11 Best Rank Trackers in Trend now – Check keyword Rankings Daily [ 2024]

Best Keyword rank Tracker

In this blog post, we will talk about why Rank Tracking is essential

We will also look at the Best Keyword Rank Trackers available today to check your target keyword position in Google SERPs

We will look at Best Free Rank Trackers and paid ones

Why Do You Need to Track Google Keywords?

Tracking keywords is the best way to get a clear overview of where your website stands if a keyword is searched. 

It gives you a descriptive insight as to what your audience is searching for and what keyword leads visitors to your website 

Instead of searching endlessly on the internet, you can look up any keyword tracker, and based on the search you will have a clear vision of your content.

You can then work to improve your website to get the right organic traffic.

Features to Look for in a Rank Tracker According to the Experts

Essential Features for Rank Tracker Software

 An Efficient Rank tracker tool to check Google Keyword ranks should have below Features

1. Displays the rank distribution graphically

Rank Trackers are SEO tools that give you an overall landscape view of your keyword performance

The more visually appealing the comparison is, the easier it is to optimize the content and the usage of the keywords.

2. Shows real-time Competitor traffic

Rank tracking tools that conduct competitor analysis and give a detailed description of position tracking in real-time will give a good edge over competitors 

3. Find the number of Backlinks and organic keywords and identify content gaps

Rank-checking software can help compare your website’s backlinks with competitors’ backlinks and can increase your traffic.

Best Rank Tarckers can count organic keywords and can identify content gaps are preferable.

Best Keyword Rank Tracker Tools for Google Rankings

1. SE Ranking – Top Rank Tracker for SEOs

SE Ranking SEO Tool

SE Ranking is a Complete SEO Platform with kick Ass Rank Tracking abilities at the cheapest prices

That’s why SE Ranking is at the top of our list of best rank trackers

SE Ranking offers on-demand Real-Time rank-tracking capabilities

This cheap SEO tool allows you to track keywords per location across 5 major search engines

One can easily organize the Tracking dashboards and use the Group By Feature to create folders and Group to see how the keywords are performing

See below – I can have a List and groups to Track the Keywords

SE Ranking Rank Tracker

Keyword Segmentation features allow you to narrow down and check the performance of your keywords

SE Ranking also gives you Competitive Intelligence – it shows how your Competitors perform for the keyword you are tracking in SE Ranking keyword Position tracker 

See Image below –

SE Ranking Competitor Rank Tracking

SE Ranking allows you to track Mobile ranking and also shows the local pack results

In the image below, I can see the Local SEO Results

SE Ranking Local SEO Results

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DML Tip: Detailed Review of SE Ranking Keyword Position Tracker

2. Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite – Free Rank Tracker

SEO powersuite Rank Tracker

SEO Powersuite is a unique SEO toolkit with four important aspects of SEO – Keywords, rankings, backlinks, analytics, and reports. 

SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker helps track rankings for unlimited websites, and keywords in 327 search engines.

It allows you to compete with 10 competitors at the same time. 

Rank Tracker SEO PowerSuite

You get a proper analysis of quality keywords, search traffic, and PPC (Pay-per-click) breakdowns. 

Rank Tracker helps us with Local Pack Rankings, Maps Rankings, and Organic Rankings

Best Rank Trackers

Keywords Traffic are represented via a pie-chart format which is quite self-explanatory. 

The most unique feature according to me is you get to track rankings on autopilot mode on pre-set times and dates. 

Best Rank Trackers

SEO Powersuite is stacked with full of user-friendly features. 

3. Advanced Web Ranking Tool – Best Rank Tracker overall

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a cheap SEO tool that can show you accurate and updated google rankings across various 

The USP of AWR is On-Demand Rank Tracking – this means, you log in to AWR and check the latest rankings with on click of a button,

Only a Few Software provides on-demand Rank Tracking Capabilities. 

AWR offers features like 

  1. Rank Tracking on all major search engines that include Google, Yandex, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Zozaon, YouTube, and more
  2. AWR has Local Rank tracking – this makes it  useful for small businesses who need  Local SEO
  3. SERP tracking – It allows you to track SERP Positions of your keywords
  4. Measure your Search Visibility in Pixels
Best Rank Trackers

AWR allows Google Data integration – this means, you will have a dashboard to track the performance of your keywords and track visibility metrics

AWR has some most powerful filters – this is usually not very common in Rank Trackers

Using these filters, you can easily uncover Opportunities to win new SERP Features.

Read ON – the Best feature is listed below : 

Using AWR, you can also track the overall Landing Pages visibility and instantly spot if any URL is losing a spot on SERP!

Additionally, identify and fix the keyword Cannibalization

The above features make AWR  must have Keyword Rank Checker

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4. Semrush – Best for Agency Owners

SEMrush Enterprise SEO tool Business plan

Semrush is an Online visibility platform that has multiple SEO tools. Keyword Position Tracking is an essential offering from Semrush

 With greater accuracy and effectiveness, position tracking using Semrush can monitor rankings of any domain, subdomain, or keywords based on the preferred country.

 The searched keywords or domains are compared using the visibility trend with pictorial linear structures. It filters your data by any of the SERP features.

 The organization of keywords becomes critical for in-depth analysis. So, choosing keywords and filtering the reports to manage their tags becomes the key point in this segment.

Semrush makes sure your rankings of keywords are efficient

It alerts you when a noticeable position change takes place and compels you to improvise your content.

5. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is another great SEO tool for tracking keyword rankings. It is loaded with a bunch of SERP features significant for powerful insights

Like Semrush, Ahrefs also has the option for selecting the ranking of a keyword based on the particular domain of a country. 

You can see your website’s keyword ranking in search engines like Google or Bing. Ahrefs monitors your keyword ranking in over 170 countries all over the world.

The overview panel displays your organic search traffic over time with proper parameterized graphs. 

See the Image below –

Rank Tracker Seo Powersuite

You can view your keywords’ visibility, average position, traffic, and their fluctuations. These are super beneficial for SEO clients and are bound to give an edge to your SEO reports.

Ahrefs shows the percentage of all of your tracked features. It also breaks down by features based on your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to take actionable steps for areas of improvement. 

You can easily find keywords that gained or lost SERP features using customizable filters.

Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker charts your content against top  ten competitors and focuses on three main key areas: 

  1. Ranking progress 
  2. Search traffic 
  3. SERP features. 

Your competitors’ rankings are plotted on the same graph your rankings are plotted to optimize your content.

If you are searching for more top-notch analysis, you can check out plenty of other functionalities in Ahrefs’ rank tracker.

6. Wincher – Cheap Rank Tracker for Google Keywords Ranking


The all-in-one platform for competent SEO is provided by Rank Tracker.

The Wincher monitors your website’s keyword position in several other search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. 

Best Rank Trackers

It has a clean dashboard where you can search for URLs or the website’s name.

Thereafter you can check the visibility, search traffic, and other SERP features by observing graphical representation. 

See the image below – I can easily look at the Organic Position vs Absolute position comparison.

Additionally, I can also see metrics like Keyword Difficulty and Traffic!

Best Rank Trackers

For quality SEO reports, Wincher creates customizable reports that contain your daily visibility, your competitors’ ranking, and more.

You also get to download them from the dashboard. 

Wincher notifies you whenever it detects any change in your keyword’s ranking. 

Check the Wincher Pricing plans.

Wincher Cheapest Plans Start at $39/mo

7. Sitechecker – For Rank Tracking and Website Monitoring

Best Rank Trackers

Sitechecker is yet another keyword powerful rank tracking software. 

The best part about this keyword checker is that it gives a very clear overview of every aspect of your website.

 From site traffic to several critical errors Sitechecker updates you with in-depth coverage of your website.

See the image below!

Best Rank Trackers

It weekly monitors your site and mentions all the changes that you need to take care of.

Sitechecker makes the best use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console by collecting data about your website. Then it enables you to modify accordingly.

Use the Website Score indicator to view the score based on the site’s site-level and page-level issues. 

Best Rank Trackers

You can also use ‘How to Fix’ guidelines to fix the issues.

Invite friends, companies, or clients to access the project and recrawl over the website once the craft is completed.

Check Sitechecker Pricing Details here

8. Rankwatch  

Best Rank Trackers

If you are looking for a promising SERP-optimized SEO report, then RankWatch is good to go.

Rank Watch works tactfully with the competitor’s analysis. 

It surveys paid traffic created by the top domains through Google Ads and tracks them down so you can strategize on your organic and paid SEO. 

It mainly targets the 4 most important aspects- location, keyword categories, keyword search volume, and SERP featured snippets.

You get graphs and charts which offer the most competitive search analysis tool.

By taking control over the features, you can manually strategize your SEO report.

Like in the Rank watch, you get suggested keywords listed from high to low search volume. 

All keywords are within the range of 0.1 to 1.0 based on the keyword rankings.

In addition to Google Ads, activating the Geo-Distribution will assist you with high search volume based on locations. 

9. SERPWatcher by Mangools

Best Rank Trackers

Mentioning the names of the best rank tracking software, SERPWatcher deserves a mention. 

One will surely feel that SERPWatcher is a less complicated rank tracking tool as you track the ranking of a domain. 

Enter the keyword, select the platform (desktop or mobile), select country and you are good to go.

You can keep a track of your website’s ranking daily and check them in the SERP reviews.

The most unique feature of this tool is that you need not track rankings every day, SERPWatcher notifies you about all the crucial changes that need to be taken care of via email alerts.

Interactive SEO reports and event-based alerts make it user-friendly.

Tune in to SERPWatcher for a better understanding of its functionality.

10. SERPstat

As the site says for itself, Serpstat is an “all-in-one” SEO platform for the advanced analysis of SERP and other SEO professions. 

Like the previously mentioned rank tracking tools, SERPstat also graphically displays the rank distribution of keywords, domains, or URLs in search engines like Google. 

It compares your website’s position with multiple countries all over the world.

Add a project and you will be able to see the rank distribution history over a particular period and region and choose tags of phrases. 

Best Rank Trackers

Serpstat is an easy-to-use rank tracking tool. It provides a clean ranking overview of keyword grouping using tags and their positions, volumes, and search results.

Serpstat lets you view organic insights and shares traffic potential for the tracked keywords among domains. 

You will also see ranking fluctuations over different periods. 

Best Rank Trackers

So, we suggest you go through SERPstat and explore the wide options of rank tracking SERP

Check SERPStat Pricing Plans here

11. Zutrix – Rank Tracker + SEO Analytics

Zutrix is the last name of the SEO tool in this list of Best rank Tracking software. 

It is another easy-to-handle SEO tool for quality good SERP analysis

 Like in any other tracker, Zutrix compares the ranking of their keywords with yours and shows by how much value your ranking differs from theirs.

Zutrix also updates your daily ranking updates through media notifications.  They notify via Telegram, Slack, and Email notifications. 

Best Rank Trackers

Use these SERP features to get to the top-tier positions of Google!

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FAQs for Best Rank Tracking Software

What is Rank Tracking in SEO?

Rank tracking is the method of tracking and analyzing rank positions of keywords or search queries on the search engine results pages. 
It acts as a guide for marketers to track their website’s daily SEO rankings

What is a SERP?

Search Engine Results Page also known as SERP.
This is the page that a search engine returns after a user types a search query. The list of results is normally ranked by relevance to the query.
SERPs mainly include organic search results, paid searches, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Why Should You Use a SERP Keyword Tracking Tool?

To help your website get reach at the top of SERP you have to create content having high search volume and optimized keywords.
Using a SERP Keyword Tracking tool enables you to track the performance of your keywords on SERP, get real-time analysis and updates, and suggestions for improvement.

Which is the Best SEO Rank Tracker Tool?

Top SEO rank Tracker includes
SE Ranking
Rank Tracker

Which Rank Tracker Tools Should You Use?

The tools which give an in-depth analysis of performance measurement in keyword rankings analyze traffic and measure SEO potential should be accounted for as the best Rank Tracking Tools.

Which rank-tracking tool is the best for bloggers and digital marketers?

For content creators, Serpwatcher or  Semrush is the smartest choice for the best Rank Tracking tool in the digital market