Easy Guide for Keyword Research using SE Ranking in 2024

SE Ranking Keyword Research

Without Keyword Research, you will be unable to find out the right keywords that people are searching for in Google

Keyword research is essential for setting up an effective SEO Strategy

It helps you find the right keywords that you can target to gain maximum audience 

I have often seen people using the  keywords that they think are relevant – instead, you should be doing thorough research before you create any content around it

Though there are Free Keyword Research tools available today, the metrics that  you get in free tools may not give you the best insights

You thus need a paid option of Cheap SEO Tools and Software

One such SEO tool that we recommend is SE Ranking

Se Ranking is a comprehensive SEO Platform that lets you set up an effective SEO Strategy from scratch

It is a SaaS SEO tool with all the features that you need as an SEO Pro – a dedicated Keyword Research and Competitor Research platform, an efficient rank Tracker along with a free backlink checker. 

In this blog post, you will learn – 

  1. How do you do Keyword Research with SE ranking
  2. Finding LongTail keywords with High Volume and Low difficulty 
  3. Find Questions that people are asking related to target keyword
  4. Competitor Keyword research Gap
  5. Track Performance of your Keywords

Before we start, get a FREE 14 days Trial account of SE Ranking by signing up here

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SE Ranking Keyword Research and Suggestion tool

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

SE Ranking has dedicated  Keyword research and suggestion tool. The SE Ranking keywords database is for 7 Billion keywords from all countries! 

It lets you find the long-tail keywords that you can target for more traffic 

SE Ranking Keyword Research Features and Metrics

For any Seed keyword, the SE Ranking Keyword research tool  shows metrics like

  1. Keyword Difficulty level 
  2. Search Volume of a keyword every month, updated for all countries.
  3. Cost-per-click(CPC) or the bidding value of the keyword.Organic SERP history
  4. Ads History

These details are visually presented in the form of bars, graphs, and charts which makes the Keyword analysis even simpler.

Let’s enter – Kitchen Tools as Seed keyword for analysis for region = USA

Keyword Overview

There is one interesting view! 

I can see the Keyword difficulty along with search volume for the seed keyword

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

There is also CPC information that shows the actual price that needs to be paid for each click in a pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads marketing campaign


SE Ranking Keyword research tool shows us the details below  :

Keywords Ideas 

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

This contains: Similar Keywords, Related keywords, and Long Tail keywords: all related to the seed keyword: kitchen tools 

Organic SERP Report

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

There is also an Organic SERP report that shows the top URLs that rank in Google for the target keyword

You also can download the report in CSV format

Find Related Keywords with low Search Volume

The related keywords sections give you a list of keywords that is related to target keywords

Often, these are the semantic keywords or the LSI Keywords that will help you improve coverage and completeness in the content

Organic Search Results 

SE Ranking Organic Search Results

Ranking Dynamics 

SE Ranking Ranking Dynamics

This report shows whether the rankings of the URL/domain have jumped or dropped during the selected period.

Ads for the Seed Keyword with a detailed report section

SE Ranking Ads Keywords

These views are very important – because as an SEO specialist, you get all the relevant info in one place. 

All you have to do is download the excel report and start using the relevant keywords. 

Once you click on the View Detailed Report, you will have the very minute information of SERP features, Traffic generated, total revenue collected and the total number of powerful keywords used.

Now, let’s do a deep dive and see how can we do Keyword research with SE Ranking

Find Long Tail Keywords with SE Ranking 

To find long-tail keywords, you have to enter the Seed keyword as shown below and click on View Detailed Report

When you click on View Detailed Report, you will get a list of Keywords with all the details of CPC, Volume Difficulty

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

There are various filters present that one can use to filter the keywords with Low Difficulty and high Search volume

Now, there is a filter button as shown – click and you will have an expanded view of the various filters present

Here, you can include or exclude keywords, add filters for word count and search volume. 

You can also set Competiton and Difficulty to filter out relevant keywords

I have applied the following filters :

Search Volume – from 500 – 3000 and max Difficulty = 0

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

This will help me filter out the right High volume Low difficulty keywords from SE Ranking keywords database

Since these are low difficulty keywords, it will be easy for me to rank

Check the result

I got 6 keywords that fit my filter criteria – and I can easily rank for these keywords

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

Now, download the keywords in excel format, and let’s gather more keywords. 

Next, click on Related Report as shown and click on the Filter- 

You will get the related keywords that are similar to the search term. 

Let’s Apply expanded filter criteria –

Minimum Search Volume = 500  and max Difficulty = 0 and include = Best, Cooking, Utensils

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

Now, I get the following 4 keywords that fit my Filter Criteria

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

In total,

Now, I have 10 keywords for my seed Keyword  = Kitchen Tools


The Low Search volume keywords are the long-tail keywords that have low search volume but can be raked easily

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

These are the keywords that beginners should be adding to their website content

Thus, at the end of this exercise, I have a list of keywords that I can use to create content around. 

Bulk Keyword Research Features for better analysis

Bulk Keyword analysis tool helps you perform 100 keywords analyses in one go

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

You can either manually enter the keywords as shown below or upload the excel that has the keyword list

See Image below – 

I get a list view that shows me all the relevant metrics for the analyzed keywords

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

SE Ranking Daily Keyword Position Tracking across Major Search engines

SE Ranking Keyword Rank Monitoring has daily Rank Tracking capabilities

See Image Below

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

This affordable SEO tool makes it easy to  track Daily, your Keyword Positions across 5 major Search Engines – Google, Bing, YouTube,  Yahoo, Yandex

Keywords can be tracked per location – as in you have the postal code level granularity to customize your rank tracking

It is easy to set up. 

All you have to do is add your websites and select the keywords you want to monitor.

Select your Country and search engine and you are good

Check this image –

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

After adding keywords in the rank tracker, you will be able to view the Search Volume and Keyword positions as per date. 

There are various view modes available in which you can organize your tracking dashboard

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

You can also add Google Search Console and Google Analytics for more insights

Additionally. there is a view in the SE Ranking Rank tracker that shows you a summary of :

Improved keywords, Declined Keywords, and those keywords where no change is observed for a period

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

Find out Keywords that fetch the highest traffic for your Competitors

SE Ranking lets you find the top pages and the top keywords that bring maximum traffic to your rival 

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

Want to see how you can find out?

Read on!

Head over to Competitor Research in SE Ranking and enter the URL of your rival

Scroll Down and you will see an Organic keywords Section

Competitor Organic Keywords 

Click on the detailed report and now you will have the list of all keywords that bring traffic to the analyzed website

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

There are multiple filters present in this view that you can apply to find relevant data for your analysis

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

This view gives you a quick insight into the URL, URL position, and difficulty of the keyword

Scroll Right –  you have more details like Traffic and Traffic Share

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

There is another useful report that you should look at – the Top Pages Report

Top Pages Report of Competitor

Top Pages report in SE Ranking gives you the top pages that bring maximum traffic for the analyzed website

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

Click on the detailed report and you will see the URL, traffic share of each URL, and the keywords

In case you click on keywords, you will get all the keywords that the page is ranking for in SERP. 

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion and Rank Tracking

As the next step, all you have to do is create better content around the keyword and enjoy the traffic surge to your site 😉 

DML Tip – Read our detailed review on SE Ranking Competitor Research Capabilities 

Cheap SE Ranking Pricing to Kick Start your SEO Journey

SE Ranking is a cheap SEO tool with paid features. 

SE Ranking offers a customizable pricing plan and their cheapest plan starts from $18/mo which gives us Keyword position updates every week.

SE Ranking Pricing Plan

It has three plans: 

  1. Essential – starting $18/mo with features of building 10 projects with 5 competitors per project with 1 user. This plan is best suited for beginners
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  3. Business – starting $91/mo with ease of building unlimited projects and 20 competitors for each project. This plan is best suited for growing Businesses.

*All the above SE Ranking plan offers custom plans for several keywords to track and update frequency

Final Thoughts – Why SE Ranking is the Right SEO Tool for Keyword Research

SE Ranking offers a complete SEO platform: you do not need to get any second SEO tool in case you buy SE Ranking  Dashboards are easy to understand – it has the details that one needs for actionable insights. 

I like the easy signup process and great customer support. 

SE Ranking offers amazing features in terms of Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, and Competitor Research with an intuitive dashboard

SE Ranking keyword research helps find the long-tail keywords with ease. 

Signup with SE Ranking is very Easy. There is a free trial and no Credit Card is Required. 

It is amazing in user management – At low prices, it allows you to create multiple subaccounts with different access levels to manage the SEO workspace. 

With its customizable pricing plan, SE Ranking covers a wide range of customers – from beginners to enterprises offering wide pricing options

It is one of my Go-To SEO tools in 2024