SE Ranking Launches Content Marketing Platform [ News]

SE Ranking Launches Content Marketing Platform

SE Ranking has been making news in the SEO Tools landscape by adding some cool features to its SEO platform

While they have added various tools, the newly launched Content Marketing platform is a big addition to their existing SEO capabilities in 2022

I was already in awe of the SE Ranking Competitor Research Toolkit. The Latest addition of Content marketing is definitely gonna make them more desirable in the Marketers’ and Bloggers’ cohorts

Let’s see what SE Ranking offers with its Content Marketing Platform

SE Ranking Content Marketing Platform

SE Ranking Content Marketing Platform

SE Ranking, a leading SEO platform, has launched a new content marketing platform for its customers.

The newly launched SE Ranking Content marketing platform comes with two Offerings

a. Content Editor

b. Content Idea finder with Mind Maps

SE Ranking Content Editor

The content editor optimizes your content for better google rank.

All you have to do is enter your Keywords and select the Country for which you are targeting your content for

SE Ranking Content Marketing Platform

Once done, the next window will show you various details for Content Optimisation like

  1. Organic Competitors – Shows the Top Organic Rankings Pages for this keyword
  2. Various Content parameters – like how many words one should use
  3. Terms of Use: Includes various Keyword suggestions from SE Ranking
  4. Content Structure – Scraps how your Competitors have built the content that is ranking on google
  5. Notes – Add Notes wherever required
SE Ranking Content Marketing Platform

Once you have reviewed these sections, you can go to Content Editor and start writing and Optimizing

The highlight is: You will have a Score that will show you how your content stands up against the top ranking pages on Google

See below :

SE Ranking Content Marketing Platform content Editor

SE Ranking Content Idea Finder

There is also a Content Idea finder that helps you find trending and viral content ideas.

See below :

SE Ranking Content Marketing Platform  Content Idea Finder

I can easily find the Trending content ideas against a seed keyword as shown below

What’s also worth noticing is the Content Cluster format that gives us a view of the Keywords that we can use to implement Content Clusters or Content Hub

The Content Idea Mind Map is a fantastic view to see the Topics related to Seed keywords

SE Ranking Content Marketing Platform Mind Map

This is similar to what Semrush and SEO Powersuite have in their Content Marketing Platforms – SE Ranking doesn’t fail to impress us here

SE Ranking vs Semrush on Content Marketing Platform

What’s worth noticing is both SE Ranking and Semrush raise that Content marketing is going to dominate the Content Game in Google SERPs. Hence the increased focus to improve their Content Marketing Toolkit is definitely noticeable

While Semrush Content Marketing Platform has been a leader, SE ranking is definitely Catching up

The Smerush content Marketing comes with capabilities like Topic Research and SEO Writing Assistant, SE Ranking has almost closed the gaps with its latest offering

The Biggest Differentiator between the two still continues to be the price – While the cheapest plan of Semrush starts at $99/mo, SE Ranking offers a cheap pricing plan at $18/mo.

This definitely makes SE Ranking, the go-to SEO tool for marketers and bloggers who are on a budget and looking for an Insights rich, SEO Platform

Having used SE Ranking so closely over the year, I have seen how SE Ranking has been adding features to its platform.

This constant innovation by SE Ranking makes them an essential tool for any business that wants to improve its online brand visibility and connect with its target audience in more personalized ways

About SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a complete SEO platform for managing your SEO and content marketing campaigns.

It provides users with tools to track their rankings, keywords, backlinks, and more.

These SE Ranking Tools include keyword research and, Competitor analysis, backlink management, Rank Tracking, and more.

Se ranking can help you achieve your SEO and content marketing goals by providing you with the tools and data you need to track your progress and make informed decisions about your campaigns.