7 Best Ted Talks For Entrepreneurs in 2023

Best Ted talks for entrepreneurs

Ted Talks are full of wisdom and insights. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs may find many TED speeches valuable and interesting. 

If you are planning to create something from scratch, you must have the right guidance and knowledge for building your business.

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Over the years, Ted Talks have risen to the top of the Internet as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs. 

It might be difficult to filter through all of the Ted Talks and discover what you’re looking for. 

So to make your work a bit easier, in this blog post, we have put together the 5 Best Ted Talks for Entrepreneurs that will help you become a better entrepreneur.

1. The Power of an Entrepreneurial Mindset by Bill Roche

“Young People need a strong entrepreneurial mindset to be successful”, says Bill Roche. 

In this Ted Talk, Bill Roche, the co-founder of PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs, talks about empowering young people with a business approach.

Bill created the entrepreneur project for elementary school students aged nine to twelve. This Young Entrepreneurs program has now enrolled over 40,000 students.

In his speech, he highlights the accomplishments of individual students. He goes on to explain how this program is assisting the children in actively acquiring core competencies, in order for their projects to succeed.

You will get to know the stories of young students who have started their own businesses with PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs. You will also discover the significance of nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset at a young age. It is a must-watch Ted Talk for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

2. It Doesn’t Take Money To Make Money by Brandon Leibel

Brandon Liebel believes that not having money to start a business might be the best thing for your business. It encourages you to think of new ways to tackle difficulties. You’ll be forced to do things that you’ve never even imagined.

Liebel and two of his closest pals had quit their jobs to start up their own business. The narrator tells how they maxed out their credit cards, lived off rice and beans, and drove Uber to make ends meet while launching their Sand Cloud business.

One fine day, Brandon luckily meets a reporter from Channel Six. With the help of this lady, he got their business broadcasted on Channel Six. Since then, their sales have been steadily expanding. Sand Cloud has grown to new heights, with the help of their proper strategy and perseverance.

This Ted Talk inspires all the entrepreneurs out there who face financial challenges in their businesses.

3. Entrepreneurship As A State Of Mind by Ankur Warikoo

Mr. Ankur Warikoo is a successful entrepreneur who spends his time mentoring and coaching businesses and entrepreneurs. 

In this Ted Talk, Warikoo talks about Entrepreneurship as a state of mind. He discusses his ups and downs in life and how entrepreneurship has become ingrained in his mind over time.

His speech provides entrepreneurs with three very important ways of going about life without a plan. 

The first one is that you should spend time with folks that are completely different from you. Those individuals will teach you and show you something new about this world. 

The next important guide is that you should never feel entitled in your life. None of us deserves to be where we are, we’re just lucky enough. Yet, we take everything for granted. 

Lastly, you should not get comfortable. The ones who move the world forward, consciously choose the path of discomfort.

4. How to Know If You’re Meant to Be An Entrepreneur by Kiki Ayers

Entrepreneurship, according to Kiki Ayers, is not something that can be taught. 

However, you’ll need to learn key skills in order to start and run a successful business Online or Offline

She believes that entrepreneurs are born with certain traits and putting them to good use is what makes them successful.

In this Ted Talk for Entrepreneurs, she talked about how she overlooked numerous signs that she wasn’t meant to be an employee. She’s now a self-made millionaire, thanks to her survival skills and willingness to take a risk.

She discusses how today’s society glorifies entrepreneurship. In this session, Kiki poses the question, “How are you an entrepreneur if you don’t understand what it takes to be one?” 

Further, she says that the best approach to find if you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur is to give it a shot.

Want to be inspired to the core? If yes, then this Ted talk is a must-watch for you.

5. Jeff Bezos Motivational Video

In the words of Jeff Bezos, you have a sense of direction and purpose because of your passion. He speaks about how experiments are likely to cause failure. 

However, that shouldn’t stop you because even a ray of success can make up for all your failures.

He states that the value of having useful and interesting work is that it doesn’t let you get exhausted. You must have a quick and creative approach to carry out a successful business.

One of the most important lessons for entrepreneurs that we get from his speech is to constantly be excited about solving your customer’s problems. That is how entrepreneurs succeed in the long run. 

If you aim to be a great entrepreneur, you should not miss this inspiring speech by Jeff Bezos.

This Ted Talk for Entrepreneurs will also teach you how to maintain a beginner’s mindset, even if you’re an expert.

Bonus Videos for Entrepreneurs

Best Ted talks for entrepreneurs

Looking for More Dose of Motivation?

Check out below two Videos

One from Steve Jobs and another Motivational video from Sushant Sign Rajput

6. Steve Jobs Stanford Speech on Stay Hungary, Stay Foolish

In this speech at 2005 Stanford University, Steve Jobs perfectly motivates aspiring entrepreneurs with three of his personal stories.

At first, he speaks about how he took a dropout and landed up in a calligraphy class. Ten years later, this helped him to put beautiful typography in Macintosh Computers.

His second story narrates that even after being fired from Apple, he didn’t lose hope and went on to create Pixar and NeXT. 

Lastly, Steve Jobs talks about his near to death experience, his pancreatic cancer agency, and living each day as if it’s his last.

This great speech guides the entrepreneurs to not let others’ opinions overpower their own voices. 

You should always follow your heart and intuition and trust that the dots will somehow connect to your future. 

It will inspire you to keep pursuing what you love, even if you have disappointments and losses.

7. Sushant Singh Rajput Speech at IIT Bombay

Sushant Singh Rajput discussed his journey from being a random engineering student to one of the most well-known actors in India. 

A third-year engineering dropout delivering a speech at India’s most prestigious engineering college, this is what success looks like for most of us, right?

His greatest lessons for entrepreneurs included the importance of living your dreams. 

You should prioritize what you want to do over what you’re supposed to do.

According to him, the biggest illusion was that money and recognition were equivalent to happiness. 

He learned this fact in his life that seemingly large things do not appear to be that large, once you get them. 

Small things that we don’t consider essential might bring us more happiness.

This speech is a wake-up call for all those aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to follow their dreams.

Sadly, Sushant is no more with us and has left us in June 2020

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