Top 5 SEO Hacks you should focus on for quick SEO Win in 2023

SEO hacks 2022

Having a good SEO strategy is crucial if you plan to rank high on search engines. A new site is launched daily, new posts are posted, and search-engine-optimized content gets noticed.

We all know that meta descriptions, title tags, keyword phrases, and backlinks significantly impact search engine optimization. There have been several articles on those factors that we have read and have demonstrated in our work that we have put into practice. 

However, not every tip you come across will work. 

We have compiled some lesser-known SEO hacks and tricks in this post that no one knows about but has a significant impact on SEO.

1. Add FAQs at The End of Content

One of the essential SEO hacks many people may not talk much about is highly effective, i.e., adding FAQs at the end of each article. 

In most people’s eyes, a good SEO-friendly article means targeting the right keywords and writing short sentences to make it easy for search engines to find. 

However, this is not true. 

Instead, when your post has all the details, you will be able to draw readers’ attention and ensure they understand what they missed throughout the bar by adding FAQs. 

Rich snippets are displayed when you include additional data, such as your FAQ page, which informs Google that your website presents its material in a Q&A format. 

Google presents search results that are rich in information, as opposed to promoting particular websites. 

Depending on how rich your website is, you can be included as a rich snippet on Google’s search results. 

As a result, your website will be more likely to be visited by users as a result of this.

For WordPress Website, use the FAQ Schema by Rank math

2. Use LSI keywords ( Semantic Keywords )

As the term “LSI” indicates, it refers to the concept of “latent semantic indexing.” According to Google, this indexing does not occur within their search engine.

An LSI keyword is a term or phrase similar to or related to the primary keyword on a website. 

Alternatively, it may be a synonym for the primary word. An excellent example of this can be seen by looking at the following. The term “fall” refers to either “falling” or a specific time of year. 

If you wish to write about a particular season, you’ll use terms and phrases that are more associated with a fall season, such as “season,” “autumn,” and “months.”

I would recommend using SE Ranking to find the LSI Keywords.


For Seed Keyword: Kitchen Tools, I can see my LSI Keywords Below

SEO hacks to find LSI Keywords
This is an Image from SE Ranking Keyword Research tool

Read about the detailed Software Review of SE Ranking Review here

The main keyword in your article should not be written a hundred times for SEO purposes because it will make the writing appear uninteresting and everyone turns away. 

It is preferable to use LSI keywords or cousin keywords linked to the core keywords of your content to help the search engines understand what you are attempting to portray in your content and to provide a better reading experience for the users.

One more Awesome tool that we use to add LSI keywords is Frase.

We use this Content Optimisation tool and this will never fail to impress you!

See below:

With Frase : How easily I can see the LSI keywords I should add to my Content for Seed keyword: Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

seo hacks

3. Improve Page Load Speed

Another excellent SEO tactic you mustn’t forget is to review the website’s load speed. 

However, it is possible to improve the speed and performance of your website by using a CDN (content delivery network). 

It is a set of geographically distributed servers that speeds up content delivery. 

Typically, content is delivered from a server near the user using a CDN, which speeds up delivery. To enhance the performance of your website, you can subscribe to a CDN provider to achieve that goal. 

This Short Video may help :

4. Use relevant internal links across your site – especially your homepage.

Marketers often overlook another vital SEO hack that starts with the homepage: internal links. 

Your homepage is one of the most critical pages on your website. 

Your homepage is the front door to all the content you create, so you need to link to and from it for your content to be seen.

 In addition to linking to your content throughout the navigation bar, you should consider linking to your relevant blogs or subpages within the homepage text. 

In this way, you can increase the link authority of these subpages, which is greatly needed.

Use the Free Ahrefs Webmasters SEO tool to get the Internal Linking Suggestions. 

I use it for the Digital Marketing lane.

You also should check the Free SEO Tools we have listed here

5. Use Headlines that summarize your article

With so much content available today, your headline can be one of your most significant opportunities to grab your audience’s attention. 

The quality of the link is likely to affect whether a visitor clicks through to your content/website or not. 

Undoubtedly, writing an effective headline is an essential aspect of SEO and is often overlooked. 

Not to forget, however, that Google will be ranking your site based on the headlines you come up with. 

This Free Blog Title Generator may help

In conclusion for the SEO Hacks

There is no set-and-forget approach to SEO. 

In this day and age, the internet and the way people behave when they are online are constantly changing. 

Keeping your content current with these changes is crucial to doing SEO correctly. Like everyone else, you will follow many standard SEO practices for your content.

There are many more hidden secrets of the industry. Still, the above hacks are some of the best-kept secrets that can significantly improve your site’s performance and the quality of content you produce, especially if you are following a solo SEO strategy.

As you go through this process, keep in mind the one SEO strategy that will never lose its relevance – always creating high-quality, evergreen content.