11 Free Keyword Research Tool in 2023 for 10X Traffic

Free keyword Research Tools

This is a list of Free Keyword Research Tool for SEO in 2021

By using the Keyword Research tools, you get keywords to optimize your content for on-page SEO, such that it satisfies the user intent. 

These tools let you find the keywords, perform analysis, unveil the search volumes, explore trending topics, and recognize the quality format to be used.

We use these tools on daily basis and in this list, we will reveal the best Free keyword tools that you can choose 

SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker – Forever Free plan

SEO PowerSuite

The SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker is a free SEO tool used by marketers to find the most profitable keywords

With Rank Tracker, You’ll also get 18 inbuilt keyword suggestion tools that will help you find long-tail keywords.

In SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker, one can use tags to segment the keywords.

SEO power suite also has a Local Pack for Local SEO Keywords

free keyword research tool

Rank Tracker also helps you perform keyword position tracking and reports generation – all for FREE

See Below Image

free keyword research tool

You can schedule your rank checks and data reports in the SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker.

Download SEO Powersuite for FREE

Keyword Surfer – Forever Free Chrome Extension

Keyword Surfer is a chrome extension that helps you find the keyword monthly search volume and gives keyword ideas. 

This chrome browser extension SEO tool lets you uncover metrics like search volume as per geographical location

I do find this a great FREE SEO Tool

Read Below : 

This Free Keyword research Tool gives you two important metrics as per the location selected

Surfer Free Keyword Research Tool
  1. Search Volume for the Keyword
  2. CPC for Google  Ads Campaign


Surfer generates a table view for you to give you similar Longtail Keywords that shows how similar these keywords are with the primary keyword along with Volume

Surfer Free Keyword Research Tool

This Keywords Data can be easily copied on the Clipboard and exported to excel

WhatsmySERP – Forever Free Chrome Extension

Whatsmyserp is a free  SEO Chrome Extension to find out the long-tail keywords, search volume, and CPC  within the google search results

This is an easy to use tool

WhatmySERP Free Keyword Research Tool

The benefit of this free SEO extension tool is that you can access the keywords and SEO metrics within the google SERPs – you can analyze the metrics and SERPs in one single view

( All in One View)

The Keywords can be easily downloaded in CSV as a keyword list

Whatsmyserp gives you local results – all you have to do is select the preferred location and you will get the results

As of now, WMS Everywhere is available only for Chrome.

Keyword Everywhere – Forever Free Chrome Extension

Keyword Everywhere is a chrome extension and it is one of my favorite Best Free keyword research tools

I will explain this : 

Keywords Everywhere Free Keyword Research Tool

For any search query, Keyword everywhere gives you the following metrics : 

  • Trends in Form of Charts for the Seed Keyword
  • Related Keywords
  • People Also ask for Details
  • Long Tail keywords
Keywords Everywhere Free Keyword Research Tool

Additionally, if you hover on any of the URLs in Search, you get details like – 

  • Organic Traffic Per month for the URL
  • Organic Traffic Per month for the Domain
  • Organic Keywords for the URL
  • Organic Keywords for the Domain
Keywords Everywhere Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Everywhere also gives you top pages for a particular URL that comes n the SERP for a search query

The best part is :

All of this information can be available at Zero cost

Yes, Keywords everywhere is FREE along with the Paid plan

There is one limitation in the Free plan – this Free Keyword research tool doest gives metrics like Search volume and difficulty

These metrics are present on paid plans of KE – which is only $10 / year! 

Answer the Public – Free for FAQs

free keyword research tool

Answer the Public is a Free Keyword research and Content Marketing tool that helps you get the long-tail keywords in form of questions that people are asking on the internet for the seed keyword

Answer the public generates autocomplete data from search engines.

free keyword research tool

It shows the Keyword phrases and questions that people are skiing for your keyword. 

All these keywords can be downloaded as a list of Keyword ideas

These insights are very useful or digital PR and Content marketing

free keyword research tool

The free plan allows two searches per day

Answer the public also has a paid plan where you can set up weekly emails and search listening alerts and do Unlimited searches daily

Paid plan also allows you to compare data over time in various visual formats

SE Ranking Keyword Research – 14 Days Free Plan

SE Ranking SEO Tool

SE Ranking is a comprehensive SEO platform that offers SEO tools like Keyword research, Competitive Research, and Keyword Position tracking

SE ranking allows you to perform keyword research and generates very useful insights

For the Seed Keyword: Kitchen Tools, one can easily get below Data

SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool
  1. Keyword Difficulty
  2. Keyword Search Volume
  3. Similar Keywords with Search Volumes
  4. Related Long Tail Keywords with Search Volume
  5. Keywords with Low search Volume that are easy to rank for. 

The Low Search Volume section in SE Ranking is my Favourite

See below :

SE Ranking  Free Keyword Research Tool

You can easily get those keywords where Search volume is low and your Competitors are not targeting for

For beginners or for new websites, this is great data to start with.

Sign Up for SE Ranking Free Plan for 14 Days Free – No Credit Card Required

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SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool – 7 Dys Free Trial

Semrush is an enterprise SEO platform suitable for Enterprises or SMBs who are looking to work with websites that generate large amounts of data

SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO toolkit with a load of features like Keyword Research, Content marketing, Competitor analysis, Trends, Advertising Analytics, and so on

The best part of Semrush is the wide variety of filters that helps you narrow down your search and focus on what you need

This is an essential part of Content Strategy – to Find your Focus keywords

SEMrush Keyword Magic tool helps you find longtail, Low difficulty keywords

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool  Free Keyword Research Tool

For example, in the image above, there are filters like Broad match, Phrase match, Exact match that help you perform your keyword search. 

You also have filters to find and filter keywords on basis of KD, Volume, etc

If you notice the image above, you will see a side box where you can find the Parent keyword. 

Parent keywords help you create Clusters around it so that you can establish your authority in Google EAT!

Check out an In-Depth Review of SEMrush Content Marketing Platform

Semrush also gives you Keyword Variations, Questions, and elated keywords – all in one view

free keyword research tool

There is also a SERP analysis Feature that lets you analyze the URLs that are ranking for your search term

free keyword research tool

Mangools KWFinder – 10 Day Free Trial

Mangools KW Finder

KWFinder by Mangools is a Keyword Research SEO tool that lets you easily find keyword ideas with low difficulty

Launched in 2014, KWfinder is famous for easy to use UI and accuracy of the Keyword Difficulty metric

KWFinder also has a local pack where you can perform Keyword research as per location

If you are a local business and targeting a specific location or a language, Mangools is the right keyword finder tool to start with

KWFinder shows you the Related keywords, Autocomplete Option, and Questions that people ask on Google

free keyword research tool

Using KW FInder, you can 

  1. Search Keywords per location for Local SEO
  2. Search by Domain
  3. Search for Organic vs Paid keywords

The paid plans for Mangools KWFinder is cheap with advanced features

It starts with $26/Mo for annual billing with 200 Keyword Daily Rank Tracking and Keyword Research Tools

Free Keyword Research Tool for YouTube

As the consumption of videos is increasing, Youtube is no more a video hosting platform. 

Youtube has evolved into a search engine where people come and perform maximum searches for ‘How To’ videos

YouTube also serves as a platform for creating educational and promotional videos

Often, songs and trailers are now launched fresh on YouTube

This creates an opportunity for marketers to make money online

If you have the right keywords and add those words in VideoTitle and Description, the YouTube algorithm will understand what your video is about and will rank your video

Thus, YouTube Keyword research Tool for Video SEO assumes importance

Lets now look at two Free YouTube Keyword Research tools and see how one can find video Ideas

Keyword Tool.io – For YouTube Keywords

Keyword Tool.io uses YouTube autocomplete feature to generate relevant long-tail keywords for a search query

Keyword Tool.io Free Keyword Research T

To help you achieve better results, Keyword Tool.io allows you to have localized results as per location and language supported by YouTube

Keyword Tool will generate the most popular searches as suggestions so that you can use these terms and do Video SEO

The Pro plan gives you metrics along with Prepositions and Hashtags

Keyword Tool Dominator – Free Keyword Research Tool for You Tube

Keyword Tool Dominator is a Free Keyword Suggestion tool used to find the keywords on YouTube

It also uses the YouTube autocomplete search suggestions and generates popular YouTube keywords that one can use for your YouTube channel 

Keyword Dominator Free Keyword Research Tool for You Tube

The YouTube Keyword tool from Keyword Tool Dominator generates a popularity score to help you identify the most searched keywords on YouTube

The top 10 Keywords are highlighted with a star. 

There is a toggle button that instantly shows up the top 10 keywords for your search term

There are various filters present that marketers can use to narrow down your keyword research 

All the Keyword searches can be made as per location and language

Most of the features are totally free. 

For unlimited Keyword searches, metrics, and reporting capabilities, you can get the pro plan at a Lifetime deal of $29 Only! 

Bulk Keyword Generator for Local SEO

Bulk Keyword Generator is a free Local SEO tool for small businesses who want to improve their rankings in a particular location

free keyword research tool

All you have to do is Select your Business type, Enter your Location City and this tool will generate the Keywowords relevant for the local business. 

Google – For Related Keywords and Questions

Google is a very accurate tool that can also help you with keyword suggestions

In fact, for any marketer, We would suggest that Google should be the starting point

Start with keyword research on Google and see how the search helps you find more relevant keywords 

For the Seed keyword: Kitchen Tools, see how easily you can find the latest long-tail keywords

Google is Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Also, after the search query is made, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find more keywords for your seed keyword in the Related Searches Section

Google is Best Free Keyword Research Tool

These keywords are tangential keywords that are indirectly related to your seed keyword and will help you create a comprehensive content

There is also a ‘People also aks’ section that helps you find all the relevant questions people are asking on the internet for your target keyword

free keyword research tool

Thus, Google gives you a quick view of the Keywords that one can target for – All for FREE

Paid vs Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO: What to focus on?

Free Keyword Research Tools help you perform keyword research and get relevant insights

However, Free Keyword research tools for SEO come with limitations. Often the search query is limited and the data visibility is restricted. Free SEO tools have a small database, Paid Keyword Research tools often have a large database with accurate metrics. 

SEO Chrome Extension like Surfer, Whatsmyserp provide a quick and easy way to start your Keyword research. Keywords Everywhere are still better and provide relevant insights

In case you want to scale up your SEO strategy, you may have to switch to Cheap Paid SEO tools somewhere down the road.

Paid SEO Tools helps you perform advanced analytics and add Content Marketing capabilities

FAQs – Free keyword Research Tool for Blogger

What are the benefits of keyword research tools?

Keyword Research tool for bloggers help you find the Long Tail Keywords, Questions, Keyword Phrases for On-Page SEO

What is Sheeter?

Keyword Sheeter is a free keyword generator that pulls autocomplete results from Google and saves them in an excel sheet

What is Answer The Public?

AnswerThePublic is a free SEO tool to know the questions that people are asking on the internet for a particular search query. It gives global as well as local results

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a Google SEO tool that shows keyword popularity over time and across geographic locations.

What is QuestionDB?

QuestionDB is a keyword research tool for Reddit