Backlinks and Its Importance in 2023: A Quick Overview

What are Backlinks and How to get Backlinks

Who doesn’t want his/her business to grow by spending a minimum amount of bucks on it? Well, every important thing comes with either a price or intelligence. The intelligence here is to create an SEO friendly quality content that is comprehensive with both On-page and Off-Page SEO

In this Blog Post – we will talk about Off-page SEO’s most important aspect – What are Backlinks and How to get Backlinks.

We have tried to add short and crisp descriptions and divided the content under various headings and bullets.

Hope you will enjoy reading about Backlinks and their importance

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are inbound hyperlinks to your website from another website or a Blog Page.

Backlinks connect two web pages to build relevancy and authority. Creating Backlinks is an important aspect of SEO strategy.

Why are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks help Google and other search engines determine which page should be ranked highest for a given query.

Backlinks can send you visitors through referral traffic and help search engines like Google and Bing to discover your pages faster

How do Search engines Interpret Backlinks?

Search engines use these Backlinks to –

  1. Find out relevant web pages that match the search intent of a user
  2. To rank a web page in the search result

When search engines crawl the web and decide what pages are quality pages that should be added in their indexes, they not only look at the content of the page but also at the number of the link pointing to the page from external websites and quality or authority of those websites that point to your webpage.

Check out this old but relevant video created by Google itself to explain how Google Search works and

This video also explains how Google crawls the web and comes up with suggestions based on the user’s intent-

Links coming from quality websites will add value to your website. If you get links from spam pages, Google will penalize you by ranking your page down

Types of Backlinks

Do-Follow Link: It is the type of backlink that allows the search engines to permit the authority to pass the domain from one site to another; thus, it links juice from one website to another.

  • When you decide to link to a website or a web page because the website or webpage is reputable and has quality content, you would like to have a Do-follow link
  • These backlinks are counted by search engine and help in enhancing the rank of a site

No-Follow Link: No Follow backlink allows the webmaster to tell the search engine not to follow the page or site as it is not significant.

  • When someone is paying you or you are making money by affiliate links by linking out somewhere, you would like to use a No-follow link
  • These links do not influence the ranking of the web page in search engine index

No follow links gives you Traffic where as Do follow gives you Traffic as well as Ranking

How to get Backlinks

As we have discussed above, Backlinks is an important parameter that a search engine uses to determine the relevance of an article. Thus, getting backlinks that direct to your website will certainly help in increasing the rank for your website as well.

However, backlinks take time to build. A good backlink from a high authority website might give your website a good surge in SERP which can, in turn, impact your rankings positively.

  • Earn Backlinks – By natural organic growth, people discover your website through any medium and choose to link your page
  • Create Backlinks – Add a link on another website that points to your site. – by forums, directories, blog comments
  • Build Backlinks – Use Link Building strategy – reach out to other list owners and webmasters and ask them to link your page in their content

Always remember – The easier it is to get a link, the less valuable it will be!

Link Building Strategies

Build Links to your Home Page

Build Authority Links to your homepage. Use Medium to talk and publish your thoughts. Use HARO to help journos with their query of your niche. You never know who might add your website link to an article

Broken Link Building Method

With the evolution of technology, thoughts, and the web ecosystem, pages get changed, moved, or get deleted. The link to pages that no longer exist is a broken link. Take advantage of that shuffle competitors and find the broken links, then recreate the dead content and reach people pitching your content for a backlink

Resource Page Link Building

Find a resource page in your niche, create the perfect content for a topic in that resource page, Pitch the owner of the page with your content and ask for a link to your article in the resource page

Skyscraper technique

Find a page that has a lot of links, improve that topic and reach out to those that are linking to the original page and ask them to link to you.

Guest Blogging

Pitch in your post, blog, or website posting to the different blog owners for page-calling contribution

Writing a unique and perfect article

Nothing beats this!

Always create engaging content that people can relate to. Your article should answer the question of the visitor. The content or the blog post you create should have relevance and contain keywords that users search for.

Once you are able to match the user’s search intent and give users the right details in your blog post or content, you will definitely see people linking back to your content

Following Backlink Checkers can help you monitor the backlinks

 How to Get High-Quality Backlinks - Link Building strategy
How to Get High-Quality Backlinks – Link Building strategy

How to Check Backlinks to your Site

You can use the following two methods to check the number of backlinks that point back to your website

1. Using Google Search Console – This is a free way to find backlinks using Google Search Console. Connect your site to Google Search Console and browse to the Links section as shown below. You can easily locate –

  • External Links – Links from outside your property to your property. You can look at the Top linked pages that are linked from outside
  • Internal Links – Links from your property to your property. you can look at the pages in your property linked from other pages in your property

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An overview image that depicts how to find backlinks for your website using Google Search Console

2. Using the Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker Tool – Ahrefs gives us a free Backlink checker tool that you can use to analyze the Backlinks your website has.

  • Go to Ahrefs Free Backlink checker and type in your domain or domain you want to analyze. Punch the details in the box as shown
  • Once you click on ‘Check backlinks’, a new page will open up and will show you the right details
Check backlinks pointing to your website using the Ahrefs Free Backlinks Checker tool

Best Backlink Building and Outreach tools

Let’s look at some of the best backlink-building and outreach tools

Se Ranking

It is an online visibility and marketing analytics tool that gives insights into your competitors to adjust your strategy and stay ahead of them in search rankings

  • Through Se Ranking, you can get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building
  • SE Ranking is an affordable SEO Tool that can help to cross-combine and visualize data to compare competitive domains and estimate keyword difficulty with a few clicks
  • The variety of data that Se Ranking provides is of top quality thereby making it a favorite of the online marketing professionals

Seo Powersuite

Seo Powersuite is an SEO analytics and performance platform which provide intelligent data and tools for marketers to generate actionable insights to step up online visibility and ranking.

Seo Powersuite is a combination of 4 desktop apps that one needs to install.

  • The quality of data is enhanced to find tons of information from link equity to domain authority and ranking.
  • There are endless features for SEO insights, rankings, keyword research, links, site crawling, page optimization, reporting, and even workflows.


Ahrefs is a robust keyword searching tool with the feature to explore popular content, rank tracking, and do technical SEO audits.

Features that make your content SEO friendly

1. The wise use of keywords: It is not necessary that you use an abundance of keywords, but effective use of minimal keywords can give you great results

  • It’s a better approach to start analyzing and identifying your set of keywords before starting the content writing
  • Use of keyword search and optimization tools like Ahrefs,, and Google Keywords Planner also provides a lot of insights to help you with keyword analysis

2. Using Headers and Headlines: Headers, Sub Headers, and Headlines make your content visible to the readers.

3. Optimizing the length of your article: The better the understanding of the content better is its rank on the search engines.

  • An elaborate explanation of the articles on words sufficient enough for the readers to understand and remember is always the best approach.
  • Analyze these aspects in your content and hence plan its length accordingly

4. Backlinking your prior content: Linking to your previous content internally and externally is of great importance.

  • Readers often tend to check out articles of a writer or a website with whom or with which they can connect.
  • This also helps the readers access your best articles and gain your audiences’ trust by providing them with useful content.

5. Optimize your images: People easily engage with a visual image in comparison to a technically explained article.

  • Pictures should be of adequate size keeping in mind not to overload the page with it. An image with clarity and quality in a minimal size is often the most effective.
  • Make use of Crello and Canva to create graphics and use image editors to resize or compress high-quality images

6. Create Quality Content: Your content should be easily understandable to the audience so that they can engage with your content.

  • The content which is most interesting to the user is often rated high up the search engines.
  • Make your content Readable, Understandable, and Interesting.

It’s a well-known fact that the websites that show up on the front have a lot more likings in terms of clicks than the ones located at the bottom.

So it’s foremost important to build your website for uttermost authority and well-versed backlinks to rank them up in the search engines

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