Top Social Media Metrics that Matter for your Brand

Social media Metrics to improve your Brand value

Dealing with social media is a tricky job and thus you need to excel in implementing Social Media Metrics. Here, we will talk about the Social Media Metrics that matter for your Brand value and Brand Presence.

As the mass of users is really huge in social media platforms, pleasing them is also not easy. Variation in the taste of users is what’s difficult to deal with. Almost all of the business brands use social media platforms to add up to their list of customers and enhance their products.

The expectations of users can be determined by the use of several analytics tools and marketing strategies but there are some metrics specifically necessary and recommended for dealing with audiences in social media. The data which is actually relevant shall be identified. And the selected data shall be analyzed to find the meaning of data.

The value of your work performed by social media analysts and the impact of their decisions can easily be demonstrated if all the metrics are analyzed properly. Let’s have a look at a few social media metrics that matter for your brand and you should be really caring for –

Impressions and Reach

A content creation strategy should contain ways to maximise Impressions and Reach of your brand
A content creation strategy should contain ways to maximize Impressions and Reach of your brand

Calculating several reaches in terms of Social media activities is considered the foremost thing to pay attention to. The measurement of users reaching the posts gives an idea of exposure to your content.

Types of ‘Reach’ that should be tracked are –

Audience Growth Rate

Tracking audience growth rate is a part of engagement metrics. Tracking Growth rate helps to connect social media data with business profits. The treatment of new followers or the connection of new audiences with the brand over time which is expressed in different stats shows the thrust of social media.

Audience Growth reports provide comparable information that can help moving forward. As important as it is to use the social media tools to track these metrics, equally important is to monitor and document those reports on a consistent basis and track the progress.

The audience growth rate is one of Social Media Metrics that should be tracked for your brand
The audience growth rate is one of Social Media Metrics that should be tracked for your brand

An increase in access to the internet is bound to increase brands’ social media followings. The interpretation of data collected by several metrics helps translate those to business data.

Post Reach: Likes, Comments, Share, Re-tweets

Post Reach is the data showing the number of people who have seen any specific post on any specific day.

Audience accounts interacting with your account and frequency of the interactions will determine the awareness of the brand. Total post engagement can be subdivided into smaller engagement metrics like likes, comments and shares and some of them have multiple conversions like re-tweets and shares.

The post which best resonates with the interest of the audience is what helps to prepare for future posts. Reach metrics can be tracked on the insights page (or tab) of the individual social media profile

Engagement- Needs more content.

Social Media Metrics that matters for your Brand

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Bounce Rate

Bounce rate means the number of visitors on a website who navigate off of the site after viewing only one page and is expressed as a percentage. Often when users visit a page, they mostly see just the home page and do not see the contents inside. Content about the brand which is present inside the webpages that describes the services or product description goes unnoticed

A high bounce rate in the social media traffic means that visitors searched for the mentioned keyword and were interested in the social post because of which they clicked on a link. After clicking on the link, the content of the site didn’t deliver the requirement of the user and that’s why they exited from the website.

When the bounce rate is determined, users need to see through ways to improve the website’s bounce rate.

Tips to increase the Bounce Rate

A simple way to quickly improve the bounce rate is to ensure that all the important items are linked to external sites opened in a new window or new tab.

Some of the other ways to do that are Intuitive navigation, Pleasing design, a lack of annoying pop-up ads, quick loading, and mobile responsive sites.

Followers Growth rate

The Followers Growth KPI measures the percentage of new followers of an influencer or an account by comparing the number of new followers to the number of existing followers. It’s important not only to measure how many new followers you get but also compare that to your objectives or even your competitors.

Users at times are hard to please. And for new users, they like exploring social media platforms and are much easier to please as they are not yet tired off by the amount of content on the platform. They will show a steady growth rate and that’s why it is advisable for influencers to make their content interesting for brand co-operations

A brand needs to maintain attractiveness through their posts. They shouldn’t stop attracting followers’ midway through a crusade. Likewise, still growth rate of the influencer indicates that their content has become irrelevant for users.

Brands constantly need to attract new potential customers and also retain the existing ones. Firm followership on social media platform safeguards to reach more people and build a strong circle full of potential customers. If a brand is mentioned by various channels, it indicates sophistication of the brand that is highly valued

Conversion Metrics

Fan Base

Building relationships with the audience is very difficult and also equally important as it has a huge potential of increasing business profits. A fan base is what keeps the website and its content alive.

Promoting content or business on the social media platforms by the audience themselves in their respective IDs impacts the brand hugely

How to Measure Fan Base

Fan base can be measured by a number of tags and mentions of the brand or sharing the content on social media.

While many people might follow the brand, gaining and growing the fan base is different. Fans are the loyal followers and show interest in each detail of the brand whereas Followers might easily get disinterested in the brand

Tips to Increase Fan Base:

  • Define your target market
  • Get the marketing tone right
  • Identify effective engagement practices
  • Consider Fan Base as a long-term investment
  • Do not overdo anything and just keep it real, relaxed and relevant
  • Create a consistent schedule for post updates and stick to it
  • See what’s going on in the page and measure the fan base growth

Customer Testimonials and Feedback Score

Customer testimonials are the recommendations given by satisfied customers about the products or services; it can also be called as word-of-mouth marketing. It consists of review, assessment, comment, endorsement or interview of the brand by customers.

Whenever customers are satisfied with the products or services offered by a brand, they will share their good experiences in the form of review. Likewise, the review given by them helps in attracting further audiences to the brand.

Great testimonials are the results of great customer experience. The benefits of customer testimonials are to obtain trust and generate credibility of the brand

Customer testimonials are the recommendations given by satisfied customers that play an important role to improve Brand Value and increases Brand loyalty
Customer testimonials are the recommendations given by satisfied customers that play an important role to improve Brand Value and increases Brand loyalty

Tips to get your Customer write Testimonials

  • First, deliver as per your customer. You are not selling a product or service. You are selling an experience.
  • Ask your best customers to leave a review of their experiences of the product or services.
  • Run surveys and check the score of your product or service
  • Writing testimonials or recommendations should be easy for your customers. A link to Google form for writing testimonials is simple

Irrelevant or angry posts, comments, tweets can hamper business and cause great damage. Those customers who endorse the brand help to increase loyalty and revenue for the brand.

When customers are asked for their opinion, they feel like they are important. Certainly, making the customer feel important is a plus point for any brand. A survey always reveals actionable insights. Existing issues highlighted from the survey should be actioned upon in a suitable time frame. This helps customers believe that they are being valued!