6 Reasons to use Grammarly For Chrome – Free Grammar Checker extension

Grammarly for Chrome
Grammarly for chromeGrammarly for chrome

Grammarly is a Free Grammar Checker tool that helps you write clear and concise English sentences. Grammarly for Chrome is a perfect free browser extension for anyone who writes any type of long or short content.

Whether you are an aspiring blogger who wants to Start a successful blog or a content writer who writes content for clients, Grammarly for Chrome is a comprehensive online grammar editor tool.

Grammarly Business is widely used by corporate professionals who want to enhance their email writing or documentation skills. Grammarly offers apps that aids in writing better and formal emails or product documentation.

Above all, Grammarly works well with browser editions of primary collaboration tools like MS Teams or Slack.

Let’s see how Grammarly helps everyone to write better English.

Grammarly for Chrome gives Real-Time Suggestions

Grammarly for Chrome gives real-time suggestions and generates four distinct types of Alerts to improve the words or sentences. This saves a lot of time and removes the obligation for proofreading post document completion.

Grammarly helps you to reduce redundant words and helps produce more stimulating and clear communications. Redundant words often bother your readers and make texts hard to read.

Grammarly Premium simplifies the sentences and makes content more appealing

Grammarly for Chrome Removes Redundant words

Grammarly for Google Docs improves Team Collaboration

Grammarly Google docs scans the document and enables users to validate their work in google docs using this free grammar checker tool.

With recommendations to make communications more concise, Grammarly for Google docs helps team members to add accuracy and conciseness in their Google documents and thus limits back-and-forth communication.

How to Use Grammarly for Google Docs

Start using Grammarly for Google Docs by installing the Grammarly Chrome Extension and it will be instantly added as an extension to Google Docs.
Once you have added Grammarly Chrome extension for Google docs, Grammarly will review your Google docs and highlight the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes
Grammarly for Google Docs
Grammarly for Google Docs

Grammarly helps to define Tone and gives Clarity 

Grammarly extension for chrome allows writers to set the apt tone of the content. Grammarly thus assures that you write engaging content for a diverse audience and grab their attention.

Grammarly adds credibility and clarity to all the business communication you make. It guarantees that you convey the right message in the right tone so that the message of your content stays deep with the readers

A clear and concise message helps to earn trust and enhances the brand value of the company/team you work with.

This feature is a useful addition to Grammarly for Outlook plugin. Once installed, Grammarly for Outlook helps you determine the right tone of the email you sent.

Grammar Checker

Grammarly Plagiarism detector finds Duplicate Content

Grammarly acts as a perfect proofreader. It scans billions of web pages and checks the authenticity of your content. In case a part of or the whole of your content is plagiarized, Grammarly alerts and suggests you cite the source.

This is a helpful feature for bloggers or content masters who source their content from freelancers, and they want to check the authenticity of the content.

Grammarly gives a Readability Score that improves your writing

Grammarly has a readability score that tells how easy and difficult your content is for the users to read. The Grammarly readability score is determined from a formula known as Flesch reading-ease test

  • If Readability of your text is high ( towards 100 ) it means the document is simple for people to read and interpret
  • Once you have finished writing your content, check the Performance Score and aim for a score greater than 60. 
Grammarly For Chrome Performance Score
Grammarly Readibility Score is 84 in this SnapShot

Grammarly offers various Apps to suit your needs

Grammarly offers the following apps to help you write a better sentence on various devices and Operating systems. Click on the Bold Letters and get the right app for you

Grammarly Chrome Extension that helps you write correct grammar when you are using the Chrome browser.
Grammarly app for Windows – An app for your PC that one can easily install and use.
Grammarly for Word to help you improve document and resume writing skills
Grammarly for Outlook App to help you improve your professional email
Grammarly keyword for Mobile – One can easily enjoy Grammarly features of the Online Grammar Checker tool while using Mobile
Grammarly for Word Mac – for Mac users, Grammarly offers a unique Mac supported application that works smoothly with Mac PCs.Download this and Grammarly will auto detect the MAC PC to install the right version of Grammarly
Grammarly for Word Outlook
Grammarly Apps – All Apps are Free to use with Optional Premium Features