Social Media Platforms used for Online Advertising

whcih social media platforms you should use for online advertising

Online advertising or online marketing or Internet advertising or web advertising, is a form of marketing done by the Internet to deliver ennobling marketing messages to consumers. It basically involves the use of the Internet as a medium to obtain website traffic and target and deliver marketing messages to the right customers.

Social Media Platforms for Online Advertising
Social Media Marketing

Online advertising is inclined and focused on defining markets through unique and useful applications. The growth of online advertising has been increasing exponentially since the 1990s and marketing for all sorts of organizations has been evolving ever since. There are no geographical boundaries for the promotion of brands and product information through Online Advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertisement is one of the many ways but preferably by far the most effective form of advertisement. It is just because of the simple fact that there is lots of traffic on Social Media and conveying information becomes a lot easier and at the same time information can be sent to a huge mass in a single click.

Social media advertising is an advertisement distributed to social media platform users. Social networks make their information as a base to provide highly relevant advertisements based on interactions and analysis within a specific platform. In many exemplars, when the target market matches the user stats of a social platform, social advertising can provide huge increases in conversions and sales with a minimal acquisition cost.

Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing includes –

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • More Inbound Traffic
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Improved brand royalty
  • More brand authority
  • Cost-Effective
  • Gain market insights
  • Thought leadership
  • The instant yield of ROI
  • Low effort, quick results

What Social Media platform is beneficial for your Online Advertising plan

Though we have an abundance of social media networks where we can advertise we need to be mindful of what target we intend to achieve when we create our ads. There are limited platforms that can give the desired result to the marketers for promoting their brand. 

Be it because of time, because of the way these media platforms are designed, the type of marketing services they have to offer or because of the number of traffic they attract selected social media platforms are preferably effective than others.

It is always suggested to start with the most popular platform and then when the brand becomes more profitable, experiments can be done on other platforms.


Facebook has a monthly 2billion+ users. It hosts over a quarter of the traffic in the world. It provides advertisers with an exceptional opportunity to virtually connect with the users. Facebook is very popular among the current generation and that is what makes it the most effective platform.

It is also cost-effective with a report of less than $1per lead. Among the various ways, the most effective model preferred is to run Facebook ad directly into a high-converting landing page offering some variety of a free lead magnet or bundle product

The examples of content for Fb Ad campaigns can be: Whitepapers, E-books, Product Coupons, Sitewide Discounts, Giveaways, Free coupons, free shipping, etc. Facebook provides more advanced targeting of audiences than any other advertising platform. There is also a facility for targeting audiences by location, interests, job description, and past activities.

Guide to Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook helps you in targeting the audience by location, interests, job description, and past activities. The examples of content for FB Ad campaigns can be: Whitepapers, E-books, Product Coupons, Sitewide Discounts, Giveaways, Free coupons, free shipping, etc. Facebook provides more advanced targeting of audiences than any other advertising platform.


The high user mass number of Facebook makes it most certainly the undoubted leader of social media; but at the same time, the company’s most happening acquisition is starting to seem like the next leader of social advertising.

Instagram now holds more than 500 million monthly active users and is targeting one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media. The audience rate is approximately 58% higher than Facebook and 2000% higher than Twitter.

Instagram Stats!

Instagram focuses on as we all know images and videos. Because of that, sellers of products which can be visually more appealing or who are able to incorporate visual media and effects in a more fascinating way into their brand campaigns come out to be the best on this platform

Unlike the posts that come across without boosted distribution, Instagram ads can be linked directly to a product page or other landing page, allowing customers to engage directly with your products or product brands

Create a Business Instagram Profile
A Sample Insta Page!
a FoodInsta Page


Twitter has been on headlines for making and breaking news and provided undisrupted access to the users to remain connected with both cranny and conventional influencers. Having over 328 million active users monthly, it is one of the most popular social media platforms of this generation

Twitter is a feasible network for organic engagement. Ecommerce stores have been using Twitter ads these days to basically drive brand awareness and promote specific products for direct conversions. Among several ways to do so, the most common model is Twitter website cards hosting fewer than 100 characters and displaying some variety of rich media


USP – Pinterest has a unique stats of 81% Female user base that makes it an interesting platform. There are 175 million monthly users, and this huge audience mass shows it to be an incredibly active Social Media platform. The brands can attract huge traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest is considered as a strong platform for eCommerce sales.

The engagement between audience and brand is very high. Images in Pinterest are created subject to custom product creation. Pinterest is used by the customers to find and purchase creative products being very specific about the brands.

There are promoted pins in the Pinterest boards which prevent you from distracting the would-be Pinterest users. It is one of the basic highlights of this media, unlike other platforms.

Ecommerce retailers benefit most from Pinterest’s highly targeted search engine. Retailers pick a high performing pin and promote it based on engagements or visits to your store. Those promoted pins are then placed in more relevant positions as applicable. Pinterest boards are highly visible to those browsing and searching for keywords associated with your brand or related items

In all, listen, respond and connect with your audience. Provide valuable insights, information, and service –– and let your ads do the conversion work for you. Whether you’re a small business or an emerging multi-million dollar brand, there is an advertising campaign for a social media platform that can help grow your business.

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