12 Free SEO Tools to Start your SEO Journey in 2023

Free SEO Tools

In this blog post, we will look at the best Free SEO tools that help you with various SEO tasks like Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, and more. 

You can start with free SEO tools at first and then can switch to their paid version to get better content interaction on your websites. As with paid versions, you can have more SEO related features that can be used for getting better ranks in SERPs

1. Keywordtool.io 

Keywordtool.io Free Seo Tool

Keywords.io is a free Saas Seo Tool that generates hundreds of long-tail keywords and other popular keywords for a search term

This Free  Keyword Research tool uses Google Autocomplete functionality to generate long-tail keywords for a particular topic. 

Keyword.io extracts all the commonly used keywords from Google and presents them in a very easy-to-understand format. Keyword Tool is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner for SEO.

It has a forever Free version that can generate up to 750+ keywords from Google Autocomplete in seconds. 

2. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere Free Seo Tool

Keyword everywhere is a browser add-on SEO tool used for showing monthly search volume and competition data of your website’s keywords.

Free VersionPaid version
Trend charts for Google and YouTube  for the keywordHistorical Trend chart of your website search volume, data trends, and competition data
List of Long Tail Keywords for the search queryKeyword Import Feature
Limited Competitors research metrics like monthly estimates of traffic and top 500 KeywordsAccurate Metrics like Search volume, Competiton ( Keyword Difficulty), and CPC metrics
Get Top Ranking Pages
Comparison table for Free vs Paid Options

3. Google Search Console

google search console free seo tool

Google Search Console is a forever free Google SEO tool that helps you to measure your website’s organic traffic and performance. 

Also, with Google search console you can fix Seo issues and make your website rank higher on google.

Google search console also helps you to optimize your content by identifying keywords or queries that bring more traffic to your website. It helps you submit Sitemaps and analyze the core web vitals like Mobile usability and responsiveness of web pages

With the Google search console, you can also analyze your website’s traffic, position, and click-throughs.

Google search console also alerts you if there’s an issue on your website and you can tell Google when you have fixed them. 

4. Google analytics

google analytics free seo tool

Google Analytics is an SEO tool that helps you to analyze your data in one place and make smarter decisions by analyzing the insights that it generates

With Google Analytics, you can get a whole view of your website’s performance and you can use machine learning capabilities to get results like – 

  1. Top performing pages
  2. User Behavior, Sessions and Bounce rate
  3. Active users and CTRs
  4. Audience Demographics like – Country from which your audience is coming
  5. Traffic Sources i.e Organic search, or Ads, Social media
  6. Campaign Performance

5. Mangools KWfnder

Mangools KW Finder Free Seo Tool

Mangools Kwfinder is a Free  SEO tool to find long-tail keywords with high search volume and low SEO difficulty. Mangools Kwfinder is one of the most used SEO tools and provides a user-friendly interface and cool charts and dashboards. 

Kwfinder also helps effective competitor analysis in finding the best-ranked competitor keywords by entering your competitor’s domain or URLs. 

With Kwfinder, you can create content based on historical search volume which means you can identify the most searched keywords and topics that will boost the traffic on your website.

One distinguishing feature is the local Keyword research and SERP analysis that comes with this cheap SEO Tool

There is a 10-day free trial that allows for 5 lookups and 10 Competitor lookups. After that, you need to upgrade with as low as  $29/mo. 

6. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer Free Seo Tool

Keyword surfer is a free SEO tool in form of a browser extension that allows you to see search volumes and related keywords directly in Google Search results

Keyword Surfer provides the fastest and easiest way to reveal the best long-tail keywords and perform keyword research on google without logging in or opening any Seo Tool

Also, this tool is 100 percent free which means you can use it for a free lifetime.

Keyword Surfer gives you the advantage of finding the related long-tail keyword, determining their difficulty, and generates visibility metrics. 

Once you type any keyword phrase and press enter you can get a whole list of uncovering search volumes, keyword suggestions, and related terms in just one go. 

You can get all your data in a google search without logging into any other applications. 

For Beginners, this is a great SEO extension to start with!

7. Answer the Public

Answer the Public Free Seo Tool

Answer the public is a Free SEO tool that visualizes search questions that people are asking and google autocomplete phrases in form of visual graphs and images. These details can be downloaded in excel format. 

Answer the public listens to search questions from search engines like google and quickly clicks out the useful phrase and what questions people are asking around your keyword. 

Answer the public enables you a deep idea of keywords, how people search around the topics and people can get their search and queries cleared. 

Also, it’s super easy to use and has a very good UI with a person staring and prompting you to search 😉 

The Free plan allows you to perform one search in a day!

8. Alsoasked.com

Alsoasked Free Seo Tool

Alsoasked.com is a Free SEO tool that generates questions that people are asking on the internet related to the search query answer available on the search engine. 

These questions are beneficial because if you add these questions in your content using Faq Schema or in headers, there is a huge possibility to get  more traffic as the question gets features in the People Also ask a section of Google search

The free plan allows you to perform 10 searches per month and download data in PNG

While the paid plan allows you to perform 1000 searches per month and download data in excel format

9. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb Free Seo Tool

A similar web is an analytics SEO tool that determines website traffic to generate insights like the organic traffic overview, engagement metrics, identify consumer intent and journey. 

With this analytics Seo tool, you can also see your competitor’s SEO Strategy, top keywords, and Organic rankings

Similar web gives you a quick view of the largest competitors in the market, analyze their trends and find out how they find qualified leads and sales opportunities

If you upgrade your plan to a similar web pro, you can also get hosting features like subscriber’s information from various networks

Some of the features of similar web include Traffic overview, Engagement metrics, and total visit on your website which gives you the whole overview of competitor’s website ranking and organic traffic. 

10. Google Keyword Planner

free seo tools

Google keyword planner is a keyword research SEO tool that helps you in researching keywords for search campaigns. Google keyword planner is a free tool for discovering new keywords related to your business. 

Google keyword planner can provide insights into keyword marketing and campaign performance.

Google keyword planner gives a lot of benefits which include discovering new keywords, creating new campaigns, and also determines the average cost for your ads.

Our recommendation is that Google Keyword Planner is best suited for advertising campaigns SEO. For Keyword research, there are various cheap Seo tools that should be used

11. SE Ranking.Com

SE Ranking SEO Tool

SE Ranking is a free SEO software that provides features like Keyword research, Rank Tracking,  Website Audit, Competitor analysis, Backlink analytics, etc. 

This is one of the best Seo Tool for B2B features like social media handling, white-label, and creating a marketing plan using the same SEO tool

SE Ranking also helps in competitor analysis in which you can keep track of your competitor’s website keywords and marketing strategy. It also helps in backlink monitoring in which you can keep a view of your backlinks.

It has a Forever free plan with limited features and the paid plan starts at as low as 18$/mo. 

12. SEMScoop

SEMScoop Free Seo Tool

SEMScoop is an SEO tool that was founded in 2016 in the United States. This SEO tool is a provider of cloud-based keyword research tools with which you can do keyword analysis, website ranking, external keyword importing. 

SEMScoop is a free SEO tool that is used for finding out the long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. 

You can also find accurate search volume for your website which makes your website rank higher.

With the SEMScoop SEO tool, you can find out the keyword authority metrics and domain page of your website with only one click.

The free plan allows you to perform 5 keyword searches per day and 10 keyword analyses.

Paid plan starts with $9/mo/ 

FAQs for Free SEO Tools

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools assist users to get higher ranks on their website on all the search engines and increases the visibility of their content. 
These tools optimize your content on the basis of backlinks, keywords, and other SEO metrics

Which is the best free SEO tool?

There are many free tools available in the market but some of the best free SEO tools include Google Seo Tools like Google Search Console, Rank Math

What are Google SEO tools?

Google SEO tool is a tool that is used for optimizing your website content so that it appears on high ranking on all search engines like google. 

Is SEO worth the money?

Yes, SEO is a very important investment to make for small businesses and large businesses as it makes your website’s content better by using keyword analysis or backlink analysis.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Yes, You can absolutely do SEO of your own but you need a lot of practice and lots of research. But, before you start have a full guide on SEO fundamentals and check out the cheap Seo Tools