Design a Beautiful Landing page for WordPress site using Elementor

Design a Beautiful Landing page for WordPress site using Elementor WordPress Plugin

What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page also knows as “Lead Capture Page” is designed or created specifically for the purpose of marketing, lead generation, product or service description or advertising campaigns.

  • The purpose of a landing page is to attract and engage the right audience and bring them to a defined CTA – call to action
  • A Landing Page converts visitors into leads

This blog post will help you create a WordPress Landing Page using Elementor

Why is WordPress Landing Page important?

Given that more than 60% of websites are hosted on WordPress, a Wordpress landing page assumes lot of importance.

It is a smart way to drive traffic, enhance your SEO and build your brand existence. Landing pages help generate leads for future conversion. 

Landing pages should be an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. If you are looking for an effective lead conversion tool, a WordPress landing page is a right start

Elements of WordPress Landing Page

Landing pages also referred to as a lead-capture build page can contain the following elements

  • Headline and (optional) sub-headline to describe your brand: A headline is where everything begins — interest, attention, and understanding. It’s what compels a visitor to stay and learn more about what you’re offering — or not.
  • About Section and with a brief illustration and Navigation Menu of the what is being offered so that users can decide to buy your product or service 
  • Features and Gallery with an assisting Image or a Short Video to add wow factor to your product or service
  • Elements such as Testimonials, customer logos, or security badges to assert the authority of your Product or Service
  • A form on the landing page to capture information. If for some reason you can’t include a form on the landing page, use a large call-to-action (CTA) button to direct visitors to the next step.

Free Landing Page Builder

There are multiple free landing page builders available. Depending on your business needs, you can decide what to choose from.

There are many Free and Pro Elementor Templates that one can use to design a free landing page. Let’s explore more.

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Why Elementor for WordPress Landing Page?

Free Landing Page Builder

  • Elementor Offers a Free Landing Page Builder with many ready-made designs and templates. A free landing page present in Elementor templates helps you to create a landing page in a short span of time.
  • While Elemntor Pro offers a wide variety of custom designs, header and Footer templates, and Pop-Ups, Elementor Free Page builder is a good option to start with

Elementor Templates

Elementor has free Templates that one can use to create a WordPress landing page and add custom blocks. Elementor Pro has a wide collection of custom made landing page, Contact us Page, 404 Page, and blocks that allow you to quickly use them.

Elementor Templates Free Landing Page
Free Elementor Templates for Landing Page

How to use Elementor to Create a WordPress Landing page

Building a product launch website can be infuriating and time-consuming, but now it doesn’t have to be. With Elementor you can make a beautiful landing page WordPress.

Elementor is a user favorite popular WordPress Plugin/Page builder that provides a good number of functionality and design choices.

In this Blog Post, we will discuss –

  • What is the Elementor WordPress Plugin?
  • Features and Highlights of Elementor WordPress Plugin? 
  • How to create a landing page using the Elementor plugin?
  • Best WordPress Themes that support Elementor Plugin

What is the Elementor WordPress Plugin?

The Elementor WordPress plugin enables WordPress users to create a beautiful landing page for a WordPress site with broad functionality and design options. Elementor offers one of the best WordPress page builder features.

Features of Elementor WordPress Plugin

  • No Coding is Required
  • Elementor has pre-designed templates that can be easily edited.
  • Elementor works with all WordPress themes smoothly and its designs are responsive for both at desktop and mobile.
  • It includes useful design “elements” that make it easy to create an attractive beautiful landing page for a WordPress site
  • It allows you to effortlessly design custom layouts for your WordPress pages with drag & drops confederate

How to create a landing page using the Elementor plugin

Before You Begin using the Elementor page builder, you need to install the Elementor plugin.

For this, go to the Plugins section of the dashboard and click on ‘Add New’ Plugins.

Search for Elementor and click Install. Then Activate!

Before you start, Get a Sneak peek into a Sample Kit you will get when you Buy Elementor

Step 1: Setting Up Landing Page with Elementor

First, click on Pages > Add New, and then click on the “Edit with Elementor” button as shown below

Wordpress landing page
Setting up a Landing page with Elementor

A new Window will Pop up. There are three sections in the left as shown below –

  • Basic
  • General
  • WordPress
Wordpress landing page
Sections Present in the Elementor Window
Basic SectionGeneral SectionWordPress Section
HeadingImage CarouselWordPress Plugins
Image and Text EditorIcon ListPosts
VideoProgress BarPages
Divider and SpacerShortcodesArchives
Google MapsSide BarMeta

Step 2: Click on Plus sign and Choose a Structure for the block

Choose the Layout as required for your Website

Wordpress landing page
Click on Plus Icon and choose a Structure for your block

Step 3: Start to drag an element as per your need

Choose from the elements present and drag and drop in the area as shown

Wordpress landing page
Drag and Drop elements you need in your Post or Page

Step 4: Add Elementor Templates

To add custom Templates (highly recommended) in your landing page – click on the folder icon and a new window will pop up as shown

Wordpress landing page
Click on Plus icon and a new Window will Pop Up for you to Choose from Blocks or Pages

Step 5 – Insert a Block

Click on Blocks ad you can choose a Block design as you need.

For example, choose a ‘Call to Action’ category from the left dropdown and Block Samples will appear. You can choose to insert them into your page.

Click on heart sign to show some love to Elementor <3

Wordpress landing page
Choose a Block Design in your Page

Step 6: Insert Page Templates

This is my favorite section. 🙂

Choose custom pre-designed editable Pages for your Landing Page.

For example, in the image below, click on Pages and you can now spot some very cool and interactive pages that can be inserted in the WordPress page

Wordpress landing page
Choose custom pre-designed editable pages for your Landing Page

Check out this video to find how easy it is to create a Landing Page using the Page Builder feature of Elementor WordPress Plugin.

In This Video, the presenter has used Elementor Pro to create this awesome landing page that will definitely get the right visitors

A sample video to show how easy it is to use Elementor elements, insert Blocks and Pages

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Best WordPress Themes for Elementor

Elementor suits well with almost all major WordPress themes. However, these four themes are best suited for Elementor Support


Astra is a powerful WordPress theme that fully integrates with the Elementor page builder and allows you to customize every aspect of your website.

  • It gives you detailed layout controls for every single post, page, or custom post type at your site.
  •  Astra is packed with predesigned demos and starter sites. It is highly user-friendly optimized for performance and speed
Design landing-page-for-wordpress-site-using-elementor using Astra Theme
Astra – An overview

For each custom post or content, you can:

  • Set Global defaults
  • Vary the width of your content
  • Disable or Add sidebars
  • Disable your post title, header, and/or footer


GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress Mobile Responsive theme and adaptable with Elementor. Default WordPress install with Generatepress is less than 30KB that speeds up the WordPress website.

Elementor works great with Generatepress by taking full control of the page layouts on both desktop and mobile. With Ready to use Demo Sites, 40% renewal discount and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Generatepress is a hot buy at 50$

Generatepress Overview Video


OceanWP is a popular professionals’ theme that works smoothly with Elementor builder.

Design landing-page-for-wordpress-site-using-elementor using Ocean WP Theme
OceanWP image for an overview
  • It is lightweight and built to load fast and provides detailed global style controls for colors, typography, etc.
  • It has easy Page-level controls to change layouts, disable elements, and more for each individual page

Essence Pro

Essence Pro is one of the best beautiful WordPress themes for wellness and lifestyle websites. It is built on top of the Genesis theme framework which gives it rock-solid performance.

Design landing-page-for-wordpress-site-using-elementor using Essence Pro Theme
Essence Pro WordPress Theme Overview image
  • It has custom widgets, page templates, custom header, and multiple sidebars.
  • You can fully customize Essence Pro using the Elementor page builder and WordPress live customizer.