9 Top Tools for Content Writers to make you an efficient writer in 2023

Top Tools for Content Writers

The prospect of writing a blog post strikes fear into the heart of every marketer. Marketers are often more inclined to spend their time wrestling with pivot tables (or grizzly bears for that matter) instead of writing blog posts, but why should they do that?

Writing doesn’t have to be painful.

A solid understanding of writing is one of the most important marketing skills that you should have on your resume because content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important marketing skills that you can possess. It can also help to drive traffic to your company’s website, which is obviously beneficial to you.

Some people find writing intimidating, especially those who do not write for a living or regularly. Fortunately, there is some good news. Writing doesn’t have to be a painstaking experience, and even with a little discipline and a willingness to learn, you can become a better writer in no time at all. Are you looking to improve your writing skills? 

Here are great online resources to should look for:

Grammarly – Free Grammar Checker

Top Tools for Content Writers

Grammarly is an excellent online resource for improving your writing skills and vocabulary. With Grammarly, your English mistakes are corrected beyond the limits of typical word processors.

There are over 250 types of errors in English that Grammarly can correct, which cannot be corrected by the Microsoft Word application. Furthermore, the app suggests synonyms for each of your choice words to make the phrase more context-oriented.

Grammarly has two standout features, the spell-checker, and the vocabulary enhancer. If you use these features daily, you will become a better writer. 

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Hemingway App – Write Simple Sentences

Using the Hemingway App, you can edit your writing in web-based and desktop-based modes. Hemingway’s App takes a layered approach to English writing, including many nuances like how to make sentences very complex, how to use passive voice, how to overuse adverbs, and other nuances that may appear.

As part of the Hemingway app, you will see a readability score associated with the text you input, which you can use to analyze the structure of the content you write.

The Hemingway App highlights all of your wordy sentences in yellow and all extraneous content in red, allowing you to make your writing more concise.

See below: we copy and pasted this content and this is what we got :

Top Tools for Content Writers

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online – Free Set of Guidelines (One time Read)

A career can be advanced quickly by using online resources like writing online.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online is a set of guidelines that famous author David Perell has suggested

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online can be a great resource to guide you in your writing career should you become baffled about writing within a particular industry at some point in your career. 

You will not just receive one-time assistance, but you will also be able to improve your skills in writing. 


Top Tools for Content Writers

Quillbot is another indispensable online resource in a writer’s arsenal. This AI tool rephrases, enhances, and improves writers’ texts.

Especially for non-native English speakers whose English knowledge may be limited, this app is very useful. Quillbot can be used for:

  • Condense and shorten sentences,
  • Analyze words and find synonyms and antonyms,
  • Enhance the creativity of the text
  • Correct grammatical errors
  • Writing briefly

By getting inspiration from competitor websites, you can do more than just put down words. 

While you may succeed in completing the writing task if you rephrase information from another site, you may fail to master and improve your writing. 

What’s next? What can you do to become a better writer? 

Aren’t you wondering a lot? It’s all about writing briefly.

 You can get better at writing with the help of this great online resource. If you want to improve your writing, start by writing briefly and see what happens. Do not just write for the sake of completing some task. 

Google Docs 

Another great online writing tool is Google Docs, which serves as a great friend to your career. The advanced features of this free source allow you to organize your writing in every manner possible. 

tools for content writers

It’s no secret that even experienced writers find it difficult to approach a blank page. You can sometimes get all of your thoughts out just by talking. The Google Docs voice typing feature can help learners of all types improve their writing skills.

With Google Docs’ version history, you’ll know exactly who made what changes at what time! That’s accountability, folks!

Whenever Google records a change, it automatically saves it. You can access it at any time.

In this sense, they are one of the best online resources for writers.


If you wish to be a better writer, you cannot forget Twitter. This is a great app that inspires you to write short-form writing and stand out among some top industry experts. The ability to edit one’s work is essential for every writer. In addition, Twitter allows you to sharpen your editing skills.

Trying to communicate with 140 characters and still inspire your followers, whether they be clicking on your link, or retweeting your post, is almost like playing a game.


An English writer’s arsenal of tools includes a thesaurus, one of the most essential tools for better writing. As an English writer, you need to expand your vocabulary, and Thesaurus helps you do that. In written English, thesauruses help writers express themselves more effectively by providing alternatives to the words they normally use. 

Top Tools for Content Writers

An English thesaurus offers a comprehensive list of synonyms and antonyms that could help you improve your vocabulary.

Thesaurus can be of great help to you when it comes to simplifying your written English, no matter what your message may be. Moreover, this website offers a list of some of the most commonly used words in written English that you should avoid at all costs. Use this powerful tool to improve your English skills.

WordCounter – Count words and Correct Writing

There are certain goals your content must meet no matter who you are writing for. Perhaps you have a set word count, or you must write it concisely so it can be read in a reasonable amount of time. If you want, you could comb through it very finely. When time is against you, WordCounter is best.

Word Counter Top Tools for Content Writers

As with the Hemingway App, writers can simply paste their finished pieces into WordCounter, and it will return some vital statistics. WordCounter not only displays words and characters, but also your total sentences, reading time, and reading level, which is perhaps the most useful.

While creating content for a client, it’s easy to forget that your audience may not have the same level of linguistic proficiency as you. Before you start, run it through WordCounter to make sure your style is appropriate. 

Bonus Tool – Jasper for AI Writing

tools for content writers

Jasper has been making a lot of buzz amongst the Copywriters today. 

It is an AI-based Copywriting software that helps you write long-form or short-form content by allowing you to enter English-based instructions.

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Conclusion – Be a better writer

Don’t let content creation overwhelm you.

You can use these writing tools to make your writing stronger and more effective by developing your own go-to arsenal of tools.

This will increase your search traffic and readership.