8 Top Local SEO Tools to Dominate Local Searches in 2023

Local SEO Tools

In this blog post, we will look at 8 best Local SEO tools that will helo you Dominate Local Business and get the Required organic traffic and generate leads

1. Advice Local

Advice Local Tool for Local SEO

Advice Local is a Listing Management local SEO Tool. It consists of various local SEO tools for  

  1. Local Listings Management – For Improved Local Visibility and Maintain Ownership of Business Listings. It also tracks the local performance
  2. Voice Apps for Business – Helps manage Business Content on Voice Assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant for improved Voice Experience to your customers
  3. Google my Business Tools to optimize GMB listings and track GMB metrics and Insights. These GMB tools help schedule posts and publish to multiple location listings in one go
  4. Voice Search Readiness Score  – to help local businesses understand how they are being found online with Voice searches
  5. Store locator Pages – Responsive location pages for improved local search results. It also helps create SEO Optimised landing pages for better visibility in local search results 
  6. Web Apps and Dahsbaords with Built-in Analytics Capabilities

Advice Local submits your business to powerful sites such as Google, Yelp, Apple Maps, and Facebook which form directories and facilitate your business to become more approachable to consumers

You will also get real-time reporting, verifications, and insights from it which helps you make smarter business decisions.

For Advice Local Pricing, Call the Advise local Sales team here

2. Tribe Local

TribeLocal SEO Tool for Local SEO

TribeLocal is a Local SEO Tool for promoting the Business Listings and Reputation Management of Local Businesses

Tribe Local has the below features : 

  1. Local SEO Citation tool: enables to enhance the online presence of your business by allowing you to add and optimize your business listing  to 200+ Local Online Business directories sites 

2. Remove Duplicate Business Listing and Citations from Search Engines and Business Review sites

3. Local Rank Checker to check the rank of keywords in which you rank on basis of location or Zipcode.

4. SEO Audit, Review management facilities, and the liberty to add unlimited users to your TribeLocal account without extra charges.

5. Local Review Management Dashboard – A user-friendly dashboard that helps you track your brand mentions and respond to those mentions

6. Track Competitor’s Local Search Rankings on Platforms like Google, Bing, or Yahoo

7. Local  Lead Generation – to generate leads and Grow business

It provides cost-effective plans for your business for adding local citations from 200+ local citation listings

Tribe Local Pricing Starts $29/mo and they have a Free trial plan with No Credit Card Required. 

3. MOZ Local

MozLocal Tool for Local SEO

Moz Local is a Local SEO Tool that helps increase your business’s online visibility and reputation amongst the Local Businesses.

Moz Local helps you manage and sync your Business Listings, that is, help your site appear in the list of businesses most sought for by the Local Customers on reputed sites like Google and Facebook.

Additionally: Moz Local Helps with Complete Local SEO management and offer features like : 

  1. Manage Local Business Listings by
    • Allowing you to Sync Local Business on Google, Facebook, and Directory Sites
    • Removal of Duplicate Listings
    • Adding rich content like photos, special offers, store hours, Store Physical location, and a complete business description for enhancing local listings
  2. Keeping your Customers informed on your Business Activities by allowing you to post profile updates across all citations from a Single Dashboard
  3. Local Review Management: Analyzing reviews, responding, getting negative review alerts in a timely. Monitor Review Sentiments and Customer feedbacks over a period
  4. Google and Facebook Integration 
  5. Local Reporting Tools: like Visibility Index, Online Presence Score, and Profile Visibility across the business listings. These tools also help you track how your customers are finding your business online

With Moz Local, You get a detailed analysis of how users found you out online, the driving direction of users, and phone searches.

Taking all features into account, you can improve the completeness of your profile and analyze which listing highly needs to be taken care of.

Moz Local Pricing starts at $14/mo and you can save 25% with an Annual plan!

4. Bright Local

BrightLocal SEO Tool for Local SEO

Bright Local is a Local SEO Tool that helps facilitate higher local ranking, improve the reputation of the Brand, and help increase the traffic of your Business via Local Searches.

Bright Local has features like :

  1. Local Search Grid that shows you searches in your local area. This is one Cool Feature and we completely love the visualization here

2. Local Search Rank tracker gives you insights as to how your brand is performing locally along with Competitor’s data

3. Customizable white-label reports and Dashboard that can integrate directly with Google Analytics

4. Reputation management: You can manage online customer reviews and respond to those reviews. You can also showcase the best reviews on your website

5. Citation Tracker: Dashboard to show all sites that Display your Business data and see how your Competitor’s sites are listed. 

Stand out in Local searches, enhance your business online footprint with BrightLocal’s pay-as-you-go citation building services at $2 Per Citation ONLY

You can easily create new business listings, and clear out malicious content in the NAP listing thus increasing your local search visibility.

6. Audit GMB Listing and perform GMB monitoring and get relevant insights

7. You can also submit your business data to 1000s of business directories, apps, and mapping services at a faster rate and at a reasonable price.

Bright Local contains a blooming content hub that helps you stay updated with the present-day local SEO news, resources and research. 

The Bright Local Academy helps you learn to perform the Local SEO K audits for multi-location businesses via online video trainings

Bright Local Pricing Starts at $8/mo and they have a 14 Days Free trial

5. Google My Business

Google My Business Local SEO Tool

Google My Business is a free Local SEO Tool that helps businesses and organizations to manage online business listings across Google Search and Maps

Google my Business has features like:

  1. Search and Maps along with business profile verification and modification of business information.
  2. Attracting traffic for your business by allowing you to post photos and offers to your business profile gives your customers a reason to opt for your products most of the time.
  3. Enhances customer reach: GMB allows your customers to connect with you via  calling, messaging businesses, and giving reviews
  4. Google My Business gives you an insight into how your customers find you through methods like clicks, calls, bookings, and number of followers on social media.
  5. Integrated with Google Analytics 

To rank higher on Google maps, you can push your business in Google Maps, and add photos and information to your Google Map Business listing.

6. SEMrush Listing Management 

Semrush Listing Management tool for Local SEO

SEMrush is a Local SEO Listing management tool for enriching local Marketing and enhancing your business listing.

SEMrush helps you to:

  1. Enhance your Local Business listing by collaborating with 70+ top directories in the United States and 40+ in the world.
  2. Keeping a track of your Local Rankings and keywords from any Zip code.
  3. Automatic NAP Management allows you to update your business name, address, and phone number across all listings from a single Semrush login dashboard.
  4. Optimise your Business Listing for Voice Search Queries
  5. Sync your business data with Facebook while connecting to your Google My Business profile.
  6. Increase productivity by using Local Marketing Automation.
  7. Know about your local Competitors on Google Maps and check your Local Rankings
  8. SEMrush listings management allows review monitoring on multiple platforms and gives you a brief idea of the star rating progress of your business profile. You also can directly respond to review using the same platform

You can analyze the quality of feedback across 70+ directories to assess your brand’s reputation.

SEMrush facilitates you to directly contact clients by giving responses to GMB and Facebook reviews just in a single spot.

Start 7 Day Semrush Free trial Here

7. WhiteSpark

whitespark SEO Tool for Local SEO

WhiteSpark is a Local SEO Tool that helps manage local search rankings, review monitoring, citation building, and also your business listing at a high speed and accuracy.

WhiteSpace has features like: 

  1. Local Rank Tracker: This helps to trace your search engine rankings across Google and Bing via local finder, maps, and organic.
  2. Reputation Builder: It eases your customer review management, boosts customer reviews and consumer testimonials.
  3. Local Citation Finder: It detects your competitor’s citations that are not available in your citations thus helping you improve your local ranking factors.
  4. Google My Business Management Service: Thai helps gain your local business a  competitive edge over competitors and eventually modifies your Google listing to a high-performance tool
  5. Enterprise Citation Services – Whitespark also offers local SEO services where you can hire them for your local SEO needs

WhiteSpace has launched a Listing Service by combining Citation Building, Citation Audit, and Cleanup Services. 

This helps you to increase your Business value via efficient local Listing optimization Services.

8. Synup

Synup SEO Tool for Local SEO

Synup is a Local SEO Tool designed to craft your local Business using digital profiles, increase your business reputation and attract more organic traffic.

Synup helps you with:

  1. Listings Management: You can easily list, optimize and manage your business profile on premium partner sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.
  2. Content Management: Synup allows you to create a Content library where you can showcase your products and services 
  3. Review Management: Synup helps you efficiently manage customer reviews and allows you to respond using one dashboard 
  4. Insights: Synup generates data and insights for your business profile on business ranking, phone calls, website visits, and revenue attribution.
  5. Automation: Synup helps you to improve your team’s efficiency by automating review responses, published content, and report generation.
  6. Store Pages: for a beautiful web experience for customers

Synup gives you a personalized product demo which gives you a brief idea of the usability of your product in the simplification of your Business profile marketing.

FAQs – Local SEO Tool

What is the best way to do Local SEO?

 The best way to do Local SEO is taking care of keyword ranking on your website, increasing citations, keeping your NAP updated across the map, and strategizing according to the areas you lack in

How do I master Local SEO?

You can master Local SEO by following an effective Local SEO strategy that involves :

  1. Local Rank Tracking
  2. Local Keyword Research
  3. Optimizing your Google My Business Listing
  4. Local SEO Audit to see what your Local customers are in search of.

How do I improve my local ranking?

You can easily improve your Local Ranking by an efficient Local SEO Strategy that involves adding photos on Google My Business, constantly updating your NAP and strong review management on social media platforms.

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