Learning Reverse Image Search Is Not Difficult At All! You Need These Search Engines

Best Reverse Image Search Engines

Do you ever come across an interesting photo online that you want to learn more about, but don’t know how to track down?

Maybe you’re curious about who took the photo, where it was taken, or the story behind it.

If so, reverse image search engines are a great tool for you to use!

Reverse image search engines allow you to find out more information about an image by uploading or entering the URL of the image into the search engine.

This can be a great way to track down the source of a photo, learn more about an artist’s work, or even find out more about a product that you spotted online.

Let’s Read More about Reverse Image Search Engines

What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search is a process where you can search the internet for similar images to the one you have.

For example, if you have a picture of a sunset, you can search for other sunsets and find out where they were taken, who took them, and when.

A reverse image search can also be used to find higher resolution versions of an image or to find out if someone has stolen your image.

A reverse image search also helps find out more about a photo or painting, find similar images, or identify the source of an image.

They can be instrumental when you want to track down the original source of an online image.

To do a reverse image search, you can use Google Images, TinEye, or Yandex Images. 

What is a Reverse Image Search Engine?

A Reverse Image Search engine is a search tool that takes an image as its input and returns results related to that image.

The results can include images, websites, and other information related to the image.

Reverse image search engines are useful for

  • Finding similar images
  • Finding the original source of an image, or finding high-resolution versions of an image.
  • Find images for purposes such as research or finding creative commons images for use in a project.

There are many Reverse Image Search engines available

Let’s read more about them.

What is Reverse Image Search Used for?

There are several ways in which a reverse image search engine is used. So let’s check out what they are

1. Finding similar images

Searching for similar images on the web is not challenging because of the reverse image search engine. 

It shows the results according to the rank of the web page. Due to this, you may not find the best output. However, if you already have an image and you need to find similar results, then these search engines may work for you.

2. Find high-resolution images

If you already have low-resolution images and want to convert them to high resolutions, this tool can do your job quickly. 

You need to use the website to find a high-quality image by uploading low-quality pictures.

3. You can use it to track the illegal use of copyrighted image

If you own a copyrighted image and want to figure out how the picture is being used and where it is available, then with a reverse image search engine, you can easily monitor your image. 

In this way, you can protect the images from any illegal uses.

4. Find the copyright holder

You can use this tool if you have just used a picture and want to identify the copyright holder. Additionally, it will also determine whether the image is in stock or not.

5. Get information about the image

Using a reverse image online tool, you can easily find the entire information about the object and picture. For example, you can figure out the location, holder, size, etc of that image

Best Reverse Image Search Engines

In the age of the internet, Reverse image search has become an essential tool. It allows you to search for images based on other images, rather than keywords. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for a specific image, but don’t know where to start.

There are a number of different reverse image search engines available, but some are better than others.

Let’s find out some of the Best Reverse Image Search engines online that one can use today

1. TinEye – Best Reverse Image Search Engine

TinEye reverse Image

TinEye is Canada’s purest and most popular reverse image search engine. 

The Search Company and professionals in neural networks, machine learning, computer version, and pattern reorganization launched this reverse image search engine. It is the first search by an image engine. 

One can search for an image in Tineye by either uploading the files or pasting the URL. 

You can also search through the drag and drop option. 

This reverse search engine tool is both free and paid. 

However, the free version is basic and offers up to 150 free searchers. 

Overall, the TinEye Reverse Image tool provides a lot more security and safety to the users and doesn’t store any images.

Besides, you can search up to more than 42 billion images of TinEye. 

Tineye Highlights Includes : 

  • Supports browser extensions – like Chrome
  • It also compares the features of the image, whether it is resized, manipulated, or cropped. 
  • Additionally, it will also determine the dominant colors of the image.

How to use the TinEye Reverse Image Tool?

Step 1: First of all, open TinEye on your web browser.

reverse image search

Step 2: Paste the image link, upload the image, or drag and drop the picture.

Step 3: After Upload is done, click on the search bar to get desired results of the image

reverse image search


  • It is the most dedicated reverse image search engine. 
  • You can copy, paste the URL, and drag and drop the image
  • It provides you with a private and secure network
  • The options are sorted, and it filters the results
  • It will track all the sites where the image is available.

2. Google Reverse Image Search

reverse image search

Google is the number one search engine tool that is used worldwide. This is because it provides better results and indexes more URL links and images. However, earlier, most f people search on Google using the keyword. But back in 2011, Google searched by image for a reverse photo taken up.

 In this method, you must upload the images; you can copy the URL link or drag and drop the image. After which, Google will show the results related to the image. Uploading the picture using reverse image search will show similar images, particular sizes, and websites linked with the image. However, this option is not available for mobile phones.

But it is not impossible to use it on your device (android and iPhone). You can go with the desktop version on Google and use third parties tools and applications for mobile phones. Besides, Google also provides options for the Chrome browser. 

You need to use chrome; right-click on the image and select search Google for the image. However, to learn in detail, follow the steps below and determine what benefits it offers you.

How to Perform Reverse Image Search Using Google?

Step1: Go to Goole.com/Images and Click on Lens Icon as shown


reverse image search

Step 2: Upload the Image or Paste Image Link

reverse image search

Google will give you a search result as shown below :

reverse image search

Step 4: Once you upload the image, click on the search by image bar and receive the results.

As Easily visible: You can see Image Source: or look at the Similar Images

reverse image search


  • Google will index millions of images
  • You will get the best results from your searched images
  • This method is relatively easy to use
  • You can filter the search by all available sizes.

3. Bing Reverse Image Search – Visual Search

Bing is a search engine provided by Microsoft. This reverse tool is also called a Bing Visual Search

Eventually, this application was launched for ios, but you can use it on your Smartphone through the browser. 

How to use Bing image match?

Step 1: Head over to Bing Visual Search Tool

reverse image search

Step 2: Now click on the Browse icon, and a visual search menu will pop up.

Step 3: Upload the image on the search box – you will have a screen as shown

You can perform a search by using an ALT Text

reverse image search

Step 3: Click on search by image, and you will see the results.

You can also click on the visual search below the searched photo to clock the image.

Additionally, you have an option to save the search!

reverse image search

Pros of Bing Image Search

  • Popular reverse search image search engine by Microsoft
  • Upload the photo from the desktop, web, or even using the camera
  • Crop option available to identify everything in the image
  • Works on mobile phones 
  • A dedicated application for ios users. 

4. Yandex Reverse Image

Yandex is generally a Russian-based search engine and is quite popular. It offers you a reverse image search engine where you can upload the image or paste the URL and get the desired results of your image.

You can get the results by clicking on the right side of the image. This service looks like bingo and Google but provides several other advantages. You can crop the image into different sizes and quickly translate the links and image text.

How to use Yandex search by image?

  • Open the images on the web browser.
  • Click on the top of the camera icon and select the file. You will also see you enter the image address icon.
  • Upload the image, paste the URL and click on the search button.
  • You will see similar results on your dashboard. 


  • This application is best for Russian people
  • You can crop the images, and different sizes are available
  • Grab the text by the image and translate it.
  • Grab the links through the images.

5. IQDB.org Reverse Image Search

IQDB.org is a multi-service image search engine that will find similar images for your search. 

It allows you to search from different platforms and select the platform according to your choice. You can upload the file through the desktop and paste the URL.

Thus, this service supports only GIF, PNG, and JPEG files. 

You can ignore the color that appears while you upload the image. This tool is excellent for animation lovers who love to find wallpapers and artwork.

How to use IQDB reverse image search engine?

Step1: Firstly, open the iqdb.org file on the browser.

Step 2: Now upload the image or paste the URL links

Step 3: Select the platform where you want to continue to search 

Step 4: Click on the submit button and get the desired results of your searched image


  • This service is only available for animation lovers
  • You can ignore the uploaded colors
  • Offers you high-resolution images. 

Best Mobile Apps for Reverse Image Search

1. Google Lens

If you own a mobile phone that supports Google lenses, then you can enjoy the functionality of this application.

reverse image search

This image search offers you access to the massive database and searches the images by just tapping it.

 These Google reverse search engine not only provides you details about the product but also offers you buying links. This tool can recognize books, media, animals, and plants and scan QR codes and barcodes. However, this image search doesn’t support all smartphones. 

2. Search by Image

A great Photo Search Tool that runs image searches in Google and Yandex.

3. Reversee

These applications ensure that you get the best experience of reverse image search. You only need the pictures with your camera roll or photo library.

reverse image search

With this image search, you can easily edit, rotate, crop, and save the image on your device. 

However, this device can irritate you because of frequent ads that may interfere with your work. 

Thus, you can avoid it by paying a small fee. 

This tool is available for ios users and saves the history of your searched image. 

This tool is free for up to 4 users, but the pro plan that gives you access to all features costs you around $4.99.

4. Photo Sherlock

Photo Sherlock is considered the most excellent app for reverse image search, and it comes with a user-friendly interface and robust features. 

reverse image search

You can use this service to crop the image before uploading it, and several additional tools are available to provide you with the best image searching experience.

 However, this service is limited to mobile devices. It is the fastest and easiest tool to choose a photo from the gallery and research unlimited data about it. However, this version is entirely free for a basic search. If you want access to other features, then you have to take a paid subscription of $3.99. 

5. Veracity Mobile App for Reverse Engine Search

Veracity is a reverse search engine that is available for android users. 

It provides a user-friendly interface and makes your image search experience fast and effective. This tool can process through your device’s camera roll or photo library. 

reverse image search

Besides, you can use this tool for editing photos.

But remember, all these features aren’t for free.

Unfortunately, with integrity, the user cannot share the optimum results with other users. But this tool is considered the best to identify fake images on social media handles.

The price of this tool starts at 0.99 US dollars.

The final verdict on Reverse Image Search Engines and Mobile Apps

Reverse image search engines are a great way to find the source of an image or to track down higher resolution versions of an image. 

By using one of the various reverse image search engines and Mobile Apps,  we’ve mentioned in this post, you can quickly and easily get more information about any picture you find on the internet. 

BDW – Have you tried out a reverse image search engine before? What was your experience like? 

Let us know in the comments below!