Worthy SE Ranking Alternatives in 2024 that you Should Check

SE Ranking Alternatives in 2022

In this blog, we will look at SE Ranking Alternatives that provide similar capabilities in the SEO tools category

SE Ranking Alternatives

Some of the Best SE Ranking Alternatives include

  1. Semrush
  2. SEO Powersuite
  3. Mangools
  5. Ahrefs
  6. Morningscore

Let’s look at these in more details

1. Semrush – Perfect SE Ranking Alternative with better Capabilities and higher Price tag

Semrush SEO Tool  the SE ranking Alternative

Website: Semrush.com

Semrush is online visibility and reputation management SEO platform. Semrush offers an entire suite of SEO tools one may need right from On-page, Keyword research to Competitor Analysis, Ads Analytics, and Local SEO 

Semrush is best suited for the Growing websites of Agency that have high ticket clients

Semrush offers an enterprise solution that is used by many companies for enterprise SEO

Here is a Quick Comparison between SE Ranking and Semrush for Major SEO Offerings

SE Ranking vs Semrush – See how these tools stack up against each other

Below is a Tabular Comparison of SE Ranking vs Semrush

Key FeaturesSE RankingSeo Powersuite
Keyword ResearchKeyword Research Tool -with basic Filters
Search Intent – Missing
Rank Tracker – Starts $18/Mo
Basic Keyword Research Tool – with BasicFilters
Search Intent – Present
Has Rank tracker but its Costly
On-Page SEO Audit and BacklinksYes – Detailed Audit reports
Backlink Checker ( Free)Backlink Monitoring
Yes – Detailed Audit Reports
Backlink CheckerBacklink MonitoringLink Outreach Tool
Link BuildingMissingAwesome tools for Link Building
Content MarketingBasic Content PlanAdvanced and Comprehensive COntent marketing Suite
Local SEOBasic ToolsComplete Local SEO tools
Advertisement AnalyticsMissingPresent
Agency SolutionsYes – GoodYes – Advanced
PricingStarts $18/MoStarts $119/Mo

The whole Idea of Semsuh is that they have created a tool that can be used by beginners to SEO pros – It has all guides and tips within the tool that helps you take the right action

Such features make Semrush very interactive and easy to use. 

This is one perfect SE Ranking Alternative that you should consider as a Marketer

2. Seo Powersuite – Cheaper SEO Tool with Great Audit Capabilities

SEO PowerSuite

Website: SEOPowersuite.Com

SEO Powersuite is a complete SEO solution.

While SE Ranking is a Cloud-based SaaS Cheap SEO tool.

Seo Powersuite comes in form of 4 Desktop apps that needs to be installed. These App include :

  1. Rank Tracker – Keyword Research and Free Rank tracking Tool 
  2. Website Auditor – On-Page SEO Analysis and Content Optimisation
  3. SEO Spyglass – For Backlink Research and Analytics
  4. Link Assistant – Link Building and Outreach Tool

I strongly recommend exploring the Seo Powersuiite and running a free Website SEO Audit with it

Let’s do a tabular comparison with SE Ranking vs SEO Powersuite

Key FeaturesSE RankingSEO Powersuite
Keyword ResearchKeyword Research Tool -with basic Filters
Search Intent – Missing
Rank Tracker – Starts $18/Mo
White Label Reports
Keyword Research Tool – with Advanced Filters
Search Intent – Present
FREE Rank Tracker
White Label Reports
On-Page SEO Audit and BacklinksYes – Average SEO Audit reports
Backlink Checker ( Free)
Backlink Monitoring
Yes – Detailed Audit Reports
Backlink Checker
Backlink Monitoring
Competitor AnalysisAdvanced and user FriendlyBasic Functionality
Link Building & Outreach MissingLink Building and Outreach directly from the tool – Yes, you can get contacts and email them from this tool itself
Content MarketingBasic Content PlanAverage Content Marketing Features
Local SEOBasic ToolsBasic Local SEO tools
PricingStarts at $18/MoStarts at $299/YEAR

3. Mangools – SEO tool with Interactive UI and Cheap Pricing

Mangools KW Finder

Website: Mangools.com

In case you are looking for a User-friendly Cheap SEO tool, then Mangools can be the right SE ranking alternative that you are looking for. 

Mangools SEO Platform is a SaaS-based SEO tool that has the following tool 

  1. KWfinder – For Keyword research
  2. SERP Checker – for SERP analysis
  3. SERP Watcher – For Rank Tracking and Keyword Position Tracking
  4. LinkMiner – For Backlink Analysis 
  5. SiteProfiler – For SEO Metrics, Audits and InSights

Mangools Comes with a Humble price tag of $30/mo with 100 Keyword Lookups and 200 Keyword Suggestions

With Zero Learning Curve and easy-to-use UI, one is definitely gonna love the Feature it provides. 

However, the basic plan comes with limits on searches and Keywords – this may bother you in case you are a growing website

However, for beginners, the Basic plan of Mangool should be quite a deal breaker SE Ranking Alternative

4. SERPSTAT – Smart SEO Platform for Modern Marketers

Website:  Serpstat.com

Serpstat is a comprehensive SEO Platform that is offered as a SaaS-based SEO Tool. 

It comes with more than 20+ tools that offer various SEO capabilities around Competitor Research and Competitive Intelligence, Keyword research and Tracking features, Backlink Analytics, SEO Audits, and much more. 

Though it is a bit priced on a higher side as compared with SE Ranking, the Serpstat platform as a whole is robust and provides exhaustive Search Analytics data 

As a Serpstat user, you should be able to quickly get actionable insights like important keywords that drive traffic, Competitor Top pages, and detailed Backlink analytics

They offer exceptional Support who are always ready to help their users.

SERPSTAT blog page is awesome and you should definitely check it out 

The only downside that I see is they have priced it a bit higher at $55/Mo

However, there is a 7 day Free Trial that you should try out before making a buying decision

5. Ahrefs – SEO Tool for Growth Hackers and SEO hustlers


Website: ahrefs.com

Ahrefs is one of my favorite SEO tools. 

I will explain this. 

Faster and easy to use, Ahrefs brings the entire SEO Analytics in one platform. 

As compared with SE Ranking, Ahrefs comes with a heavy price tag of $99/Mo – however, the capabilities it brings in this niche are worth mentioning. 

Ahrefs boasts of having 11 Billion Keywords in its database – this is one reason why the metrics from Ahrefs can give you accurate directional guidance on keyword performance

Ahrefs crawls over 400 Billion web pages indexed in Google – this helps generate accurate insights for marketers. 

Overall, Ahrefs has the following Capabilities: 

  1. A Free Ahrefs Webmasters Tool – that offers Site Audit Capabilities
  2. Content Explorer – Research New and Trending Content Ideas
  3. Site Explorer – For Competitor Intelligence like Top Pages, Competitor Backlinks, etc
  4. Keyword Explorer – For finding new keywords Opportunities
  5. Rank tracker – For Keyword Research and Rank tracking 

DML tip: The Website Audit feature of Ahrefs is free and most exhaustive – I strongly recommend running a Website SEO Analysis with Ahrefs Webmaster – this is free

There is one Downside that I still see – Unlike SE ranking, there are fewer tips and Guide within the Tool that tells how to use a certain feature

This makes Ahrefs a but difficult for new users to use

$100/Mo is another downside – Freelancers on a budget may want to stick with SE Ranking but in case you have the budget, you should explore this robust and comprehensive SEO platform

DML Tip: Doesn’t matter you are an Ahrefs Customer or not, the Ahrefs Blog is totally FREE and provides tons of value for SEO-related projects. We strongly recommend you to check the Ahrefs Blog

6. Morninscore – SEO Tool for Beginners

Website: morningscore.com

Like SE Ranking, Morningscore is also a complete SEO platform. 

Feature Highlights are 

  1. Keyword Management Capabilities – for Keyword Research and Rank Tracking
  2. Link Analytics for an overview on Website link profile 
  3. A Separate tool for Website Health Check – this is a dedicated Website Audit tool
  4. White label Reports
  5. Website Scanner – To Scan the Competitor’s Website and find out Top Pages and Top keywords that drive traffic to the site. This is similar to the Competitor Analysis module of SE Ranking

There is an interesting feature of SEO Missions – this is a sort of Gamified experience the tool makers want to provide to the users

There are some readymade missions or even you can custom create your missions to complete and improve your score

Price-wise – I find it to be worthy. It is more costly than SE ranking but cheaper than Semrush or Aherfs