SE Ranking Keyword Rank Tracking tool – Best Solution to Check Website Rankings

SE Ranking Keyword position Tracking

This is a detailed review of SE Ranking Keyword Position Tracking

For Marketers and growth hackers, Tracking Keywords for SEO is essential to get feedback for improving your web pages on Google SERP

Often, we come across a tool that does Rank tracking in Silos

Given the dynamic internet shift we have where Organic search results should satisfy the search intent, marketers just can not be doing Rank track alone! 

Marketers and Growth Hackers need much more features. 

SE Ranking is one complete SEO and marketing suite with features like Competitive Intelligence, Backlink Monitoring, Keyword research and tracking, Lead generator, and reports builder. 

With its real-time on-demand keyword position tracking capabilities, it generates numerous insights for marketers that can help them in their growth journey

In this Blog Post, we will explore the capability and features of the SE Ranking Keyword Tracking Tool

We will see if this cheap SEO software can be the right fit for your SEO strategy

1. Real-Time Keyword Position Tracking on 5 Search Engines / Location

Yes, you read it right

SE Ranking Keyword Rank Monitoring has on-demand Real-Time Rank Tracking capabilities

See Image Below

SE Ranking Keyword Rank Monitoring Tool

This affordable keyword tracking tool  makes it easy to  track Daily, your Target Keyword Positions across 5 major Search ENgines – Google, Bing, YouTube,  Yahoo, Yandex

Keywords can be tracked per location – as in you have the postal code level granularity to customize your rank tracking

Easy to set up, all you have to do is add your websites and select the keywords you want to monitor.

Select your Country and search engine and you are good

SE ranking keyword position tracking

After adding keywords in the rank tracker, you will be able to view the Search Volume and Keyword positions as per date. 

There are various view modes available in which you can organize your tracking dashboard

SE Ranking Various view modes

The only area of improvement that I see here is – if SE Ranking could also provide an Absolute vs Organic Position for a keyword, this would be a great view!

2. Keyword Segmentation Features to narrow down your tracking performance

SE ranking has a very useful keyword segmentation feature that allows to Easily group long-tail search queries

You can create segments or groups or Folders and arrange your keywords and track them across various factors

Now, it’s a Smart Feature!

SE ranking keyword position tracking

This feature comes in handy for those SEOs who are targeting thousands of keywords and want to perform Keyword Checks

For example – 

In the image above, I have 150 keywords to track – 

  • 14 Keywords are for SEO Tools related articles
  • 103 Keywords are for General articles
  • 20 Keywords are for Black Friday Promotions

I can easily create 3 segments and track the performance of my entire segment overall. 

3. Keyword Suggestions Tool inbuilt to suggest 100s of Keywords relevant for your Website

SE Ranking Keyword Position Tracking has an inbuild Keyword Research tool that suggests 100s of keywords relevant for your domain

SE Ranking add keywords

These keyword suggestions are made after SE Ranking analyses the URL of the website and depend on the location chosen

One can easily generate long-tail keywords and identify the Keyword opportunities along with Keyword Search Volumes and Keyword difficulty

4. Track Ranking Position Changes of your Competitors 

SE Ranking allows you to track your Competitors Rankings for the keywords you are tracking for your website

For example: 

In the below image, you can see that I have a view where I can see how my Competitors are performing in terms of 

  • Average Position
  • Traffic Forecast
  • Search Visibility
  • %in Top 10 
SE Ranking Keyword Position tracking

Se Ranking also gives you a view to show the exact ranks for your Competitors in 1 view

You can also export this data in excel and share it further

See image below

SE Ranking Keyword Position tracking

You can see how easy it is to see how my competitors are ranking for the tracked keywords

5. Identify SERP Competitors and Track their Performance

With SE Ranking Rank Tracking Tool, you analyze SERP Competitors for a search query ad check how they are performing with respect to your URL

Go to My Competitors -> SERP Competitors

There are various filters to help you narrow down your query

See Filters below

SE Ranking Keyword Position tracking

You can filter out Keywords on basis of Google Positions – as in Top 10, Top 20 and then see how your competitors are performing

SERP Tracking can be done on basis of Geo Location

In case you have different competitors in different Geos, you can create the groups and monitor their SERP performances

6. Special Focus to Track Mobile Rankings

Mobile traffic is ever increasing. With more and more searches being made from Mobile, it’s important to have an SEO Strategy focussed on mobile users

Thus, keyword tracking for mobile becomes essential.

SE Ranking Keyword Position tracking

SE Ranking allows to separately track mobile rankings for Keywords with two Seach ENgines – Google and Yandex

After Adding keywords to track their Google SERP positions, you can add Google Mobile ( or Yandex Mobile) as a Search Engine and select the Country 

This will help you to track Google Rankings for mobile. 

7. Supports Google Maps Results for Local Listing

If you are a business with a physical location, then Local SEO is important for you

SE Ranking Rank tracker helps you track your positions in Google Maps so that you can optimize your website for a local area

This feature is handy for local businesses like Shop, restaurants, or agencies where you want your web pages to rank for search queries performed in the same geographic locations where your business is built

All you have to do is while adding a search engine.

Select the two toggle buttons as shown below.

SE Ranking Keyword Position tracking

SE Ranking will then include the Google LocalPack Results and display positions for organic and map results.

SE Ranking Keyword Position tracking

8. Uncover the Promotional and Ad Campaigns of your Competitors

SE Ranking allows you to view the traffic your Competitors are getting from Ad Campaigns

Go to My Competitors -> Added Competitors -> Details and select Paid Results as shown 

SE ranking keyword position tracking

This will help you adjust your ad budgets or step up your Ad strategy to make sure you  place ads for the right keywords and get your share of traffic

9. One Single Tool to view website traffic with Google Analytics Integration

SE Ranking integrates easily with your Google Analytics Account

Once you Connect SE Ranking and Google analytic, you will have one single SEO too to look at traffic analytics and take appropriate action

You can easily look at key SEO parameters like 

Sessions | Users | Page Views | Bounce Rate, etc

SE Ranking Rank tracker Google Analytics Integration

You can also access the demographics data like – users and their country locations, etc along with Traffic sources

Idea is to give you this view in SE Ranking itself without the need for logging in to   your Google Analytics account separately

Go to Analytics & Traffic -> Overview

There are two Metrics in this view that should capture your attention here 

a. Rankings Overview 

This helps you analyze the big picture of your website rankings.

Here you can see how your site’s ranking dynamics have changed for the top ranking positions, positions that are out of the index, average position, and the search visibility for every tracked search engine.

b. Keyword Changes 

This helps you evaluate website ranking dynamics.

You can find out how many keyword ranking positions jumped, dropped, or rose in the top 100 search results.

Se ranking Rankings Overview and Position Changes

10. B2B Offerings and White Label Reports for Clients

SE Ranking is a progressive SEO tool designed to cater to various needs of marketers and agency owners

It Offers B2B features for Pro and Business Plans.  

With SE Ranking, you can allow your clients to access the Keyword Rank Tracker reports labeled with your brand and shared via your custom domain.

There is a fully customizable report builder present in this tool

SE ranking keyword position tracking

You can use this tool to add/edit logos, branding images and generate white label reports as shown below

SE ranking keyword position tracking

11. Gain Full Control with User Management

SE Ranking allows creating of Multiple Subspace with various Access levels for Clients and Partners

This is one cool feature and cost-effective too!

You can create Custom Access for managers, clients, or teammates

Even with the cheapest plans, you can create up to 10 users

This makes SE Ranking a really cheapest SEO tool available today

Pricing – SE Ranking Keyword Rank Monitoring Tool

SE Ranking Keyword Position Tracking offers flexible pricing plans and a Check Frequency option.

Check the Pricing Plans below

TrackingEssential – 250 KeywordsPro – 1000 KeywordsBusiness – 2500 Keywords
Weekly23.4$/Mo53.4 $/Mo113.4 $/Mo
Every 3 Days31.2$/Mo71.2$/Mo151$/Mo
SE Ranking Rank Tracker Pricing Plan

The pricing plans will change in case you opt for Daily Keyword tracking

Check their pricing page for the details.

Wrapping up – My Experience as Beginner in SEO with SE Ranking

After using this for almost 1 year, I do find SE Ranking a comprehensive and powerhouse Marketing and SEO suite that marketers need to grow their website.

This cheap SEO Software in usual terms is super intuitive.

With a clean and super easy to use dashboard, it is well structured and has zero learning curve – making it worth every Dollar. 

It allows me to easily review and track the keywords, perform audits and perform Competitive Research

SE Ranking Rank Tracker offers features that can help you outrank your competitors and get the right authority in google SERPs

The Daily position changes of your tracked keywords will help you give the right attention to your website’s web results

SE Ranking also gives you crisp insights on Local SEO and helps you uncover the Ad Strategy of your competitors

Support and B2B offerings are cherry on the top – this works best for the agencies

You buy any of the SE Ranking plans, add your websites and you are good to go!

FAQs – Keyword Rank Monitoring using SE Ranking Seo Tool

What is a Rank Tracker?

Rank Tracker is a marketing tool used to track Keyword Positions in Google SERPs ( or any other search engine) 
Marketers use insights from Rank Tracker to optimize their web pages and target better ranks

Is SE Ranking Accurate?

SE Ranking is one of the most accurate SEO tools that provides numerous features for marketers and growth hackers
This easy to use SEO tool makes it a favorite amongst the SEO professionals