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Grammarly For Chrome Review

What is Grammarly for Chrome?

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly for Chrome is an AI-powered online grammar checker software that – 

  • Helps you write clear and effective communication for better results
  • Suggests right words or synonyms in your write-ups and highlights repetitive words that need replacement
  • Ensures you create engaging and explicit content with the right delivery Tone

Creating quality content becomes more critical if you are a blogger or a business or an executive. A clear writing style makes the right impression on your customers.

Grammarly enables you to stay confident with your grammar skills and create long-lasting impacts in terms of content quality.

Today, every piece of content that you create, be it an email, a Web Page, or a Social media post on Facebook or Twitter, makes an impression. This impression generates value for your brand and creates a buzz online.

Grammarly for Chrome or Grammarly App for PC allows you to write online with an assurance that your content is grammatically error-free

Grammarly has over 2000+ institutions as Enterprise clients and 20,000,000+ daily active users. These metrics speak a lot about why Grammarly is so famous as a Grammar Check Tool.

Grammarly for Chrome Review – Benefits

Grammarly not only helps you with Grammar checks and spell checks, but it also gives real-time suggestions on advanced elements of communication like Conciseness and Tone
It helps gain Readability, improves writing style and setting the tone for the document
It helps write elegant and engaging citations or Product Descriptions that engage customers and adds professionalism 
Grammarly suggests concise sentences that are easy to follow making sure you score full marks in Clarity of Content with Formal Tone and polite word suggestions
Grammarly allows you to choose words that make content more engaging and vivid with a compelling dictionary and lively sentence variety
Grammarly’s Plagiarism detector (premium) helps scan content with 16 billion web pages making sure you do not end up putting copied content on your website or blog
Grammarly for chrome reviewGrammarly for chrome review

How to use Grammarly for Chrome? 

Grammarly offers an intuitive, real-time interface that allows people to compose impeccable content irrespective of wherever they type through. 

Grammarly can be used by 

  • Grammarly for Chrome browser extension
  • Online Grammar Checker web-based editor
  • Microsoft Office add-in (Grammarly For Word and Outlook) 
  • The desktop app and Mobile Keyboard. 
 How to use Grammarly?
How to use Grammarly?  A quick look on a various app that Grammarly provides

Let us look at various ways to use Grammarly

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly Chrome Extension is a popular way to use Grammarly as an online word editor. You can install Grammarly as a chrome extension and intensify your writing experiences. Grammarly also offers a free browser extension for Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox

Grammarly for Chrome, Grammarly for Safari, Grammarly for Firefox, and Grammarly for Microsoft Edge enables users to create error-free content online.

Grammarly for Chrome extension offers suggestions on a remarkable extensive collection of websites, including Google Docs, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, and others. 

Grammarly for Chrome
Grammarly for Chrome works with the above Websites and Apps

Grammarly Chrome works perfectly for WordPress. Thus, if you are running a blog or a WordPress Website owner, Grammarly Chrome Extension is an essential tool for you to install. Above all, It is free to add in any browser.

Grammarly For Word Review

Grammarly for Microsoft Office add-in assists you as a perfect grammar checker tool. It suggests corrections and grammar fixes as you create a document in MS Word or write emails using Grammarly for Outlook.

Grammarly for Word helps to set the right level of Formal Tone in the business conversations – email or documents. It drives your message in a better direction, thus building stronger bonds for positive and fruitful work culture.

  • It thus ensures that the recipient gets the right context and eliminates scope for guesswork. 
  • Grammarly Word is an excellent addition one can have sharp email writing skills or documentation skills. 
  • Grammarly helps create polished business emails that are sure to make a long-lasting impression on your customers. At the same time, quality documents are sure to add professionalism in the day to day role you perform. 

Assume you are making your resume or creating an enablement document for new hires in your company. Grammarly for MS word can help you add a formal tone to the paragraphs and add more Clarity to the words you have picked. This assistance ensures precise message delivery.

Grammarly for Word
Grammarly for Word Snapshot

How to Add Grammarly to Word

You can add Grammarly to Word and MS Outlook by installing a Windows Add-in. Follow the below steps –

  • Step 2 – Sign up and Create your Account

Grammarly App For PC Review

Grammarly App for Windows and macOS is used readily by installing a Desktop app for PC. Once you log into your Desktop app, it syncs with your Chrome extension.

You can easily access the documents both in Grammarly Chrome and Grammarly app for PC. Changes that you make in Grammarly App for PC immediately syncs with Grammarly for Chrome.

Grammarly Review – Keyboard for Mobile

Grammarly Keyboard for ioS and Android helps you write better emails, clear Facebook posts, and mistake-free tweets on Mobile.

This keyboard helps you write with confidence while using Mobile for creating content on famous social media or email apps like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter. 

  • Write a business post on LinkedIn, or Create a Post on Facebook, Grammarly online grammar checker feature ensures a strong selection of words. 
  • While you edit Google Docs on your phone, Grammarly Keyboard assists you in choosing the right words and removes spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

Who can use Grammarly for Chrome?

Grammarly is a must-use tool for any Blogger, Social media influencer, Professionals, or Individual working in organizations and even Students.

Grammarly for Bloggers

Grammarly for chrome reviewGrammarly for chrome review
Grammarly ensures every blog post is grammatically correct and high in quality
  • When bloggers communicate with their audiences, writing is everything! Grammarly for Chrome equips Bloggers to get the right messaging across. Grammarly strengthens the quality of blogs and websites and improves blogger-to-follower communication.
Grammarly’s plagiarism checker ensures that every post is original
  • Original content is essential for search engine rankings. Search Engines penalize blogs with articles with plagiarized content
  • Bloggers can run their copy through Grammarly’s plagiarism checker and assists them to mention their citation sources
  • Grammarly helps to get the website posts are on track to becoming Search Engine Optimized.

Grammarly for Content Writers

It helps as a Proofreading assistant for professional writers
  • Grammarly acts as a smart assistant for Professional writers helping them maintain high standard and quality in their writing
Grammarly helps in easy identification and correction of mistakes which means happy clients and productive work.
  • Content writers can not afford to make silly grammar mistakes. They do not have time for extensive proofreading. Grammarly for Word comes in handy here.
  • It offers smart UI to make writers more productive and efficient by allowing them to fix gaps in their content through smart suggestions and polished words.

Grammarly for Professionals and Corporates

Grammarly for chrome reviewGrammarly for chrome review
Grammarly Chrome and Grammarly App for PC helps professionals and enterprise users to craft emails with a formal tone and crisp message, allowing them to set a solid fastpitch
  • Emails are part of everyone’s day to day jobs. Whether you are a salesperson or an agency, whether you are an engineering manager who writes to clients on project updates, professionalism in your online communication is essential. 
  • Grammarly helps you achieve this professionalism with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks. 
It increases Professionals’ productivity
  • Grammarly’s user-friendly UI helps with a quick fix of time-consuming writing errors
    • It gets simple to write emails or create documents when you do not have to worry about the grammar mistakes or usage of words.

Grammarly for Students and Teacher

Grammarly for chrome reviewGrammarly for chrome review

Students and teachers write a lot in their day to day routine. Be it an essay or an academic story writing project, Grammarly helps students set the right tone and suggests them to improve their editorial skills.

Grammarly acts as an online teaching assistant that helps improve the composition skills of students and teachers.

  • Grammarly Premium with vocabulary enhancement feature acts as a personal proofreader for students helping them to create improved essays or content.
  • Grammarly Premium Plagiarism detector flags copied content and suggest modifications.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it? – Our Experience Review

Let’s look at the features offered by Grammarly free vs. Premium version and analyze if Grammarly premium is worth a buy or not.

While you write, Grammarly Premium checks your text against more than 400 advanced grammar rules.

Highlights of premium features include –

Grammatically incorrect sentences, like active-passive usage, agreement of subject with the verb, spelling mistakes, contextual errors
Grammarly’s spell check feature takes the context of your sentence into account. It suggests synonyms and helps you create precise and readable texts
Grammarly Premium helps you to focus on where your writing needs work

Grammarly Premium Review – Pricing and Plans

Grammarly Premium comes with competitive pricing and offers a full range of features that suits a variety of individuals. There is also a Grammarly Premium free trial for affiliates that lasts only for a month only but then affiliates will have to extend their plan.

Grammarly Premium
Grammarly Premium Plan and Pricing

Grammarly currently offers three plans – Free, Grammarly premium for Individuals and Grammarly Business for Teams

Grammarly Premium free trial has ended but if billed Annually, Grammarly can be purchased at 11.66$ per month that totals to 140$ per year

Grammarly Premium Free trial
Grammarly Pricing

Tabular Comparison Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

Let’s look at this Table for a summary. This table captures details of Features offered in Grammarly free vs Premium.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it?
Is Grammarly Premium worth it? A tabular Comparison

Grammarly Premium Review 2020

Let’s look at Grammarly premium in Action and assess how Grammarly Premium can help you achieve goals.

Grammarly gives you alerts while you type. It publishes an Overall Score. We have categorized Grammarly alerts into the following five categories.

  • These alerts came to us while we were writing the Grammarly review post that you are reading right now.

Plagiarism Alerts

Grammarly Premium can scan your content against 16 billion web pages online and identify if a part or whole content is copied. Grammarly highlights those parts and suggests you add references or to consider editing the content.

Look at the image below and see how Grammarly has identified a plagiarised piece of content in our article. It says that 3% of our content is copied!

Plagiarism Check of Grammarly Premium
Plagiarism Check of Grammarly Premium

This is a very useful feature where one can achieve this result in minutes only by clicking a button for plagiarism check.

Engagement Alerts

Grammarly Premium gives alerts that can help make your content more Engaging
  • Check at the below image and see how Grammarly suggests the replacement of the word ‘Easily’
Grammarly for chrome review
Grammarly suggesting two new words to replace an existing word making sure our content is engaging

Correctness Alerts

Grammarly helps you moving out modifiers if the modifier is not clear to the reader. Look at the image below – see how Grammarly highlights that a modifier can be unclear to the reader here.

Grammarly Premium
Grammarly Suggestions

Clarity Alerts

Grammarly Identifies Hard to read Sentence and prompts to update the sentence

Grammarly Premium highlights hard to read sentences and prompts us to edit those sentences. See two images below – How Grammarly highlighted a hard- to- read sentence and how it helped us to come up with a better version.

Grammarly Premium
Identification of a Hard to read Sentence
Grammarly highlights ‘Unclear Antecedent’ and Suggests rewriting the sentence.

In the image below, Grammarly highlights how the word ‘This‘ that we used is ‘unclear’ to the reader and the reader may not understand what does ‘this’ refers. Grammarly then suggests rewriting the sentence. These prompts are very important to add clarity to the content you are creating.

Grammarly Premium highlights unclear references
Grammarly highlights unclear references and suggests rewriting

Delivery Alerts

Grammarly allows you to choose a tone – Informal, Neutral, or Formal as per your goal.
  • Grammarly then gives you more relevant suggestions about slang, languages, and other factors that affect formality.
  • Grammarly premium makes sentences clear and easy to understand. It helps choose the right tone of the content and correct formality level.

Consider the image below. While writing product reviews, Grammarly suggests us to rewrite the sentence containing future tense as technical writing is done in simple tense.

Grammarly Premium
Grammarly Premium Suggesting to write in Simple tense for technical Writing

Imagine you get such prompts while you write product reviews, these corrections can really take your content to next level adding the right amount of clarity and ensuring the delivery is perfect with your readers

How to Add Grammarly to word

Click here to add Grammarly for Word. An executable file will be downloaded. Once you install the plugin, Grammarly will be available for usage

Grammarly For Chrome Review Closing Thoughts for Online Grammar Checker Tool

Grammarly for Chrome Review [FREE] Online Grammar Checker 2022

Grammarly for Chrome Review - Free Online Grammar Checker tool. Highlights grammatical errors give real-time writing suggestions. Check if Grammarly Premium is worth

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Grammarly for Chrome Review [FREE] Online Grammar Checker 2022

Grammarly for Chrome Review 2022- Free Online Grammar Checker tool. Highlights grammatical errors give real-time writing suggestions. Check if Grammarly Premium is worth>


Grammarly is an excellent tool to help you grow your business. We have tried to capture all the details and share our version Grammarly Premium review. The Table above should help you choose the right plan that suits your business.

Our Special section titled – ‘Grammarly Premium Review 2020‘ will give you insights on what one should expect with Grammarly Premium.

Please let us know what you think of Grammarly. Contact us in case you need any assistance with Grammarly and we shall help you at the earliest.

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