Increase 10x Web Traffic with the Top 3 SEO Tools in 2023

Premium Tools for SEO and Social Media strategy and Social media Analytics

Decisions based on data and analysis of those data lead to affluent marketing. For that, you need to have the right marketing analytics tools for measuring data correctly and optimizing marketing efforts. The correct choice of marketing analytics tools will prevent brands from failing to reach their marketing goals.

Often business brands get lost as the digital arena is very vast and going off-track is quite normal. That’s why one needs to use digital and content marketing analytics tools so that with minimal investment, better actionable insights, results can be obtained.

SEO Tools

SEO & SEO and Social Media Analytics Tools

Let’s review a few of the Analytics tools


SEMrush is an online visibility and marketing analytics tool that gives insights of your competitors to adjust your strategy and to stay ahead of them in search rankings. There are lots of tools to help see the difference between keywords you might want to go after and those keywords which are slightly less competent.

SEMrush has a domain v/s domain tool to set side-by-side the comparison between your domain and your competition and as per the appropriateness just between competitors

Features of SEMrush

Analytics Reports

Through SEMrush, you can get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building. Analytics report includes:

  • Organic research – to see competitors’ keywords and discover new organic competitors
  • Advertising Research – to analyze ad budgets, landing pages & keywords of competitors
  • Back-links – to complete deep link & referring domain authority analysis
  • Keyword Research—to find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns & to get long-tail keywords
  • Traffic Analytics – to understand your customer behavior and media consumption, find new leads & prospects, and monitor the strategies of your competitors

Tools to Visualise Data

Tools help to cross-combine and visualize data to compare competitive domains and estimate keyword difficulty with a few clicks. SEMrush tools include:

  • Keyword Difficulty – to find keywords with less competition
  • Domain vs. Domain – to do comparisons and find unique keywords used by domains
  • Charts – to compare domains with visibility indicators
  • My Reports – to generate, share and schedule SEMrush reports in custom PDF with branding options
  • Keyword Magic Tool – to get Keyword Ideas
  • SEO Writing Assistant – to optimize your content for target Keywords and enhance content’s readability

Global Ad Campaign Projects

Using SEMrush, global campaigns can be launched for the Websites of brands and get all the necessary functions regarding its competitors, keyword rankings, and on-page health from one place. Project feature of SEMrush includes

  • Ad Builder – to create effective text ads, responsive HTML ads for campaigns
  • Site Audit – to prioritize, track and fix SEO Issues & check SEO health of your website,
  • Social Media Tracker– to develop, track & analyze a winning social media marketing strategy
  • Social Media Poster – to schedule and post to all social media accounts from one place
  • Brand Monitoring – to monitor brand reputation and explore new markets
  • On-Page SEO Checker – to improve Google Ranking factors and get actionable insights
  • Backlink Audit Tool- to find all your backlinks and optimize them
  • Content Analyzer – to evaluate your website content

Moz Pro – Tools for SEO Analytics

Moz Pro is SEO analytics and performance platform which provide intelligent data and tools for marketers to generate actionable insights to step up online visibility and ranking.

The quality of data is enhanced to find tons of information from link equity to domain authority and ranking. There are endless features for SEO insights, rankings, keyword research, links, site crawling, page optimization, reporting and even workflows.

The best possible information about links, link profile analysis, opportunities, competitive metrics and spam analysis can be gained from Moz Pro.

Features of Moz Pro

Understanding Visitors to give them experience

The way people have been searching for your products/services, the keywords which are being used can be identified using Moz Pro.

  • This information helps to create high-quality content.
  • Business brands can strategically target keywords with accurate keyword volume and difficulty metrics and along with it, those keyword lists can be saved to track and update as needed.

Track Website Rankings

The ranking for keywords can be tracked accurately to see what is working.

  • Competition can be tracked.
  • Brands can know what searchers everywhere see by tracking local and national searches.

Auditing and Optimising the sites

Moz Pro searches for issues that stops search engines from fully crawling the site.

  • Issues are not always easy to spot but crawler in Moz pro digs through every corner of the site and pops up alerts making it easy to spot and fix.
  • It helps to rank for target keywords by auditing the content on your pages and recommending specific improvements.

Finding Backlink Opportunities

Keeping in mind that backlinks are a critical element of effective SEO, with Moz Pro new links are found and the effect of those already present can be maximized.

  • Confidence in links can be gained with proprietary metrics like page authority, domain authority, and spam score
  • Ensures brand’s competition isn’t gaining extra benefit by learning where they are getting their links.

Mixpanel – Tool for Web Analytics

Mixpanel is a mobile and web analytics platform with no coding required that comes with predictive analytics feature.

Mixpanel helps track user interactions with web and mobile applications. The counts and trends of users are visible actions on the page can be tracked instead of just tracking page views. The measurement and prediction of actions taken by the audience on your app, whether it’s on iOS, Android or Web is made easier by Mixpanel.

Users need to define the actions they want to track and focus on. They can either add code annotations or use visual selector through which those events will add up to the dashboard with the metrics of user’s choice.

Features of MixPanel

Behavioural Analytics to improve Customer Retention

  • The patterns of user engagement, retention and conversion can be identified through which existing features can be improved.
  • New campaigns can be run and even new products can be built. Companies can use this data to grow their business

Data Science

  • Through its data model, user actions can be predicted, and behavioural correlations can be identified.
  • Mixpanel alerts the brand when important metrics change so that business brand can figure out the reason behind KPIs going up or down.  

Messaging and Testing

  • Mixpanel helps you influence users with targeted content. A/B tests based on real-time behaviour of the users help to understand them in more details for improved customer experience

Data Governance and Data management

  • Mixpanel helps you get clean, correct and trustworthy data that can be trusted, organized, and processed without any coding requirements