13 Proven Ways to Gain Twitter Followers Free

Gain Twitter Followers Free

In terms of social media marketing, Twitter is an absolute goldmine, with over 187 million active users.

This post shows you a bunch of amazing ways to Gain Twitter Followers Free.

Using these tips will boost your followers count in no time because they’re easy to do.

Best of all, these tips to increase Twitter followers are all free.

Let’s do this!

How to Gain Twitter Followers for Free- 13 Proven Ways

Gain Twitter Followers Free
  1. Post Visual Content – Add Images
  2. Promote Your name @ everywhere you can
  3. Use Twitter Threads
  4. Build Relationships with Audience
  5. Tweet Consistently and Tweet value
  6. Tweet when your followers are most active
  7. Organize Contests, Polls, and Giveaways
  8. Find Relevant HashTags
  9. Use Twitter Spaces 
  10. Use Twitter Lists 
  11. Use ‘Pin Your tweet’ top of your profile to show the most valuable tweet 
  12. Invest Time to engage with your Audience
  13. Use Analytics  to re-adjust your tweeting Strategy

1. Post Visual Content – Add Images

Adding images to your tweets can help increase your followers for free.

When people see a tweet with an image, they are more likely to retweet it or reply to it. This is because images are more eye-catching than plain text and they can help communicate your message more effectively.

In addition, adding images to your tweets can also help you gain new followers. This is because when people search for keywords on Twitter, tweets with images are more likely to appear in the search results.

As a result, adding images to your tweets can be a great way to increase your visibility and gain new followers.

2. Promote Your name @ everywhere you can

A big part of gaining Twitter followers is making sure that your name is out there. You want people to see your tweets and think “Hey, that looks interesting” and then click the follow button. 

One way to make sure that your name is out there is to promote it in your tweets and bio. 

That way, people who are interested in what you’re saying can easily find your Twitter page and decide to follow you. 

See the example below :

3. Use Twitter threads

Gain Twitter Followers for Free

Sometimes, you may not be able to convey your idea, story, or argument within the 280-character limit Twitter sets for its messages. If that’s the case, you can use Twitter threads to “tweet up a storm.”

Threads on Twitter tell stories or share information through a series of tweets.

Using Twitter threads to connect with an audience has become a powerful tool for brands. One of the benefits is that they provide a lot of information in bite-sized pieces that can be easily digested. Good use of them can create intrigue or suspense. 

By engaging people in a Twitter thread, you can boost your message in people’s timelines, leading to more followers.

You can create a Twitter Thread Just by adding Tweets within your original tweet – the additional tweets should support the idea/information/fact you talk about in your first Tweet

Gain Twitter Followers Free

4. Build Relationships with Your Audience and Partnerships with Influencers

Launchmetrics says 76% of marketers think influencer engagement is an effective way to bring followers. The report also emphasized that “93% of marketing professionals are getting results in improving visibility through influencer engagement strategies”

To implement a successful Influencer Marketing Strategy for Twitter, you will want to have the plan to reach out to Twitter influencers, build relationships with them in the long run by following and retweeting their tweets, and ultimately leverage their followers towards increasing your followings.

How Do you build relationships – 

  1. Follow the Influencers in your Niche.
  2. Interact on the Tweets they sent – I you find value: RT those tweets
  3. Message them to see if you and the person can collaborate

Below Snapshots may provide some guidance

5. Tweet Consistently and Tweet Value

Every day, 500 million tweets are sent, so your tweet is likely to become a weed pretty soon. 

Tweeting consistently on the platform will help you gain more visibility. 

Daily tweets should be at least 4-8. Some brands tweet 15-20 times a day. Twitter isn’t just about quantity; it’s also about curating engaging posts. 

Make sure your tweets aren’t too promotional. Make sure you follow the 80-20 rule. It’s important to provide something valuable, informative, or funny in 80% of your tweets. The remaining 20% of your presentation should be dedicated to your company’s products and services.

Also – Interact with other Tweets. 

If you find value – Retweet

If you have a question – Ask in the Comment

If you like a Tweet: Like it

All of these actions will help you indirectly to gain more visibility on the platform

6. The Right Time to Tweet

Twitter moves much faster than other platforms like Facebook and YouTube, so be sure to post often.

You’ll see that popular brands post quite often on their Twitter feeds. 

There is no way you can afford to be left behind when everyone else is posting so much.

Also, tweeting at the right time is important. You should Tweet when your followers are most active

You can get a lot of engagement on Twitter at these times of the day.

How to Decide the Right Time to tweet : 

There are many AI-based Social media Tools that you can buy to get this insight. 

We use Feedhive and this is how we get the insights :

Gain Twitter Followers for Free

7. Organize Contests, Polls  and Plan Giveaways 

Contests on Twitter are an easy way to get more followers. If you take your marketing posts and turn them into a game, you’re presenting them as a challenge for your audience.

In the first place, the idea of organizing a contest does not mean that you have to provide a huge reward for the winner. 

Your business might be able to benefit from discounts, coupons, free service trials, or even some exposure, which can allow you to consider it as a small investment in marketing your business.

Are you not sure where to begin? Listed below are a few fun Twitter contest ideas.

  • Ask a question that you think they will be able to answer.
  • Try to get your players to guess what the next word will be.
  • Use a hashtag to ask people to tweet images.
  • Put up a caption contest.

8. Use The Right Hashtags in Your Tweets

Using hashtags on Twitter can increase visibility, retweets, engagement, and followers. But, this is not Instagram, so don’t expect it to work like that. 

Using 30 hashtags in a post is not something you have the leisure to do when you are posting here. As much as it is possible to use the 280-character space to write as many hashtags as you like, it is not recommended that you do so. 

It is recommended that you find and use no more than 2-3 keywords based hashtags per post. 

You will only annoy viewers if you use more than that number in your tweet. Be sure that the hashtags that you are using have a decent search volume so as to increase your chances of getting seen.

Use Free Hashtags Generators for Twitter on Internet. 

9. Use Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces are audio-only chat rooms that are accessible to anyone with a Twitter account.  Once you join a Space, your profile photo will appear in the Space so that other people in the Space can see who you are. 

Twitter Spaces provides an opportunity to connect with other users in real-time. Additionally, Twitter Spaces can be used to host conversations on topics that you are passionate about, which can help attract like-minded users to your profile. 

Furthermore, by using Twitter Spaces, you will be able to gain insights into what other users are talking about and what they are interested in, which can be helpful in tailoring your content strategy. Overall, Twitter Spaces is a valuable tool that can be used to increase your Twitter followers.

10. Use Twitter Lists

Lists are another great way to engage with Twitter users.

Lists of Twitter accounts that are similar to one another are called Twitter lists. Using them to increase your follower count is simple, but they can make a big difference.

As a brand ambassador, one of your valuable customers, or someone who you would like to engage on social media, you can create lists.

Maintaining a list of people who are affiliated with your brand will allow you to keep others informed.

You can also use the list to see how your product is being used by others and how they are interacting with you on Twitter.

Creating Twitter lists can also be useful for finding useful resources on the internet. Being a trusted source for information on social media is one of the best ways to engage your audience on social media.

It is possible to make lists for best of’s, accounts you must follow, trustworthy brands, and so on. This will help you gain twitter followers free

11. Pin your best tweets on the Top of your Profile

It only takes a few seconds for social media marketing to make an impression. That’s why it’s so essential to make your Twitter profile stand out.

Gain Twitter Followers Free

Put your best tweet on your Twitter profile’s top so it’s visible.

It’s as simple as pinning your best stuff. Giving free tips to your followers creates a great first impression.

In addition, pinned tweets can also be linked if you want to drive traffic towards them. 

Having it at the top of your profile will increase your click-through rate.

12. Invest time to engage your audience

Growing your Twitter following requires engagement. 

For more Twitter followers, you need to pay it forward. Getting likes, retweets, and comments is nice, but you must pay it forward. 

Those who engage with your content may not follow you on the platform. Don’t pass up an opportunity to engage with this potential follower if you have the chance to do so. Gaining the trust of Twitter followers requires brands to interact with them. 

Whenever you like, retweet, or respond to someone’s tweet, you’ll be giving them a good reason to click on “Follow,” giving them a reason to stay connected to you. 

Furthermore, Twitter’s algorithm chooses Tweets that are most likely to appear in the top tweets based on how frequently users interact with their accounts, how often they engage with Tweets, and many other factors. Engage with your followers in authentic conversations, and you are likely to appear in the feeds of your target audience more frequently.

The only way to boost your engagement is by initiating conversations with your followers, not by waiting for them to do so. 

Fun facts or trivia can be tweeted. Without directly selling your products, tweet something they will find interesting. 

Share a Motivation Post – Daily. This helps! 

When you’re receiving a lot of tweets every day, it can seem overwhelming to respond to them all. 

13. Make use of Twitter Analytics

Gain Twitter Followers Free

Taking a look at how you are doing right now is crucial before you can improve your Twitter marketing game.

With the help of Twitter Analytics, you will be able to monitor exactly how your Twitter account is performing daily. By doing this, you’ll be able to identify the areas where you’re doing well, as well as those in need of improvement.

In Twitter analytics, you’ll find a lot of useful features, which means you won’t have to put much effort into it.

This allows you to keep up-to-date on the number of followers, the number of profile visits, other mentions, and more, to see how well you’re doing.

Gain Twitter Followers Free

Further, you can see statistics for your posts as well as how effective they were and if they were not.

If you want to check how effective your campaigns are after that, you can simply use Twitter analytics to verify how effective they are. Your efforts will be able to be proven to yourself this way.

With your analytics data in front of you, it’s going to be much easier to get more followers on Twitter when you can see how your followers are responding to you.

These Social Media Tools will help you in Scheduling Posts on Twitter and perform advanced analytics


Growing a loyal following on Twitter takes time. Growing your following through Twitter marketing, along with the ‘growth hacks’ presented in this post, can help you build your brand, increase audience engagement, and grow your account.