Jasper AI Review – Can a Robot Write Better Than Human Writer in 2024?

Jasper AI Review

Conversion.ai, Jarvis.ai & Jasper.ai. – These are the three different names for the same tool. 

Jarvis.ai, previously named Conversion.ai, is now again rebranded as Jasper.AI

In this blog post, we will review this hottest AI-based Long Form Writing Assistant for its features and pricing.

We will explore the various types of Content Jasper can create.

We will also explore the use case to determine if you should consider using the tool for creating compelling content!

What is Jasper AI? ( Previously Jarvis.AI)

jasper ai review

Jarvis.ai, now called Jasper.ai, is an AI-based copywriting tool that helps businesses scale up their content creation.  

Jasper.ai is built with the idea of helping content writers in the content creation process with the help of an AI-based copywriting tool. 

The software was launched in January 2021 and has acquired 50,000+ paying customers.

Jasper.ai is now one of the fastest-growing AI-Based copywriting tools in the industry and is known to create some High-Quality Content

Why You Should Trust the Jasper Review in this Blog Post?

We are paid users of Jasper Since Dec 2021.

We use the Boss Mode user of Jasper

jasper ai review

We have been using Jasper to create content that is already ranking

We have created content like Amazon Product Description that is selling.

We have written email copies that have converted

We have created Blog Posts that have attracted traffic from all over the Globe

In total, we have generated more than 1 Million words using Jasper AI!

All this was achieved using Jasper.AI – the AI long-form Writing assistant

Thus, we are the right team to review the Jasper AI capabilities

Jasper Templates: What Type of Content can Jasper AI Produce? 

jasper ai review

Jasper AI Can create the following type of Content

1. Content on basis of AIDA Marketing Framework – Best Suited for SaaS Product Descriptions 

2. Website Long-Form Content – Long Blog Posts

3. Website Short Form Content: Best for Content Creators

4. Social Media Posts

5. Blog Post Topic Ideas, Intro, and Conclusion Paragraphs

6. Blog post Outline

7. Product Descriptions, Amazon Affiliate Product Descriptions

8. Email Copies, Email Subject lines – Best for Email marketers who struggle to generate Marketing Email Ideas

9. Ad Copies for Facebook, Instagram 

10. Google My Business – Product Descriptions, Ads Descriptions

11. YouTube Video Descriptions

12. Surprisingly, you can also write Quora Answers with Jasper!

In summarizing, you literally can create any type of content using Jasper.ai

Isn’t that so cool! 

Who is the team behind Jasper AI?

Let’s quickly meet the team behind Jasper.ai.

jasper ai review

The team is led by Dave Rogenmoser, who is the CEO of the company. 

Other team members include:

Check out the Twitter Accounts of these Founders by clicking on the hyperlinks above!

How does Jasper AI work?

Jasper.ai is an AI-based content creation and optimization tool that works by use of Natural language processing and Deep Learning algorithms. 

Jasper takes input from the writers to create engaging content that looks natural.  

To work with Jasper AI, you will have to enter instructions.

These instructions work as guidelines to Jasper that guides Jasper to create the content

You should also note that it may take multiple iterations to get the right content. 

The best way is to keep on changing the instructions so that Jasper can give you multiple versions of the content and you can choose the best one!

Let’s see in action, how you can create content with Jasper. 

Step 1 – Click on this link and click on the Sign up Button.

Below Screen will Open up!

Enter your details as asked.

jasper ai review

Step 2 – Choose a Jasper template skill

Once you get signed up, click on the Template option in the side menu.

jasper ai review

From there you can choose any template out of their 50+ template skills. 

Example – When you click on Ecommerce Templates, you will have options like Content Improver, Product Description, Amazon product Features – Bullets or Paragraphs.

Then, there is also an SEO Product Page template with Titles and Meta Description

jasper ai review

Step 3: Enter the relevant input data – Product Name and Writing Instructions

Let’s suppose you chose a Product description.

Now you have to enter the company/ product name, some details about the product, and the tone of voice. 

Say you have entered Product = Dyson Vaccum Cleaner

Enter the small description below as shown – this will act as guidance for Jasper to create content

jasper ai review

Step 4: Click on Generate AI content.

Once you have entered the input data, simply click on “generate AI Content”. 

It’s simple.

See below – a sample content Generated by Jasper with the above instructions!

jasper ai review

What is Jasper Boss Mode?

Jasper Boss mode is a type of Jasper subscription plan that was introduced in June 2021.

The boss mode consists of some major features that are not included in the standard starter plan. 

These features include:

1. Long-form Assistant

The starter pack of Jasper.ai is for writing short-form content. But for Creating long-form content, you need the Boss mode.

jasper ai review

In boss mode, you have access to a Long Form Writing Assistant that will help you to create long-form content like blogs, email copies, etc. 

See below – you can either Start from Scratch or you can write and let jasper help you to improve as Content Editor

In case you select to Start from Scratch for Long-form Content, All you will have to do is enter the details as asked and let Jasper Create Content for you!

jasper ai review

2. Jasper Commands

This is one of the more advanced features of the Boss mode.

In simple words, with this, you can communicate with Jasper and give it commands to do specific tasks. It’s like talking to your assistant. 

For example- I gave a command to Jasper to help me with Blog Post Ideas for SEO tools

jasper ai review

This is what I got as Output for the Jasper Command I gave

jasper ai review

Thus, Jasper will process the command and give you the results. It’s like talking to an actual human being.

3. Jasper Recipes

Jasper recipes are pre-built templates with commands to help you create content quickly.

Jasper’s recipes take commands to a whole new level. These are essentially a list of Jasper commands that can be used to generate long-form content.

For example, check this recipe to write a blog post.

jasper ai review

This will be available as a premade template inside Jasper & all you have to do is enter the relevant input in place of the variables and run the recipe. 

4. Surfer SEO mode

With Boss mode, there is also an option to integrate the tool with Surfer SEO. To do this, you will need to create an account with Surfer SEO. 

jasper ai review

Once the integration is complete you will be able to view all your documents in SEO mode with Surfer SEO. 

jasper ai review

However, the SEO model is only available with The Boss mode pricing plan

Additionally, you already need to have an account with Surfer SEO to integrate both tools.

Jasper Paragraph Generator

This is one of the latest templates added to the platform which helps the users to generate small paragraphs. 

jasper ai review

Within this template, you have to add some basic details about the paragraph, a target keyword, and a Tone of voice.

See Below :

jasper ai review

The tool will generate a paragraph based on the information it has gathered. 

This is what I got as result :

jasper ai review

This is a far cry from the long-form content generator but still allows the users to write fairly longer text pieces as compared to other templates

Jasper Content Improver

Jasper allows you to improve your existing content with its Content Improver 

This is a boon for website owners who are struggling to improve the existing content quickly

Jasper analyses your existing content and then suggests ideas to make it more engaging and creative

See below : 

Copy and paste the content 

jasper ai review

Then the select the tone of the voice and see the Magic for Jasper Content Improver

Jasper will suggest an updated piece of content! 

Jasper AI Video Review

Check out the Video Review with Did for Jasper AI

Jasper AI Support

jasper ai review

Customer support is an essential part of any tech-based product and Jasper.ai understands this.

To help their customers have a smooth experience with the platform, they provide the following support features:

Live 101 Training with Jasper

This is a live group tutorial of Jasper.ai in which they cover the features and various use cases of the platform and get you started with the tool. Once you complete the training, you will also get 5000 words for free. 

Jasper Bootcamp

jasper ai review

Alternatively, you can go to Jasper Bootcamp, an official training guide to the platform that you can go through at your own pace. 

The Jasper Blog

They have an on-site blog that provides you with all the updates and knowledge base information about the platform.

jasper ai review

Get access to industry insights, updates, tips, and tricks that you may need.

Jasper AI Academy and Knowledge Center

Jasper’s knowledge base support is a collection of articles that you can refer to in case you have queries about specific topics. 

Live Q& A

jasper ai review

Live Q&As are live sessions with the customer success team of Jasper.ai where you can ask your queries and doubts about the platform in real-time and get help on the problems you face while using the platform. 

Customer Support

jasper ai review

If you want to contact the support team, you can write an email to hey@Jasper.ai. They usually respond in 4-8 hours.

Jasper’s Official Facebook Community

jasper ai review

Jasper also has a private Facebook group with over 50,000 people who you can interact with and network with. 

What Happens when you do not like the Content Generated by Jasper?

There is an option to downvote the content

See image below

jasper ai review

This will alert the Jasper team and will help them analyze the content

Does Jasper generate AI Content In Other Languages?

If you want to generate content in different languages or simply translate your content then Jasper has features for that as well.

Jasper generates AI  content in 25+ languages. It also helps in translating your content into different languages. Language options are currently free while in Beta.

jasper ai review

While using the tool, you can set your language default options and choose an Input and output language.

To do this, go to your work settings and use the toggle button to activate your language settings. 

Jasper AI Pricing – Find the right Custom Plan for you

Jasper.Ai has two pricing plans available :

  • The Starter plan costs $29/ month for 20,000 words ($24/month for the annual plan). After that, you can pay $10 for every 5000 extra words.
  • The Boss Plan has additional features as compared to the Starter plan and costs $59/month for 50,000 words ($49/month for the annual plan). Pay $40 for every 30,000 words after that.
jasper ai review

As you can see, when you choose the annual plan, you get a significant discount.

If you plan to use the tool for the long term, definitely go for the Annual plan. 

Jasper allows having custom pricing as per your writing needs. 

This is so awesome! 

Jasper Free Trial

Jasper doesn’t exactly offer the tool for Free but you get 10,000 free credits when you sign up for the free trial of their subscription plan.

jasper ai review

These credit points are valid for 5 days and after that, you will be charged based on the plan you choose.

However, you do get the option to cancel your subscription before the 5-day free trial ends.

Jasper Starter vs Boss Mode Plan – Which One is Right For You?

If you are someone who wants to explore the platform and has to create only short-form content with a word limit of 20,000 (like ad copies and product descriptions), you can choose the Starter plan.

However, you should note that the starter plan does not provide options for long-form content writing. 

The boss plan is perfect for you if you want an agency that has to create a lot of content in a short time.

The boss plan comes with features like long-form content creation, SEO mode, access to Grammarly, and a plagiarism checker.

Jasper AI Tutorials – How to use the software?

To learn about using Jasper.ai, the most trusted resource is The Jasper Bootcamp.

This is a collection of Youtube videos made by Jasper’s team to help their customers.

The best part is these are short videos and are very engaging

There are no long videos to bore you.

jasper ai review

They also have a collection of training on content in the Jasper Support community which includes Live 101 training, Webinars, etc.


Paying customers of Jasper to get access to Jasper Customer support and exclusive training content once they join the Jasper community. 

Jasper AI Reviews – How do others rate the software?

Jasper AI Review

Jasper is definitely the hottest-selling AI writing tool

See Social media is abuzz with this AI Content writing and Copywriting tool. 

If we talk about the experience people have with the tool, Japer has a 4.9/ start rating from 1000+ reviews across three major review sites- G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot. According to G2, Jasper is the Industry leader

This is what people have to say:

jasper ai review
The image is from G2.com

Jasper in News – Jasper Acquisitions

In the past year, Jasper has been going through some major upgrades and one of them is the acquisition of Headlime and ShortlyAI. 

Both of these tools are GPT-3 powered AI copywriting software.

Headline was acquired in March 2021 and ShortlyAI in June 2021. They then integrated the technology behind both tools into Jasper to improve the content output of Jasper. Check out the Jasper AI reviews here.

Jasper AI Affiliate Program

Jasper AI offers an Affiliate program to anyone who wants to earn passive income. 

jasper ai review

What is an Affiliate program?

It is an opportunity for people to promote a product in their community, to earn a commission for each new customer that the business gets. 

Read more about it here.

Jasper AI has an Affiliate Partner Program under which they can provide you with a referral link that you can promote.

For each new sign-up through your link, you will get a 30% commission.

However, to join this partner program you have to fill out an application, which then gets reviewed. 

Currently, there are two types of referral schemes available on Jasper.ai. 

One is the –customer referral program 

If you are a user of Jasper.ai, you can refer a friend to use Jasper.ai. In return, you and your friends will get 10,000 credits each.

However, the Affiliate Partner Program is meant for people who have a substantial audience that they can refer to Jasper.

While reviewing your application, the audience of your social media platform will also be considered. 

Once your application is accepted, you will have access to the Partner dashboard.

Get more details about the Jasper Affiliate program from here

Jasper AI Pros and Cons

Just like any other platform, there are certain pros and cons to this platform as well.

Jarvis Pros – The Highlights

  1. Saves you a lot of time  Jasper will assist you in writing content fast and effectively. This means you will save hours while creating content. 
  2. Plagiarism-free content Jasper.ai produces 99.99% original content. This means you never have to worry about plagiarism while using this tool. 
  3. Multiple Templates to Choose From To date, Jasper provides a lot more templates than any other Top AI Writing Assistant in the Market today
  4. Excellent customer support If you get stuck somewhere while using the tool, you will have customer support backing you up throughout the way.
  5. Bootcamps/Training Guides/Live QnA to help you learn using Jasper After you purchase Jasper, you will have excellent learning resources and a knowledge base set up that you can refer to. 

Jasper Cons – Areas to Focus

  1. Learning Curve Using Jasper Ai to create content definitely requires a small learning curve.  You need to understand how you can make the best use of Jasper Commands and the Templates that it offers.   
  2. Requires Patience to Use this Tool This will require some patience and some time to learn However, once you have mastered it, trust me, there will be no stopping. 
  3. Requires human intervention for Proof Reading Although the tool does a large part of the job, you still need to edit the content and make it streamlined and engaging. 
  4.  You will have to do Fact-Checking Since Jasper relies on the information available on the Web to create content, you have to work on fact-checking the Jasper-produced content 
  5. Occasional glitches No AI copywriting tool is perfect, so Jasper’s Long-form content assistant may produce inconsistent relevant content due to glitches.

Common Things to Know About Jasper.ai

Below, we have answered some of the questions and common things that you should know about Jasper.AI

What languages does Jasper AI support?

Jasper.ai supports more than 25 languages which include Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, German, Russian, and many more. You can create and translate content in all these languages using Jasper.ai.

Does Jasper AI have an API?

Jasper.ai doesn’t have an API as of Feb 2023. They are planning to develop an API in the future and have asked all the users to keep an eye on future updates.

What content templates does Jasper AI offer?

Jasper offers 50+ content skill templates which include- Video scripts, Video titles, website copy, video descriptions, Ad copies, content outlines, marketing messages, email marketing content, blog content, etc. The long-form writing assistant is available in Boss mode.

Is it worth the price?

Considering all the features that the tool provides, it’s safe to say that Jasper.ai is worth the price. You can decide this for yourself by claiming your 10,000 free credits and using the tool and trying it out for yourself before making the payment. 

Is Jasper free?

Jasper.ai is not free to use. However, you can get 10,000 free credits if you sign up for a free trial of one of their subscription plans. These credit points are only valid for 5 days, after which you will be paid according to your chosen plan. You do, however, have the option to cancel your subscription before the free trial period ends.

What AI does Jasper use

Jasper is written in Python, PHP, and Objective C and uses a variety of artificial intelligence techniques such as natural language processing, speech recognition, deep learning (GTP-3 powered), and reinforcement learning. 

Is Jasper AI plagiarized?

Jasper as a content writing tool provides 99.99% original content and for an AI-powered content writing tool that is pretty amazing. According to many users, they have never experienced the problem of plagiarism with Jasper and always got 100% original content. 

Is Jasper good for SEO

The content written by Jasper works fine for SEO but there are certain limitations for sure. However, in the BOSS mode in Jasper, there is an option to Integrate Surfer SEO within the tool. Doing this will provide you with an edge over your competitors. 

How do I write content in Jasper?

To write content with Jasper, you need to pick one skill from the 50+ skill templates that they have. Once you have picked the template, you can enter the relevant input information to provide some context, and click “Generate AI content”.

Is Jasper Boss mode worth it?

If you are someone who writes long-form content regularly but needs help writing content faster and at scale then considers using the Boss mode. Jasper’s starter pack only comes with the functionality to write short-form content. The Boss mode also has features like Jasper Commands, Recipes, and SEO mode. 

Can Jasper write books?

Jasper’s Boss mode provides you with the option for Recipes. You can find a Recipe for Book writing here, and use it to write a non-fiction book. As a writer, you still have to provide input, but Jasper will help you by giving you ideas along the way. The tool works great with non-fiction books but the same cannot be said for fictional content. 

Final Thoughts – Is Jasper AI worth it?

 YES! If you are a content writer, agency, or small business owner who has to create content, then yes, Jasper it is worth your money!

A Truly Amazing tool, its AI is still learning but compared to other tools, Jasper does an incredible job. 

Boss Mode features like- recipes and commands make the tool very user-friendly, although you will need some time to get used to these. 

Honestly, you can’t expect any AI tool to do all the work for you, you still need someone to guide and edit the content. But Jasper helps cut down the workload and save time in the process. 

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