawl your website with frase

This will give Frase access to the website content. Choose the Crawl methods and enter your website URL. 


2. Customize the Bot

Once the crawl is complete you will be able to customize the chatbot and create a personalized chatbot for your website by adjusting the settings


3. Train and Test your chatbot

 Before you Install the chatbot, click on Test Sandbox to test your Frase Answer assistant and make the necessary changes. 


Surprisingly :

You can also have some exit intent pop-up installed on your Chatbot!


4. Install the Chatbot on the website

Once you have configured your Assitant, go ahead and install it on your website. To do this you can do Javascript/WordPress installation, and Google tag manager installation. 

The tool also gives you the functionality to select specific pages of your website where you want the Chatbot to appear.

How to Install Frase Answers chatbot on your Website.

Frase Analytics

Frase’s content analytics tools help you uncover how your posts are performing


With its Google Search console integration (about which we will talk later) Frase allows you to fetch data from the Google Search console and analyze it.

The content analytics page has 2 sections

  • Last 30 days with Month over month trends – This shows the evolution of your content over time with metrics like Rank rate, pages ranked, Total clicks, etc. 
  • Data Breakdown- This is a collection of pages, queries, content, and clusters under which your web pages are categorized into different Statuses. 

These statuses include Top Result, Quick Win, ranked, unranked, opportunity, and decay. 

Easy Document Management with Frase

Frase makes managing your documents very easy by categorizing them with folders, users, status, and dates. 

Read On :


In case you have a Team or Enterprise version and more than 1 user then the documents will be categorized under the user who created them. 

To manage the progress under each document you can set different statutes which include- researching, writing, optimizing, and completing ad publishing. 


It also mentions the Target date that you have set to finish and publish the document. 

Frase Integrations

To enable its users to work seamlessly, Frase has provided them with these four integrations that help to create, publish and track the content. 

To access these go to Account> Integrations.


1. WordPress

Frase lets the users publish their content directly on the website with this integration. 

Enter your WordPress account details and Click on Connect to link the Frase account with the website.

You can also use Frase Content Optimisation inside WordPress! ( Coming Soon Feature)

2. Google Docs Addon


Frase’s Google doc addon allows you to use Frase’s features within a Google Doc.

3.  Google Search console

You can also connect your Googe Search console account with your Frase. 

This will allow the tool to access your website metrics and this will help in your traffic and site data analytics.

4. Hubspot CRM 

This Hubspot CRM Integration works with Frase answers chatbot to manage leads.


With this, whenever a website visitor uses the Frase chatbot, their contact details will be sent to Hubspot CRM. 

Frase Pricing and 7 Day Free Trial of Frase

Frase IO pricing

Frase offers 3 Plans –

Basic: Starts $44.99/Mo – best for Individuals: 1 user and 30 Documents a month

Team – Starts at $114.99/Mo – best for Teams and Agencies

Enterprise – Custom plan for Enterprise SEO tool users

Frase also offers a FREE 7 Day trial: This allows you an opportunity to use Frase and See if Frase suits your Content Creation needs

Frase Free Tools

Frase Free tools

Frase Offers Various Free tools that you can use

These tools include a Frase AI Content Generator, Introduction Generator, and many more

You can try these Free Tools from Frase for creating short articles

Check out the Frase Free Tools here

SEO Add On – Optional Extra

In addition to its Basic plan, Team plan, and Enterprise plan, Frase has an Optional SEO Add-on feature for an additional $35/month. 


With the Frase SEO Add-on you get:

  • Data on Keyword search volume within the outline builder: This helps you to select your keywords while you write and removes the need to get an additional Keyword research tool!
  • SERP domain authority data and backlink data for top results 
  • Unlimited access to Frase AI writer, which otherwise is limited to 5 Inputs per day.

Pros and Cons of Frase IO

Like every tool, even Frase has some drawbacks. Let’s have a look at the Pros and cons of Frase. 


  • Frase Answer Engine 

This feature by Frase is a gram changer as it interacts with website visitors in real-time 24X7 and with the Hubspot Integration, it can help to collect and nurture leads. 

  • Integrations 

Apart from the Hubspot integrations, the WordPress and Google search console interactions make it aeries for the user to publish and track the content.

Cons and Missing functionality 

  • Frase doesn’t give Keyword data with any of its plans

To get the keywords data, the SEO add-on has to be purchased separately with a monthly subscription.

  • Doesn’t have an inbuilt Plagiarism checker

Another missing functionality can be the lack of an inbuilt plagiarism checker in the Frase Documents. For Content-creation tools like Frase, a Plagiarism checker is a necessity. 

Frase Alternatives

Lets now look at some of Frase’s Alternatives :

1. Frase vs Surfer SEO

frase vs Surfer seo

The major difference is that while Surfer SEO is an All in one SEO and Content optimization tool that focuses on SEO, Frase is first and foremost a content writing tool. 

The SEO features of the tool come in separately with the SEO add-on. So if you as looking for a tool that focuses on SEO, Surfer SEO is the tool for you.

In terms of pricing, both the tools are almost the same but Frase is slightly cheaper.

2. Frase vs Jasper AI


Jasper AI is an AI Content writing tool and most of the features in Frase and Jasper same. 

What makes them different is that in addition to other features Jasper also has a feature for Content improver. With this Jasper analyzes your existing content and gives suggestions to make it better. 

One feature that gives Frase the upper hand on Jasper ai is the Content Briefs.

 While Frase can create content briefs from a single keyword, there is no such feature in Jasper. 

Also in Jasper, the long-form content creation tool is only available with their Boss plan, which is not the case with Frase. 

Also Read: Jasper AI Review

Things to know About Frase Review

Is there anything about Frase you don’t like or think could be improved upon?

Frase is limited concerning SEO features. It is primarily a content optimization tool, not one SEO tool. For someone who requires advanced SEO, this took will not help much.

Are there any features in particular that make Frase stand out from all the others?

Frase Answer Engine is one feature that makes it different from other tools out there. With the Answer Engine, you can create an AI chatbot for your website with minimal effort. 

Do you use any other software besides Frase? If so what do you use them for?

In addition to Frase, we use various Blogging tools like hosting tools, content editing tools and email marketing tools

We have also used and reviewed various SEO tools which you can read here. 

Is Frase Io worth it? Is it any good?

Using a Content optimization tool like Frase can help you to save a lot of time and effort when it comes to your content strategy.

So yes Frase is worth it.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the SEO add comes as a separate subscription if your main objection is SEO. 

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