SE Ranking Review – My Experience as Beginner [in 2023]

SE Ranking Review Cheap SEO tool

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking SEO Tool

SE Ranking is a cloud-based SaaS SEO software that offers a complete set of SEO Tools required to set up an effective SEO Campaign at low pricing.

SE ranking provides Capabilities for

  • Keyword Position Tracking
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Website Audit for technical SEO,
  • Backlink monitoring, and analytics
  • Competitor analysis, and
  • Generating professional SEO Clients reports.

There are also Social Media Management and Marketing Plan tools to step up your SEO game.

Let’s now do a detailed SE ranking review and see if this software can be the right tool for you or not!

SE Ranking Review of its Performance in Various Categories

Lets now review SE ranking in various categories

Smart Keyword Suggestion Tool with Insightful Metrics

SE ranking review for Keyword Research

Free SEO tools like Keyword Planner may not give you the complete metrics like search volume or difficulty to pick the right focus keywords.

From its 3 Billion keywords dataset, SE ranking’s Keyword Research feature allows you to find out keywords similar to the target keyword and alternative keywords that improve SEO Performance.

This Seo Software has a search suggestions feature that generates long-tail keywords for you with low search volume that are easy to rank.

SE Ranking Keyword research

Side by Side,

you also can do Organic vs Paid keyword checks to target in search campaigns along with Bulk Keyword analysis that can be done in seconds.

The keyword grouping feature helps segment keywords and track them in groups. This is one cool feature at this price tag

100% Accurate Keyword Rankings Tracking

SE Ranking allows you to perform Keyword Rank Tracking.

The results of this Rank Tracking tool are 100% accurate as tracking is done on all search engines using a keyword rank tracker.

It Supports all major search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, Yandex.

SE Ranking SEO Tool Rank Tracker
Rank Tracking

What we like is the Local SEO Support where you can easily track Keyword Positions for city or small locations also and do a Desktop vs Mobile comparison and check Keyword Performance.

Additionally, you can also track your Business and monitor up to 5 SERP Competitors

Along with Rankings, SERP features like Search Volume, Difficulty, and PPC data for Keywords is also available

DML Tip: Check this Guide for Keyword research using SE Ranking

In-Depth Website Audits with SE Ranking to Share with your Clients

Are you bored of that text-based SEO analysis?

If yes, then SE ranking can help you with a smart website audit

Let’s see how.

SE ranking can crawl each page of your website and analyze it against parameters like technical Errors, Canonical URLs and Noindex tags, Meta Tags, and headers.

One can easily perform Image analysis to identify missing ALt Tags or 404 Errors.

SE ranking audit helps to check website loading speed on mobile vs desktop.

See Below :

It also recommends Speed Optimisation techniques

Website Audits with SE Ranking
Website Audits with SE Ranking

One can easily find out the internal links on the website, its destination page as well as if it contains a no-follow vs do-follow tag or not.

If you have a client to share SEO reports to Clients, then SE ranking makes reports generation super easy with its white-label offerings that allow adding brand logo and customizing it.

We have created some great looking dashboards after pulling data from Google Data Studio

SE ranking highlights the on-page SEO issues that exist and also suggests ways to fix those issues.

This suggestion is really helpful here and fixing these errors can improve the overall SEO score of a website and improve the internet presence.

Create Sitemap.xml in One Click

SE ranking has a built-in XML Generator. All you have to do is just a click and you will have the entire XML ready for you.

Isn’t this a cool feature that you have been longing to see in your SEO tool?

A perfect SEO Checker to Fix On-Page SEO Issues 

Are you an SEO who is looking to save your time by generating easy to understanding On-page SEO Audit report?

Read on : 

SE Ranking is a perfect SEO Checker and analyzes the content for uniqueness and technical errors 404, favicons, Domain Characters, Page Title issues, Meta Description checks, and URL Structure.

SE ranking On Page issues

It gets easy to check the index status and perform an audit for Images on your page. 

With SE Ranking SEO checker features, one can check if the content is SEO Friendly and Keyword optimized.

It also gets easy to perform Page load optimization and check social media popularity!

Is not it cool? 

One tool with so many On-Page Insights that too in one single click. 

SE Ranking allows single-click integration with Google Search Console and Google Analytics to import your backlinks. Alternatively, it can be done with a manual excel upload also.

Various filters present helps you to focus or do Do follow vs No-follow analysis and check the toxic backlinks.

SE Ranking Backlink Monitor
Backlink Monitor tool

Other parameters for Backlink analysis includes:

Google Index status, External Links, Destination URL, Social Popularity, Alexa rank.

The Disavow file can be easily generated with a single click

Additionally, the backlink tool allows you to assign a cost to the links you acquire and helps you create an optimum budget for your link building campaign

Backlinks are the links that connect one website to another website. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have more organic search engine rankings. 

The best part is :

The backlinks checker tool can be used to monitor the Competitor backlink profile also. So go ahead, start your 14-day FREE trial and Monitor your backlinks for FREE

Detailed Competitor Research with PPC Analysis

Are you trying to get details on the SEO strategy for competitors?

Competitive Research SE Ranking tool
Competitor Research Tool

SE Ranking has a Competitor Research tool to help you perform competitive research on your competitor’s website and track its performance metrics like Domain Authority (Trust), Traffic Estimates, Keywords, Backlink Profile, and Top Pages.

You just have to enter any domain name or URL and can get a complete view of the Competitor’s paid and organic strategy.

Various charts and graphs make this analysis easy to understand and digest. 

Competitive Research for Organic Traffic
Organic Traffic Research Module

There is an Organic Traffic research Report to help you uncover the organic traffic sources, Ranking changes, Organic keywords, Top Pages and comparisons,

Create reports and share them with your clients with the report builder module. 

Social Media Marketing gets easy with SE Ranking

Social Media plays an important role in Content Marketing and looks like SE ranking has taken note of it. 

So far:

Social media integration within an SEO tool was something provided by premium SEO tools like SEMrush.

However, to our surprise, we saw that there is a Social Media Marketing platform integrated with SE ranking to help you with Social Listening

SE Ranking Social Media
SE Ranking Social Media Tool

Using this SEO Software, you can easily connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and schedule your posts as per your marketing strategy and analyze key social media metrics and check social media user demographics

This is a very useful feature as you do not have to buy a tool to schedule your social media posts. 

Thus, SE ranking is making Social listening and monitoring easy.

Easy User Management to Create Unlimited Sub Accounts for your Team

SE ranking performs very well here with user management features.

At a cheap price tag, it allows creating unlimited accounts for your team

Want to try?

Go ahead and get a SE Ranking Free Trial today.

Onboard your team and get your profits to soar 😀

Detailed Marketing Plan with Checklists to help you achieve your Seo goals

SE ranking has an inbuilt marketing plan with a to-do list template to help you set up a comprehensive SEO strategy. This acts as a FREE SEO Guide to help you implement the SEO best practices while optimizing your website.

SE Ranking Marketing Plan
SE Ranking Marketing Plan

Using this Marketing Plan Feature, you can easily track the progress of and perform the SEO tasks based on the best practice recommendations from SE ranking.

The Marketing Plan template also has Business Listing tabs where you can find the list of trusted directories where your business can be potentially listed for better search visibility

This is pure gold information for a local business that wants to focus on Local SEO

SE Ranking Pricing Overview

I know, you have been waiting to read this part of the SE Ranking Pricing

Trust me SE ranking will not surprise you here. 

SE Ranking is a low-cost SEO tool with premium functionality.

Rates begin at $18 per month and include weekly keyword position updates.

There are three SE Ranking plans:

SE Ranking Pricing plans

Essential – Beginning at $18/mo with features such as building 10 projects with 5 rivals per project, ideal for beginners.

Pro – Starting at $43/mo, you may build limitless projects with up to ten competitors per project, making it ideal for startups and small businesses.

Business – starts at $91/month with the ability to build limitless projects and 20 competitors for each project, best suited for growing businesses.

Thus, if you are a blogger on a budget, SE Ranking offers a plan for you. 

If you are an Enterprise SEO user with a large Team, SE Ranking offers a custom made Enterprise plan for you

For Weekly Updates, you get almost a 60% Discount. The cheapest plan starts from as low as 18$/mo for weekly rank updates for 250 Keywords.

Check the Pricing Calculator here – Select Weekly Updates and you should get a cheap price!

SE Ranking Pros and Cons

After having used SE Ranking for almost 4 months, here is a short summary of the SE ranking Pros and Cons


  1. Advanced Competitor Analytics
  2. Has Social Media Management Tools
  3. Local SEO Tools Present
  4. Comprehensive SEO platform
  5. Flexible Pricing- starts $18/Mo
  6. Advanced Rank tracker with Competitive Intelligence
  7. The roadmap of SE ranking is Promising with amazing new capabilities


  1. Missing the Keyword List features
  2. Basic Filters for Keyword research
  3. Few Reports are on paid Basis
  4. No dedicated Content Marketing Platform

SE Ranking Alternatives

Let’s also look at SE Ranking alternatives that you should consider

1. SE Ranking vs SEMrush

Below is a Tabular Comparison of SE Ranking vs Semrush

Key FeaturesSE RankingSemrush
Keyword ResearchKeyword Research Tool -with basic Filters
Missing Search Intent
Advanced Keyword Research Tool
Search Intent – Present
Has Rank tracker but its Costly
On-Page SEO Audit and BacklinksYes – Detailed Audit and FREE Backlink CheckerYes – Detailed Audit Reports
Backlink Checker
Backlink Monitoring
Link Outreach Tool
Link BuildingMissingAwesome tools for Link Building
Content MarketingMissingAdvanced and Comprehensive Content Marketing Suite
Local SEOBasic ToolsComplete Local SEO tools
Agency SolutionsYes – GoodYes – Advanced
PricingStarts $18/MoStarts $119/Mo

2. SE Ranking vs Seo Powersuite

Key FeaturesSE RankingSEO Powersuite
Keyword ResearchYesYes
On-Page SEO Audit and BacklinksYes – Average SEO Audit reports
Backlink Checker ( Free)
Backlink Monitoring
Yes – Basic Audit Reports
Backlink Checker
Backlink Monitoring
Competitor AnalysisAdvanced and user FriendlyBasic Functionality
Link Building & Outreach MissingLink Building and Outreach directly from the tool – Yes, you can get contacts and email them from this tool itself
Content MarketingBasic Content PlanAverage Content Marketing Features
PricingStarts at $18/MoStarts at $299/YEAR

Additional read: Check the SE Ranking Alternatives to Consider as Marketers!

Verdict – Is SE Ranking Right for you?

SE Ranking offers almost every feature that premium SEO tools offer. It is the most comprehensive SaaS SEO tool and has done very well on the features like Rank Tracking, Keyword research, Competitor research, and more. It is affordable and best suitable for freelancers as an SEO platform

Tools like Marketing Plan and Social media Management makes it a perfect SEO tool for Digital Marketing Agency or Digital marketers / Content marketers

Signup with SE Ranking is very Easy. There is a free trial and no Credit Card is Required. 

It is amazing in user management – At low prices, it allows you to create multiple subaccounts with different access levels to manage the SEO workspace. 

With its customizable pricing plan, SE Ranking covers a wide range of customers – from beginner to enterprise offering wide pricing options

After reviewing various Seo software like Seo Powersuite, Semrush, Ahrefs, and other Cheap Seo Tools, we can easily conclude that SE ranking offers an All in One platform with lots of features and that too at a very low price.

It is definitely one of my Go-To SEO tools in 2022

Go ahead and get your 14 Days FREE trial below.

FAQs – SE Ranking Review

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a cloud-based SEO tool that includes all the features like keyword ranking, backlinks monitoring, website audit, and competitor analysis which makes it the best for completing online marketing projects. It also offers additional tools like white-label, market planning, and social media management which makes your marketing project at a new level.

Who Uses SE Ranking?

SE ranking is an affordable and most comprehensive SEO tool on the planet, used by freelancers and Marketers. If you are one of the Digital Agencies, then upgrade to Enterprise plans to get the most benefit from this great SEO tool

How much does SE ranking Cost?

The cheapest plan starts from $18/mo for weekly Keyword position updates. Check detailed SE Ranking review here