How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Experience in 2020

using AI to drive customer experience

In this privileged generation living a life full of technological advancements, current technologies are reducing human efforts. As a result, in different industries, technologies are being used to develop and perform different activities using machines to speed up the work. This idea of an error-free world can be brought by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.

Marketing and advertising industry are also corresponding to this phenomenon of Artificial intelligence which is disrupting human lives. 

Artificial Intelligence in simple terms is when a machine can learn and make decisions similar to humans. Instead of being programmed what to think, machines can actually observe, analyze and learn from data just like human brains

Artificial Intelligence enabling a Shift from Digital Marketing to Digital Experience

Due to the colossal amount of data generated every day and the computing power available, artificial intelligence has rumbled in recent years. There still might many years left to move to generalized Artificial Intelligence i.e. when a machine is capable of doing anything a human brain can do.

Artificial Intelligence in its current form is still an indispensable part of our world. The reach of AI is extensive from the detection of fraud to writing news with natural language processing and reviewing law briefs

Artificial Intelligence is not supposed to replace humans but to simply make our work more easy and accurate. It enhances our abilities and makes us better. Things that go unnoticed to the human mind leading to errors can be identified by AI. The relationships and patterns in data are more visible with AI

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Experience
Human vs artificial intelligence concept. Business job applicant man competing with cartoon robots sitting in line for a job interview

How Artificial Intelligence is driving change in Digital Marketing

Making Content Creation more efficient than ever

AI makes the work efficient by reducing the workload involved with performing daily and repetitive tasks. It helps create fruitful content.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming Customer Experience by analysing hundreds of billions of data in a single run and creating apt and relevant content. It’s no less than a miracle.

The inputs from raw data are used to target and segment the audience and deliver personalised content

Artificial intelligence is used by Email Marketing for more Personalized Content

A single email campaign can be sent where the subject line of each email is featured to match each recipients’ interests and buying patterns. AI-based marketing platforms create content that is dynamically personalized to whoever is viewing it using inputs like audience and segmentation data and thus enriching the Customer Experience

AI helps to increase conversion rates on the eCommerce platforms

AI-enabled software platforms are persistently learning, analyzing, and improving.

AI-enabled site search is now a practical requirement for most eCommerce businesses. Using Artificial Intelligence to improve customer experience by synthesizing product preferences, recommendations, and various other helpful tips to consumers as required by them can continue to build brand trust and loyalty among the existing and probable customers.

Bright Edge report that shows presence of AI in Online Marketing
Bright Edge report that shows the presence of AI in Online Marketing

Machine Learning driving customers from Digital Marketing to Digital Experience

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning is a process in which machines are able to essentially figure out how to solve the problem on their own by drawing on previous data sets, thereby “learning” on their own.

In the context of digital marketing, it can be applied to a number of applications like Targeted Advertisement, Lead generation, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Machine learning uses data to technically suffice itself to complete a process with the help of AI capabilities. It can help businesses by finding information in-depth and making customer marketing service efficient by the day. Data is used to provide an effective solution to a host of complex digital marketing problems. ML in Digital Marketing helps to expand understanding of their target consumers and the optimization of their interactions with them.

Machine learning supports Digital Strategy as

Content Marketing

Machine Learning tools can help digital marketers, bloggers who create content to reach out to their audience understand their data better. It helps to track consumer trends and produce applicative insights. They allow you to streamline and slick your tasks to reach more leads with your content.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to get organic or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page and their aim have always been to provide the best service to their customers. Many digital marketers want to specialize in this skill. SEO algorithms change across major search platforms. The insights from searchable content may become more relevant than specific keywords in the search process, by the help of ML tools.

Pay per click campaigns

ML tools help Pay Per Click Campaign by providing data for moving forward and making better strategies to improve performance.

Enhances the Online Advertising Ecosystem

It helps decrease in advertisement cost by taking up human work. It helps analyze trends and generates better insights for business. With Machine learning algorithms focussed on improving the digital experience, we get to know better about our customers by analyzing their buying habits and predicting their future purchase. Providing of computer-generated recommendations and increasing the prospects

Deep Learning evolving Digital Marketing, Consumer reach, and Customer experience

What is Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subset of an artificial intelligence function that imitates the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision making.

It has networks capable of learning unsupervised from data that is unstructured or unlabeled

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Experience

Evolution of Deep learning has occurred significantly along with the digital era, which has brought an explosion of data in all forms and from every region of the world. This data, also known as big data, is drawn from different sources like social media, internet search engines, e-commerce platforms, etc. This big pool of data is readily accessible and can be shared through numerous applications.

The unstructured data is not possible for humans to simply extract and use for their benefits and so deep learning methodology studies all the unstructured data and helps the user to comprehend their relevance.

Deep learning makes the need for well-labelled data obsolete as deep learning algorithms excel at learning without guidelines. Hundreds and thousands of repetitive tasks can be performed within a very short span of time

Deep learning has been used to approximate the value of possible actions to be taken by Digital Marketers and Analysts. Finding the appropriate audience for advertising and selling the products can always be very challenging. Many segments, hierarchies, data are considered, accumulated and a desirable conclusion is drafted. After these processes, a target is created and drove into the server

Deep Learning supports Digital Strategy as

Chatbots enhancing Customer experience

Chatbots are an artificial conversational entity which uses a computer program that conducts the conversation in voice and textual form. Marketing has changed a lot and in many ways become better by use of chatbots.

Customers can communicate, and let retailers know about the suggestions and recommendations. Marketing strategies can be developed based on those suggestions and offer customers the targeted products

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Experience

Advertising Campaigns with Deep Learning

Different advertising campaigns can be set up and categorized to escalate issues of customers and solve them through analysis and personalization. Data from different visitors help in targeting and retargeting of consumers via Online Advertising

Automate end-to-end Customers Journey

Digital Marketing companies get insights from unstructured data sets like video analytics, images, speech recognition, text analysis etc by Deep learning. Feedbacks from customers can be obtained in real-time basis and necessary actions can be taken. Products and services up-gradation can be conducted by the help of both the insights and feedback. It helps to figure out the expectations of the customers.

Deep learning has lots of potential but needs to be correctly setup. Along with the increase in technology and information where everything is a click away, deep learning seems to keep our data in check.

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