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Stromonic Review of its Managed WordPress Hosting

Website hosting plays an integral role in the functioning and management of any website. But, with so many hosting providers all around, making the final choice of hosting service is more typical than you could ever presume.

I believe that plenty of you people will be coming here after searching problem for a solution.

In this Stromonic review, I will be sharing information, tests, pricing, features, benefits, and much more about an amazing alternative – Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Service.

They are the modern-day hosting solution offering next-level advanced infrastructure, technology, performance, and reliability standards that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Let’s get started with a detailed review of Stromonic Managed WordPress hosting service and what should you know about the same.

Stromonic – Brief Introduction

stromonic review

Stromonic is a premium class WordPress hosting company offering potent managed WordPress hosting with the best features and pricing model.

Starting in 2017, the company has already made a mark in the hosting vertical and possesses a global scale client base. They are giving tough competition to other providers in a similar domain with the best performance and technology.

Stromonic started with the goal to save website owners from the hassle of low-cost hosting services.

It helps websites deal with the traffic surges pretty smoothly without any downtime.

See the Image Below :

Stromonic Offers multiple Hosting Solutions that you can explore here

stromonic review

By the end of the review, you would agree with each of my points here considering the real-time tests done on my end.

If you’ve been tired of finding the perfect hosting service providing value for money, Stromonic is the name.

You can switch to it seamlessly with stable technical assistance from the Stromonic Customer support team.

WordPress hosting is one of the core services and hence you get a team of WordPress experts and professionals to get any required assistance.

Stromonic Review 2023: Benefits In A Nutshell

Stromonic Features and Benefits
  1. Best-in-class speed and performance
  2. Auto Scales for traffic spikes
  3. Free website migrations
  4. Helpful technical support
  5. Top-notch security standards
  6. Stunning UI with exclusive features
  7. Easy to set up and use
  8. (Free) Automated backup and support
  9. Decent Pricing
  10. Custom Cloud for Better performance and CDN Support
  11. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Let’s now look at the details of the Stormonic Features and see how the managed WordPress hosting can help up improve our web site’s online presence

Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting – Key Highlights

I believe you might not have heard about Stromonic till now.

Global clients are choosing Stromonic-managed WordPress hosting these days and they are achieving credible popularity these days.

stromonic review

I have reviewed plenty of other hosting companies but everyone faces a similar problem with performance as the traffic sees a boost with passing time.

That’s the one thing relived with Stromonic.

The super fast speed, 99.99% uptime, amazing customer service, creative UI, better usability, and a lot more benefits are a surefire thing with Stromonic.

To make it simpler, here are some of the key services of Stromonic WordPress hosting.

1. Custom Cloud Platform to support websites to scale

To begin with, Stromonic manages the websites on its own unique and effective Stromonic cloud platform.

In this regard, the hosting provider is way ahead of other competitors hosting companies, as you get to host WordPress websites on a trustworthy cloud platform.

It is one of the major feature highlights for which global clients are preferring Stromonic.

I am too impressed with the best infrastructure to keep your website up and running at all times. Your website will be hosted in the nearest data center to serve with the fastest speed and premium tier of networks.

It also results in improved consistency and lightning-fast SFTP download or upload speed.

2. Highly Secure Servers for Stable Websites

stromonic review

Online site security is one of the significant dangers in the internet-based world.

Pretty much every website faces the danger of getting affected by malware, virus, and hackers. Stromonic brings secure servers to manage such safety concerns.

With the constant update for uptime, SSL encryption, and firewalls, you can have confidence that the site security is safe and sound.

3. Regular Website Backup for Peace of Mind

Stromonic offers a convenient backup framework with managed WordPress hosting service. You get to set the automated WordPress website update feature in the dashboard and the website backup will be automatically restored in the database.

Whenever you feel like any issue is there or you’ve caused a blunder, tap to the previous saved backup version with merely a single click.

Thus, Stromonic makes the entire website function smoothly and is reliable with the flexibility to make changes.

4. Free Website Migrations 

Do you know that Stromonic offers free-of-cost website migrations from any other hosting to the Stromonic platform?

It can be one of the best features as you won’t have to deal with the entire effort from scratch.

All you will need to do is to contact the Stromonic support for website migrations and they will take care of the same.

They keep you free from any sort of technical glitches from WordPress-based websites.

For those who are not aware to migrate manually, Stromonjc technicians and world-class support come as a lifesaver.

The website won’t face any downtime while the migration process is being carried out.

Overall, there won’t be a single glitch during and after the website is undergoing the migration process.

5. Easy and User-friendly Dashboard 

You are going to love the unique design and interface of the Managed WordPress hosting provider. It comes with the next level usability and featured benefits.

All essential features and ease of navigation in the Stromonic dashboard make the management pretty seamless for any newbie or experienced website owner. Even if you have multiple websites hosted on Stromonic, you wouldn’t find a single issue with the hosting provider.

The dashboard provides the entire overview of what’s happening on the website along with key settings. You can manage almost everything from website activities, unique visits, data transfer, etc.

You may even check the website analytics to stay updated regarding the performance and growth metrics.

6. Speed is everything

It is fact that speed is the most crucial factor in any website hosting. Slow speed is the major problem in the hosting industry, and everyone is searching for a reliable solution to the same. Stromonic comes out as a worthy solution to the same with the best speed and performance.

I would give them 10/10 for the loading speed and working of the website.

Every user wants fast WordPress hosting nowadays and premium class hosting plays a vital role in this regard. You will find yourself pretty lucky to find the amazing speed with Stromonic WordPress hosting service because of the Stromonic Cloud platform.

I performed several tests to check the speed tests and response, and here are the results.

GTMetrix Website Speed Testing

speed test of Stromonic

Load Testing by

loading speed test of Stromonic

The above results are proof that Stromonic WordPress hosting is much more reliable than any other low-cost or premium class competitor hosting company. The blazing-fast website loading speed and capability to handle such immense requests efficiently is everything a hosting user asks for.

The idea to do the tests ourselves was to verify the claims of the company. You would have no worries to let your user hang with the slow website speed of poor class hosting. The website isn’t going to face any downtime or lagging problem.

7. Stromonic CDN for faster load times

It is also one of the potent reasons behind such amazing performance of the managed WordPress hosting provider. They bring their unique CDN service that doesn’t let you suffer like the others.

The website can quickly respond to the server requests and the end-user would find the website running smoothly without any hindrance. It technically boosts the speed of every asset related to the speed of the website.

8. Helpful Stromonic 24/7 Support Team

stromonic review

One another thing I find the best about Stromonic is their WordPress expert and technician support.

They have the most incredible staff to deal with any concerns with quick and reliable help.

Everything went pretty smooth and I got the resolution within minutes.

Furthermore, this assures the seriousness of the staff towards making the support easy and reliable.

stromonic review

You can contact them anytime from chat or call to get the preferred help any time. Their entire team including the founder possesses years of hosting, programming, and WordPress expertise.

You can easily rely on them for all sorts of server maintenance, theme, plugin, etc. to be dealt with world-class professionalism.

Stromonic Managed WordPress Review – Pricing Plans

Stromonic brings four pricing models for the hosting plans – StromBolt, StromBolt Plus, StromBolt Pro, and StromBolt Extra.

All these pricing plans are curated to serve every sort of business.

You can choose to buy with a monthly as well as annual billing model for the Stromonic managed WordPress hosting plan.

stromonic review

Stromonic Pricing: Visit this link to check out the detailed Stromonic managed WordPress hosting pricing models

StromBolt Plan 

  • Starts from $14.95/month
  • 2 WordPress Sites
  • 5 GB fast SSD Space
  • Best for beginners
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

StromBolt Plus Plan

  • Starts from $29.95/month
  • 5 WordPress Sites
  • 10 GB fast SSD storage
  • Best for multi-WordPress websites
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

StromBolt Pro Plan

  • Starts at $59.95/per month 
  • 10 WordPress Sites
  • 20 GB fast SSD storage
  • Best performance and storage
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

StromBolt Extra 

  • Starts from $89.95/month
  • 15 WordPress Sites
  • 30 GB fast SSD storage
  • Best for enterprises
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

Irrespective of which pricing plan you go with, major features are identically available with every plan of Stromonic WordPress hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions – Stromonic Hosting 

Will Stromonic host my Emails too?

Yes, Stromonic managed WordPress hosting service offers an inbuilt email hosting service. You won’t need any additional service for the same.

Does Stromonic support multi-websites? 

Yes, you will get full-on support from the Stromonic to host multiple websites. You can choose the pricing plan as per the number of websites to be hosted. In case of any confusion or need for a custom package, their support team will be always there to help you out. 

Is any plugin banned from Stromonic hosting? 

There are no such plugins that are banned to be used with the Stromonic hosting. However, they do provide a dedicated security service to safeguard the websites from any malware or potential threats. In case any plugin makes an issue, the Stromonic team can suggest some good alternatives for the same. 

Final Wrap – Is Stromonic Worth This Hype? 

I believe Stromonic is one of the top hosting companies in the current managed WordPress hosting service providers. I too went ahead and performed various tests to check If it’s as good as they are claiming.

We were not sure of the results and they are now in front of you. It was the reason that motivated me to do a detailed review of the Stromonic hosting provider. I didn’t come across any downtime problems or other technical glitches. 

So my recommendation would be to choose Stromonic as your next WordPress hosting service provider. In case of any problem, they do offer a 45-days money-back guarantee to get you covered with any loss. 

Thanks for your time in reading the detailed review. I look forward to all your comments regarding the Stromonic WordPress hosting experience and feedback concerns. 

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