Top Website SEO Analysis Tools in 2023 for Marketers with Minimal Spend

Top Website SEO Analysis Tools

In this Blog Post, we will understand SEO Analysis basics and will see Top Website SEO Analysis Tools that Marketers are using to shape their SEO Campaigns with minimal investment

What is Website SEO Analysis?

SEO Analysis is a detailed review of a website that provides you with actionable insights on how to improve your website’s online presence. The Website SEO Analysis covers a number of factors such as how your website is doing in terms of content, social media engagement, backlinks, and mobile friendliness.

It’s important to take these factors into account so that you can make the necessary changes to your website for ranking higher on Google SERPs

Top Parameters to focus for Website SEO Analysis

When performing a comprehensive SEO analysis, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

This is because there are several important considerations that need to be made when analyzing the SEO of any website or web page.

The four basic considerations for effective Website SEO Analysis are Keyword Research, On-page optimization, Off-Page Optimization, and Technical SEO Optimisation

Keyword Research 

Keyword research is the process of determining which keywords will help your website get relevant traffic from Organic Searches across the web

Keyword selection is done by looking at competition, search volume, and search intent.

Check out this Detailed Guide on Keyword Research and Cheap SEO Tools for Keyword Research

On-page SEO

On-page optimization refers to on-page factors that can be optimized based on what you learn from your keyword research.

On-page factors include title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags, content formatting (e.g., paragraphs vs bullet SEO

Additionally, On-Page Covers : 

  • Content Optimisation with Right Keywords 
  • Implement structured data
  • Interlinking – This leads to more engagement and drives traffic.
  • Mobile optimization 

Off-page SEO

An off-page SEO analysis will help analyze the Backlinks that point to your site, Identify Toxic links, and analyze the Anchor text and Referring Domains 

Off-Page SEO also involves a lot of Content Marketing activities you do to improve the online visibility

  • Backlinks – Both Inbound and Out Bound Backlinks
  • Number of referring domains
  • Link authority determines the rank of the link.
  • Anchor text Distribution

Technical SEO

  • Identifying crawl errors with a crawl report
  • Examining XML sitemap
  • Checking HTTPS status codes
  • Checking the site load time
  • Mobile user-friendly

Top Website SEO Analysis Tools for SEO Audit


We will look at the Top Free Website SEO Analysis tools that can be used to get first-hand information on where a website lacks

In this Blog Post, we will do an SEO analysis of our website: and will show what types of Metrics these SEO audit tools show

Let’s Start with the List of Best Website SEO Analysis Tools 

FeaturesSE RankingSeo PowersuiteAhrefsSitechekerSemrushSiteProfilerRank Tracker
On-Page SEO AnalysisYesYesYesYesYes Yes No
Content AnalysisNoYes Yes Yes Yes NoNo
Domain AnalysisYesYes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Technical SEO AuditYesYesYes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website Security IssuesYesNoNo Yes Yes NoNo
Core Web VitalsNoNoYesYes Yes NoNo
Website Speed IssuesYesYesNoYes Yes NoNo
Website MonitoringNoNoNoYesNoNoNo
Overall Rating4/53/54/54/54.5/52/52/5
Free SEO AuditYesYesYesYesNoYesNo
Website SEO Analysis Tools – Scroll Right and Zoom In

1. WebSite Auditor – Free Website SEO Analysis Tool

Plans : Free, Pro – $125 /yr, Enterprise – $299 /yr.

Website Auditor from SEO PowerSuite is a FREE SEO analysis SEO Tool that comes as a desktop app. It offers multiple features for on-site Analysis and SEO optimization.

Overall, I find this tool very comprehensive in terms of analysis features that it offers.

Let’s see why.

After I installed the Website Auditor app, it allowed me to perform website SEO analysis at 3 levels

See Below Image

  • Site Structure Level
  • Page Audit Level
  • Domain Strength Level
website seo analysis tools

Site Structure Allows us to perform analysis

  1. For Entire Site and Generates Visual Maps that shows Click Depth
  2. Flags On-Page Issues
  3. Open Graph and Structured Data Markup analysis
  4. Technical SEO Metrics – Click Depth, Links from each Page, Link to Each Page, Broken Links, Broken Images, Internal Links, No Follow Links, etc
  5. Page traffic
  6. Page Speed

Site Structure is my favorite view

See the below Image.

website seo analysis tools

I get all the insights at the website level that I need. All I have to do is filter out the issues and start taking action.

Page Audit Gives you insights on

  1. Technical Audit at Page level
  2. Content Audit at Page level
  3. Content Editor
  4. TF-IDF analysis

Below is a Sample Snapshot of a Page-Level SEO Audit we ran.

website seo analysis tools

This Page-level SEO analysis gave us details on Errors, Warning and Info at page level

For example, I can see the status of my Page Availability in SERP, Mobile Friendliness. Technical Error If any, URL and Links

The Domain Strength Gives you a status on

  1. How your Domain is performing
  2. Shows metrics like Alexa rank, Backlink Profile
  3. Your Social media Popularity and Traffic to Website

Website Editor also has a Content Editor that one can use to Optimise the Content.

SEO Powersuite Content Editor

It helps us Reconstruct the content of each page of your website via Intelligent on-page SEO.

Additionally, the Content Editor also helps with :

  1. In-app content optimization helps you create and edit your pages’ title and meta description tags.
  2. TF-IDF analysis analyses the relevance of your site’s content and authority.

See This Image of Content Analysis that we did for one of our pages against our target keywords

website seo analysis tools

We can see a Score along with Errors and Warnings

Content analysis is Done to Check

  1. Title
  2. Meta Tags
  3. Body of COntent
  4. Images
  5. Markup – Open Grah and Structured Data

2. SE Ranking – Free Website SEO Audit tool

SE ranking efficiently does all the jobs for SEO Analysis your website would require.

SE Ranking Website Audit Tool perform SEO analysis on the following factors

  1. Domain Metrics – Tracks your domain’s search authority and analyses domain validity dates, backlinks, pages indexed by search engines, and Alexa Rank
  2. Technical SEO Metrics – Highlights Technical metrics of your site like HTTP status codes, page depth, server response time, number of redirects and detached pages, links attribute distribution, and meta tags are updated in a single dashboard.
  3. Page Indexation Status in SERP
  4. Notifies if your site is not optimized in terms of Images, CSS and Javascript.
  5. Compare your website audits with your competitor’s, thus giving an insight into your progress.
  6. Core Web Vitals – LCP, FID, and CLS
  7. White Label Customizable Reports

You can also download a PDF report and share it with your Clients

Let’s See the Metrics that we get for our Website

website seo analysis tools

We can see an Overall health Score to give us an idea of how the website ranks

See Image Below.

Then there is a section of Website Issues that gives us insight on –

  • Website Security Issues
  • Crawling issue
  • Duplicate Content
  • HTTPS Status COde
  • Title and Tags
  • Descriptions
  • Website Speed
  • Redirects and Internal Links
website seo analysis tools

What I also like is for every or Issue that SE Ranking flags, there is a small Description so that you understand what the issue is and how you can fix it

website seo analysis tools

When We ran the SEO Audit, SE Ranking created Categories for Us – with Errors/Warnings and Notices

This Categorisation is important as it will help you to decide the priority at which you need to address the issues

SE Ranking offers a 14 Day Free Trial with No Credit Card Required.

They Offer a Cheap Pricing Plan that Starts from $18/Mo for Annual Payments and weekly Rank checks

3. Ahrefs Webmatsers Tools – Free Website SEO Audit Tool

Ahrefs offers an SEO Audit Tool named Ahrefs Webmasters tool.

Ahrefs Webmasters tool crawls your web pages and gives you a detailed insight of an overall SEO health score, detects the SEO issues, and provides actionable recommendations.

See a Sample Ahrefs Website SEO Analysis Tool Result below :

website seo analysis tools

Ahrefs Site Audit Can flag SEO issues around

  • Real-time Website SEO analysis for your web pages in terms of page speed, content quality, localization, incoming and outgoing links, and external pages.
  • Performance Analysis – Deeper analysis of your site with control over 100 data points on each web page, identifying Slow pages, Large CSS or HTML
  • Content Analysis – Identify low word counts and Duplicate pages

Data Explorer provides details of raw data for the pages that Ahrefs Site Explorer has crawled.

website seo analysis tools

There are 150+ Data Points across which these checks are made. This includes HTML tags, Social tags. It allows you to examine every detail of a URL – Incoming/Outgoing links, Pagination, Duplicates, etc

Ahrefs Site Auditor is a Cloud-based Audit tool that does not require installation. One can instantly access it

Many of these Issues are grouped in form of Reports that can be easily checked

Perform a Free Site Audit and SEO Analysis with Ahrefs

4. Sitechecker – SEO Analysis with Website Monitoring

Price: Basic- $23/mo, Startup- $39/ mo, Growing- $79/mo

Sitechecker is an SEO tool that provides detailed reports and helps improve search visibility.

Sitechecker SEO Analysis Tool helps in –

  • Analysing your website’s on-page and technical SEO which improves search performance.
  • Fetches data from your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts and generates actionable insights
  • Monitoring the changes of your website 24 by 7
  • There is a Rank tracker that helps to track your keyword rankings.
  • Backlink Tracker manages and examines all your website’s backlinks.

Let’s do a quick SEO Analysis with Sitecheker and see what metrics we get

website seo analysis tools

After I have added our Website, we can see the Dashboard shows us below

a. Overall Score – 84 Out of 100

b. Site Level Issues: Like Favicon, Safe Browsing, 404 page, Robot.txt, XML Sitemap

c. Page Level Issues: This lists all the detailed Page-level issues.

I like this segregation of Page vs Site Issues.

Let’s now look at the page level Issues

We can see there are three Categories of SEO Analysis Issues – Critical, Warnings, and Notices

The Best Part

Against every Issue that is highlighted, there is a ‘How to Fox’ Tip so that you know exactly, how to fix the issues.

For example, In the Warning Section, we can see that there is ‘URL Received Both Follow and No Follow Internal Links and 107 Pages are impacted

When I click on ‘How to Fix ‘, there is a Pop that helps me with the guideline to fix the issue

website seo analysis tools

Now, let’s See what Warning Section Offers

See the image below

website seo analysis tools

Sitecheker is highlighting all the Page Level Issues along with a summary below ( see red boxes)

Lets now look at Page Audit

I can see a Page-Level Score along with Content Optimisation Analysis

For example, Sitecheker tells me that the Title and Description of my page is Ok

See Image Below

website seo analysis tools

I can see the H1 – H6 tags structure here along with relevance and Open Graph details

There are more details present like

a. SEO Checks

b. Indexation

c. View on External Links – No-Follow vs Do-Follow

d. Internal Links analysis

e. Google Page Speed Insights

There is also a section of Opportunities that gives you where you can improve your website ranking

Sitechecker also has an SEO chrome extension for on-site SEO analysis which also helps in checking meta tags, keyword density, images, links, hreflang tags, and page speed.

Sitecheker offers a 7 day Free Trial.

Their Paid plan starts from $23/Mo for early Billing

5. SiteProfiler – From Mnagools Free Trial 10 Days

SiteProfiler by Mangools is an SEO Analysis tool that examines the relevance and authority of the SEO domains and backlinks.

SiteProfiler has features like

  • Domain authority checker allows you to check the SEO authority of any site including the Alexa Rank and Facebook shares.
  • Detects whether a backlink is healthy or spammy via charts and anchor distribution.
  • Analyses traffic-generating content of your competitor thus providing you with blogging ideas and link-building opportunities.
website seo analysis tools

Sitprofiler also Gives competitors insights and also finds out similar websites.

See Below :

I can see what my Competitor Sites are and what is their Alexa Rank, FB Shared, and Shared Keywords. 

website seo analysis tools

If I Click on Analyse, then I will be able to see their Site Analysis details. 

SiteProfiler has a 10 Days Free trial that can be activated from here

Their Paid pricing plans are :

Basic- $24.50 per mo, Premium- $34.50 per mo, Agency- $64.50 per mo

5. Rank Tracker Web Audit Tool – Free Trial

Rank tracker is a Web Audit Tool that provides an in-depth status report of your website and suggests edits.

website seo analysis tools

The rank tracker runs a complete SEO Audit and gives us insights into the SEO Analysis on the below parameters

  1. Page Analysis
    1. This shows pages with 4x response codes or with 3xx Response codes
    2. Pages with Rel = ‘Canonical’
    3. Pages with the hreflang attribute
  2. Meta Analysis – This section shows us details on Pages with long titles, Duplicate titles, or long descriptions
  3. Content Analysis – Details like H1 – H6 tags, Page-level details on the tags
  4. Link Analysis – This show details like Pages with too many outgoing link or redirects, Internal links analysis, or external links from the site

While Ranktracker does an average job on the Website Analysis features, it does a good job of providing Technical SEO Optimisation Audits

See the image below

website seo analysis tools

There is a dedicated section to give you an audit on technical SEO

There is also a Feature of Compare Crawls where you can compare your earlier SEO Analysis and SEO Audit reports to the latest one.

Pricing Plans :

Free- $0, Double Data- $19per mo, Quad Data- $29per mo, Hex Data- $39per mo

FAQs – Website SEO Analysis

What is the Benefit of Website SEO Analysis?

Benefits of doing a website SEO audit includes :
1. Identify keyword opportunities
2. Insight into competitor research
3. Reveal Crawl issues
4. Track Content Performance
5. Step up your SEO Campaign Strtegy