SEO PowerSuite Review – Should you Buy this Cheap SEO Tool?

SEO PowerSuite Review

What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite

Seo Powersuite is a toolkit of 4 Free SEO tools used for Keyword research, Competitor research, Website Audit, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Backlink analysis, and Link Building. All the 4 free SEO tools that are installed as individual apps on mac or windows pc

The 4 SEO tools that are bundled in SEO Powersuite SEO software are :

Rank Tracker – For Keyword Research and Rank tracking

Website Auditor – Content Optimisation, On-Page SEO, technical SEO

SEO SpyGlass – Competitor Analysis

Link Assistant Find backlink opportunities

SEO Powersuite SEO software gives you complete SEO tool features in one package so that you can focus to optimise your website as per your audience and google

Seo PowerSuite review

Let’s now do a detailed SEO Powersuite review and check the features and benefits this free SEO Software offer. We will also learn how to use SEO Powersuite software in this review post.

Rank Tracking with SEO PowerSuite

Rank tracking gets easy with the RankTracker SEO tool of SEO PowerSuite that helps track unlimited keywords from multiple search engines,  do in-depth Keyword research, Competitor research, and Competitor rank monitoring, Evaluate Domain strength, track Google SERP features, and generate SEO reports for yourself or for your clients. 

RankTrakcer allows you to integrate with AdWords and Google Analytics and get data on various metrics like search volume, visits, bounce rates, etc

Rank Tracker also allows you to generate custom white-label reports for your clients

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker SEo Tool

In the section below, Rank Tracker allows you to check your site rankings, shows if your website has moved up or down in search results with graphs, and displays the progress. 

seo powersuite review

Rank Tracking for Local SEO

There is an option for you to check Geo Specific ranking for Local SEO. One can easily collect listings from google local tracking, google maps, and organic local ranking – all using one SEO Tool – Rank Tracker from SEO PowerSuite Free SEO tool

SEO PowerSuite Review Rank Tracker seo tool

Keyword Research with SEO PowerSuite

Rank Tracker free SEO tool allows you to find Ranking keywords for a website once you connect your Google Search Console account. 

You also can add your keywords manually and the Rank tracker of SEOPowersuite will help you find the organic traffic, no of searches, competitor, and CPC data. 

Along with being an SEO keyword generator, RankTracker also gives you a view of SERP features. 

The keyword position checker also helps you pick the best keywords and prioritize them for targeting. One can easily check the SEO metrics as search volume, Data, and competition. 

Additionally,  the rank tracker tool of Seo Powersuite can calculate Keyword Difficulty for every term — a complex metric that takes into account all SEO strengths and weaknesses of the sites of your top 10 competitors. 

Thus, one can combine the keyword difficulty score with the traffic checker stats from Google Analytics to decide which keyword will be easier to rank for. 

To have a complete view of SERP pictures, one can check both the desktop and mobile keyword rank tracking to see the real picture of SERPs.

seo powersuite review

Find Keyword Gap with SEO PowerSuite

Ran Tracker also allows you to find out the Keyword Gap with your competitor. 

Enter the URL of your competitor and the SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker tool will generate keywords where your competitor is ranking for and you are not ranking. 

In the image below, I tried to find out the keyword gap of this website with backlinko and I could very easily identify the keywords where bakclinko is ranking for which are high volume and low competition and this website is not ranking for. 

Thus, with this insight, we have a great to-do list where we should be creating some high-quality content

seo powersuite review

Then we have ‘Keyword Planner’ and ‘Autocomplete Tools’ that lets you find long-tail keywords. 

All you need to do is enter some keywords in AutoComplete tools and the SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker tool will give you a list of long-tail keywords as shown below. 

Seo PowerSuite Autocomplete seo tool

One can also find related searches or Related Questions – that come from people Also Ask section of Google search or from Questions AutoComplete. You can choose one

TF- IDF Explorer or LSI Keywords using SEO PowerSuite

LSI Keywords are important to improve the coverage of your content. For example, if you are writing a blog about kitchen tools, then Cookware or Steel Utensils can be LSI Keywords that could improve coverage of your content.

LSI keywords can be found very easily using the TF – IDF explorer and I really find this tool amazing here. 

Looking at the snip below, we can see that we have a list of LSI keywords that we could include in the content to improve the coverage. Metrics like No of Competitors, No of Searches, Visits, Competition, Keyword Difficulty, and CPC helps us filter the best LSI keywords that one can include in the content for better coverage

seo powersuite review

There are also options for you to explore Keyword combinations that help you get new keyword ideas by creating new combinations of words and phrases and generating misspelled words.    

Within this Rank tracker Seo software, there is also a Keyword Sandbox where you can save keywords and use them later in your content. A good to have feature, generally seen in premium SEO Software like SEMrush vs Ahrefs

Competitor Research with SEO PowerSuite

SEO Powersuite gives insights that you can use to outrank your competitor. Using the Rank tracker free SEO tool, one can easily identify competitors, analyze the traffic sources of Competitors, their paid ads, and their top pages to have a complete view of the SEO Campaign of your Competitor

Domain Competitors

One can easily find out Domain Competitors – i.e which competitors are similar to your domain. Accordingly, you can identify the intersection and your unique keywords, intersection keywords, Organic Traffic, etc

In the image below, we can see that website – newsbloghosting(dot)com has 21% of the content test similar to digital marketing lane(dot)com

Topic research and Topic Competitors

You can also identify Topic competitors – for eg, I ran a search for the topic – ‘Kitchen tools’ and I could find this list below that shows who are my competitors for my seed keyword

Metrics like Organic traffic, Sites linking to the domain, Sites linking to the page helps choose the right domain to analyze

The next step for me should be to analyze these URLs, check the type of content in the top 10 of google ranking, and then produce better content.

seo powersuite review

Top Pages of Competitor

Rank Tracker helps you identify the top pages of a URL or your competitor and check out the organic traffic sources.

For example, Let’s see how backlinko gets its traffic from – 

Backlinko is a famous blog for SEO related stuff and they get their major traffic from this web page on youtube views – Refer Image Below

Similarly, you can analyze any competitor, check out the approximate traffic value and their keywords. 

SEO PowerSuite Review Competitor research

Domain Overview of Website with Seo PowerSuite

One can easily analyze their Domain strength ( from 0 – 10). Domain Strength is a quality metric calculated on numerous SEO Factors like Domain age backlinks, Social signals, etc. 

You can use this metric to track how the “Strength” of your website grows over time. 

You can also look at Alexa Rank, Visibility in search engines, backlinks overview, Social signals, etc. 

If you configure your Google Analytics data, you can also check traffic to your website in one single place.

SEO Powersuite Review for Domain Overview

Domain Overview SEO Reports

Using Rank Tracker seo tool, one can also generate multiple reports here with Custom Branding. However, White label reports can be generated from the Rank Tracker Enterprise edition only.

SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor Tool

Website Auditor tool of SEO Powersuite helps us do a complete SEO Audit of websites, Top pages and create Google-friendly content. The Website auditor SEO tool in Seo Powersuite helps us identify issues on our web pages by doing technical SEO analysis and on-page SEO analysis

Two important modules that are present in the Website Auditor tool of SEO Powersuite are Site Structure and Content Analysis. 

SEO PowerSuite Review for Website Auditor

Site Structure module helps you do a complete website audit, analyze the on-page SEO factors, and helps you fix the technical SEO errors, and allows you to have visual maps for giving detailed seobility insights. 

Content Analysis Module helps you optimize the content by allowing you to do the page-level SEO audit.

One of the important features of the Content analysis module is the in-app Content Editor to help you write google friendly content. The Content Editor in SEO PowerSuite suggests your Keywords while you write. Keywords are suggested after a TF-IDF analysis of the top 10 ranking pages for the topic.

On-Page SEO and Website Audit

Website Auditor checks the entire website to flag the on-page SEO errors and warnings and generates the audit view. One can easily find and fix broken links, broken images, and check the HTTP response codes to improve the page loading problems. 

Website Auditor tool of SEO Powersuite gives a single view to fixing these On-page SEO Errors, Faulty Localisation Metrics, fixing gaps in Titles, and Meta descriptions, and adding or removing redirects

Website Auditor also identifies the missing title tags meta description or duplicate meta description. This SEO tool highlights the encoding and technical SEO errors like mixed content, canonical URLs, CSS errors, etc

Site Audit and On Page SEO with SEO PowerSuite

The Website audit is very comprehensive and provides a great level of detail as you can see in the image above

Post SEO test, there is also a description of the errors available that help you understand the error in detail and you get an idea of how to fix the SEO error. 

Website Audit Reports

Website Auditor also helps you generate Website level and Page-level SEO audit reports with Custom Branding. A sample image below for our website as of 02 Nov 2020

SEO Reports with SEO PowerSuite

Technical SEO With SEO PowerSuite

Technical SEO gets easy with SEO PowerSuite as this toolkit provides a single interface to check and validate your technical SEO errors, Generate Sitemaps, Create Robots.txt file, and much more.

Robots Txt and Sitemap Generator

Using Website Auditor, one can easily generate the Robot.txt file or the Google-friendly sitemaps for your website. All you need to do is visit the website tools section and generate the required file

In case if you have a sitemap and robots.txt file, then you can also review and edit the file and upload changes via FTP

seo powersuite review

Site Structure Visualisation with SEO PowerSuite

Website Auditor tool in SEO PowerSuite  allows us to do a complete site audit and creates visualization graphs for Click Depth, Internal Page Rank, and Page Views

One can also use the internal link checker to visualize site structure and uncover a problem in the site, analyze the internal link juice, and share custom graphs and visual reports with your clients. 

In case if you have a developer team, you can instantly create a to-do checklist for your developer using the visualization tools.

SEO Powersuite Visualisations

Content Analysis and Content Optimization with SEO PowerSuite

SEO Powersuite is a free SEO tool that gives you a content editor to analyze every paragraph and image on your website. All you have to do is enter the URL and choose one of the two modes –  Browser mode and Document mode to edit the blog post. 

The Content Editor of Website Auditor SEO tool allows you to optimize your pages in-app with step by step SEO guidance as you edit your pages. The Content Editor recommends you on the Keywords, Topics, and Questions from People Also Ask section in Google that you can add in your content. 

Recommended keywords are the keywords taken from content from your competitors after the TF-IDF comparison (content gap comparison)

There is also a list of top-ranking pages in SERP for the keywords that you are targeting. This information will help you to analyze the URLs of the top-ranking pages and check the style of writing and their keywords. 

Content Editor SEO PowerSuite

Once you have entered the URL in the box, the editor of this free SEO tool allows you to edit pages, titles, and meta description tags. This Content Editor also allows you to check the count of keywords in content, word count, and keywords used in H1 – H6 tags.

seo powersuite review

It also highlights the Keywords in Alt Texts and images with empty alt texts along with Markup – Open graph Markup and Structured data markup

The content editor of the Website Auditor SEO tool in the Seo PowerSuite also allows you to improve technical factors like Page availability, Mobile-friendliness, and Page speed. 

You can also identify the encoding and technical factors, identify Broken links in the page with a count of links, and identify the Do follow external links.

Content Analysis using SEO PowerSUite

These are some great pieces of information while optimizing the on-page SEO for a web page. Once you are done optimizing, you can download the HTML document and upload it directly to the website.

Content Audit Reports for Web Pages

The website auditor seo tool allows you to generate professional page-level reports for your website with custom templates and branding. 

After you have added your URL of the web page, you can generate reports for Page Audit with errors and Warnings, Keywords, their usage, meta description

Technical audits as well as TF-IDF reports are also available to generate.

Page Audit Reports using SEO PowerSuite

Content Gap Analysis (TF-IDF analysis)

TF IDF report in Website Auditor SEO tool of SEO Powersuite helps to find topically relevant terms and gives recommendations on keyword usage based on the pages of top-ranking competitor sites. These terms and keywords are semantically related to your content and help you improve the overall coverage from an information perspective.

Content Gap TF IDF analysis using SEO PowerSuite

Adding the TF – IDF keyword suggestions in your content, help to improve the dwell time, and reduce bounce rates as the audience gets to read good information in which she/he may be interested. 

Having said that, definitely TF – IDF is my favorite Seo Tool here because it helps to analyze the gaps in my content when I compare them with the top-ranking pages for my target keywords. It highlights gaps in both the long tail as well as single-word keywords and gives me keyword suggestions or Content Topics that can improve the coverage

-Shobhit Gupta |

WebSite Auditor tool also helps you check how well a page is optimized for target keywords and find out SEO errors in the content

For example, in the snip below, we can see the TF – IDF analysis for the URL cheap WordPress hosting as compared to top-ranking pages for the same set of keywords.

Content Gap TF IDF analysis using SEO PowerSuite

Link Building Opportunities and Outreach Management

Link Assistant is a Free backlink checker SEO Toll in the Seo PowerSuite that helps you find hundreds of link building opportunities and pitch to them for a link back to your website. 

None of the SEO tools gives you this feature for free – usually, link building is costly and tools like Mailshake charge almost 60$/mo for email outreach. Seo Powersuite does it for FREE with the Link-Assistant Seo tool

Digital marketing Lane

Link Assistant helps you find backlink opportunities by identifies opportunities for Guest posting, Blog commenting, Link Pages, Reviews, Forums, Directory submission, and analyzing competitor backlinks. 

Depending on your link building strategy, you can choose your research method from an effective link prospective mechanism. 

  • For example, if you choose the ‘Guest posting’, then click on Guest posting, enter the keyword, and select the search engine. Link assistant will pop up a list of websites for guest posting and their contacts. 
  • Next, you can easily pitch them using the connected email functionality. No need to move out of the Seo tool – all of this can be achieved using the same SEO tool

As evident, finding the right contacts gets easy with the Link-Assistant SEO tool

Link Building with SEO PowerSuite
  • If in case you want to find out pages that can link to a page on your website, then go to ‘Link Pages’ Prospect search Method, enter the keywords for which you would like to get backlinks, and hit enter!

You will have a list of websites in a couple of minutes for you to work upon.

Link Outreach Management

Link Assistant has an entire link building workflow under one place where you can find link opportunities, find out the contacts, and email them using the custom templates – all using the same SEO tool. Link assistant makes it easy to find the link opportunities and email to those prospects using the same SEO Tool for FREE. 

On click of a button, you can gather contact emails automatically and collect the link prospects and email them using the inbuilt outreach tool

There are many templates available for various link outreach types that you can use or create your own templates

Link Assistant Outreach management tool

You can also track email sents and replies, flag important emails so you don’t forget to reply or follow up. Link Assistant is a real-time saver! Check out the Link-Assistant reviews here

Competitor Backlinks Analysis

Link assistant makes it easy to enhance your link building with the Competitor backlinks module. In seconds, you can get hundreds of relevant prospects on your competitor’s backlink profile. 

You can also use this link building software to see which websites link to your competitors’ website and try to reach out to them with better content and check if they can partner with you.

link Assistant

This software saves a lot of time sorting, filtering, and link management gets easy.  There are a lot of insights like Page/Domain Authority, Domain age, Social media metrics, etc to choose the right link to pitch. 

There are also penalty risk metrics so that you can avoid pitching or partner up to those links

Seo PowerSuite Pricing

SEO PowerSuite Offer three pricing plan 

Forever Free Plan – Yes, that’s true. SEO PowerSuite offers a forever free plan with the maximum feature available to its users, however, in Forever free plan, users will not be able to export any data and save projects

ProfessionalFor $299/year with an unlimited number of projects, unlimited keywords to track, and Unlimited Backlinks monitoring with unlimited link management features. Add up to 5 Competitors

Enterprise For $699/year  with unlimited websites, keywords, and backlinks to tracks. Enterprise plan allows to track 40 Competitors with task schedulers and White label SEO Reports

SEO PowerSuite Pricing Plans

Conclusion – Seo PowerSuite Review

SEO Powersuite definitely helps you improve your site rankings by using one single platform for all SEO tasks and everything at a reduced pricing plan

SEO power suite comes with a humble price tag when compared with other SEO Tools like SEMrush vs Ahrefs or SEO PowerSuite vs SEMrush

SEO Powersuite also works decently well for various SEO tasks like Keyword research, Competitor Research, or Backlink analysis. 

SEMrush content marketing toolkit gives you an editor that helps you create SEO optimized content. But that comes at a high price of $200 per month (Guru plan) whereas SEO PowerSuite gives you the same feature at a very low price of $250 per year!

SEO PowerSuite has done a decent job with the Content Editor that gives you suggestions while you write your content. This feature is also available in the Guru Plan of SEMrush that comes at a heavy price tag of $200 /mo. While we agree that the Content Editor, Plagiarism checker, and SEO Content Template features of SEMrush is more flexible and offer a better way to use the editor, the FREE Content Editor of SEO Powersuite is definitely a good SEO software if we look at the cheap price tag

SEO Powersuite definitely has advanced Link Building tools and Outreach management software. SEMrush does not have such advanced features of Outreach management and Link Building within the SEO tool. Ahrefs definitely lags behind here with no such feature present. 

A few of the areas where SEO Powersuite can work on is to improve the speed of the tool. Often, one may face delay while creating a task for adding a search query or while re-building the project. 

However, given the cheap pricing it offers, we would highly recommend you to definitely try the FREE version of SEO Powersuite and work on your SEO Campaigns

User Reviews of SEO PowerSuite

Amazing AI Software with Accurate Writing Results

Rated 5 out of 5
September 24, 2022

Guys – I have been using jasper for a while now and trust me, as compared with Wordhero or Rytr- the writing results are awesome and accurate. The more you train Jasper, it gives better results

Avatar for Rohan Niche Site Man
Rohan Niche Site Man

Amazingly Awesome – Free Forever and Makes us Write an effective Grammar

Rated 5 out of 5
September 24, 2022

I am really in awe of this free grammar checker software.

This helps me to eliminate grammar mistakes. Maybe this is a bit slow in identifying grammar errors but still it’s awesome.

Full 5 Stars

Avatar for Max T
Max T

Bz ri bmvubh

Rated 4 out of 5
November 15, 2021

We are inviting you to Join our email marketing platform where you can have a lot of features like automation/ autoresponders / Campaigns / Statistics … etc

Avatar for Philip Robin
Philip Robin

Game Changer

Rated 5 out of 5
November 7, 2020

SEO PowerSuite has been a Game Changer for us as it provides premium features like LSI keywords, Content Editor, and Link Building Opportunites at such cheap pricing. Trust me, in this COVID, SEO powersuite was a boon for us when we could not afford costly SEO Tools

Avatar for Shaikh Saleem
Shaikh Saleem
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