How the Newly Launched SE Ranking Content Marketing Toolkit benefits your Content Marketing Campaigns

SE Ranking Content Marketing Platform

Content marketing has become an essential part of digital PR and online brand visibility.

Content marketing is continuous that involves creating blog posts, videos, images, and other digital assets that drive awareness of your company and its services.

Content Marketing is different from social media strategy—it’s an ongoing approach to making high-quality content to attract and retain customers.

SE Ranking has realized this important aspect and thus, it has introduced a brand new Content Marketing Toolkit.

In this blog post, we do a detailed review of the SE Ranking Content Marketing Platform

What is SE Ranking’s new toolkit?

SE Ranking Content Marketing Toolkit
Image – Se Ranking Website

SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Toolkit is a set of SEO tools that can help you create winning content marketing campaigns.

You can use the toolkit to create content that will bring you more traffic and customers.

With the right content marketing strategy, you can gain more customers and sales, improve your brand visibility, and strengthen your company’s reputation.

This toolkit can help you create content that will attract and engage your target audience, so you can build your business and achieve your goals.

What’s in the SE Ranking Content Marketing Toolkit

SE Ranking Content Marketing Toolkit

The SE Ranking Content Marketing Toolkit includes two components –

  1. Content Editor – Create Content Briefs and optimize blog posts for better SERP Positions
  1. Content Idea Finder – To help you find new topics for your content.

Let’s do a deep dive into each one of them to see what Benefits you get

Content Editor – For Content Briefs and Content Writing with AI

Blog posts are one of the core elements of content marketing. They are often the foundation for many other types of content, like guides, infographics, and videos. If you want to succeed with content marketing, you must create high-quality blog posts that will engage your audience and ring you with results.

This component will help you create blog posts that drive traffic, increase your sales, and strengthen your brand.

With Content Editor of SE Ranking, you will learn how to choose topics your audience wants to read, use keywords in your posts, and structure your posts for maximum impact.

Let’s see how to Start with Content Editor

se ranking content marketing

Add the Keywords you want to target in your Content Blog Post. Add Search Engine and Target Country

Once done, you need to add details like :

  1. Organic Competitors – Shows the Top Organic Rankings Pages for this keyword
  2. Various Content parameters – like how many words one should use
  3. Terms of Use: Includes various Keyword suggestions from SE Ranking
  4. Content Structure – Scraps how your Competitors have built the content that is ranking on google
  5. Notes – Add Notes wherever required

Now, you are all Set

Content Editor gives you all the features of a standard editor where you can create your blog posts.

You get to edit the content and add bullets, numbers, and Heading Tags

You also get to export the Content as an Article or as a Brief

SE Ranking Content Editor

Ability to Rewrite

se ranking content marketing

The SE Ranking Content Editor comes up with Re writing capabilities

All you have to do is select a block and click on the rewrite.

SE Ranking will come up with an updated content version

Content Optimisation Score to give you an idea of how your content may perform

se ranking content marketing

The USP of Contnet Editor is that it comes up with a Content Optimisation Score

This score reflects how well your content is created in terms of SEO Completeness like Titles, images, and tags

You get to see the count of Words, Headings, Paragraogh, and Images used in the content

Within the Optimization tab, there is a section on ‘terms

This section gives you a summary of your most used terms and how much relevant they are.

In case a term is used multiple times, this can be a trigger for you to reduce the usage.

Then you have a Section for ‘ NLP terms

The NLP terms section captures relevant terms and keywords from the competitor’s pages – as in what Keyword your competitors are using and ranking for the keyword that you are targeting

se ranking content marketing

This is a good insight and I will explain why

NLP Terms offers a wide coverage around the seed keyword. To make sure that your content is expansive and covers related topics of seed keywords, it’s a great idea to use NLP terms.

SE Ranking does a pretty good job here in giving you insights into NLP terms

Quality Score

Quality Score gives a score on basis of three parameters

a. Grammar

b. Punctuation

c. Irrelevancy

In the image below, I get a quality score of 80 – I performed well in Grammar and Punctuation: however, I may have to work to add more relevant words and remove the irrelevant words

There is also a Readability Score below.

See Image

se ranking content marketing

This is similar to the score that comes with Grammarly or Hemmingway

However, what extra you get in SE Ranking is the ‘Stop Words

Stop words are unimportant words or the most common words that do not add value to the overall context of the article

se ranking content marketing

SE ranking gives you an insight into how many stop words you have used and what you should do to optimize it.

Outline View – To Show, the Top SERPs results

In the Outline tab, there is a Competitors module

This lists the top-ranking URLs for the seed keyword that were added to the Brief

se ranking content marketing

I do expect More Features here – as in they can show what Heading tags are being used in each URL: but as of now, it’s a list that is present

Content Idea Finder to find New and trending topics

Content Idea finder is an interesting offering here within the SE Ranking Content Marketing Toolkit

This is similar to the Topics Finder tool of Semrush and places SE Ranking very strongly against Semrush

With Content Idea finder, you get ideas around the seed keyword where you can create content

Content Idea finder also gives you insights into the search volume and Keyword Difficulty

An essential part of successful content marketing is planning what you are going to create. 

By creating a content marketing plan, you can determine the kind of content you want to make, the audience you will reach, and the goals you want to achieve with your content.

This is where Content Idea Finder Helps. 

Content Idea Finder gives you an overview of the main components of a content marketing plan.

You’ll learn what topics to choose that your audience is searching for.

Let’s look at an example

I searched a keyword – Bitcoins

se ranking content marketing

SE Ranking now gives me 49 Clusters: in short, these 49 Clusters can be 49 Individual topics where I can create content

Each Cluster has more Ideas along with Search volume and Keyword Difficulty

Next, I need to analyze what content I need to create

Let’s explain one of the Clusters and we have the following:

Cluster Ideas 

se ranking content marketing

This shows the Cluster Ideas, Search Volume, and CPC Data

This is one set of Insights I can use to create and plan my content


This shows me the relevant Titles and the URLs. – This may not be very useful info and more details can be added by SE Ranking

se ranking content marketing

Mindmap View

SE Ranking Mind Map View

The SE Ranking Mind Map view in the Idea finder gives you a fantastic whole new Dimension of Cluster Topics.

This is similar to what Tools like Answer the Public offers

You get a fantastic view of related topics where you can create more content to get better traffic

Achieve Content Marketing Success with SE Ranking

The first step in Content Marketing is Planning

As we discussed above, you need to have a plan before you start creating content. Use the SE Ranking Keyword research toolkit to plan your content

This will help you focus on what you want to achieve and avoid getting sidetracked.

While planning, use the SE Ranking Competitor Analysis to understand how your competitors are creating and promoting content. 

Analyze their top pages and find the keywords they are already ranking for

Next, make your blog posts.

This is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. 

If your posts aren’t helpful, engaging, and appealing to your audience, then you are wasting your time and effort.

SE Ranking Content Editor will help you create engaging blog posts

Once you have created your posts, you will want to promote them to get them in front of the people who need and want them.

Use the SE Ranking Social Media Scheduler to promote the blog posts

Finally, measure your progress and keep improving as necessary.

You may want to consume Google Analytics data to track your content performance

Whether you are a seasoned blogger or an aspiring marketer, this toolkit is for you.

Successful content marketing relies on three things: attractive content, a viable strategy, and the ability to get that content in front of the right people.

This toolkit can help you create attractive and engaging content that promotes your business and achieves your goals. 

This content marketing toolkit from SE Ranking is designed to help you create and promote blog posts that will attract customers and build your brand.

It can also help you get your content in front of the right people and build your brand.

Pricing for SE Ranking Content Marketing Toolkit

SE Ranking Content Marketing Platforms comes at an additional cost of $29 per 15 articles

This is a good strategy – the reason is: they have kept the regular pricing still cheap at $18/mo for 250 keywords weekly rank tracking along with the SEO Platform offerings like Keyword Research, Competitor insights Backlink Analysis, White Label Reporting n much more

se ranking content marketing
SE Ranking Pricing

For those users, who want to add Content Marketing Features to the existing SE Ranking Platform, they can buy for an additional $29 for 15 Articles.

See below :

For a Total Price of 299$ – I can buy the Essential Plan for SE Ranking for 1 Full Year and will get Content marketing for 15 Articles.

This is still fair!

se ranking content marketing

Bottom line – SE Ranking Content Marketing Toolkit

This Content Marketing platform is designed to aid you in your overall SEO Campaigns.

While SE Ranking is already a cheap SEO tool for every budget, the content marketing toolkit adds a whole new dimension of marketing to this amazing affordable SEO tool

With the right strategy and techniques, you can create content that engages your audience and drives more traffic to your website.

You can use the SE Ranking Content Marketing Toolkit to create attractive and engaging blog posts, promote them, and measure your progress.

Maybe what’s missing is Content Performance measurement – you still would need to monitor how your content is performing online along with brand mention